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Justice, Crime and Ethics Prepping Research Paper

… Many prisons in the United States have adopted this Panopticon model and have begun functioning under the fact that all humans, even prisoners, have the right to be treated with human dignity. Using the model set forth by Bentham, criminal justice and psychological experts have seen that the condition of a prison certainly adds to a prisoner's pain and suffering during confinement. Bentham suggested that even those who had been undoubtedly scarred by a criminal and injured in any capacity would have suffering that -- no matter how great -- would never measure the pain and suffering of a prisoner who would spend the rest of his life or an extended time in the confines of a cell. Bentham's views and visions of utilitarianism in…. [read more]

Justice Information Systems Integration Term Paper

… Legal Justice Information Systems Integration in Law Enforcement

This report aims to present insights into the decision making process for justice information systems integration. Technological advances continue to become available which create opportunities for each locality and state to develop a governance process that will serve as a viable solution for its own jurisdiction while at the same time meshing with immediate and distant neighbors.



Justice Information Systems Integration

In today's highly technologically advanced digital era, legal and governmental integration has become a reality. "During the Investigation process, at the Incident event, if law enforcement determines that a crime was committed, and if law enforcement collects latent fingerprints, the Law Enforcement sends the Latent Fingerprint Card to the State Repository for the Biometric…. [read more]

Social Control Integration of Knowledge Essay

… " (2003, p.752) Carr states that the information gained during the findings of the Beltway study should be "viewed in the context of discovery." (2003, p.755)

Systemic theory is reported as based upon the work of Kasarda and Janowitz (1974) which holds that local community is "…a complex system of friendship and kinship networks and formal and informal associational ties rooted in family life and ongoing socialization processes" (p. 329). The complex of network social ties mediates between neighborhood structural variables, length of residence for example, and outcomes for the community, among them the informal control of crime." (Carr, 2003, p.756)

The concept of informal social control is tied to systemic theory by Janowitz (1975) who is reported to hold "for a return to what…. [read more]

Benefits of Merging Probation With Parole Research Paper

… ¶ … Merging Probabtion and Parole

In the United States, the parole and probation systems have been implemented with two main goals in mind: To promote rehabilitation rather than mere incarceration; and to offer an alternative to incarceration in already overcrowded prisons. Further, probation offers an economic alternative to incarceration. In comparison, an individual under probation supervision costs only approximately $1,250 per year, as opposed to $30,000 to keep the same individual incarcerated for a year. The probation and parole systems are, however, not handled in the same way across the United States. Some have different types of legislation and rights for parole and probation officers, others have similar legislation and rights, while a third group of states have integrated and streamlined their probation and…. [read more]

Treatment vs. Punishment Treatment Concept Research Paper

… In this research, recidivism was the new contact with the criminal justice system after release from the last DHS supervised residential treatment placement (McCollister et al., 2009). The critical was critical in integrating three definitions: new arrest for felony crime, new conviction for felony crime, and incarceration with the Michigan Department of Corrections

According to this research, 1978 persons took part in the experiment. About 83% of the participants were males while the remaining 17% females. The study also focused on the inclusion of 62% of the participants from the white race while other racial groups made-up 38%. According to the findings, there is a continuous reduction or decline in relation to the number of juvenile justice youths released from the treatment aspect. The decline…. [read more]

Restorative Justice Approaches Reduce Youth Essay

… Retributive Justice

From the criminal law perspective, retributive justice aims at treating youth offenders in formally controlled systems. The concept behind the disciplinary approach shows a consistency with the paradigm of punitive justice. The core theme of retributive justice is that the country is the victim of a criminal act, and the focus is on the youth who violated the laws and interests of the country. When the juvenile justice system operates under the retributive justice approach, focuses upon the offender and the public fear of criminal activities (Wenzel et al., 2008). Therefore, this results to the placement of the crime victims and their sympathizers, including their families in a passive position.

In most of the cases, retributive justice leads to youth offenders being put…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Explain Community Corrections Term Paper

… Criminal Justice

Explain community corrections and what purpose it fulfills in the overall field of criminal justice. Identify and describe programs and services that are usually found in community corrections. Discuss what you feel are strengths and weaknesses of community corrections programs.

