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Environmental Issues Faced in 21st Research Paper

… The main technique for controlling stormwater releases is the application of best administration practices (BMPs) that stop or diminish the release of contaminants into a water body (e.g., building of a stormwater holding pond to stop stormwater drainage straight into getting waters). best administration practices appropriate for one airport are not necessarily appropriate for another. Issues that may have some kind of an affect on permit supplies (i.e., suitable best administration practices), include the local climate (dry vs. rainy/wet, cold vs. warm); (Suzanne & Fallacaro, 2011).

the size or type of neighboring water bodies -- contaminants are weak depending on the size of the water body getting the release (a stream or creek vs. A river or ocean);

the water excellence of neighboring water bodies…. [read more]

satisfactory site? Modern warehouses, similar to manufacturing Essay

… ¶ … satisfactory site?

Modern warehouses, similar to manufacturing plants, are often located in suburban or rural areas where the cost of land is significantly less and there is access to main highways. Usually the warehouse is a long, flat, and often one story building, instead of older multi-story buildings that are regularly seen in downtown areas of numerous cities. With this type of building, there is no need to build and maintain passenger and freight elevators, nor to build stairwells and staircases. This type of construction also means there is no added costs to reinforce/fortify floors to increase their load handling capacity. Excellent floor layouts also mean that within these single level buildings - plus the wide aisles - forklifts and other tools and…. [read more]

2007 Economic Crisis on American Thesis

… S.

One of the main factors which incremented this crisis even more was the expensive cost of automobile fuel, this was linked to the global oil crisis which occurred before the automobile crisis. The rise in fuel prices caused the general consumer to shift in their demand and they now opted to buy except for the large vehicles such as pickup trucks or SUV's as compared to the other vehicles available in the market since the larger vehicles tend to use more fuel.

Another major factor which aggravated the crisis was the considerably high cost of labor which was greater as compared to the labor's counterparts in non-unions, this included salaries, healthcare benefits, pensions and other related job benefits. The management while demanding labor peace…. [read more]

Sea Cargo Transportation Term Paper

… Aeronautics

Sea Cargo Transportation

Ocean freight companies have been transporting goods across the seas, from continent to continent, as cost effectively as possible for many years. Ocean freight shipping can help a company's bottom line if their product is non-perishable and is not time sensitive. Ocean shipping can be used whether a business is looking to export its goods, or import goods for use or resale. Deciding on the right ocean freight company to use can be complicated. There are customs rules and regulations that have to be taken into consideration, along with a long list of other factors that don't come into play when standard air shipping methods are used. In order to start using ocean freight one should start by looking at how…. [read more]

Architecture Through the Ages Mesopotamia Literature Review

… The Erechtheum and the small temple of Athena on the Acropolis are Ionic however. The Ionic order became dominant in the Hellenistic period, since its more decorative style suited the aesthetic of the period better than the more restrained Doric. Records show that the evolution of the Ionic order was resisted by many Greek States, as they claimed it represented the dominance of Athens. Some of the best surviving Hellenistic buildings, such as the Library of Celsus, can be seen in Turkey at cities such as Ephesus and Pergamum. But in the greatest of Hellenistic cities, Alexandria in Egypt, almost nothing survives, so Greek art and architecture was at its apex during this time.

Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was a revolutionary period due to…. [read more]

History From 1865 Essay

… Part 2: The Post-1930s

1. Immigrants and Modern Stereotype / Racial Profiling

Active prejudice existed in the pre-WW2 era, but stereotypes -- in the modern twist -- linger still today. Immigrants have long been detested and have long been accused of taking away jobs from native-born Americans, increasing the criminal population, and draining America's educational and healthcare -- as well as social benefit -- resources. Usually, however, it is illegal, rather than legal, immigrants who are mostly condemned.

