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Justification of Islamophobia Research Paper

… ¶ … Islamophobia Justified


An introduction to the topic, addressing the specific information that will be discussed so the reader has a clear understanding of what is being offered in the paper.

A history of the term "Islamophobia," where it came from, why it is used, and how it is used.

A discussion of racism in the context of Islamic and Muslim people.

The fear of Islamic or Muslim people, when and how that developed, and why it has become (and remained) so prevalent today.

There are alternatives that can be addressed when it comes to Islamophobia, but education is generally the key to finding and addressing these options.

Allegations made against Islamic people are strong, and many of them are unfounded.

The media…. [read more]

History of Muslims in Europe and in the US Research Paper

… History of Muslims in Europe and in the U.S.

Islamophobia - the United States and the European continent

The Islam is at the moment one of the most important religious, cultural, and eventually political entities of the world today. According to studies made in 2009, it represents 23% of the global population of 6.9 billion people

Even so, there are numerous accounts in which the Muslim population is the subject of discrimination or political differentiation. At the moment, this entire phenomenon is defined as Islamophobia. The present paper addresses the issue of islamophobia from the perspective of the two most important regions where it developed and where is most visible. In this sense, the research takes into account the way in which the United States…. [read more]

Islam and Terrorism Term Paper

… d.). The politicization of scholars, experts and media commentators in the post 9/11 period has created a minefield for policymakers and the general public as they search for answers to questions like: "What are the causes of radicalism and anti-Americanism?," "Why do they hate us?," "What do Muslim women think about their status in Islam?" "Is Islam compatible with democracy?," "What are the causes of global terrorism?" other such questions. This often subconsciously leads a reader and positions them amongst the midst of positions of seemingly qualified experts who are nothing more than Islamaphobic authors who engage in a revisionist reading of Islam and Islamic history.

This increase in Islamophobia was in turn reflected in the way media outlets addressed and stereotyped Muslim populations (Media…. [read more]

Aftermath of 9/11: Need for Leadership Term Paper

… On page 226 the Moran text discusses business etiquette, which applies in any situation in any cultural context -- not just for Americans going to foreign countries. For example, a strong leader in charge of a dozen men that are highly skilled in technologies should practice behavior "that demonstrates concern for others, tact and discretion, and knowledge of what constitutes good manners and ethics…" (Moran, 2011, Routledge, 226). This of course would include patience and tolerance for two of the dozen contractors who practice a faith that typically American Christians or Jews would not be familiar with.

Number 6 on the list of 8 protocols that Moran presents refers to being in good communication with others of dissimilar cultures, and being sensitive to others in…. [read more]

Role of Religion in Terrorism and Identity Research Paper

… Radicalization and self-identity are some of the key terms related to what is normally happening in the world today: terrorism. Radicalization is blamed for the rising occurrences of terrorism cases around the like the Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Al Shabaab in East Africa, and the jihadist's movements in the various Islamic States in Lebanon and Syria. They have caused structured and adverse terrorism in various parts of the world. Borum (2011) mentions the different interpretations among scholars and even psychological and sociological experts while trying to explore the whole concept of terrorism in the world (Hossain, 2008).

The occurrence of the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, Kenya, Nigeria, Canada, among others, all raise many questions on the turn that humanity is taking as regards…. [read more]

Media Framing Mosque at Ground Zero Research Paper

… ¶ … media framing in relation to the construction of a mosque at ground zero. We identify the various frames used by various media houses in America and compare and contrast them. We analyze the related literature and the basic concepts involved in media framing. A general overview of the concept of media framing is also provided.

Entman (1993) describes framing as a scattered concept where previous researchers lack clear conceptual meanings and depend on context-based definitions, rather than general applicability. Brosius and Eps (1995) proceeds that framing may not be clear in explication and generally used but can be seen as a metaphor which does not convert directly into research setting.

While different authors agree that there is lack of commonality in the definition…. [read more]

Iraq Afghan Culture the War on Terror Thesis

… Iraq Afghan Culture

The War on Terror and the Imposition of Cultural Change

The War in Iraq began on March 19th, 2003, when American bombers began a 'Shock and Awe' campaign designed to 'decapitate' Iraqi Republican Army leadership and to pound the civilian population into preemptive submission. The attack preceded the arrival of a deadline by which despot Saddam Hussein had been given the ultimatum to vacate Iraq with his sons to make way for democratic reform or to face the wrath of the United States. The purpose of this invasion was proposed quite singularly as the disruption of a regime which 'could' aid terrorists in destroying the United States, its friends and its allies. The final justification for this war was that, to that…. [read more]

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