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Social Media Recently, the National Case Study

… These rules are at the heart of our labor system, because they provide the means for workers to protect themselves. Without specific and clear definitions on the part of either the NLRA or the company, workers will remain unclear about what speech is protected and what is not. While the company can work to clarify the language of its social media agreement, it cannot compel the NLRB to change the language of the NLRA. As such, companies run afoul with most social media agreements, unless those agreements are worded to specifically exclude all forms of protected speech.

3. The decision in this case is likely to harm employee relations for a couple of reasons. While the employees do gain benefit from the decision with respect…. [read more]

Law Enforcement Social Media Policies Research Paper

… Policy Development

Law enforcement executives face significant challenges with respect to the development of social media policy. They have an interest in creating policies in order to protect the profession and the reputation of the department, both things that supersede any one individual officer, but which can be put at risk by an officer. However, there can be resistance by local unions and by national bodies to anything that infringes on the officer's freedoms -- Internet usage is not mentioned in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Further, police executives do not wish to contribute to a negative climate on their forces by taking a harsh and unreasonable stand with respect to social media. It can be difficult to strike the right balance.

Overview…. [read more]

Law Enforcement, Corrections Capstone Project

… ¶ … Law Enforcement, Corrections, and the Court System in the United States

Outline of Issues, Policies and Problems Confronting Modern Law Enforcement, Corrections, and the Court System in the United States

Law Enforcement

Policy No. 1: Community Policing. This policy is explored further in the annotated bibliography that follows.

Shortage of Police Officers.


Prison Overcrowding. This problem is explored further in the annotated bibliography that follows.

Issue No. 2: Private Prisons.

Court System

Issue No. 1: Juvenile Justice.

Overloaded Court System.

Policy No. 1: Community Policing

Brunschot, E.B. (2003, May). Community policing and "John schools." The Canadian Review

of Sociology and Anthropology, 40(2), 215-220.

Author examines prostitution offender programs in the context of community policing in practice and emphasizes the problems that can…. [read more]

Evolution of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 Case Study

… The office of COPS needed to monitor a number of things. First, that in line with the requirements of grant allocation, police departments retained the new officers hired under the '100,000 Cops' initiative even after the lapse of the three-year period of federal funding (Marion & Oliver, 2012). Secondly, that the beneficiary police departments only used the grants for officers hired under the initiative (Marion & Oliver, 2012). This was probably the greatest failure of the COPS office if the numbers of agencies purported to have adjusted their budgets so as to paint a false picture of having hired new officers is anything to go by (Marion & Oliver, 2012).

Moreover, the COPS office failed to consider the rates of crime in an area, and…. [read more]

Technology and Law Enforcement Essay

… There is also the concern of the public using this medium to air too many irrelevant comments or non-constructive criticism of the police.

Remedies to the challenges

In order to avoid the misuse of such site by an individual within the team, there is need to have the department concerned with managing the page craft very strict media policies that will guide the use of this site and even what can be allowed to remain on the page having been posted by the public. Since the pubic will be consistently posting comments on the page such that the public can see, there must be two or three people charged with editing the page consistently and deleting the offensive posts or those of content that are…. [read more]

Effects of Technology and Social Media on Turkish Youth Society Term Paper

… ¶ … Technology and Social Media on Turkish Youth

The media has become increasingly important to the youth culture around the world both in terms of bringing news of important events -- and the political issues and problems surrounding those events -- and carrying messages (including protests) by youth through social media to the greater community. In Turkey, as is true elsewhere in Middle Eastern countries, young people are very alert to the power of technology and the media, in particular social media, because they want change, and they demand that their voices be heard, even if they are doused with teargas, high pressure water cannons and pepper spray. Hence, the use of social media helps them share messages and organize actions through digital technologies…. [read more]

Privacy Issues Raised by Social Networking Essay

… Social Networking Privacy

Online privacy has been a prominent topic around the modern world since the Internet came to prominence. However, with the advent of social sites and networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like, the amount of horror stories, privacy violations and very misadvised user behavior has skyrocketed exponentially. People that have been victimized, either by bad security policies or by users' own silly or stupid behavior, range from average everyday people to prominent national figures such as executives and politicians. The companies behind social networks do have a duty to close and prevent security holes and lapses but users need to arm themselves as well. The internet is a vast echo chamber that spans the entire world. Once certain things are done or…. [read more]

Law Enforcement - Interviews Term Paper

… Law Enforcement - Interviews


Interview Subject 1 - NYPD Detective Sergeant:

Sergeant, thank you for agreeing to this interview under condition of anonymity.

Could you please synopsize your law enforcement background in as much detail as you are comfortable?

Sure. I got on with the NYPD 18 years ago, worked in anti-crime units and various street crime details, among other things, before going to a precinct detective squad. In 2001 I was promoted to Sergeant and a few months later, after 9/11, I was assigned to the NYPD-FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) working out of 26 Federal Plaza where I have been ever since.

