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Kidney Failure and Hemodialysis Case Study

… Kidney Failure and Hemodialysis

The main difference between health and illness is health is when one is free from disease while illness is when there is an impairment in normal physiological functioning. Health is important because it is what keeps us functioning in a manner that is not impaired and what has happened to you with your kidney failure is that this part of your body has become impaired. What has happened to you is there has been a sudden loss in your kidneys' ability to perform their chief function, which is to eliminate excess fluids and salts and waste from an your blood. Kidney failure means that your kidneys cannot filter anymore or they are severely impaired and can't filter what your body needs…. [read more]

Functioning Understanding of Medical Terminology Term Paper

… Oro mouth. The oral cavity is the other name for the mouth.

Orchido testicle. Orchidectomy is removal of a testicle.

Osse-, Osteo bone. Osteoporosis is porosity of bone.

Oto ear. Otosclerosis is the formation of bone in the ear.Otomycosis-fungal infection in ear


Patho disease. Pathogens are agents which cause disease.

Peps digestion. Pepsin is an enzyme found in the digestive system.

Phago eat. Phagocytes are cells (cyto-) which eat foreign material.

Philo love, to have an affinity for.

Phleb vein. Phlebitis is inflammation of the veins.

Phren diaphragm. Phrenic refers to a diaphragm.


Fill, fufill; re-plicate, placate.

many - as in polysyllable, or a word with lots of syllables.

Pneumo lung. Pneumonia is a disease of the lungs.


before; as in prefix,…. [read more]

Kidneys and How They Function Term Paper

… ¶ … Kidneys and How They Function

One of the most important functions of the kidneys - though not the only key function - is to provide an effective filtering device for the blood in the human body, through which about 200 quarts of blood flow on a daily basis, according to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC). Within those 200 quarts of blood the kidneys screen out about 2 quarts of waste products. A big portion of that waste becomes urine and is stored in the bladder, thanks to the smooth functioning of the kidneys.

Where did those wastes in the blood come from? This is the explanation of what the kidneys' principle role truly is. There is a normal breakdown…. [read more]

Preventing Kidney Failure Diabetes and Hypertension Dialysis Capstone Project

… Kidney Failure



Kidney Failure: Prevention When There Is No Cure

Kidney Failure: Prevention When There Is No Cure

As of 2007, an estimated 11% of Americans over the age of 20 have kidney disease (National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse, 2011). Kidney disease can lead to kidney failure if left untreated. Kidney failure occurs when the kidneys can no longer perform the blood-filtering role that they are intended for; therefore the toxins that would normally be removed from the blood accumulate in the body, causing downstream problems including further organ failure (Jacobs, 2009). Dialysis is a common treatment for people with kidney failure, yet of patients receiving dialysis, the morality rate is still approximately 50%…. [read more]

Stress on Kidneys and Resistance Essay

… The General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)

The GAS is a universal three staged response to stress introduced by Dr. Hans Selye; a very well-known Canadian endocrinologist. It has a colossal impact on the kidneys and the renal system. However, before fully understanding its impact, one must familiarize themselves with the renal system itself.

The Renal System

The renal system, sometimes also referred to as the urinary or the excretory system includes a group of organs that work together to produce, store and release urine. The kidneys located at the back of the abdominal cavity are vital to the proper functioning of the renal system. Some of the main functions carried out by the renal system in a body includes controlling the body's water balance, regulation of…. [read more]

Anatomy of the Kidney University of Michigan Term Paper

… Anatomy of the Kidney

University of Michigan IllustrationThe function of the human kidneys (which are located in the back of the abdomen and are each close to the size of an average fist) is essentially to filter the blood by removing the waste products from the blood. Since all the blood in the human body passes through the kidneys several times each day, the function of the kidneys as a filtering agent is absolutely vital to good human health. Besides filtering the blood, the kidneys regulate the levels of water fluids. In the process of filtering the blood the kidneys actually create urine which, once filtered out of the blood, is collected in the kidney's pelvis. From there the urine drains into tubes called the…. [read more]

Physiology - How a Woman's Various Organs Term Paper

… Physiology - How a Woman's Various Organs and Systems Respond to Trauma

The purpose of this paper is to explain how a woman's various organs and systems respond to trauma, and how many of those actions can result in minimizing chances of organ destruction and increasing the victim's chances of surviving the accident. In addition, some actions taken by the woman's body can actually be deleterious to her chances for survival.

