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Hunger Artist Term Paper

… Hunger Artist

Barred in a cage, like a show animal, the hunger artist fasts for forty days, as long as he is allowed (although he would like to do longer). At first, he is the "star," and people come from far and wide to buy tickets and watch him. They do not believe that he can go so long without eating, and make sure that he does not cheat by watching him day and night. The hunger artist loves this attention and the starvation, itself.

However, with anything new and exciting, the hunger artist's act becomes old and boring. With time, no one wants to watch him anymore. People are moving on to new attractions. The hunger artist joins a circus and stays in a…. [read more]

Hunger Artist Published in 1924, Franz Kafka Term Paper

… Hunger Artist

Published in 1924, Franz Kafka's 'The Hunger Artist' is an unforgettable story that recounts the pain and anguish of an artist who earns through public fasting. The mordent tale is highly symbolic in nature and signifies the rapid though subtle death of the artist and his art. The story revolves around a fasting artist who recalls the times when people would pay tribute to public fasting feats by visiting the artist on every single day till he broke his fast in style. In those days, "there was good money to be earned putting on major productions of this sort under one's own management" (1) but he sadly agrees that, "interest in hunger artists has declined considerably." (1)

The feat is no longer fascinating…. [read more]

Kafka This Report Aims to Present Term Paper

… Kafka

This report aims to present my findings on my study and research of Franz Kafka. Although there are literally thousands of books, articles and journals that cover Kafka in one way or another, this report honed in on the famous author through the work David Zane Mairowitz and Robert Crumb entitled Introducing Kafka. "Virtually unknown during his lifetime, the works of Kafka have since been recognized as symbolizing modern man's anxiety-ridden and grotesque alienation in an unintelligible, hostile, or indifferent world."(Franz Kafka (1883-1924)) in my opinion this particular work was a perfect introduction into the life and times of Franz Kafka because the book provided the insight in an entertaining and comical manner. The book was a well done mix of illustrated biography and…. [read more]

Kafka's Hunger Artist the Hunger Artist,' True Term Paper

… Kafka's Hunger Artist

The Hunger Artist,' true to Kafkan form, is a deeply ironic narrative that pairs the struggles of the individual with the whims of the larger world. In a maze characterized by consumption and self-satisfaction, the hunger artist seemingly bravely rebukes the quotidian luxuries of the masses in favor of some higher glory: the satisfaction of the fast. Ultimately, though, Kafka reveals the truth of a tragic individual so resigned to his own disposition that he found neither peace nor salvation.

The story begins with the tale o the self-acclaimed artist, the faster. In all his glory, he sits perched n a public cage, on display to the masses who are enraptured by his deft skill at avoiding the basic human need of…. [read more]

Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis Term Paper

… Kafka's Metamorphosis

The Significance of Food in Kafka's "Metamorphosis"

Over the course of Franz Kafka's short story "The Metamorphosis" the central protagonist Gregor Samsa slowly gives up all of the characteristics that the reader might consider human, like his job, his ability to move on two feet, and also his customary appetite for his favorite foods, after he suddenly finds himself transformed into a gigantic cockroach. The story begins with the famous line: "One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in bed he had been changed into a monstrous verminous bug." One of the most symbolically important aspects of this sudden abnegation of all human characteristics is found in Gregor's changed relationship with food. Food provides a metaphor…. [read more]

Franz Kafka's Life and Work Term Paper

… Franz Kafka's Life And Work

Franz Kafka was born July 3, 1883 in Prague, Bohemia. He was born into a German speaking, Jewish middle-class family. His farther owned a shop that was located below where the family lived. He father had a bad temper and he was very bad-mannered in regards to his son's love of literature and his pursuit of writing. This proved to be a constant source of conflict and misery in many of Kafka's works. Kafka became the eldest and only son when his two brothers died shortly after birth. He was dreadfully aware of this role in the family for the rest of his life. Kafka fought back against his father's materialism and often wrote metaphorically of the struggle to overcome…. [read more]

Franz Kafka and Modernism Term Paper

… Franz Kafka and Modernism

Franz Kafka is one of the most enigmatic and interesting figures in literature. His work has left an enduing impression on world literature as well as on popular culture. The term "Kafkaesque" has entered into ordinary vocabulary and conversation. This term refers to the particular style of his writing and to the macabre, almost nightmarish quality of his prose. This is a style of writing and view of reality associated with Kafka's work that is "...Marked by surreal distortion and often a sense of impending danger..." (Kafkaesque) more comprehensive explanation of this term, which has particular reference to the topic of this paper, is the following.

The adjective refers to anything suggestive of Kafka, especially his nightmarish type of narration, in…. [read more]

Kafka's the Metamorphosis Essay

… The vast wealth of literature in the public and educational forums is rife with examples of how Kafka's work The Metamorphosis has been interpreted and applied towards parts and dimensions of life such as religion, economic viewpoints and others. The work of Kafka has also clearly inspired and motivated other authors to proffer works to the reading public for their approval and recognition. Two such artists include Virgilio Pinera and Felisberto Hernandez. One source that points to these two also points out that the time of Kafka and before focused more on history as opposed to telling stories and creating analogies. However, Latin American literature has been identified as a forum where many Kafka-level analysis and analogies are established and taught through literature (Chichester).