Community corrections programs are rehabilitative programs that attempt to slowly reintegrate offenders designated for release into the community, though a series of graduated steps, such as halfway houses or allowing inmates to find employment within the community. The Federal Bureau of Prisons makes community corrections an integral component of the Bureau's correctional programs and often acts as a liaison for state and local groups with similar programs. "The Bureau contracts with residential re-entry centers (RRCs), also known as halfway houses, to provide assistance…. [read more]

Criminal Justice - Evaluations Evaluation Methods Thesis

… Criminal Justice - Evaluations

EVALUATION METHODS in CRIMINAL JUSTICE Introduction: As in the case of any other professional industry, policing and other criminal justice administration functions must maintain a system of agency evaluation to assess the effectiveness of its programs. Evaluations encompass effectiveness with respect to achieving specific strategic objectives, supervisory controls, program design, methodology, and fiscal efficiency.

In professional business administration, the criteria for evaluations generally relates primarily to profit margins and secondarily to most other elements of the venture.

Within government administration, there is no profit margin per se, although fiscal responsibility, resourcefulness, and optimization remain important concerns. However, because the measure of fiscal efficiency in government is operating within available budgets, performance is the primary measure of success and the criteria used…. [read more]

Information Technology an Effective Project Manager Needs Essay

… Information Technology

An effective project manager needs a variety of both technical and business skill sets. Discuss the non-technical skills that have been associated with superior project management.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that working on information technology projects requires both hard which is technical and soft which is non-technical skills. This is especially required for IT professionals on the verge of stepping into managerial roles. According to Belzer, soft skills is an art which is not only involved with managing people and ensuring customer satisfaction but it also involves establishing an appropriate environment in which the project team members can create products of the highest quality on time and within the agreed budget. Superior project management requires a varied assortment of soft skills related to…. [read more]

Information Technology's Impact on Quality of Life Research Paper

… Information Technology's Impact On Quality Of Life

The ethical standards of organizational cultures are often directly related to the ethics of the leaders and managers who in large part shape norms, values, expectations and the boundaries of organizations (Cary, Wen, Mahatanankoon, 2003). Add in the component of information systems and related technologies, and the attitudes, beliefs and values surrounding ethics a leader has get immediately amplified across the organization, even if it is global in scope. The ethics of leaders, especially those managing and leading IT efforts, have a very immediate and lasting impact on the ethics of their entire organizations as a result. Setting standards for ethical conduct of information technology professional is therefore critical. Examining the importance of ethical behaviors that the IT…. [read more]

Private Security Functions as it Relates to the Various Components of the Criminal Justice System Term Paper

… Private Security Functions as it Relates to the Various Components of the Criminal Justice System

The objective of this work is to analyze major components of the criminal justice system which includes private security functions with a focus upon improvement of the interaction between law enforcement, private security the courts and institutional and community corrections over the next 15 years. This is a 15-year plan that should take into consideration the aspects of budgets, revenue, expenditures, communication, technology and cultural aspects of the organization that can be improved.


"Working with Law Enforcement to Abate Cybercrime: Cyber Security Guidelines" states that increasing dependence of society upon technology "has brought about enhanced business functionality and productivity while…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Computers and Their Term Paper

… The fingerprint also enabled the police investigator to track down the perpetrator of a crime even in those cases in which there had been no human witness, and in which other evidence was lacking or incomplete. The further influence of science - in particular medical science and pathology - led to ever more sophisticated techniques for investigating crime scenes. Biological and chemical evidence now put the noose around as many criminals' necks as once had eyewitnesses and fingerprints. With increased medical knowledge, a coroner could determine almost the exact time of murder victim's demise, thus helping the investigation. Having a specific window in time to work with, police had a better idea of whom to look for and whom to question. All of these new…. [read more]

Judicial System Essay

… With the need to manage the system efficiently and ensure a fair and speedy trial for all, the court has taken many advances to move cases along. The future of the judicial system looks equally promising. Where once lawyers and judges held separate roles in the adversarial system, modern judges are becoming more and more active in moving their cases through the system in a just and less adversarial way. For instance, modern judges oversee activities such as settlement meetings or forcing the parties to come together and seeking a means of closing their case before it ever reaches the trial phase. Where once judges were expected to simply determine the final outcome of a trial, modern judges are leaving greater fingerprints on the trials…. [read more]

Social Justice and the Gospel Essay

… Over the last three to four decades, the global landscape has changed to embrace a process called globalism. Globalism is a key change in that economic, political and cultural movements throughout the world move closer together as a result of economic cooperation and communication. Globalization has shrunk many aspects of the world that prevented social justice in the past. The Internet is available almost everywhere, the news media accesses even the darkest regions or states, and it has transformed the way culture, society, and the economy work in the modern era. The world is richer than ever, communicates more, trades more, and cooperates more than ever. To date, the most robust paradigm of globalization has been the way many countries are integrating themselves with each…. [read more]

