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Communications Training Program Kudler Fine Essay

… 1)

Stated is that it may require "Several messages over time [to] meet the objectives of each audience." (Mindtools, 2012, p.1) The next step is to monitor the effectiveness of the messages. This can be done through acquiring feedback from the different audiences on how the company is doing with their messages. Timely feedback enables the company to "tune any future communications…planned to better meet people's needs or fill any gaps." (Mindtools, 2012, p.1) The communication-planning template is shown in the following table labeled Figure 1.

Figure 1 Communication Planning Template

Source: (Mindtools, 2012)

The work of Simmeroth-Nayda et al. (2011) reports a study that analyzes a communication course and whether this course "measurably improves the communicative competence of third year medical students at a…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods Communications Plan Research Paper

… Kudler Fine Foods -- Communication Plan

Established in 1998, Kudler Fine Foods is the culmination of Kathy Kudler's vision to establish her own gourmet food store. She started the store in reaction the relatively limited choice of fine foods in her area. So successful was her venture, that Kathy was able to open a second and third store in her area. To increase the perceived expertise of her personnel, Kathy hired specialists to advise and assist clients with their culinary needs.

In addition, Kudler Fine Foods has been concerned with constructing an image that adheres to organic foods. This has created a customer base of health and food conscious people, all concerned with purchasing only the best that Kudler has to offer.

Because of the…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods Product Launch Plan Research Paper

… ¶ … product launch plan for two markets (domestic and international): Canada and Italy.

Kudler Fine Foods started in California, in1998, by Kathy Kudler with the intent of supplying high-end diversity gourmet items at reasonable prices. It has already expanded to four stores and is considering international expansion. Specifically, Kudler's Fine Foods is considering a move into the Canadian and Italian retail grocery market, in both cases targeting these markets with their high quality organic wines.

Italy, whose culture is well versed in gourmet foods, is likely to be interested by this new entrant. Cultural differences in both countries might pose challenges, but with details carefully and meticulously worked out in the product plan, there is reason for optimism regarding the profitability of Kudler's entrance…. [read more]

Communications Plan Developing and Managing Essay

… This offers additional value and elevates customer satisfaction.

These strategies create improved data intelligence and reporting, in both real-time and post transaction forums. Real-time analysis dashboards have increased in popularity over the past five years. They offer management an immediate, detailed view of key metrics. Similarly, in terms of analyzing post transaction detail, data warehousing provides the ideal methodology for enhanced forecasting. The benefits are far reaching and include the ability to identify areas for improvement in both business operations and supply chain environments. Most importantly, this allows marketing to make data-informed decisions when refining marketing strategies and communications as part of a continuous improvement program.

Marketing Communication Strategies

Domestic Marketing

Domestic marketing consists of four guiding principles. Knowledge-based promotion ensures that the product is…. [read more]

Kudler Revised Launching Essay

… The promotion strategy will include coupons for items. This will not only create an incentive for customers to visit the store, but will also provide a means to track advertising effectiveness if these are included in the print ads. The marketing communications plan should contain elements that enable the tracking of the program's effectiveness (Rust, et al., 2004). Promotions will be arranged with key suppliers and will entice people to visit the store. This will allow the store's shopping experience to sell repeat visits.

Technology plays a key role in the heavily wired Korean market, and can contribute to the marketing in Australia as well. However, older Australians form an important component of the target market in Sydney, and will be more difficult to reach…. [read more]

Business Strategy -- Kudler Fine Research Paper

… Components of the strategic plan must include steps to address the threat and eliminate most if not all competition threat. That is the reason the SWOT analysis identifies threats as well as strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The threat is not there, however strategist plan and create strategy for possible future threats. Company survival is dependent upon the competitive edge and strategy for future threats.

This paper analyzed the Kudler Fine Foods strategic management plan, and the impacts it has pertaining to technology, customer services and busy growth opportunities, and impacts both negative and positive of internal and external entities on the success of Kudler Fine Foods future goals and objectives. The formulation of the plan provides the direction Kathy Kudler wishes to take her company.…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods Channel and Pricing Strategies Research Paper

… Kudler Fine Foods: Italian Entrance Plan

Started in 1998 by Kathy Kudler to supply a perceived demand for high-end gourmet items at reasonable prices, Kudler Fine Foods, has already expanded to four stores and is exploring the option of international expansion. Specifically, the organization is considering a move into the Italian retail grocery market, offering the products it has sourced as well as its retail image to a culture well versed in gourmet foods and certain to have strong opinions about this new American entrant. Despite the challenges that cultural resistance might pose in this venture, there is a great deal of reason for optimism as to the profitability of Kudler's entrance into the Italian grocery market, as shall be described below.