As…. [read more]

History of Modern Medicine Taj Mahal Term Paper

… ¶ … History of Modern Medicine

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is India's most famous architectural structure. It is actually a beautifully preserved tomb whose name is translated as "Crown Palace." It dates back to the Seventeenth Century and the reign of the Fifth Mughal Emperor as a tribute to his second wife, Mumtaz Mahal who died as the result of public rebellion against the regime after bearing her husband's fourteenth child. The original construction of the TAJ was inspired by the Persian Princess' request of her husband before her death.

The Life and Work of Galileo

Galileo Galilee was a Sixteenth Century inventor and astronomer who revolutionized man's understanding of the universe and the Earth's relationship to the Solar System, in particular. Among Galileo's…. [read more]

Modernism, and How the Literature Term Paper

… Both writers are products of minority race and their race and experiences influenced their writing. Morrison was African-American. Her books, famously The Bluest Eye, Sula, Song of Solomon and Beloved, deal with the struggles of growing up debased and disadvantaged in a humiliated sector of America. The novels detail the characters' travails as victims of child molestation; outcasts of society due to differences in race and gender; ravages of slavery (e.g. "Beloved"); and the difficulty of being different ("Sula"). Roth, on the other hand, filled his books (that include Goodbye, Columbus, Portnoy's Complaint, and Everyman) with his Jewish experience; Portnoy's Complaint deals with Jewish identity in America whilst Everyman describes the hardships of growing old in America.

Morrison deals with feminism and the experiences of…. [read more]

Historical Contexts and Literature Term Paper

… ¶ … human condition transcends the esoteric and becomes real is through the human ability to conceptualize events outside of the horrific reality of the event and turn these events into something nobler, something more timeless, and even something more meaningful to future generations. One way we humans tend to look at these grand processes is to extrapolate behaviors into their smallest component. When looking at human nature, for instance, we find that biological determinism has become part of the way we explain the human condition. . It claims, for example, that the behavior of human beings is determined by the genes possessed by individuals and leads to the conclusion that all human society is governed by the sum of the behavior of all the…. [read more]

Martin Luther King Jr Creative Writing

… It is filled with a sense of hope and positivity.

The song is an exhibition of Lennon's anti-religion beliefs.

It is mainly about peace and getting people to realize that religious, political, regional differences don't hide the fact that we all are humans and that we have the same needs and wants and desires.

He targets evils like discrimination, selfishness, greed and calls for their extermination.

A very unhealthy perspective is his idea that religion is the cause of most unrest in the world. The youth should not be exposed to such ideas.


The song is simple, and very soothing.

Its mood is serene and slow, so much that it can calm people down.

It also invites or rather invokes reflection in the listener.…. [read more]

Grendel Essay

… e. fiction that includes within itself reflections on its own fictional identity. (Hutcheon, 1980; Neumann & Nunning, 2012)

The statement that authors in general try to draw us into their work on such a level might seem nonsensical given that we are generally aware of the fact that you are turning the pages of a book, or skimming through the latest Stephen King on your Kindle. But most authors want to draw you in to their story, to convince you that their characters are as real as your own family. Wagner is reminds you over and again that you can never be one of his family of characters but can never leave the story either until he is done with you as a complement to…. [read more]

Edward Feels Trapped Because He Creates Term Paper

… Edward feels trapped because he creates his own problems. When he starts going to church and saying that he believes in God, he does it only because he wants to be with Alice and have her love him. She is cool to him and does not permit him to have sex with her, because she believes it to be a sin. Edward creates his alleged belief in God to try to change this, but it only gets him in trouble at the school where he teaches instead. To try to avoid some of this trouble, he begins a relationship with the directress of the school, but that is also something that he has trapped himself into. When Alice hears that he did not deny his…. [read more]

Critique and Assessments on Children's Literature Assessment

… American children walk into a library, and they immediately run to the children's department where they can normally find thousands of nonfiction, fiction and story books depending on their age. They can walk into a bookstore, such as Barnes and Noble, and find hundreds of books with not only words, but with activities, experiments, pop ups, music, toys. Any type of book imaginable is available for these children. They can find ones that have piano keys, or buttons to push, or soft bunnies to pet or animals to feed. There are books that come apart and need to be reassembled and even ones that can be eaten.

How spoiled these children are. Imagine what it was like for those children who saw the first printed…. [read more]

Che Guevara Thesis

… Che Guevara

Ernesto "Che" Guevara, more popularly known simply as Che Guevara was born on June 14, 1928. He is perhaps the most controversial Argentine Marxist Rebel and Revolutionary in the books of history. His controversial stance does not diminish his popularity as an individual thinker, a politician, physician, military strategist and guerilla chief. He passed away on October 9, 1967, not before leaving a significant change in the cultural trends within Argentina, Cuba and even the United States amongst other territories

Guevara's early school life was a very dynamic one. Even though, he suffered from regular Asthma attacks, but never let those stop him from being a very active youngster. He was always involved in sports like soccer, golf and rugby. His aggressive nature…. [read more]

Arthur Miller or John Steinbeck Term Paper

… In the beginning of "The House of Usher," Poe talks of "bleak walls ... vacant eye-like windows ... rank sedges ... decaying trees ... black and lurid tarn" to represent the struggle between life and death.

Poe, himself, was his own critic. He stressed matters of form while his peers worried about content. He believed that method supports meaning and that it is important to know how literature works before anyone can fully understand what it says. He talks about structure: "In the whole composition, there should be no written, of which the tendency, direct or indirect, is not the one pre-established design (XI, 108). This structure had to have a beginning, middle and end, where the "beginning and end should not forget each other."…. [read more]

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