Unfortunately, Islamic terrorist activities have given rise to the new stereotype of Islamaphobia where people of Muslim extraction nd Arabs Are mistreated and discriminated against particularly since the September 11th attacks. The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) (2002), for instance, reported incidents that consisted…. [read more]

Problems Facing Management Term Paper

… Management Problems

Dealing With Current Human Relations Problems

Leadership failures occur most frequently because of ineptness, the inability to catch up with development requirements or simply because of a wrong diagnosis or handling of problems (Heisler 1989). Newer and more unprecedented changes and forces keep coming and, in many cases, they do not get addressed adequately because of a company's adherence to old ways. Managers and leaders get accustomed to old laws of doing things and, with the ingress of new developments, old programs prove ineffective, cash-draining and result in employee restiveness. There is urgent need to change the American business culture from a fast-buck and short-change format to a long-term and employee-oriented action as the only way to build or remain competitive. And there…. [read more]

National Economic Effects of Government Essay

… The skills necessities, additional, frequently discriminate against women, whereas women's contribution in the labour force might also be incomplete in their nation of source. Some propose that one of the more clear procedures of discrimination can be originated in the depositor or business immigrant group, which permits wealthy persons to efficiently buy admission to Canada by bringing important monetary capital into the national economy. Such chances are merely obtainable to advantaged economic classes, and deprived of to those of incomplete income and wealth.

It is significant to communicate that the Points System simply goes along with one class of immigrants. Persons may settle to Canada under the family and refugee groups and, as such, are not obligatory to meet inceptions of education, employment skill, or…. [read more]

American Views on the Holocaust Essay

… ¶ … Misperceptions of History -- the Holocaust

The Jewish Holocaust provides one of the most vivid illustrations of the potential moral depravity of which so-called "civilized" modern human societies are still capable of perpetrating under the right circumstances. Indeed, one of the most remarkable aspects of the Holocaust is that, at the time of its occurrence, a strong argument could be made that Germany represented the absolute height of human intellectual and cultural perspective and achievement.

The most common historical view of the Holocaust in relation to the U.S. involvement in the Second World War is that the reports of German atrocities against Jewish (and other) civilians and the moral obligation to intervene played an important role in the eventual decision to support Britain…. [read more]

Thailand Small and Medium Enterprises Term Paper

… Investors or employers with ten or more employees must contribute half of their share of social security to the Social Security Fund for their employees, who must pay the other half. The purpose of this Fund is to assist employees in times of accident, illness, disability or death under non-work-related circumstances. Employers are obliged to contribute 5% of the employee's income at a maximum contribution of Bht 15,000 per month within 15 days in the month succeeding the payment of income.

Small Retailers vs. Big Chains. There has been much unrest in industry, as in the alarming rate at which small retailers have been closed down by big ones. The Federation of Thai Industries, for example, urged the government to quickly pass a law to…. [read more]

Policing Liquor Licensed Premises in Hong Kong Research Proposal

… Best Practices in Policing Alcohol and Licensed Premises

Today, Hong Kong enjoys a free market economy but it is highly dependent on the international trade, finance and tourism sectors for its revenues (Hong Kong 2009). The Mongkok Police District of Hong Kong is the subject of the dissertation (see map at Appendix ____ and District Boundaries as set forth in DC MKDIST'S Standing Order No. 1-01 at Appendix ____). There are currently more than 5,000 liquor licensed premises in Hong Kong, with 396 of them being situated in the Mongkok Police District. The number of bars/pubs, nightclubs and restaurants is 49, 33, and 314, respectively. In addition, Mongkok is an unofficial red-light district in Hong Kong; while the area is home to a number of…. [read more]

Andrew Carnegie Thesis

… Andrew Carnegie

Perhaps the story of Andrew Carnegie begins best in his own words: "During my childhood the atmosphere around me was in a state of violent disturbance in matters theological as well as political. Along with the most advanced ideas which were being agitated in the political world -- the death of privilege, the equality of the citizen, Republicanism -- I heard many disputations upon theological subjects which the impressionable child drank in to an extent quite unthought of by his elders (Carnegie, Andrew, 1920, p. 22)." If this sounds much like the world around us today, then it is perhaps the life of Carnegie, having described that world around him to which we now can relate to; remains a historical figure of significance…. [read more]

Internet: Privacy for High School Term Paper

… But many involve the law" (p. 1151). These issues have assumed increasing importance in recent years as well.