Market Justification

The…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods Case Analysis Essay

… Kudler Foods needs to do the same with its key employees who are designing and producing packaged goods and pastry products. The hiring process for designers and engineers will concentrate on those interested in pursuing a career where they will be given the opportunity to create and run their own programs based on the innovative new products they produce. This aspect of the program will be measured by the number of patents produced, the number of new innovative products that move through each stage of development to be completed products, and the pay-off of each innovative idea from employees (Foss, Laursen, Pedersen, 2011). Every employee needs to see how their contribution is making a contribution to the company, and with that level of ownership, external…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods Essay

… Psychographic and Demographic Information: The information from both the psychographic and demographic information will be utilized to form the marketing strategies for Kudler Fine foods. The operation of demographics measures the characteristics of households or persons like sex, income of the family, age or place of residence. Individuals who are sure of these characteristics in common are categorized. The work of Psychographics is to measure beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyle characteristics. They should be used while linking with demographics and not in separate. The demographics and psychographics are vital to the achievement of an IMC Campaign.

Competitive Intelligence and Analysis

Most of the information will originate from a diversity of source, which can be inside the organization and outside to it. The operations of the sales…. [read more]

Copyright &COPY2011 Kudler Fine Foods Proposal Research Paper

… Copyright ©2011


Generally, Kudler Fine Foods has been able to achieve its stated vision, mission, and values in the past. While the structure and operation of the venture is still strong, the organization faces considerable challenges posed by the unique nature of its services and (especially) by the current economic recession that has affected all non-essential consumer products and services.

Validating the Organizational Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

Validating the Kudler Fine Foods vision, mission, and values statements is largely a matter of determining whether the organization's statements in that regard satisfy the four essential criteria (George & Jones, 2008; Locker, 2006; Robbins & Judge, 2009): namely, they must describe the principal purpose and function of the business ("what?"), the reason…. [read more]

Business Case for Investment Essay

… Thereafter the items are removed from the inventory database.

Using Points: Members have the opportunity of using the shopper points they have in form of cash but just for selected reward items. Apart from the usual update via the internet, members have the opportunity to purchase and view the rewards from the customer service desk. After the customer decided on what they would like to purchase using the points, an employee is supposed to enter the point value of the reward that should be deducted from the database using the add points function. Finally the reward is provided to the member following the items that are available.

Hardware and Software

To make the system run faster, increase job performance, and maybe prolong the period between…. [read more]

Demographic Data and Psychographic Information Term Paper

… ¶ … demographic data and psychographic information can be used to create marketing strategies for Kudler Fine Foods.

Demographics (age, income, marital status, ethnicity, etc.) measure the concrete characteristics of a given population and psychographic data (criteria for segmenting consumers by lifestyle, attitudes, beliefs, values, personality, buying motives, and/or extent of product usage) supplements demographics to understand consumer behavior with greater precision.

Armed with demographic data and psychographic information, Kudler Find Foods is in a far better position to increase the success of existing locations and to identify new geographic opportunities.

With demographics and psychographics, Kudlerer can hone all the 4Ps of its marketing strategies by understanding the types of products consumers are interested in, their price sensitivities, locations and hours that appeal to its…. [read more]

Organizational Culture Change Is Noted Essay

… The main aim of organizational change is noted by Barr, Stimpert and Huff (1992) to be to cause adaptation to a given environment or to improve performance (Keck and Tushman,1993).

The four dimensions of change and how they apply to this situation

The four dimensions of change include the interior, exterior, individual as well as group dimensions. The interior and individual dimensions are important since it is concerned with the motives and intensions of the organizations while the exterior and group dimensions are important since they affect the alignment of the individual and group as well as the absorption of techniques, technologies, systems, organizational cultures as well as the realization of collaborative agreements (Exterior)

How project management approach would be used in explaining how organizational…. [read more]

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