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Labor Relations What Changes Essay

… CIO membership began to decline and it lost its dynamic leaders and organizers.

The CIO eventually found itself deep into civil war that was mainly between non-communist affiliates and communist led unions. CIO lost its relevance because of the civil war because it could not live to its mission of organizing the unorganized and empowering the dispossessed. Trust that CIO enjoyed because of its independence was eroded because it was argued that it had accepted its place within a system of capitalist hierarchy. It soon merged with AFL to form AFL-CIO (Whatley, 1993).

What generational aspects (i.e., baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y) have influenced labor unions and will continue to do so?

Generation Y'ers were born between 1977 and 1994. Over 70 million Americans…. [read more]

Labor Laws Unions Choose Organization Essay

… As a consequence, a good relationship with workers' union will also translate in a good relationship of the management with the communities the workers are part of.

Strangely enough, despite the overall general impression on the union's bargaining power, the wages for American workers in the automobile industry were still far from the wages that Japanese workers earned, especially after the concessions that had to be negotiated in 2008. At the same time, the difference in the average labor cost between a Japanese company and a U.S. automobile producer is significant, as much as $71 to $47 at Toyota

. This shows that, despite a difference in wage in favor of the Japanese producers, additional benefits, such as healthcare and retirement benefits eventually drive the…. [read more]

Labor and Union Studies Thesis

… Labor and Union Studies

Define and discuss the term "collective bargaining." Include and discuss [showing relevance or applicability] a current web-based news item/magazine article about a real life example of a collective bargaining action. Write a succinct and complete summary on the contents of the article you've provided along with your critical comments about that article. Support your findings with referenced research.

Collective Bargaining consists of the meeting of employees with their employer for the purposes of arriving at a formal agreement on working conditions. In many cases, the workers are represented by a union or a group of elected representatives. Issues discussed generally include rates of pay, type of work performed, hours worked, and various other possible conditions such as provision of healthcare, vacation…. [read more]

Labor and Union Studies Essay

… Labor & Union Studies

Discharge of Postal Letter Carrier for Off-Duty Conduct

The principle of nexus in reference to instances of off-duty misconduct is somewhat more complex than in directly work-related issues. The causal connection of off-duty conduct to the effectiveness and/or image of the employee and is employer (in this case, the United States Postal Service) is obviously more difficult to establish than violations and/or errors that occur in the performance of job duties, but such a nexus certainly can and often does exist. Management addresses the nexus in this specific case explicitly and completely in their assessment that first, management needed to have "reasonable basis to believe Allen was guilty of the alleged crime," and second -- and most importantly in the discussion…. [read more]

Labor Unions Are Communities Essay

… This can occur when the organization only concentrates on its personal interests and expects that the employees are simply going to cooperate. Workers can only emphasize the important role they play within the company as a result of refraining from collaborating.

Depending on the attitudes that a company puts across with regard to its employees, they are more or less likely to cooperate. Some companies prefer to take on an adversarial strategy by acting only based on their interests. Other companies are likely to accept to cooperate with a representative elected by its employees. A number of companies actually support their employees in getting actively involved in making important decisions and addressing organization policies.

Society has experienced much change during recent decades and while unions…. [read more]

Labor Relations and Unions Essay

… Labor Relations

Labor Relataions

Labor unions are involved in representing workers in the places of work. They bargain for better wages, benefits and good working conditions for the workers. Labor unions represent their members whenever disputes arise between the management and the workers.

Factors contributing to decline in union membership

Several factors contribute to the decline in union membership. The government has passed laws regarding the number of hours that workers are supposed to work, rights and standards of workers and overtime pay. The government has taken custody of what labor unions did thus decreasing their membership. Automation has also led to low labor membership as most companies have come up with labor saving machinery to perform tasks that were previously handled by workers. Nowadays,…. [read more]

Labor Unions Are Associations Term Paper

… Moreover, unions have placed greater emphasis on organizing drives for new members, and although they have been successful in organizing government employees, they have had less success in recruiting office workers in the rapidly expanding services sector (Union pp). A major problem is demographic, since the fastest growing parts of the labor force, such as women, service industries, and college-educated employees, are generally the most reluctant to organize (Union pp). Unlike the European union movements, organized labor in the United States has avoided the formation of a political party and has remained within the framework of the two-party system (Union pp). By the mid-1990's, the number of strikes in the United States had reached its lowest level in fifty years, however, by the end of…. [read more]

Labor Markets and Their Research Paper

… Anecdotal examples of the risks of a lack of oversight of an nonunionized workforce include "the restaurant workers who line up for paychecks after twelve hours of work only to be told there's no money, or the nursing home aide who routinely works well into the night without extra pay, or the temp worker who packs food in an ice-cold warehouse without protective gear only to have the temp agency illegally deduct money from her wages every week" (Bernhardt, Milkman & Theodore 2009).