Communications Dispatch Centers Term Paper

… ¶ … External Systems Help in the Fight against Crime

Computers and information technology are indispensable elements in the modern fight against crime. In fact, modern police officers are far more likely to use information technology than they are to use their weapons. What has made things more cohesive for police officers is the fact that many of this crime-fighting software is external. For example, the National Crime Information Center, NCIC 2000, National Crime Victimization Survey, National Incident-Based Reporting System, various government databases, and Driver's License and Motor Vehicle Registration databases are all external to individual, local police forces, but can provide invaluable assistance to officers and support staff in their daily crime investigation and crime prevention efforts.

Perhaps the most widely known and used…. [read more]

Principles of Physical Security Thesis

… Law Enforcement - Physical Security


Building Security and Access Control Systems:

Building security is, fundamentally, a matter of securing ingress and egress points and controlling access to secure areas (Larsen 2007). To a large extent, digital access controls provide a means of efficiently tailoring relative degrees of physical access to different areas within buildings. Identification cards can be programmed so as to allow the minimum access necessary based on individual security clearance and job function.

While physical barriers and electronic data bases and card reader systems are essential to the effective implementation of building security, they are merely the means through which relative physical access is regulated. In that regard, even the best designed security system is no more effective than…. [read more]

Prison GED Programs Hypothesis Testing Research Proposal

… Secondly, the GED is not as effective as expected due to the course outline of the subjects. The GED only provides the inmates with a certificate equivalent of the high school certificate (Kaprov & Kaprov, 2009). This means that for the person to obtain gainful employment, they have to further their education. This is an enormous challenge as most of the convicted persons in the first place went into crime due to the inability to access education facilities. Therefore, this means that when released, the person goes to the same poverty-stricken home, and does not have means to further their studies. Thus, the program does not achieve the objective of reducing recidivism (Sullivan, 2009). Lastly, the GED program service cannot produce equipped persons due to…. [read more]

Boot Camp's Program Claim Research Paper

… The Selection Criteria (Creaming)

According to Cole, Smith & Dejong (2012), boot camps have, in the past, been accused of only accepting those offenders that they feel will be successful. The criteria for eligibility for the California LEAD program, for instance, required "non- serious non-violent juvenile court commitment, minimum of age 16 (later reduced to 14), history or risk of substance abuse" (Jones, 2012, p.1). This technique ultimately results in creaming, as it absorbs those participants that are considered 'receptive', eliminating those with more serious offences (Cole et al., 2012). It may be much easier to change the behavior of these types of offenders, than it would be, to change those convicted of more serious offences. This discriminative selection has hugely contributed to the high…. [read more]

Reducing Recidivism in the American Research Paper

… This program was started in 2000 and it involved enhanced screening of incoming inmates and enhanced medical attention to those inmates identified with problems, a mental health improvement has been reported of 83% of DMIO clients as compared to 10% of clients of other programs. (Fayes 1998).

Employment programs

While in prison inmates need work programs in order to equip themselves with skills and experience in order to improve on their employability once they are released from prison. To attain self-reliance and sufficiency this group of people need decent jobs to deter them from involving themselves into criminal activity. It is obvious that without a stable employment released inmates are most likely to revert to criminal activities.

For many reasons post-release employment plays a vital…. [read more]

Correction Institutions Administration and Leadership Term Paper

… The rioters at the Southern Michigan prison were "…easily observed and so deterred from perpetrating violence" (Wortley, 199). Moreover, there should be a safe place for staff to "withdraw" at the first sign that control has been lost, Wortley explains.

Gang control in prisons

The American Correctional Association (ACA) states that gang members account for just 1.2% of all state and federal prison inmates. Some prisons have used a strategy that disperses gang members throughout the "entire system" and sends some gang members to other prisons outside their own state (to deter cohesiveness among members of the same gang). Other strategies include: "gang renunciation and debriefing programs"; rival gang "integration programs"; "informants"; "…in-prison prosecutions"; and "identification, tracking and information-sharing systems" (ACA).

