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Knowledge Concerning Ethical Issues Involved in Counseling Research Paper

… ¶ … knowledge concerning ethical issues involved in counseling teenagers with alcoholism, including informed consent contents in psychotherapeutic settings, dual relationships and psychological testing considerations in personnel selection in organizational settings. In addition, the paper examines the rules governing sexual intimacy with clients and former clients as well as the value of personal psychotherapy as a requirement of a graduate training program. A discussion concerning deception in research is followed by an analysis of special concerns and particular benefits of an outpatient setting. Finally, a description of the relevant minimum HIPAA requirements is followed by a discussion concerning how psychologists become involved with fraudulent practices and an evaluation of professional responsibilities. A summary of the research and important findings are provided in the conclusion.

Ethical…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in Group Counseling Research Paper

… Ethical Issues in Group Counseling

Any counseling scenario introduces a variety of ethical issues because counseling involves human beings who are frequently at their most vulnerable, seeking help and advice from human beings who are fallible. What complicates the ethical rules and norms that surrounding counseling scenarios is that the relationship between the counselor and the client is central to the efficacy of the counseling. Rules that stifle the development of an organic, helpful relationship can stifle the goal of counseling. However, there are clearly rules that must be followed to ensure that the client is protected from counselors who may act in an unethical manner. The very fact that counselors and clients enter into unique, personal relationships as part of the therapeutic process can…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in Family Research Paper

… Family marriage and therapy and is more than just a new technique or excellent treatment technique - it comprises a whole tolerant of human behavior and the conceptualization of problems (Scher, 2012). Despite the fact all of the helping professions share a shared heritage, there are vital theoretical and methodological changes that need moral codes of behavior and consecutive training that speak to matters that are specific to family and marriage therapy (McLaurin L.S., 2003).

A lot of these issues started from the systemic theoretical framework that prevails in the marriage and family therapy vocation. Huber (1994) makes the description that a universal epistemology as one that emphases on the interdependence between and amongst persons, material discussion, and circular feedback devices. As in opposition to…. [read more]

Ethical Issues of South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment Program Term Paper

… Ethical issues of South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment Program (BEE)

Across the formerly colonized African territory, South Africa's turbulent history and multifaceted makeup is not unique. However, the country remains unique in light of the particulars. First, the nation has a direct experience with the leading violent eras across African history. My interest to cover this topic has emerged from this context of the subject matter. The history of South Africa is unique hence shaping the analysis. Therefore, I have provided readers with a unique case study established by the guidelines of social science qualitative methodologies. My work has clanged on the academia utilizing one single case analysis to obtain universally applicable lessons and generalizations. This study provides suitable and detailed insights concerning the issue…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in Nursing Scenario Essay

… Stated is that any injury or illness "…threatens persons with actual or potential reduced quality of life, manifested in the signs and symptoms of their disease. The object of all medical intervention is to restore, maintain or improve quality of life." (Jonsen, Siegler, and Winslade, 1998)

Finally the contextual features are such that patients

"Come to physicians because they have a problem that they hope the physician can help to correct. Physicians undertake the care of patients with the intent and the duty to make all reasonable efforts to help them. The topics of medical indications, patient preferences and quality of life bring out these essential features of the case. Yet every medical case is embedded in a larger context of persons, institutions, financial and…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in Health Care Information Technology Thesis

… Ethical Issues in Health Care Information Technology

The purpose of this work in writing is to increase the understanding of Knowledge Management ethics and to identify, examine and analyze concepts, principles and practices related to KM ethics and health care information technology. This work will additionally examine appropriate methods in responsibly addressing ethical dilemmas and promoting ethical standards and practices in the use of health care information technology.

Health care services have been transformed over the past two decades by the increasing use of information technology however, ethical issues have arisen in regards to health care IT generating many studies as well as animated and serious debates relating to ethical issues and which have resulted in the proposal of practical solutions and guidelines for health…. [read more]

Ethical Issues and Legal Issues In-Group Counseling Reaction Paper

… ¶ … ethical issues and legal issues in-group counseling, I must first admit that I was worried and concerned. In counseling, well actually in all aspects of life ethical issues are such sensitive areas and are often interpreted in numerous ways by various groups of people. I agree with the need to do a self-assessment as stated by Rapin. Routinely a "self check" is necessary to make sure that ones values, beliefs and theoretical orientation and how these impact upon the group, particularly when working with a diverse and multicultural population are perceived by oneself and others (Rapin, 1998, a:3). We have to make sure that not to lose sight of our purpose. We cannot let our own views skew what the group is working…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Are Now Just Essay

… Those with graduate degrees reported that dual relationships were problematic, where those with less education did not see these relationships as problematic. Secondly, those counselors that were in recovery saw less issues as problematic ethically than those counselors that were not in recovery. The results indicated that individuals who were currently receiving supervision would find multiple relationship behaviors more problematic than those who were not receiving current supervision suggests that continued supervision may be beneficial for substance abuse counselors.