Within my zip code of 19103 alone, 4942 companies have safety or health violations, and these are only of 'known' violations (Job tracker, 2011, AFL-CIO). Employees who are illegal or 'grey' areas of enforcement of labor laws are often not reported. Workers,…. [read more]

Labor Unions the National Football Essay

… Miller was initially reluctant but accepted in 1956. He contacted Don Shula (a Baltimore Colts player at the time), John Gordy of the Detroit Lions, Frank Gifford and Sam Huff of the New York Giants, and Norm Van Brocklin of the Los Angeles Rams to aid in the development of the association. Representatives of 11 of the 12 teams in the league at the time joined the association; the Chicago Bears were the sole dissenter; by November 1956 a majority of the players signed cards allowing the NFLPA to represent them. The first meeting took place at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in November where players decided on demands to be submitted to league commissioner Bert Bell " (p. 181).

How a Union Bargains

The NFL an…. [read more]

Skills - Labor Unions Essay

… The idea that unions are intrusive is one that people have held for some time (Sherk & Kersey, 2007). Because of that, some unions have been defeated in companies and in communities. The argument is that unions do not promote good working environments between employers and employees, and that they are too busy promoting their own agendas to really do what they claim when it comes to helping others. Of course, there are many who would disagree with that opinion, and insist that unions have done much over time to make sure employees were treated fairly by the people for whom they worked. Many unions have disappeared from communities, but now they are attempting to get back into those communities and remind the people there…. [read more]

Unions Are Various Organizations Research Paper

… Thus, in American politics, unions still matter -- maybe more than most of us yet realize.

International agreements and globalization

With considerations on policies, globalization is likely to persuade governments to adopt policies that would be against the formation of unionization. Researchers have analyzed this concept by claiming that Globalization can improve the demand of new pro-market ideas that would ultimately increase competition in different products and the labor as well. With the impact of Globalization on investment and economy, the governments would be more inclined to side with the corporations' management to support competiveness and with it progress in the global market. (Borjas, 2009)

The results of detrimental government policies have seen an introduction of right-to-work laws, which permits working individuals to have more…. [read more]

Industrial Disputes Law Employers and Unions Term Paper

… Union Labor Disputes Canada

Wal-Mart Canada

This report is an evaluative report and summary about the international retail giant Wal-Mart. There is no better presentation than one that presents the varying opinions in legal philosophy between unions and employers. As of late, Wal-Mart has been trying to fend off multiple attacks by organized labor over the past decade in an attempt to maintain its union free managerial style. "Union leaders say their chances for organizing Wal-Mart workers shot up this week when a federal judge in San Francisco said 1.6 million current and former employees could sue the retailer for sex discrimination in a class-action lawsuit." (Ramstack, 2004)

The Wal-Mart situation covers a full spectrum of legal concerns such as the acquisition and termination of…. [read more]

Labor the Department Essay

… Global Workforce

Furthermore, employers are now focusing more on outsourcing and creating a rather global workforce. This is a growing problem because not only is it reducing jobs in America, it is promoting unfair labor practices all around the world. With outsourcing, employers can completely work without the fear of labor laws and workplace regulations. It has been seen that about 1.2 billion workers have been added to the global labor force (AFL-CIO, 2005) This sudden increased in labor coincides with the enhanced technological, transports and communication services. Goods and services can be moved across the world faster with decreased transaction costs.

The results are that workers are forced into a race to the bottom. Developing countries are burdened by debt and are required to…. [read more]

Are Unions Necessary? Term Paper

… ¶ … unions are necessary and toward this end the focus will be on unions up until the 21st century. Toward this end this work will conduct a review of literature in this area of study. The findings in this work include the finding that unions are vital and necessary to protect the rights and equitable pay of individuals in today's work and labor forces.


The objective of this work is to examine whether or not unions are necessary and toward this end the focus will be on unions up until the 21st century. . Toward this end this work will conduct a review of literature in this area of study. Labor unions have historically served positive and very valuable services to…. [read more]

Labor and Collective Bargaining Term Paper

… Labor and Collective Bargaining

Federal Government Resistance to Collective Bargaining - Supporters of the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act or HR 980 assumed that this legislation would enhance and increase cooperation between the government and its workers (Sherk 2007). Most of these employees belonged to unions and experience already demonstrated that collective bargaining would, in fact, not enhance cooperation. Rather, it would create greater and undue burden on the States. These public employees included policemen, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Collective bargaining has viewed as intrinsically adversarial. Putting employees and the employer before the bargaining table may be aimed at cooperation. But it would create as much conflict as the cooperation it was aimed at effecting. If the outcome was not favorable to either side…. [read more]

Public Sector Unions Research Paper

… In 1947 the Taft Hartley act was passed which removed many union gains from the Wagner act. It very explicitly denied public workers the right to strike, and required that workers who did strike would be dismissed (brown, 2010). This legislation was hard to overcome, but support began to grow for allowing public unions to form.