For example, in her book, Mind Your Own Business: The Battle for Personal Privacy, Gini Graham Scott (1995) reports that, "From elementary school to college, school has become a privacy battleground, primarily in high school and university. Mainly, these conflicts have occurred on four main fronts: the effort to keep schools safe from crime and drugs; efforts to control, shape, or punish different types of student behavior; the school -- media conflict over what the media can cover and publish; and the struggle over what a school can say when it is trying to terminate or has terminated a teacher or staff member" (p. 271). The increasing…. [read more]

Franklin Delaney Roosevelt's Attitude Research Paper

… This letter does not explain why Roosevelt did not bomb the tracks but it may indicate his reason for not doing so. The larger goals were to destroy the Nazi machine. Anything else would be diversionary and perhaps counter-productive.

There are also letters such as the following that tell us that:

Throughout the 1930s, President Roosevelt was kept informed of the growing refugee crisis in Europe by political leaders with ties to the American Jewish community, including New York Governor Herbert Lehman. Through these contacts, Roosevelt also learned that the strict immigration quotas in place at the time were not being fully or fairly administered by his own State Department. In this November 13, 1935 letter, the President advises Lehman of the results of his…. [read more]

Political Framework of EU Thesis

… As a result, European nations looked forward to developing nations such as Asia, Africa and South America for the purchase of these necessities. For developing nations this was an opportunity to become known as suppliers of grist, therefore, they were willing to enter into this trade agreement. However, what European Leaders wanted was more than a simple trade agreement; their aim was to enforce their rules on these nations, making them colonies of the infinite European empire. Therefore, they entered into the agreement after setting out a lot of rules for the dependent nations to follow. As time passed by, these rules made the European leaders indirectly administer the nation, thus the nations became a part of European empire. History reveals that the imperialism is…. [read more]

Oscar Wilde a Man Essay

… However, fortunes are sometimes pinned on legends, and the convenient tale of an orphan baby found in a handbag at King's Cross Station is sufficient to persuade Lady Bracknell that Jack is a man of breeding. As a result, the wedding will be permitted to take place. Regardless, Lady Bracknell maintains that, "…in families of high social position strange coincidences are not supposed to occur" (Wilde 428).

Social status is only one of several layers that Wilde peels back to reveal the superficialities governing the lives of the British aristocracy and landed gentry of the time. Wilde's characterization and his satire are strengthened by the fact that conventional morality doesn't trouble any of the major characters (Gagnier, 1986). Indeed, conventional morality is turned on its…. [read more]

Port and Terminal Operations Different Essay

… Port and Terminal Operations

Different types of ports are discussed starting on page 7 of the textbook. After reviewing the Week 1 course materials, go to the Internet and find a port to use as an example in this assignment.

Describe the port you selected to include the type of port as well as the various services, features, terminal operations, berths, dwell time, etc. that the port offers. Include reasons for your selection. Be clear and concise in your discussion.

You must include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page.

The Port of Montreal: A Closer Look

The Port of Montreal is an important hub for the east coast and central U.S. As well as for most of Canada. This port serves the Great…. [read more]

White Working Class Americans Term Paper

… Nevertheless, the agrarian myth remained a powerful force because it was a reaction against this trend towards mechanization and dehumanization of the agricultural process. Additionally, the myth was a perfect reflection of the individualistic nature of the American Dream; it theoretically reinforced the idea that people were not subject to amoral economic forces -- they controlled their own social destinies.

