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Law Enforcement the Rampart Incident Illustrates Term Paper

… Law Enforcement

The Rampart incident illustrates the ethical conflicts that can and do arise in law enforcement. Formal codes of ethics are often set aside for street codes, or "cop codes." These cop codes engender corruption in cases like Rampart in which evidence planting and unjustified shootings were kept silent by a cadre of officers. Loyalty to fellow officers is one thing; covering up unethical or even criminal behavior is yet another. Moreover, the unethical behavior exhibited by a relative few taints the reputation of the entire department and leads to a lack of public trust in law enforcement. An absence of strong civilian oversight exacerbates the problem.

As the review panel's report shows, the current generation of officers are "more likely to challenge authority,…. [read more]

Police Ethics Racial Profiling Bias Thesis

… Racial Profiling and Unlawful Discrimination in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is a difficult science, with the impetus upon police
officers to uphold criminal and civil legislation often jarring with the
unique opportunities available to officers for deviation from such
standards. Though at one time the police officer was regarded by the
general public as a source of protection from the corruption of society,
that is a reputation which has been relegated to history and idealization.
In reality, there have been a great many high profile cases across the
United States where systemic abuses have rendered police officers highly
suspect to the general public. The study here is instructed toward
understanding the institutional characteristics of policing that make its
practitioners susceptible to deviation from mainstream ethical…. [read more]

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