These findings have implications for mental health counselors. Because substance abuse counseling is a specialization within the broader field, mental health counselors in a variety of settings may work closely with substance abuse counselors as colleagues or fellow members of treatment teams, and may provide them…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in International Term Paper

… (Utilitarianism: Criticism of Utilitarianism)

When I am paying a bribe for the purpose of securing a business contract, prima facie it might be considered as being immoral. This is because accepting and offering bribes are both involve immoral activities but by securing the contract, I am leading to a betterment in the chances of my company's profitability and this in turn would greatly ensure my employees being financially rewarded in a better manner. If I am in a position wherein I fail to secure the contract, my project would not take off. And the trickle down effect of this would be whereby I would have to lay off a considerable amount of the employees involved. Hence, such an action of mine might not be in…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in HRM Term Paper

… Thus, the department should make proper and efficient working time schedules for the workers. It should map the actions to be performed, and at the specific time hence; facilitating a better flow of work within the organization (Billsberry et al., 2005). In so doing, the department creates the right attitude that is not just about reporting to work on time, but also that the time spend at work place is proportional to your output.

The other strategy that we can apply is that of improving the organization's culture (Mathis & Jackson, 2008). As the human resource, it is important to observe the organizations culture. After identifying the needs of the organization, we should look at the relevant areas that need change and improvement. It is…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Term Paper

… In the case of the problem our team experiences about a learning team member who demonstrates no concern for teamwork, it is my responsibility as a co-member to help him out of his problem. Being in a team, it is everyone's responsibility to know and understand the principle that a member's problem is the entire team's problem. Going through with him on any concern he might have about not being able to participate in the team is an element of this principle.

Bearing the name of my school, my responsibility as a student is to make certain that I uphold all moral and ethical conducts that my school is teaching. It is my responsibility not to be involved in any wrongdoings that will bring bad…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Essay

… Modern ethical standards require that all subjects be fully informed of the study being conducted and must voluntarily give their permission to participate. The subjects must also have the right to withdraw from the study at any time for any reason without penalty. These standards were violated by Rosenhan's research project.

In order to deal with these ethical issues, the study could be modified so as to include modern ethical standards. Firstly, staff at mental health facilities must be asked when they are hired if their behavior may be observed by anyone in the facility, including patients, but make it out as a routine practice and let them know that they can refuse to participate at any time and will not be reprimanded for anything…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in This Case Essay

… ¶ … ethical issues in this case. The first is the question of cash payments to secure deals. This is a substantial issue, in large part because it violates the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. This act prohibits such behavior as bribery in U.S. firms operating abroad. Firm policy may also stand against bribery but in practice such policy is not enforced, unless the company wants some leverage over the employee.

The second ethical issue in this situation is that of the liners. They are clearly dangerous, yet the company does not seem to be concerned with the damage caused to workers. The company stance is that the liners are within federal safety guidelines, therefore Jacob should not be concerned. However, there is a…. [read more]

Abortion Research Paper

… Twenty states make it mandatory to have the provision of ultrasound by abortion agencies. Seven states make it compulsory that the abortion service centers should conduct ultrasound prior to undergoing abortion and also necessitate the provider to accord scope to the client to view the image. Eleven states also necessitate that a woman should be accorded with the scope to watch an ultrasound image if the service providers conduct the procedure as portion of the preparation for an abortion. Five states necessitate that a women be given with the opportunity to watch the image of ultrasound. (Guttmacher Institute, 2012)

This legal framework necessitate that women thinking of termination of pregnancy must attain an outward ultrasound of the fetus prior to according the consent for the…. [read more]

Ethical Issues, Challenges, and Dilemmas Term Paper

… However, if the system is used to spy on competitors, then violation has occurred (EU 2001). Are privacy issues at stake with Echelon? Intelligence expert James Bamford, says Echelon is eroding individual privacy, a basic human right. Says Bamford, "Disembodied snippets of conversations are snatched from the ether, perhaps out of context, and may be misinterpreted by an analyst who then secretly transmits them to spy agencies and law enforcement offices around the world" (EU 2001). This report also came out just as the EU's Member States are due to require that service providers keep all phone, fax, email and internet data just in case they are needed in criminal investigations (EU 2001). Recommendations urge even private individuals, as well as businesses, use encrypt e-mails.…. [read more]

Business Ethics Ethical Issues Essay

… On the blame of child labor by the Media, society, and international agencies, Apple's Tim Cook said that Apple is a socially responsible corporate entity which has more concern for the society and its customers rather than its profits. He argued that Apple is familiar with the unethical business practices which Foxconn had instituted at its workplace (Hinks, 2012). Therefore, it has forced it to bring improvement in its working conditions if it wishes to continue its services with Apple. Taking the services of Fair Labor Association (FLA) is another significant step which Apple has taken to perform regular audits of its suppliers and production houses (Snyder, 2012).