The Populist Party, however, failed under this ideological and social fragmentation. By 1890 many differing political and social factions had been pulled together under the same banner to such an extent that nothing decisive could ever be done to counteract the aims of the social elite. Ultimately, the issues of individual, small farmers were never addressed, and they began to disappear from the American landscape.…. [read more]

German Imperial Colonialism Research Paper

… German Imperial Colonialism and the Holocaust

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Germany was focused on becoming a rival world power. This is because it was always striving to match the influence of many of the other European powers (most notably: Britain, France and Spain). These ambitions have deep historical roots. That date back to the very beginning of Germany after the fall of the Roman Empire. This is when Germany was a divided region and ruled by different tribes. They were united under Charlemagne (via the Frankish empire). This was the first time, the area known as modern day Germany was integrated as a single nation state. [footnoteRef:1] [1: Hagan Schulze, Germany (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1998), 1-30]

The Frankish empire did not last…. [read more]

Large Terrorist WMD Attack Research Paper

… The Office of Homeland Security is liable to take quick measures for identifying all such areas where the installation of sensors is feasible. It must also ensure the nonstop evaluation and adequate security of the information those sensors will deliver (Kelly 2010).

High priority must also be given to the transportation and there must be a routine check on scrap metal yards and land fill sites. This is necessary for avoiding unlawful removal of hazardous radioactive materials. Existing detection technologies must also be improved and plans be devised for the same. USA also have a need of developing an effective system that is strong enough for "quickly gauging the extent of the damage, identifying appropriate responders, developing a coherent response plan, and getting the necessary…. [read more]

United States Is the Diversity Assessment

… ¶ … United States is the diversity of its landscape, its biomes, and the incredible amount of natural resources available. Because it was resettled by Europeans relatively late in the historical span of human culture, much of those resources remained fresh and pristine much later. However, with the advent of western expansion in the 1800s, the building of a transcontinental railway, and increased mining, large scale farming and ranching, and industrialization, those pristine areas have often been at risk. Since 1872, the United State National Park System has grown from a small, single-park managerial service to one of the less political visible, but nevertheless important, trustees of American natural resources. From Yellowstone National Park to over 450 natural, historical, recreational, and cultural treasures, the National…. [read more]

Nazi Youth Prelude Mein Kompf Term Paper

… "For a decade they had propagated a militant spirit within the Hitlerjugend that could only be realized in combat. At the same time they sensed the end of the cherished cultural and political activities that had given them unheard of prestige. Now they would be soldiers like everyone else and have to surrender the comfortable life to which they had become accustomed." (Rempel)

Some other groups that were available before Hitlerjugend became the only game in town are: the Gun-Club, Jewish Youth Groups, and Die Falken (The Falcon). This movement was very successful and their large amounts of money yet hey still enrolled over 100,000 boys.

What has Hitler's involvement?

Hitler and his Nazi Youth Corps represented indomitable strength amid a sea of weakness." (Stein)…. [read more]

Evolution of Project Management Research Paper



"Archetypically, Apollo manifests as an image of the modern project manager-one who works well within the interior of her or his organization, moving effortlessly across and between horizontal boundaries, but does not adopt the necessities of power in order to move vertically"

(Henderson, Interpretation and Discussion Section ¶ 11).

History Confirms Project Management's Value

Professions like architecture, engineering, medicine, economic, technology, astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. all have their own well-documented history. As a professional architect, the researcher asserts that project management also deserves a relevant recount of its history. Since ancient times, people throughout the world have been building projects that enrich one's cultural heritage and have contributed to project management's remarkable, relevant evolution. The pyramids of Egypt and…. [read more]

Reconstruction and the 13th, 14th Term Paper

… The 15th amendment had the less of a practical affect on the Reconstruction than the other two amendments.

Finally, to truly understand the effects of the Reconstruction era in history, each of the three amendments must be taken into consideration, both individually and together, to see how United States history has been shaped through time.


