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Korean History: The Climate Term Paper

… These changes and others mark a "golden age" in Korean history focusing on the ideals of a more progressive government, economy and science and arts. Ascension of Sejong to the throne in 1418 led to a series of technological and cultural changes that would see Korea through to the most recent past with an ideal as a historical model and a standard for scientific and social progress.

The Confucian expression "agriculture is the basis of government" was a practical fact of life in Choson and King Sejong and his scholars at the chiphyonjon paid particular attention to agricultural research. The government took an active role in improving the lot of Choson's farmers by investing in the development of new and better agricultural technology. It sponsored…. [read more]

History of Japan. First Term Paper

… Social, Political and Cultural Climate

As referenced above much of Buddhism in Japan comes from the influence of Korea and China. It is because of this social framework based on commerce that the religion took hold. "Buddhist monasteries themselves led in sponsoring trading ventures to China" (Reischauer, 56). This resulted in many great architectural beauties and statues of Buddha throughout the Kamakura region. Secondly, China was not culturally open minded to the Buddhist principle of Nirvana. The Japanese went through a philosophic reorientation embracing the religion with great appeal culturally because of this idea of Nirvana. Still this period of time was presented as "a picture of increasingly political disruption and confusion" (Reischauer 67). The shogunate collapsed because the warrior class has grown too much…. [read more]

Korean-American With This Dramatic Increase Term Paper

… First, Sunny asserts that she lives in America and already speaks English. She identifies more with American than with Korean culture. While learning Korean would probably serve to make her parents happy, she does not feel it is an important part of her life and identity.


In summary, these interviews with the Park family show how various generations of immigrants form their ethnic identities in different ways. Because they were limited by language and cultural barriers, the mother and father Park have a more rigid definition of their Korean-ness. They consider their ethnic and social identity as part of their blood. Hence, they believe that their American-born daughter could never truly assert that she is American.

Their experiences with the English language have also…. [read more]

Korean War Korea Won Independence Term Paper

… Korean War

Korea won independence after the Second World War but was partitioned between Russia in the north and the United Sates in the south. Russia had entered into the war against Japan just before the Japanese surrender in 1945 and therefore their army occupied much of Manchuria and the Korean Peninsula north of the 38th Parallel; while the American forces were in residence south of the 38th Parallel. This situation was stabilized by the Yalta Agreement which was only intended as a temporary resolution until a Korean government could be elected.

The basis of the conflict that was to come lay not only in the distrust between the U.S.S.R. And U.S. But was also fostered by underling political contention between North and South Korea.…. [read more]

History of the United States Term Paper

… ¶ … history of the United States has been one of the most interesting objects of study for analysts and scholars alike. This is largely due to the fact that the U.S. is in general considered to be the center of world politics, economics, cultural and social life. The purpose of this essay is to consider some examples which proved the above affirmation. They will deal with particular significant events that influenced the last fifty years in America.

The 1950s represented a difficult time in the history of the world. Every major country engaged in the Second World War was slowly and painfully recovering from the disasters the conflagration had produced. The United States and the Soviet Union however created what would be called the…. [read more]

North Korea Due to Its Relative Geographic Essay

… North Korea

Due to its relative geographic and political isolation, North Korea remains of the most interesting and least understood countries in the world. Nicknamed the "Hermit Kingdom" for its extreme secrecy and attempts at a completely autonomous existence, North Korea has maintained a rocky relationship with West ever since its creation in the aftermath of World War II (French 1). Examining the country from a number of different perspectives will reveal certain lesser-known realities about life in North Korea while offering the reader a look into the country's likely political and economic future. In particular, understanding how the country's history has shaped its contemporary struggles will give insight into the difficulties everyday North Koreans face even as their leadership engages in high-stakes political maneuvering,…. [read more]

Political Climate of 1980 Term Paper

… Political Climate of 1980's

The 1980's ushered in a new era of politics, with President Ronald Reagan at the reins. The previous decade had, for the most part, been consumed with ending the Vietnam War and the resignation of Richard M. Nixon and its aftermath. With that behind, attention, once again focused on the Soviet Union, and its presumed threat to democracy.