At this time, public sentiment began to change, leaning more toward unions, as public employees were demanding change. One challenge of the sixties was the battle for collective bargaining rights. The age of teacher militancy began in November 1960 with a one-day walkout of the united federation of teachers of New York City; two years later the UFT won the first comprehensive teacher contract in the country (Edwards, 2010).…. [read more]

Unions Labor Unions in Ancient Term Paper

… (Reuther, Encarta Article). Most of all, Labor Unions have performed the important task of lessening social inequalities in the American society by improving the incomes of the working class and creating a vibrant middle class.

Some Drawbacks

Despite the undoubted benefits of workers' unions and their impressive list of achievements in the past, we find that there has been a steady decline for the past 40 years in the union's influence and its membership. The most important reason for this (which is also a major drawback of unions) is that unions, by raising the wages of unionized workers substantially above the wages of nonunion workers, have made many union-made products very expensive. Such expensive products cannot compete with products produced by workers getting lower wages;…. [read more]

Unions the Statement, "The Role Term Paper

… These two groups of employees' unions are similar in that the majority of them are women. Teachers and health care workers are also of consistently of short supply. Both groups also claim receiving low pay, and they are easily moved from one position or function, time or location to another at short notice or none at all. Both also allow work time extensions.

They are dissimilar in that health care workers are mostly regular employees with fixed schedules and functions, while teachers are not full-time employees of schools and institutions. Health care workers are also helpless victims of their employers, who pay them little and make them work so much, resulting in below-par service to patients and very little time and opportunity to relate with…. [read more]

Union Organizing Campaign I Human Essay

… The employer should not make any statement or take action against the unionizing campaign. The management or their representatives should not make any negative remarks concerning the union and members of the union. The employer should not intimidate the employees joining the union. The management board is not supposed to issue threats such as sacking any employee who joins the labor unions Brown, 2000.

This act of threatening the workers is against to the law and the employer can be sued. The management is not permitted to influence the decisions of the employees in any way on whether to join the union or not. They should not promise benefits that will attract the workers and prevent them from joining the unions Bragger, Rodriguez-Srednicki, Kutcher, Indovino,…. [read more]

Labor Dear Interns: Congratulations Term Paper

… Labor

Dear Interns:

Congratulations! You have become a part of a company that plays an integral role in the challenging, competitive, yet exciting world of international commerce! However, there are certain things to keep in mind when communicating with our various outposts located abroad, regarding the basics of how labor forces influence the ways international businesses comport themselves in other lands.

Labor quality:

First, ask yourself this question: does the nation in consideration have a highly skilled and educated labor force? If so, is the minimum expected wage for skilled and unskilled workers comparable to the wage structure of the United States, higher (as in Western Europe) or lower (India)? This will affect the percentage and types of employees from the local population that are…. [read more]

Labour Policy Thesis

… Labour Policy at Manufacturing Plants in British Columbia

Brief Review and Update

British Columbia Human Rights Legislative Requirements & Discrimination - governed by minimum requirements of "Employment Standards Act' governing employers with a focus on minimum standards of wages. Exceptions Duty to Accommodate - it is illegal in British Columbia to discriminate against or harass a person due to their: (1) race; (2) color; (3) ancestry; (3) place of origin; (4) religion; (5) marital status; (6) family status; (7) physical or mental disability; (8) sex; (9) sexual orientation; (10) criminal conviction; (11) political belief; and (12) lawful source of income. Employers are bound by a duty to reasonably accommodate an employee's disability with additional training, work schedule adjustment, modification or purchase of equipment and restructuring…. [read more]

Cleveland Orchestra Workers' Strike Labor and Union Term Paper

… Cleveland Orchestra Workers' Strike

Labor and Union Studies

According to the Musicians of the Cleveland Orchestra Strike Statement (Rathbun 2010, n.pag.), the issue is compensation, but over a longer term than just this season. The union claims management has demanded "shared sacrifice" above and beyond cuts in their last two bargaining agreements, and rejected the musicians' offer of a wage freeze over the next contract year. These are longer-term compensation items rather than direct wages, but health care premiums come out of their paycheck unless they have some sort of other income. They also sacrificed guaranteed benefits for more risky investments that have not fared well over the Great Recession. Orchestra-related piecework has also dropped off, although specific reasons are not stated.

There is a…. [read more]

Should Illegal Immigrant Labor Be Protected Under the NLRA Term Paper

… ¶ … Illegl Immigrant Labor Be Protected Under

Should Illegak Immigrant Labor Be Protected Under

Should Illegal Immigrant Labor be protected under the NLRA?