What are your main responsibilities?

I work mostly in counterterrorism, our office follows up on investigative leads,…. [read more]

Law Enforcement Interview Imagine Studying Essay

… When this is in place, one learns that their standards are higher, and he or she adheres to them in a more efficient manner. They actually take that time to care for others and to put them first, instead of themselves. These individuals do whatever is possible to keep learning more about this topic and to make suggestions in which to make the work environment more pleasant despite having to deal with crimes and perpetrators' on a regular basis (Heinze, 2011). "I don't like seeing misbehavior in the workplace because a person is supposed to be professional and not acting dysfunctional" (Heinze, 2011).

From what Daniel has heard from others, he mentioned that not enough ethics classes are taking place. They take one class during…. [read more]

Social Media the Exponential Growth Thesis

… Social Media

The exponential growth of the Internet has created an astronomical number of options for communication, connectivity, entertainment and knowledge attainment, right at the fingertips of any connected individual. One of the most important functions of the internet is that it creates a virtual world where interaction is possible, be it to seek obscure messages or not so obscure pastime opportunities within the confines of ones own home. The stress of this function is that without leaving home an individual, theoretically could live nearly their entire life. This as a theory has both positive and negative outcomes, many of which are yet to be realized and/or studied from a sociological and/or psychological perspective.

The foundations of social media networking sites, like facebook, twitter, youtube…. [read more]

Law Enforcement and Computer-Based Crime Term Paper

… The assurance of personal privacy guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution has been severely destabilized by the advent of technology within all aspects of society, and the workplace especially has become a battleground in the fight for to preserve privacy. Detractors of employee monitoring condemn the regular invasions of privacy that are a vital function of website tracking software, email recording devices and other employee supervision tools. Employee advocacy groups consistently argue that the creation of personal correspondence, as well as the use of online media outlets, is a right protected by an individual's personal expectation of privacy, despite who claims ownership of computers and other equipment being used. Conversely, the right to gather, assemble and manipulate the raw data collected or…. [read more]

Law Enforcement Officer Definition Justice Essay

… Although upholding civil liberties is occasionally presented as in opposition to community safety, showing respect for community members can often enhance the enforcement of justice. Members of a mosque are more likely to come forward with information about potential radicals if members of the police force treat them with respect than if they are hostile. Incorporating members of the community into the police force are often the best ways to ensure such a positive dialogue. "A community policing agency also has to thoughtfully examine where it is seeking recruits, whom it is recruiting and hiring, and what is being tested" (Community policing defined, 2011, Department of Justice).

Part of the Department of Homeland Security's training that it offers through the Federal Enforcement Training Center involves…. [read more]

Principles Policies and Rules in Legislation and Police Power Term Paper

… Law and Police Powers

Recent changes to the law in Queensland, and to the powers of police there, mean that citizens need to think twice next time they stroll home after a night at the pub, climb a tree in a local park or question why a police officer has asked him or her to do something. Citizens' right to free use of public spaces is not as clear and unmitigated as it once was.

The two enactments of most concern are the police move-on powers located in the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 and public nuisance law as set out in the Summary Offences Act 2005. These are separate arms of the law, but have the effect of greatly increasing the number of…. [read more]

Use of Force in Law Enforcement Thesis

… ¶ … Force in Law Enforcement

The controversy swirling about Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a respected Cambridge professor who happens to be an African-American, and Sgt. James M. Crowley, a police officer who arrested him at his home after someone called the police and said someone was breaking into it, is just one example of the wavering gray area which officers have to tread when deciding when to use force or not. When harangued because of his mistake, the officer took offense and the conversation became heated, setting off a controversy which reached the White House. President Barack Obama made the remark in a news conference that the police acted "stupidly" and the incident became a national issue. The New York Times reflected that…. [read more]

Counter-Terrorism and Social Media: Freedom Essay

… The debate over the issue of security and preemptive strikes doctrine as opposed to the right to privacy and the right to a private life have taken into account the increased necessity of both. However, while the Republicans argue for the supremacy of the Patriot Act, no matter the costs involved, the Democrats, although not dismissing entirely the idea of actions against terrorists on the homeland, do consider the right to privacy as being crucial in the development of a normal and democratic society.

FISA represents the acronym for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a Cold War piece of legislation that regulates the foreign electronic surveillance techniques used by the U.S. intelligence agencies. More precisely the 1978 Act "establishes a legal regime for foreign intelligence surveillance…. [read more]

Role of Women in Law Essay

… Moreover, the paper also indicates that women are more likely to be respected, or treated more gently, with less abuses hurled at them than men in the police.

