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Las Vegas Nevada Homeless Community Mental Health Essay

… Las Vegas, Nevada Homeless Community Mental Health

Situated in a hot, dry, desert valley, Las Vegas has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years, including large influxes of retirees as well as Latino immigrants searching for work. This population surge is primarily due to the casinos located on Las Vegas Boulevard, commonly known as "the Strip" which is actually located in an unincorporated township within the city borders of Las Vegas called "Paradise" which also contains the city's airport and convention center (Ventura, 2003). According to Ventura, "The story of Las Vegas is inextricably bound to the story of the Strip. Its casinos spur the area's unprecedented growth by providing jobs for working people while creating a backdrop of activity for the retired and others who…. [read more]

Community Assessment Las Vegas Essay

… Only a small portion of the childcare center screened had traditional lead hazards, while a slightly higher portion of centers had non-traditional sources such as tile, and playground equipment.

Due to the importance of this issue the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) received a local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2006. This grant provided for the creation of the CLPPP in Southern Nevada that will be improved upon and eventually expanded to encompass the entire state of Nevada. One important aspect of the program is Primary Prevention which aims to determine what lead hazards exist in a community and how to abate those hazards to prevent children from being exposed to lead. It…. [read more]

History of Prostitution Term Paper

… History Of Prostitution

"There hasn't been a place on my body that hasn't been bruised somehow, some way, some big, some small," Marcia (pseudonym), a prostitute, reports in a study noted by Farley (2000). In addition to suffering the pain of a broken arm three times during the course of her "work," Marcia states she also had her nose broken twice and currently has a small fragment of a bone floating in her head that gave her migraines.

Along with experiencing these maladies, and suffering from a fractured skull, Marcia had her toes broken. The bottom of her feet had been burned and "whopped with a hot iron and clothes hanger." Marcia was cut with a knife, and beat with guns and two by fours.…. [read more]

Boys and Girls Clubs Term Paper

… 7%) and their rate of eclampsia was over twice as high as the overall rate (0.3%).

The CDC also documents that infants of mothers aged ten through fourteen:

Were more likely to be born preterm -- before thirty-seven weeks gestation -- (21.3%) than the overall rate of 10.3% and their rate was thirty-three percent higher than the rate for infants of mothers aged forty five and older (sixteen percent), the next highest risk group.

Were more likely to be born very preterm -- before thirty-two weeks gestation -- (5.3%), a rate more than triple the overall rate of 1.6% and over twice the rate experienced by mothers aged forty five and older (2.6%).

Were more likely to be born with low birth weight. Their rate…. [read more]

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