Should Illegal Immigrant Labor be protected under the NLRA?

Should Illegal Immigrant Labor be protected under the NLRA?

At the present, illegal immigrants have become a very hot subject in the news as far as what rights they keep in the workplace. As stated by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, as of 2005, about 10-12 million illegal immigrants reside in the United States. (Abraham, 2002) A lot of these illegal immigrants come into the workforce, with efforts to keep a lot of the same privileges as workers that are legal (Mello, 2005). This paper essay pursues to look investigate whether…. [read more]

Trade Union Movement Essay

… Unions in Australia

Trade unions are often seen as beneficial to the plight of everyday workers. By negotiating wages, looking out for rights, trade unions give workers a voice at their place of work. But, in Australia's experience, this is not necessarily true. In Australia, union density has fallen considerably since World War II. During that period, wage differentials between union and non-union workers have been minute. This could be due to a number of factors. As union density falls, the unions lose their power to influence policy and industry. Have unions lost the support of the Australian people and with it their bargaining chips? If so, why did they lose the support of the Australian workers?

Unionization typically affects industrial jobs more-so than jobs…. [read more]

Labor Market in Harlan County Research Paper

… Those who actually labored in place of the strikers (the true scabs) were depicted in somewhat of a sympathetic light for the simple fact that they were willing to endure the hazardous and arduous nature of coal mining work at even lower wages -- with no benefits -- than the strikers did.

Yet the presence of the henchmen was incorrigible, as they showed no compassion in their blatant attempts to break up the strike. The worst one of these, Basil Collins, a gun wielding thug (Krundt, 2011) was emblematic of the sort of ruffian tactics that were used against the strikers. An economist, however, would more than likely favor scabs simply due to the monetary advantages of using them. As previously denoted, scab workers are…. [read more]

Labor Relations Project Outline Term Paper

… Lqbor Relations Project

Labor Relations Project

In the United States, Canada and other advanced countries, labor unions are legal workers' representatives and the union activities largely centered on the collective bargaining over wages and improvement of working conditions of union members. Unions remain important actors in the United States, and unions fight for the issues such as wages, trade policy and improvement of healthcare for membership. Labor unions also assist in minimizing the income disparities; guarantee a secured income, as well as improving standard of living of industrial society.

"Unions also aimed at correcting imbalances in income distribution through maintaining "solidarity wages" that minimized differentials between workers. Unions also they adopted an inclusive approach to workers outside the union, and provided a variety of services…. [read more]

Union Organizing Essay

… Management

Union Organizing

Wegmans Food Markets is a privately held, family-run corporation that runs a regional supermarket chain of approximately 60, in addition to 17 Chase-Pitkin Home and Garden stores. Known for its pioneering approach to grocery retailing, Wegmans is consistently cited as one of the nation's top retailers and best places to work. Their headquarters are in Rochester, New York. It operates mainly in the central and western parts of New York. In the 1990s the chain extended into Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Wegmans was started as the Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company in 1916. It was a small food store run out of the front of the Wegman family's house in Rochester. After six years of selling groceries from their home, Walter and…. [read more]

Labor Movement Essay

… Unions are of great importance to the workers not just in America but the rest of the world too. Therefore there is need for making the unions more powerful and successful in order for the workers to get their full benefits. There are several strategies and tactics that can be employed in order to realize of the tactics is building of solidarity beyond a particular workplace or local. We all agree that union solidarity means strength in the union. However it is important to ask ourselves what it takes to build solidarity with other unions, community organizations or even workers. A good example is such as when there is a union strike they can call for other groups, unions and activists to step in…. [read more]

How Union Gets New Membership Thesis

… ¶ … Unions Get New Memberships

A labor union is defined as "a group of workers who have banded together to achieve common goals in the key areas of wages, hours, and working conditions." Originally, labor unions were primarily made up of male, blue-collar workers, but as the economy of the United States evolved from production industries to service industries, union membership has seen a dramatic increase in white-collar and female workers (Boone and Kurtz).

History and Evolution

Labor unions began to evolve in the United States in the 1700's and 1800's due to the need for safety and security for workers. Workers formed labor unions in response to intolerable working conditions, low wages, and long hours.

In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, men,…. [read more]

Union Communications of Workers of America Research Paper

… Communications Workers of America: Then and Now

The relevancy of unions is being increasingly questioned in the 21st century and many unions are suffering from dwindling members and are face with an uncertain agenda for the future. In sharp contrast, the Communications Workers of America has become one of the fastest-growing unions in the United States in recent years, due in large part to the concomitant growth of information and communications technologies. To gain some insights into how this has been possible, this paper examines the relevant literature to provide an overview of the Communications Workers of America and its history, followed by an analysis of current issues and trends that are affecting the union. Finally, a description of the steps that are used to…. [read more]

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