Keeping in view the consequences of this ethical issue, it is strongly recommended that Apple should…. [read more]

Ethical Case Analysis JOHNSO62 on the 27 Research Paper

… Ethical Case Analysis


On the 27 July 2003, the oil tanker Tasman Spirit carrying approximately 67, 535 tons of crude Iranian Light oil ran aground in the channel port of Karachai (Janjua, Kasi & Nawaz, 2006) . In the weeks following the initial grounding of the vessel rough sea conditions as well as weather and structural damage resulted in the large scale release of crude oil into the beach area. It was determined that well over 35,000 tons of cargo was spilled into the sea (Janjua, Kasi & Nawaz, 2006).

Crude oil is composed of many chemical compounds including several which can become airborne when exposed to the correct conditions. These compounds are extremely volatile and pose significant health risks not only to local…. [read more]

Ethical and Legal Issues Term Paper

… Indeed, most online businesses are only keen to adhere to the minimum legal requirements, and hence few go beyond the set legal limits. A quick check reveals that to confirm the age of the buyer, most online businesses only demand that the said buyer ticks a box, whereby in so doing they verify that they are of a certain age. In that regard, as much as this is a legal issue, it could also be regarded an ethical issue.

When it comes to enforcement of contracts, it is important to note that unlike is the case with traditional approaches to business; ecommerce presents numerous challenges when it comes to the enforcement of legal contracts. Contract law, in basic terms, seeks to address both the formation…. [read more]

Ethical Issues of Assisted Suicide Term Paper

… It is also squabbled that assisted suicide for fatally ill people undergoing severe pain can be differentiated from euthanasia used for the purpose of genocide on the basis that it is on the basis of the principles of self-respect, respect, and reverence and is selected and performed by the dying persons, instead of being forced on them in opposition to their will. (End of Life Issues and Care) Some would disagree that assisted death already happens in secrecy. For instance, morphine drips apparently used for pain relief is a secret form of assisted death or euthanasia. That PAS is unlawful avoids an open argument, in which patients and doctors could take part. Making PAS legally lawful will encourage open discussion. (Ethics in Medicine: Physician-Assisted Suicide)…. [read more]

Ethical Standards in Research Research Paper

… Ethical Standards in Research

Research has become a part of the modern educational system. In all fields of study, research data and papers are used to test a pupil's knowledge and assess their skills to deal and grip a specific scenario that is presented to them. These scenarios can be in various forms, one such being case studies and research-based papers. For the purpose of completing their research papers, students are allowed to access information from various other resources which can be in the forms of books, journal papers, news articles, etc. All the external data that has been selected to complete a research paper cannot be deemed to be the work of the student writing the research paper. All the authors and owners of…. [read more]

Ethical Issues and Questions Term Paper

… ¶ … ethical issues and questions are involved and how they can best be solved. The writer explores the case and discusses not only the ethical question of whether a superior has a right to demand where confidential information came from, but also the question of whether a company has the right to lie to a union about future plans for the purpose of getting labor to cooperate. There were three sources used to complete this paper.

This is the case of a company employee who received some information that could seriously impact the credibility of the company at a future date. She has only worked for this company for two months, but spent a year at the parent company in a probationary period before…. [read more]

Ethical-Legal Nursing Discussions Research Paper

… Communication must be repeatedly absorbed on moral distress instead of expanding into more general self-exploration; the tradeoff cannot be permitted to go beyond limits that stop relaxed working together between sessions. Also, the individual cannot be a member of the administrative chain of command and must have an honest understanding of the issue. The individual should aid to expand viewpoints and expand doctor-nurse associations. The person must be aware of the continuing condition and, in that way, be able to spot sources and emblems of sudden rises in stress, which may specify moral distress. At the present time, countless hospitals use a comparable concept, known as "Moral Distress Consult Service," where the adviser performs in much the same style as a "Liaison Psychiatrist."

Recommendation 2:…. [read more]

Legal Ethical Issue Relating to Human Resources Management Research Paper

… Legal/Ethical Issue Relating to Human Resources Management

The communication by way of emails and phone calls within an organization should be observed in order to help stop workplace violence. If employees are using company issued equipment in order to threaten people or make derogatory comments this should be considered unethical and employees should be terminated for threating other employee's lives. This was the central issue that was looked at in the case of Michael A. Smyth v. The Pillsbury Company, 914 F. Supp. 97; 1996 U.S. Dist.