Reagan is credited with helping to speed the end of the Cold War, which had preoccupied both nations for over forty years, at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, and had resulted in the building of some of the most destructive weapons in history (Hoffman 2004). During the late 1970's and early 1980's, the United States underwent a revolution in technology…. [read more]

International Marketing -- South Korea Term Paper

… South Korea's GDP is for instance greater that that of Australia, Canada, the Netherlands or Switzerland. Four decades ago however, South Korea's GDP was comparable to the national output of the poorer countries in Africa or Asia. This was however the time when the state officials became engaged in processes of modernization, global integration and introduction of high technology applications with business operations.

The most important features of the South Korean economy are summarized throughout the following table:

Economic Indicator

Value of the Indicator in South Korea

Global Average of the Economic Indicator

U.S. Value of the Economic Indicator



- from agriculture

- from industry

- from services

$1.338 trillion

- 3%

- 39.5%


$70.14 trillion

- 4%

- 32%

$14.44 trillion…. [read more]

Korean Culture Examination of Cultural Term Paper

… The intention of the second half of this study is to examine to what extent traditional gender roles are carried over among collegiate female students of Japanese and Korean decent. The aim of this study is to explore to what extent female students exhibit achievement once exposed to a more democratic philosophy and gender equality within the educational system.

The purpose of the field research portion of the study is to examine the extent to which Korean and Japanese culture and family expectation impact female student achievement. This study assumes that the home study environment and parental encouragement may or may not affect the ability of students to achieve.

Hypothesis 1: Achievement among Korean and Japanese female students is affected by familial and cultural influences,…. [read more]

Japan Social Globalization Essay

… In a third article, Krever (2013) notes that there is a high level of tension currently between Japan and China. This tension has a long predecessor, back to the first half of the 20th century, but it is only heightened by globalization and intense geopolitics thereof. Several factors complicate this scenario. First is that both countries now have access to highly sophisticated weaponry. The second is that both countries are supported by allies from around the world. Japan can count on the backing of the United States, for example. This is because there is interest on the part of a lot of countries in potential oil and gas reserves in the contentious South China Sea. Because of the economic repercussions of conflict, arguably globalization heightens…. [read more]

Most Significant Event Essay

… ¶ … 20th Century in American History

By virtually any measure that is applied, the 20th century in general and the second half in particular represented the most turbulent and violent periods in world history. During this 50-year time span, the United States became embroiled in three regional wars in Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf that cost the lives of over 100,000 Americans, witnessed the bloody but successful Civil Rights Movement and the construction and then destruction of the Berlin Wall. To determine the impact of these powerful events on the people, this paper provides a review of the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature followed by a summary of the research and a hypothesis concerning changes that will take place in the American political climate…. [read more]

Culture and the United States Essay

… Economy, Energy and Infrastructure

The United States of America has remarkable mineral and agricultural resources. In the past, the country was almost self-reliant. However, the continuous and escalating consumption of energy has made America reliant on certain imports. Yet, it is the largest producer of both electrical and nuclear energy in the world. It is also recognized as the chief producer of "copper, gold, coal, crude oil, nitrogen, iron ore, silver, uranium, lead, zinc, mica, molybdenum, and magnesium" ("United States," 2009). As far as the agriculture is concerned, America leads the world in "cheese, corn, soybeans, and tobacco" ("United States," 2009) production. Moreover, America is also the leading exporter of wheat and corn in the world and is the third biggest exporter of rice. The…. [read more]

Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal Research Paper

… Nixon and Watergate

It was the Presidential Crisis of Richard Nixon, though, that seemed to shape the way the world viewed America in the 1970s. The so-called "Watergate Affair" encompassed a number of secret, and illegal, activities sanctioned by President Nixon or his aids. In brief, Nixon hired some underlings to break into the Democratic Party Headquarters (The Watergate Hotel) on June 17, 1972. They were tasked to gather secret information to be used against the Democrats in the upcoming election. Watergate, however, simply became a symbol of the numerous scandals that were uncovered by reporters from the Washington Post and elsewhere. Nixon, of course, downplayed the scandal, but when tapes of conversations were found, it became clear that Nixon himself had accepted illegal campaign…. [read more]

China-u.S. Bilateral Relationship the Past Essay

… With China, which supplies Korea with fuel and food, the U.S. feels that China will stand a chance to do more in order to leverage the existing relationship with Korea, and subsequently persuade her to avoid provocations and denuclearize. In addition, the U.S. continues to push China to strengthen its execution of United Nations permits against Korea.

The two countries feel that it is not possible for other countries that neighbor Korea to carry out business as usual, with the threat posed by Korea. In response, China supported U.N resolution 2087, which condemned North Korea's rocket launch. In addition, China supported resolution 2094, which subsequently strengthened existing sanctions against Korea's nuclear test. In April 2013, President Xi Jinping warned, "No one has the authority to…. [read more]

Low Cost Airline in Thailand Thesis

… One now needs a BA to be Member of Parliament, setting up a whole new arena for potential corruption. Ironically, it was the military that forced political reform to proceed, easing public tensions and siding with a popular cause against an 'unusually corrupt' and incompetent government. For example, 123 members of the Thai parliament received envelopes containing fifty 1000 baht notes from the Minister of Education during a 6 February 1997 meeting about reform of the education system[footnoteRef:9]. [9: Van Esterik, P. (2000). Materializing Thailand / . Oxford, England: Berg. Retrieved June 11, 2011, from Questia database:]

Nature of Airlines

Before the advent of international airlines, Thailand was much neglected by tourists, as Bangkok was far from the main sea lanes. The health hazards…. [read more]

Japan Complex Set of Factors Term Paper

… Moreover, the Japanese culture and society displays a pronounced streak of "collectivism" and Japanese culture has traditionally emphasized the virtues of group achievement rather than individualism. This is in stark contrast to the pronounced individualism of the American culture. Similarly, the Americans are notoriously direct in their inter-personal dealings; a characteristic that would be considered rude in Japan, where there is always a subtle difference between what is being said and what is actually meant by the words. Another difference between the two cultures is the social order and structured Japanese society dating back to the ancient system of hierarchy which is deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of Japanese people. By contrast, the American culture is largely free from social class and hierarchical…. [read more]

Cultural Environment Term Paper

… Cultural Environment China

China is now and is likely to remain the most populated nation in the world, 2005 estimates of the population of China according to the CIA World Factbook is 1,306,313,812. With a relatively conservative population growth rate of 0.58% the nation has nominal growth at a substantial lead to other nations in population. The breakdown of the population by age and gender is as follows:

% (male 148,134,928/female 131,045,415)

71% (male 477,182,072/female 450,664,933)

years and over: 7.6% (male 47,400,282/female 51,886,182) (2005 est.) (CIA World Factbook "China")

The nation experienced a movement of population control, known as the "one child" policy, which dictated, rather forcefully at one time the fact that each married couple could have only one child. Though there was considerable…. [read more]

Europe, the Russian Federation, and East Asia Term Paper

… Geography

Meeting Place of Two Worlds

On the Borders of East Asia and the Russian Federation

Location shapes human culture in more ways than many can imagine. The ruggedness of the terrain, the availability of water, the vegetation and climate; all have their effects on the development of societies. As well, the human factors - neighboring peoples with differing social and religious customs, and different forms of organization and political development - these too play their part in the story of a place. Some cultures develop in relative isolation, as on an island in the middle of the ocean. The inhabitants of such a place need only deal with the pressures of the natural world. In other cases, however, a region's population must contend with…. [read more]

Geography Japan Term Paper

… Japan consists of large cities, but also mountains, forests, and hills, just like the United States.