Douglass, Frederick. 1866. Reconstruction. Atlantic Monthly, University of Virginia, vol. 18.

U.S. Constitution: Fifteenth Amendment. 2004. Findlaw; available from; Internet; accessed 12 December


U.S. Constitution: Fourteenth Amendment. 2004. Findlaw; available from; Internet; accessed 12 December


The Thirteenth Amendment. 2004. Great American History; available from; Internet; accessed 12 December 2004.

Reconstruction and the 13th, 14th & 15th amendments

Britannia Concise Encyclopedia Online, Reconstruction, 1.

Amendment…. [read more]

British Rule in Sub-Continent, 1857-1947 Essay

… Even politically speaking, Hindus and Muslims both started taking active part in politics. That was the time when the strength of Congress arose and Muslim League came into existence. Many reforms took place at grass-root level. Educational institutes were developing by the elite class of these two sects to strengthen their youth. And socially speaking, the scenario of sub-continent completely changed. At this point in time, the Crown started losing its hold over subcontinent. Also, the native nations had the hostility arisen among them which later on resulted in the partition.

Now at this point in time, when Subcontinent was facing a big social and political turmoil, the economy of Subcontinent was at its most vulnerable state. Property worth billions was demolished during the partition.…. [read more]

Post 9-11 Emergency Services Research Paper

… ¶ … Police & Firefighting Policies Since 9-11

The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C. On September 11, 2001, changed the way citizens in the United States view their own safety. The damage done by the terrorists was the most severe that the American homeland had been subjected to since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Indeed, nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks, including "hundreds of firefighters and police officers" in New York City (Frank, et al., 2004). Clearly those who govern in the U.S. could see that America was unprepared for the 9-11 attacks on many levels. One of those levels that were not prepared was the first responder level -- police and fire. But meantime, governments in…. [read more]

Disneyland in Hong Kong Term Paper

… Disneyland in HongKong

A multinational corporation is an enterprise that manages production establishments or delivers services in at least two countries (Wikipedia 2006). Multinational corporations or MNCs are horizontally integrated, vertically integrated or diversified. Horizontally integrated multinational corporations manage production establishments, which are located in different countries to produce the same or similar products. Vertically integrated multinational corporations do so to produce products, which serve as input to its production establishments in another country or other countries. And diversified MNCs are located in different countries, which are neither horizontally nor vertically integrated. Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are multinational corporations and MNCs assert huge economic influence in politicians' representative districts and their extensive financial resources in public relations and political lobbying.…. [read more]

Taiping Rebellion vs. Boxer Term Paper

… Rewinding back to a few years, in 1835, Leang-afa, the first protestant Christian to set foot into China, had shared several documents about Christianity with Hung. 20 Hung had not gone through it inkling till the point of time when there was a second reminder, and he started fathoming them in his home at his village. An illness took over Hung, and he was pushed into a coma for a period of four days. 21

There was a sudden eye-opener for him during the time he was unconscious. He was able to recall his travel and that jolted him. He got the notion that God was paternal to him and Jesus Christ was fraternal to him. He started meticulously going about it by presenting his…. [read more]

Trail of Tears Essay

… The entire mortality rate went up as high as 8,000 lives (J.Burnette, 1890). An account by one U.S. soldier during the Trail of Tears remarks "I watched as helpless Cherokee people were arrested, dragged from homes, and driven at bayonet point to the stockades. The trail of the exiled Cherokees was not only a trail of tears, but a trail of death," John Burnette, a U.S. soldier (I.Burnette, 1890).

Though many lost their lives, the majority of the strong and resilient Cherokee and other Native American nations survived the journey. Once in the new Indian Territories they reconciled their differences among tribes and were eventually successful in forging their own government, similar to the U.S. Constitution.

"A unified ancestral origin encourages understanding among the Cherokee…. [read more]

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