This woman presented upon arriving in the ER with several broken ribs, which resulted in a bruising of the liver and kidneys and a ruptured spleen. The first diagnostic signs were: low blood pressure, low respiration and low urine output.

The woman's reaction to the accident constitutes the classic demonstration of shock symptoms. Of…. [read more]

Understanding Treatments for Elevated Blood Ammonia Research Paper

… And, too, the assignment encouraged a review of drug therapies designed to assist with the production of an alternative to urea, which gave rise to the concept of a compound that would be released by the hydrosome as it worked to break down proteins. Fantastical though it was, the assignment did cause me to think about aspects of cellular functioning -- and particularly about the functioning of organelles that I otherwise would not have so fully addressed.

Works Cited:

Batshaw ML, MacArthur RB, Tuchman M. Alternative pathway therapy for urea cycle disorders: twenty years later. Journal of Pediatrics. 2001; 138: S46-55.

Haberle J, Boddaert N, Burlina A, Chakrapani A, Dixon M, Huemer M, Karall D, Martinelli D, Crespo PS, Santer R, Servais A, Valayannopoulos V,…. [read more]

Nursing and Kidney Failure Term Paper

… In addition, age should be a modifying factor, especially in moderate kidney impairment. These changes would allow identification and treatment of clinically relevant disease and avoidance of what can seem exaggerated prevalence estimates." (Bauer, 2008) These insights are showing how the inability to accurately screen for the condition is compounding the problem. To deal with these challenges, a new approach must be taken. This will help to improve the accuracy of test results and identify the possible impacts on patients.

Relationship to Individual Advanced Role

This problem relates to advanced practice nursing, as these individuals are quickly becoming the primary care provider for the patient. This means that they will help with screening the person and discussing the condition with them / their families. During…. [read more]

Bible and Science Essay

… The study is very informative. It also makes sense of the passages in Proverbs and Luke. Luke was, after all, said to be a physician. "Plummer suggests that he may have studied medicine at the famous school of Tarsus, the rival of Alexandria and Athens, and possibly met St. Paul there" (Knight, 2011). Plus St. Paul (Colossians 4:14), the early Church historian Eusebius, St. Jerome, and St. Irenaeus all state that St. Luke was skilled in the practice of medicine, so it is telling that Luke should remind us of this connection between spirit and body, too.

Holy Bible, New Living Translation. (2004). IL: Tyndale House Publishers.

Knight, K. (2011). Gospel of Saint Luke. New Advent. Retrieved from

Kyziridis, T. (2005). Notes on the…. [read more]

Cardiac Function Essay

… Exercises: (10 Points Each)

How do heart rate, preload, afterload, and contractility affect cardiac output and cardiac workload?

Heart rate is how fast the heart is working. Preload and afterload is how much blood ingests and ejects while pumping and contractility is the ability of the heart to act as a pump. If any of those is compromised or significantly altered, it can cause cardiac output to be compromised and cardiac workload to rise to abnormal heights. The heart working too hard and/or inefficiently can obviously lead to problems.

How do the clinical features of the coronary heart disease syndromes differ?

They can differ based on what precise symptoms are realized, what time frame in which symptoms become apparent. Symptoms can build up over time…. [read more]

Cardiovascular System Functions Term Paper

… Cardiovascular System

Functions of the Cardiovascular System

Food substances, transported by the blood, include: amino acids, fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamins from a person's intestines to the cells of his/her body.

Waste substances, transported by the blood, for produced by cells during their normal metabolism. The primary ones include carbon dioxide, water and urea. The blood transports these waste substances from an individual/s cells to his/her excretory organs.

Heat, produced in the liver and muscles, is transported by the blood to all areas of an individual's body. This constitutes a person's central heating system, which helps keep his/her 37 degrees C.