Grievance procedures

The United…. [read more]

Fingerprints Improving the Science Article Review

… Here, the research asserts that it may soon be possible with the technology available today to provide real and useable fingerprinting by way of imaging at remote crime scenes. According to the researchers, "many processing operations, both inside and outside acquisition devices, leave distinct intrinsic traces on digital images, and these intrinsic fingerprints can be identified and employed to verify the integrity of digital data. The intrinsic fingerprints of the various in-camera processing operations can be estimated through a detailed imaging model and its component analysis." (Swarminathan et al., p. 1)

This information has the potential to be particularly useful to forensics experts working in collaboration across great distances or even in surveillance efforts where remote access to suspected crime scenes is required. This denotes…. [read more]

Visualize Your Data Essay

… A fourth benefit of having a data visualization platform is in creating a knowledgebase of local communities that show spatial statistics of crime analysis (Pike, Bruce, Baddeley, Best, Franklin, May, Rice, Riensche, Younkin, 2009). This type of advanced analysis continues to be proven very effective in discovering and acting on the apparent unrelated factors influencing crime to begin with (Xu, Chen, 2005). A fifth benefit of integrating a data visualization component into a broader GIS system is the ability to create crime indices within each city and community, and then be able to measure the impact of crime prevention strategies over time (Post, 2011).

Anticipated Benefit

The anticipated benefits of having a data visualization platform or system within the department are many. First, the ability…. [read more]

Communication Systems Put Wheels Essay

… Development journalism functions much like investigative journalism, in that, its intrinsic goals are to critically examine a government's development programs, the fidelity of the expressed program goals to implementation, and make any discrepancies publically known. The claim of developing nations is that the capitalistic interests of Western journalists are served through their disparaging criticism of development journalism. Western journalist, however, are concerned that their ability to collect first-hand information will be curtailed by the influences of development journalism. The overarching problem is the unbalanced flow of media influence, exacerbated by the consolidation of the press and the threat of government control to ensure freedom of the press. The primary issue is that developmental journalism can be used for propaganda and for social justice, depending on…. [read more]

New Pattern of Integration Term Paper

… No European country is larger than the usual midsized globally accepted state but their strength has been in the closely integrated political and economic collaboration which has helped European nations maximize their global authority and prospective. As a former Prime Minister of Netherlands explains that the European states have no choice but to cooperate under the EU governance or they will be forced to act individually and find their own footing in the global world (Wim Kok, 2004).

Evolution and Growth of EU

Between the years 1973 and 2004, as explained above, the EU increased from six member states to a large number amounting to twenty-five members (Table 0.2 below). This as explained before led to the expansion of functions and treaties. However, it is…. [read more]

Social Justice and Environmental Term Paper

… Social and Environmental Justice

It is an undisputed fact that the world is becoming increasingly globalized, with technology such as electronic communication making increasing amounts of information and human contacts possible. In general, one is tempted to assume that this would make the world a better, more integrated, environmentally and socially healthy world. Yet this is not the case. Representing modern thought on the subject, Robert Paehlke and Peter Singer attempt to explain the reasons behind the state of the world.

In Democracy's Dilemma Paehlke presents his views regarding globalization and the problems it presents. Being a human problem, the author recognizes that it is a very complex issue, and one that cannot be resolved by a few trite quotes. The "dilemma" faced by democracy…. [read more]

Strategic Analysis NYC Parole Department Capstone Project

… According to Singh (2010) the discretionary powers of the parole board and judiciary should be brought in line with a framework to minimize the threats of misuse. The systems should be transparent and provide adequate support for willing prisoners. The technical requirements of the parole system should be simplified in order to achieve maximum results. The prisoners should be communicated regarding the benefits of system and required obligations. A strategic approach to create a disciplinary motive can be incorporated through the approach to grant parole release. At the same time it is also required that technical violations of the system should be treated through training and awareness of technical obligations rather than sending back to prison. The purpose of technical obligations should be aligned with…. [read more]

Qualified Candidate Who Demonstrates Professionalism Term Paper

… Courses like these provided me with fundamental groundwork that will be relevant to my job. An interpersonal communications course was instrumental in teaching an aspiring security professional to how to approach potentially difficult people and situations. I also took introductory courses in corrections and police work, information which will easily carry over into the private sector. Juvenile justice coursework was thorough in investigating the particular needs of that population. Additionally, BSCJA coursework in specific material including ethics, cultural diversity, research methods, organizational behavior, criminal justice administration, criminal justice policy analysis, and criminal justice personnel also coalesce to pertain directly to my future. Finally, an interdisciplinary capstone course offered a useful and comprehensive means to understand how all the program's various courses fit into the world…. [read more]

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