Politically, the countries differ drastically. Japan's government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government, much like that of Great Britain. Of course, our own government is not based on a monarchy; it is a two-party democracy with separate Congressional houses.

Culturally, Japan and the U.S. are quite dissimilar. Japan began as a feudalistic society that matured into the modern industrial society known today. Most Japanese are Shintoist, Buddhist, or Christian, while the United States is a melting pot of ethnicities and religions. In Japan, the men are more important socially than women, and it is still fairly recent in Japanese culture that women have successfully entered the workforce…. [read more]

South Korean & German Trade Show Industry Dissertation

… Trade Show Industry in Germany and South Korea

Trade as Marketing and Communication

Area of Study

Study Components

The History of Trade

History of Trade Shows

Patterns of Trade Shows

Marketing Theories

Trade Shows and Market Entry

Development of the Trade Show Industry

Contributions of the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Processes in the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Planning and Tactical Considerations in the Trade Show Industry

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

Data Analysis Plan


U.S. Involvement in Southeast Asia Term Paper

… ¶ … South East Asia

Early American Involvements within South East Asia

Defending French interests -- the French had held power over South East Asia since the mid nineteenth century. Japan had invaded the entire area during World War II. After the chaos of World War II, the French proved inefficient at maintaining their stronghold in Indochina. The United States under the leadership of Dwight D. Eisenhower began supporting the French in their attempt to regain their high revenue colony in the early 1950's. American political agendas justified the financial support of the French as the attempt to stop the spread of communism.

The Korean War -- to further the effort of minimizing the spread of communism, the United States declared war on the nation…. [read more]

Conservative Intellectual Movement Term Paper

… This work was "a manifesto, akin in impact to what C. Wright Mill's The Power of Elite was for left-wing students." Buckley, in attacking the "atheism and collectivism" in his religion and economic courses at Yale, drew national attention to the conservative intellectual movement of the 1950's.

William Rusher played a similar role in the development of the conservative intellectual movement. As publisher of National Review and first president of Harvard's Young President's Club, Rusher was further able to bring attention to the principles of the conservative movement. However, in contrast with Buckley, who had been deeply rooted in conservative ideals since childhood, Rusher claimed that, "the atmosphere of the Cold War and particularly the Korean War brought about his transformation to staunch anti-communism."

The…. [read more]

Forgotten Airfields of the U.S Research Paper

… ¶ … Islands Airfields: Sand and Eastern Islands

For over a century the Midway Atoll played a crucial role in the strategic and economic exploits of the United States. It is the location of one of the most famous battles in the history of the U.S. And the turning point of the war in the Pacific. It was home to two separate airfields with multiple runways as well as seaplane and sea ports. The islands have also been the location of many military meetings and have served as a midpoint in the Pacific to be used as a resupply and refueling area during the Korean and Viet Nam Wars. The atoll has enjoyed much importance and today remains as one of the last few truly…. [read more]

Causes of Global Warming Thesis

… The first minor cause of global warming is when land is used or changed in such a way that carbon dioxide is eventually released in the atmosphere. Release of carbon dioxide in land use could either be through burning or removal of vegetation in the land, potentially releasing carbon dioxide that has been stored in it for some time. Other minor causes of global warming are sulfate aerosols and black carbon. Sulfate aerosols are primarily released to the atmosphere through industrial activities, as a result of the "burning of fossil fuels containing sulfur." Black carbon, meanwhile, is another industrial manufacturing-generated by-product, released from any of the following sources: industrial pollution, traffic, outdoor fires, and burning of coal and biomass (CCIR-NY, 2005).

All these minor causes…. [read more]

Historical Events Essay

… ¶ … 20th Century to bring into focus the most significant events -- either political, social, or economic -- that occurred during each of the decades. Each decade will be evaluated based on only one criteria, and that is the impact that one event had on the American people. In conclusion, the upcoming ten years will be appraised in the same manner to forecast what changes may take place during that time period.