Violence against women is a major issue, where the report states that (Lonsway, Moore, Harrington, Smeal, & Spillar, 2003):

"Research indicates that 2-3 million women are physically assaulted each year in the U.S. By their male partners. In addition, the most recent national estimates indicate that 1 out of 6 American women will be sexually assaulted and 1 out of 12 will be stalked during their lifetime." (Lonsway, Moore, Harrington, Smeal, & Spillar, 2003, p. 7)

Therefore, it is better for more women to be a part of the police force as women respond better to battered…. [read more]

Employee Privacy Torts Issues Relating Research Paper

… If they are unable to lawfully withhold the information asked for, the act allows a complaint to be lodged in federal court since the right to access is enforceable.

The exemptions to this act are documents that are classified as secret because of national defense or foreign policy, documents related to internal personnel rules and practices, documents exempted by other statutes, trade secrets, confidential or privileged commercial or financial information, privileged inter and intra-agency memorandum, documents that would clearly lead to invasion of personal privacy, documents complied for law enforcement purposes, documents related to SEC regulated financial institutions and those which contain exempt information regarding gas and oil wells.

The act, however, does not apply to records held by the federal judiciary or the U.S.…. [read more]

Media Bias in America Term Paper

… Media Bias

Knowledge is rarely neutral, often consciously shaped by these special interests and then unconsciously imbibed from our earliest childhood experiences as cultural "normality." More ominously, manipulation, misinformation, and deception are inescapably entwined with one's belief in the "truth." Propaganda also impacts on the level of public discourse by positively as well as negatively influencing the democratic process. Propaganda is thus common to how image makers influence, how educators teach, how sellers sell, and how elites govern."

Richard Alan Nelson

Political Media Bias

Without a doubt, political media bias exists, and has for a very long time. In fact the basis of the prolific media in the early development of the nation was simply as a voice for the varied political ideologies to demonstrate…. [read more]

Social Equity Is a Key White Paper

… In addition, public administration has the duty of burdening the responsibility of creating and maintaining a commonwealth. However, in practice the relationship between citizenry and administrators is complex, making matters of government operation, citizen engagement, and design in administration complex (Candler & Dumont, 2010). This is the result of a global phenomenon, which has led to the creation of the concept of direct citizenry engagement. The need for local responsibility is a challenge for the administrator to create citizenry engagement for some administrative functions, like security. However, these remains a challenge for leaders as national integrated systems of administration are in the way of future governance.

2.2 Analysis of Theories of the Conference

2.2.1 Public Administration Leadership

Leadership in public administration entails the "exercise of…. [read more]

Shifting Seas of Global Social Term Paper

… "

Strategically, the Wells Fargo, or "Aguilla Blanca" as they called it, incident created two extreme problems for both the American officials and the Machetero base. Previously, the Macheteros were responsible or struggles against the armed forces of the U.S., whom they deemed an occupying force; after the incident, they were responsible for the death of two American civilians (the truck drivers), and made public throughout the rest of the continental U.S. That publicity proved the second problem, and made its weight known within the FBI. No longer were the Macheteros creating terror in the military stage, they had transferred their criminal state to the public sector, instilling fear in the everyday lives of Americans as a means of coercion, acquiring new funds from the…. [read more]

Policy Analysis -- Gang Activity Research Paper

… Researchers reached to three conclusions at the end of this exercise. Firstly, approximately 8 out of each 10 cities had been noted to experience gang homicide cases on a frequent basis. Secondly, the pattern of gang homicide cases in these cities was experiencing an increasing curve allowing the problem to grow further and getting into the roots of the city. Thirdly, around 20-40% of all homicide cases pertained to gang killing in the two largest cities. These cities comprised 70% of the total population selected for the analysis (Howell et al., 2011).

The study revealed that gang activity has prevailed throughout the nation. It was not just confined to the State of New York. The presence of gangs in these regions raises doubts over the…. [read more]

Policing Social Control and Prison Essay

… Policing, Social Control, And Prison

Policing, Social Control and Prison

There are over two million people incarcerated in the United States today, this comes out to fifteen prisoners for every 100,000 persons (Pager, 2003, p. 937). This is a 600% increase since the 1970s and gives the country the highest internment rate on the planet. Imprisonment has been gone from a penalty reserved chiefly for the most atrocious offenders to one given for a much greater range of crimes and much greater proportion of the population. Recently developed crime policy has led to judges imposing harsher sentences for a wider variety of offenses packing our prisons with an ever growing number of individuals (Pager, 2003, p. 938).

Drug related violence is has become widespread not…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Elder Abuse Policy Essay

… Where we have support of judges, prosecutors, law-enforcing authorities who are ready to respond to the cases files and take necessary actions in a speedy manner, these issues can be curtailed to the greater extent. Most of these cases take place because of vulnerability of the victim and their lack of trust on the judiciary system. Once the necessary legal representatives play their role, in this regard. The cases can be reduced greatly.