Hormones, from an individual's endocrine glands, are transported by the blood to his/her target cells.

Oxygen it's transported by the red blood cells…. [read more]

How Poor Diet & Lifestyle Cause Diabetes Term Paper

… 4 % of the residents own a house

- 1 car in a household (average)

Schools: American Public University System, University of Maryland College Park, University of Maryland University College

Neighborhood: Leisure World (LW) plaza conveniently located adjacent to LW

Walkability Score: 56; it is somewhat walkable, and some errands can be accomplished on foot

Air and water quality: Air quality score is 43 which is okay. Water quality is 50 on a scale of 100

Nutrition: There is a nutrition and cooking kickstart class, and a food for life diabetes cooking class offered at leisure world

Crime: 1,739 total number of crimes, crime rate is 23.06 per…. [read more]

How to Dealing With a Bipolar Patient Term Paper

… ¶ … Bipolar Patient

Imagine this scenario: You are working as an acupuncturist, when a charming young female patient comes in and begins to complain about insomnia. As amazing as it sounds, she has had little more than two hours of sleep each night for over a month. What is even more unusual is the fact that the young woman appears to be completely bubbly and energetic. She even looks perfectly healthy from a physical standpoint.

The young woman is talking feverishly, as though she is unable to stop. She goes on to begin talking about her sister. She is incredibly enthusiastic about this sister, whom she clearly loves dearly. You begin to think this sister must be waiting outside for her. And then it…. [read more]

Function of the Metabolic Rate in the Human Body Research Paper

… Biology

Function of the Metabolic Rate in the Human Body

Metabolism consists of the total of all chemical transformations that take place in a cell or the body of an organism. It can be broken down into two subdivisions: catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism consists of all the reactions in which large molecules are broken down into smaller ones, with a discharge of energy from their chemical bonds. Instances of this include the incorporation of a protein into amino acids in which the body can absorb and use in its own metabolism, and the breakdown of stored glycogen in the liver to provide energy between meals. These breakdown procedures are known chemically as oxidation reactions. Anabolism consists of all the reactions that bring together small molecules…. [read more]

Chemical Substances on Liver Research Proposal

… " The implications of pesticide exposure on the American public are significant. For example, Blindauer and Jackson (1999, p. 12) emphasize that, "More than one billion pounds of conventional pesticide active ingredients are used annually in this country. If wood preservatives and disinfectants are included, more than four billion pounds of pesticides are used annually."

As a result, it is reasonable to suggest that practically everyone in the United States is routinely exposed to some level of environmental pesticides (Blindauer & Jackson 1999). For instance, Blindauer and Jackson (1999, p. 12) note that, "The general public is frequently exposed to pesticide residues in food, as a consequence of agricultural applications to crops, as well as in water." Other sources of pesticide exposure that have the…. [read more]

Dialysis Among the Elderly Research Paper

… Nursing

Dialysis among the Elderly

The issues that surround the health of a person at the end of their life have started to attract growing attention over the last several years (Menec, Lix, Nowicki, and Ekuma, 2007). Many questions have been looked at surrounding this topic. Should older adults be able to choose to receive treatments that extend their lives? Are the treatments that they are available affecting the quality of life that these people are living? Are their alternatives that could be used instead? People who have renal disease often experience a decline in their state of health and the energy that is needed to keep up previously enjoyed activities (Curtis, Rothstein and Hong, 2009). The purpose of this paper is to conduct a…. [read more]

Osmoregulation Endocrines Essay

… Corpus cells of stannous works in hand with the pituitary gland to maintain standard levels of calcium required by the fish. The gills also aid in excretion of excess water and salt of the fish. In salty water, the fish adapts in a way that the gills and membrane consist of several chloride cells rich in mitochondrion on the gills surface and membrane, that aid in the constant diffusion of salt into the fish's blood stream to maintain the salt balance. Pituitary glands produce prolactin that aids in the control of ions present on gills of the fish. Arginine vasotocin triggers the production of hormone that regulates ion diffusion onto the fish body via the gills and restricts its circulation.