Transcontinental television, the Korean War, the communist hearings of Senator Joseph McCarthy, Rosa Parks and the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement, the creation of the AFL-CIO, the development of the Salk polio vaccine, President Eisenhower's Federal Highway Act marking the beginning of the interstate highway system, and Explorer I, the first…. [read more]

Rise of East Asia Term Paper

… ¶ … rise of East Asia was one of the most significant events of the 14th century. With a culture that spans some three thousand years, the East Asian civilizations were at one time much more sophisticated than its western counterparts. The empire of China loomed large within the East Asian continent, dominating the largest empire on Earth during that time, while Japan's code of honor and warrior class created a society entrenched in a strong civic and moral code of conduct.

During the 14th century to the 17th century, East Asia was dominated by the presence of its two largest empires. China during this period was under the grips of the Ming Dynasty, the longest tenured dynasty in Chinese history. This was the epoch…. [read more]

Immigration in America Term Paper

… Immigration

The United States is a country populated primarily by immigrants; in fact, the nation was founded by European settlers fleeing the Continent for various reasons including perceived persecution and financial opportunity. Although the vast majority of immigrants to America arrived in search of economic opportunity or personal freedom, a large number came strictly as refugees. Immigrants arriving on American shores due to war or extreme poverty in their homelands comprise a far different demographic base than those who left their homelands voluntarily. Refugees are thus granted separate status in United States immigration policy. Regardless of the conditions of their countries of origin, immigrants also assimilate differently or at different paces. Some expatriates form ethnic enclaves within urban or suburban centers that preclude total assimilation,…. [read more]

American Exceptionalism Is a Concept Thesis

… American exceptionalism is a concept that has been shrouded in controversy since the arrival of the first British pioneers and settlers. The ideal of exceptionalism was born as a result of the Puritan view that the colonialists were on a God-given mission to create a perfect community on a proverbial "hill." This began a cultural paradigm that still prevails today, for better or for worse; the paradigm that the United States is "special" in comparison with the rest of the world. Not all critics agree with this assessment, however, and some, such as Ron Jacobs and Martin Sellevold are decidedly negative on the exceptional nature of the United States and its citizens. Others, such as Harold Hongju Koh and Dennis Phillips, have a more balanced…. [read more]

Kanzen Berhad Case Study

… Kanzen Berhad Case Study

Its attractiveness, durability, and low maintenance have made stainless steel fittings in high demand throughout the developed world and especially in the United States and Japan. Kanzen Tetsu Sdn. Bhd. (KTSB) became a major player in the international welded stainless steel industry in the early 1990s. A Malaysian firm, KTSB has capitalized on the high demand for welded stainless steel piping by focusing almost exclusively on an export market: a full 80% of KTSB's sales derive from exports to the United States, Canada, and Japan ("Kanzen Berhad" 1996, p. 2).

The imposition of duties on the stainless steel industries in competitor neighboring nations like Taiwan and Korea proved to be one of the primary reasons KTSB was able to enter the…. [read more]

New Deal and the Great Term Paper

… The Soviet Union directly challenged the West in 1948 by initiating a blockade of the western sectors of Berlin, however, the United States airlifted supplies into the city until the blockade was lifted (Cold1 pp). These challenges in Europe led the United States to reverse its traditional policy of avoiding permanent alliances, and in 1949, along with eleven other nations, signed the North Atlantic Treaty, NATO, thus challenging the Communist bloc to form the 1955 Warsaw Treaty Organization as a counterbalance to NATO (Cold1 pp).

At conferences in Tehran in 1943, Yalta in February 1945, and Potsdam in July-August 1945, the Western democracies and the Soviet Union discussed the progress of World War II and the nature of the postwar settlement (Cold2 pp). After the…. [read more]

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