NON-GOVERENMENT ORGANIZTIONS are major stakeholders in this regard. Where the victims do not have access to the government or prosecution support or any other law enforcing bodies, the NGOs can represent the victims and contact these authorities on their behalf. There are various NGOs such as International Network of Prevention of Elder…. [read more]

Employment Law First Quote Essay

… However, last year gave a tough time to the public companies as well as the private ones. Then membership rate in unions of public companies came to 35.9% (2012) from 37% (2011). Whereas, in case of private sector companies, the rate showed less fluctuation and came to 6.6% from 6.9%.

This drastic decline in number of members is justified by the officials of unions. According to them, it is due to state driven arguments' regarding collective bargain and traditional federal laws for labours which has resulted in such decrease in number of members.

Some people say that unions are just adding up the organization's costs. They are not a source of value addition; neither to the workplace nor to the employees. According to James Sherk…. [read more]

Human Trafficking the State Department Research Paper

… Within the text of the law itself, there is little description of these programs, and no provisions for funding. The law also includes provisions for the victims of trafficking. These include outlining the requirements to receive funding, definitions of trafficking victims, the production of the annual report, the investigation and prosecution of offenders and protections for victim, including clauses related to immigration status (TVPA, 1475-78). The law also sets the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. These are the standards that are used in the annual report to grade other nations on their anti-trafficking legislative environment. The minimum standards are:

The prohibition of severe forms of trafficking

Mandatory severe punishment for those found guilty of sex trafficking

Severe punishment for other forms of severe…. [read more]

Data Collection Includes Survey Form Term Paper

… The awareness to legal and ethical considerations regarding the social media is also observed through statistical analysis of the results. The conclusion and recommendation will also base the survey results to analyzemost important aspects of the training required by law enforcement agencies (Fresenko, 2010).

Question 3:

Role of Social media's in spreading lawlessness: Case study of London Riots in 2011.

The role of social media is regarded as a critical in the changing technological paradigm. The instant availability of a platform to express one's opinion, reaction, and claims is one of the notable advancement in communications. The friends and family members living in different geographical locations are connected through a social media wall. The individual users update their status and information regarding any event occurring…. [read more]

International Labour Law Term Paper

… ¶ … Professor Alston on the 'core labor standards' of the International Labour Organization (ILO), a review of how the Declaration goes against the original intent of the 1919 ILO tradition ( 2012). Pointing out that the intent of the ILO was to serve as a globally represented oversight in setting standards for International labor laws through use of conventions. Conventions being made up of legal and government delegates from each country to convene to discuss issues with labor and trade relations. According to Anderson in an article on Labour Rights on a Global Context, there are three main areas where international rights and enforcement coincide. Making social rights constitutional is an area deeply affected by politics and economic influences. Those with power be it…. [read more]

Social Construction of Race Essay

… Thus, white men have escaped the racial profiling that many argue is an essential law enforcement tactic (Irons, 2010).

How Social Institutions Contribute towards Racism

Social institutions like education, social welfare, and the criminal justice system reproduce social arrangements based on race and gender. Individuals who staff and run these institutions bring to them some consciousness informed by ideological belief systems that rationalize racial disparities. Pervasive ideological constructions of race create preconditions for how individuals are perceived and treated. The extent to which institutional arrangements mirror those of the broader society can be seen as normal and inevitable outcomes.

Uniformity in managing these tensions of race is found among all major social institutions. The ability of the criminal justice system to absorb the individuals, who…. [read more]

International Law Research Paper

… " (Hathaway, 2005)


This work has examined the issue of the legitimacy of international law and the enforcement authority of international law and has found that the state is ultimately the political power and actor that determines whether international law is enforceable and as well is the authority with the power to actually enforce international law. However, the political factors that are entangled with such decisions requires that more in-depth future study be applied in this area of research.


Besson. S. And Tasioulas, J. (2010) The Philosophy of International Law. Oxford University Press. 2010.

Cassels, A. (1996) Ideology and International Relations in the Modern World. London and New York. Retrieved from;

Coleman, Katharina P. (2007) International Organizations and Peace Enforcement Operations: The…. [read more]

Living Constitutionalism as the Leader Term Paper

… This exceptionalism myth is entrenched in the hackneyed national ethos dubbed 'the American dream,' which highlights a set of ideals such as equal opportunities for success, prosperity, and upward social mobility

During the campaign trail ahead of the November 2012 presidential poll, President Barack Obama affirmed that while he believed in America as 'the indispensable nation' and the 'leader of the free world,' he did not think that it was any greater than, say, Vietnamese exceptionalism, British exceptionalism or any other country's brand of nationalistic and patriotic chest-thumping. Obama reiterated that greatness lies in humility and the desire to acknowledge other countries' integrity; as a leader of the free world, America should be humble and unpretentious


As stipulated in the American constitutional dispensation, the…. [read more]

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