Bull sharks do not easily…. [read more]

Anti-Cancer Drug Anaerobin A) Effects Essay

… Similar could be the case with anaerobin. Nutritional assessment should be carried out and a higher protein diet should be encouraged to help with the treatment process. (Ravasco, Monteiro-Grillo, Marques Vidal & Camilo, 2005)

The nutritional assessment includes not only food intake but fluids and semi-fluids as well. Since a weaker kidney means you should focus on your fluid intake and food intake, you should include more water in your diet to increase re-absorption of water and sodium ions by the body as well as to dilute any toxins in your body.

The National Cancer Institute also gives certain guidelines as to how to go about your nutrition during treatment and even if you are feeling well after cancer, for precautionary sake:

Eating frequent but…. [read more]

Managed Diabetes Still Result Research Paper

… Conclusion

This study will examine the connection between diabetes and kidney disease in a detailed manner. The purpose of the study is to determine whether controlling diabetes has an effect on the development or progression of kidney disease. The literature suggested that once a person develops kidney disease that controlling diabetes has no affect. The presence of microalbuminuria will be used to classify those that already have early stages of the disease in to separate them from those that have not yet developed the disease. The study will play an important role and prevention of kidney disease as a complication of diabetes.


de Boer, I., Rue, T., & Hall, Y et. al. (2009). Temporal trends in the prevalence of diabetic kidney disease in the…. [read more]

Human Physiology Term Paper

… Physiology and Function in Human Digestion

Describe the relationship among parathyroid hormone, vitamin D3 (cholecalcierol), liver, and kidney.

Parathyroid hormone is important for the intestinal absorption of calcium through the synthesis of vitamin D Specifically, it regulates the enzyme necessary for converting vitamin D to its active form in the kidneys, which in turn, increases calcium absorption in the intestine. The liver is responsible for selective extraction of parathyroid hormone while the kidney is exclusively responsible for fragmentary removal.

Describe the two major types of adrenocortical hormones and their functions.

The two main types of adrenocortical hormones are glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids. Glucocorticoids play numerous roles in the human endocrine system, including the regulation of sodium and potassium which are crucial for normal fluid balance, blood…. [read more]

Chronic Kidney Disease Term Paper

… ¶ … Department of Health and Human Services with respect to the issue of chronic kidney disease suggests that this condition has the potential to have considerable health ramifications for specific groups as well as overall public health. At a time when other chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease are being reduced, the incidence of chronic kidney disease is increasing. Further, the data demonstrates the individuals over the age of 75 are more susceptible to this condition. Given that almost one-third of the American population is poised to turn 65 chronic kidney disease represents an emerging health threat that must be addressed.

In an effort to improve health outcomes in this area, Department of Health and Human Services has developed its Healthy People (HP) 2010…. [read more]

Teaching on the Cognitive Learning of Adult Term Paper

… ¶ … Teaching on the Cognitive Learning of Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of individual and group teaching on the cognitive learning of adult kidney transplant recipients on an inpatient transplant unit.

Kidney transplant recipients have an abundance of learning needs after receiving their transplants. Patient education is a crucial aspect of the transplant nurse's role. Transplant recipients must learn follow-up instructions, signs of rejection and infection, medications and their side effects, urine testing procedures, and dietary and lifestyle modifications in order to ensure transplant viability and increased quality of life. It is important that the most effective method is used to teach this critical information. Patient education is widely documented in the literature, however little…. [read more]

Korotkoff Phase Term Paper

… The following key words were used to search the databases:




Korotkoff Phases




Electronic/automated monitoring

Subject Population

The subject population of the literature review will be limited to studies reported in English concerning pregnant women in the United States.