Plaintiff was an at-will worker who filed a wrongful discharge action against his employer. He claimed that his company violated his right to privacy by intercepting e-mail messages that he transmitted using the company's e-mail structure and in…. [read more]

Vietnam Moral and Ethical Issues Term Paper

… Current censorship practices pertain mostly to politically sensitive material. The problem is one of ideology: Vietnam is predominantly a communist country.

Whatever the country's ideology, Wolfensohn makes it clear that global competition and business practice require a more tolerant point-of-view. Internet censorship is not beneficial for global business or indeed investment in Vietnam. For a country with such great potential in terms of economy and industry, it makes better sense to lift censorship as a signal of goodwill towards the global world. To pull away from globalization for the sake of a political ideal is not beneficial for business. Indeed, in a country where society and the family unit are increasingly relying on technology for their structure and their ideals, ethics should include lifting censorship.…. [read more]

Ethical Issue With Nanomedicine Term Paper

… Ethics in Nanomedicine

The term "nanomedicine" is mainly a reference to the scientific technology called nanotechnology which is used to enhance or sustain health at a small level. This technology is being used in medical domains: such as the processes involved in the production of tissue in the human body; the transportation of drugs that help in the DNA treatment; as well as, studies that concentrate on the diagnostic instruments and procedures. The single most important merit that this form of health sustenance has over other medical procedures is its volume. Its volume is as small as a fragmented particle and this particle influences the duration of the effect of the serum and has a very specific design of deposition. Both these aspects allow the…. [read more]

Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Essay

… The second perspective focuses on the links between international divisions based on learning and information transfer (Handout 1). In addition, such founding principles of the practice of counseling encompass key elements of what it takes practitioners to achieve their professional goals. Practitioners who do not create connections with clients fails to create learning that can only be derived through interaction with different clients. High diversity levels are driven by the benefits of tapping communicative, cultural, and creative skills of different clients. Practitioners engage such skills to enhance their counseling policies, client experiences, and services. Diversity practitioners have cited the benefits of having an open discussion with clients because this profession requires that clients must come out of their areas of comfort and have an experience…. [read more]

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Therapeutic Relationships Essay

… Ethical and Legal Aspects of Therapeutic Relationships


Daniel was a 19-year-old male suffering from mild depression. His family was well aware of the situation, and had obtained various opinions about what is needed to help him. Daniel did not react very well to medical anti-depressants. On the physical level, they made him nervous and restless. On the emotional level, he resisted the meds for fear of becoming dependent upon them. Despite his depression, Daniel had never felt the need to succumb to substance abuse, and indeed feared this, as he had considerable experience with a friend who nearly died as a result of substance abuse. The medical herbalist, Mr. Mudra, seemed to have the solution. After about a month of his treatments, Daniel's…. [read more]

Ethical-Legal Dillema in Advanced Nursing Case Study

… Therefore, accepting the suggestions provided by the nurse does not assure life, but an immediate response to a life-threatening condition based on the nursing practices. For this reason, the right to autonomy empowers the patient to accept the preferred mode of diagnosis. However, the healthcare provider has the right to respect that autonomy to exercise ethical belief.

However, there are various aspects of euthanasia practice are overlooked if nurses adhere to patient's autonomy as the major moral element. In the first place, a critical issue in the debate resulting in the legal acceptance of euthanasia is the exceptional character of termination of life by the nurse. Even though autonomy is a common value in medical practice, practicing euthanasia entails several impacts on life. Comfort care…. [read more]

Ethical Decision Making Process Term Paper

… B's transference. The most important thing would be to avoid the development of counter-transference feelings towards the client. This could impair the judgment process as a counselor and could result in incorrect decision making.

Another issue in Mr. B's case is that he has been diagnosed to be seropositive for HIV during the period when he was hospitalized. It is clear from his situation that Mr. B has been avoiding to consider any help for this disease and has also avoided to go to the AIDS clinic where he was referred to. As his counselor, I would have to consider the implications on the society with such a person as Mr. B being a part of it. Notably, he is an alcoholic, has AIDS, separated…. [read more]

Legal and Ethical Issues Literature Review

… ¶ … Business leadership and ethics should be joined at the hip, should be effectively partnering in every company and organization, but unfortunately for some companies, for their employees, their stakeholders and customers, ethics plays only a secondary role. This paper points to themes and issues regarding the importance of ethical business practices, and to themes vis-a-vis corporate social responsibility.

Ethical Business / Leadership Themes in Peer-Reviewed Articles

"Addressing Possible Conflicts of Ethical Management" -- this article by John Bringinshaw posits that businesses should provide updates to the public and stakeholders not just on the profits, but on the impact that the company's economic performance has had on the environment and on society (Bringinshaw, 2006). The author calls it the "triple bottom line" (social performance;…. [read more]

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