Literature Review

Literature Selection and Identification

The literature reviewed for this project was conducted using the search terms noted above, in isolation and in combination. Based on the appropriateness of the identified research, the following literature was selected for inclusion in this study. As with many other areas of clinical research, there is a paucity of research concerning the appropriateness of which Korotkoff phase should be used as the endpoint for the measurement of diastolic blood pressure during pregnancy. Further complicating…. [read more]

Outsourcing of Medical Services Term Paper

… Poor socio-economic background and conditions mixed with the HIV / AIDS crisis can only mean even more socio-economic and political upheaval, the regression of development and the collapse of societies: beginning with families, communities, regions and into subsequently economic social systems. "Likewise, one can rank the importance of quality of care and seriousness of condition for the insured and uninsured, respectively. Thus, there are arrows connecting kind of patient to these two clusters. The quality of care clearly matters differently for the various levels of seriousness, so there is an arrow connecting seriousness of condition to quality of care. The question in the other direction is whether conditions of varying degrees of serious are more or less important for the given levels of quality. Finally,…. [read more]

Healthy Diet Habits: Lifetime Importance Essay

… ¶ … Healthy Diet a Habit for a Lifetime


When one eats and utilizes natural foods, it improves the ability of being at ease with everyday life. This enhances the chances of living a much healthier, happier, and longer life. In the modern day life, the food type we consume must be of quality because we are exposed to high stress and pollution. This makes a healthy diet a necessity for a healthy personal care (Veugelers, 2010). Good health provides freedom and has become a crucial factor in life. Poor health will not offer people the freedom to work towards achieving their goals and so on. In case of any health disorder, the normal functioning of an individual are likely to be interrupted. Many…. [read more]

Cell Junctions - Tight Essay

… At the same time as adherens junctions interrelate with cytoskeleton actin and vinculin, so desmosomal plaques interrelate in a specific way with intermediary filaments: cytokeratin halfway filaments in epithelial cells, desmin midway filaments in cardiac myocytes, and vimentin midway filaments in meninges (Yang et al. 2003). There is, consequently, specificity in the exchanges of diverse cytoskeletal elements with every kind of junction. This proposes a precise stabilizing function for all in the creations of epithelia; at the moment, one cannot eliminate the likelihood that such linking with their cytoskeletal connections might also alter the inflection states of cells (Eum et al. 2008).

Not a great deal has been discovered about desmosome creation in embryogenesis, but these structures do emerge early on, at the time when…. [read more]

Leading and Managing a Change Essay

… Suctioning access and the initial treatment course can be measured and managed through clinical pathways (Dougherty 2004, 150-896). Clinical pathways loose their effectiveness when the suctioning our patient on ventilator reaches maintenance and the continuum of health narrows substantially. Initiation of suctioning will end a clinical path for new our patient on ventilator, but start a case management mode of care as the our patient on ventilator moves into a chronic disease status. Chronic suctioning our patient on ventilator are then assessed monthly through Kt/V values measuring effective suctioning, in addition to other salient markers, such as hemoglobin, weight gain and dietary compliance (Levy 2005, 323- 368).

Case Management

Case management becomes a mode of treatment management that suctioning our patient on ventilator evolves into…. [read more]

Congestive Heart Failure Term Paper

… If the various factors that exacerbate the condition were to be managed with the appropriate amount of aggression, like for example, if the symptoms of hypertension were to be managed well, then the Congestive Heart Failure would also be managed along with. In a similar manner, valvular disease and excessive intake of alcohol may have the result of ventricular dysfunction, and this would inevitably lead to heart failure if it were to be ignored or if the correct treatment method were to be ignored. (Cohn, 1998)

However, if the symptoms were to be managed well, then this would be sufficient enough to prevent the remodeling of the left ventricle, and the resulting dysfunction and the occurrence of Congestive Heart Failure. Similarly, early intervention with the…. [read more]

Virtue and the Human Function Term Paper

… Aristotle's view of virtue and the human function, as presented in Nicomanchean Ethics, puts forth the argument that the true function of man is to pursue a life guide by reason, thus creating eudemonia (or fulfillment). Overall, Aristotle's arguments are perhaps most valuable as a practical guide on how to live one's life. However, his argument that humans as a whole have a distinct function is questionable, as is the concept that all individual humans would share the same function that was limited to reason. Taken together, this analysis reveals Aristotle's understanding of virtue and the human function as a potentially flawed work that nonetheless can have a real practical impact on the individual life.

Overview of Virtue and the Human Function

Aristotle notes in…. [read more]

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