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Israel's Military Culture Research Paper

… 1967-1993:

Operation Focus took place in 1967, when the Israeli Air Force bombed the Egyptian airfields that later on expanded to Syria as well as Jordanian and Iraqi airfields.

From 1967-70 another operation took place that is referred to as the War of Attrition. In this war, many operations were involved. These operations include operation Inferno (1968), operation Bulmus 6 (1969), operation Boxer (1969), operation Raviv (1069), operation Priha (1070), operation Rooster 53 (1969) and operation Escort (1969).

In 1973 the Yom Kippur War took place that includes the operation Doogman 5 (1973) and operation Abirey-Halev (1973).

In 1982, the Lebanon War took place that includes operation Peace for Galilee (1982), Battle of Sultan Yacoub, operation Mole Cricket 19, Siege of Beirut, Battle of Jezzine…. [read more]

Israel Internal Security Case Study

… Israel Internal Security Case Study

Nature of the state

Israel is a young nation, developed following WWII, when Britain withdrew from Palestine and the United Nations partitioned a portion of it for the resettlement of displaced Jews following the war. Arab nations in the region and Palestine itself rejected the arrangement, but it was followed through with nonetheless. The arrangement developed into several costly wars in which the Israeli army was successful, with the aide of foreign backing but many deep rooted tensions have not been resolved since. The Israeli government also occupies additional lands, which were acquired through these costly wars, most notably the Gaza strip and a few other regions, though some have been returned to their nation of origin since.

On 25…. [read more]

2006 War Between Israel and Lebanon Term Paper

… Israel & Hezbollah (in Lebanon)

The Conflict Between Israel and Hezbollah - 2006

Key historical issues between Israel and their Arab neighbors living in Palestine and Lebanon: There is a bloody history between Israel and Arabs and hence it is appropriate to review those conflicts at the outset of this paper. Indeed, prior to the war between Israel and Lebanon that began in July, 2006, Israel had engaged in five major wars, or conflicts, with Arab states that border with Israel. It should be noted in terms of perspective that the United Nations authorized a Jewish State in the territory that is now Israel following WWII; the genocidal slaughter of an estimated 3 million Jews in Europe, carried out by the German Nazis, raised the…. [read more]

Israel 1948 A2 Coursework

… ¶ … Israel 1948 was one of the key turning points in the political development of the contemporary Middle East. From 1948 on, Israel was an independent state ruled by their own government which brought Israeli organizations together under one rule, liberated from foreign influence. After the creation of the State of Israel, frequent wars in opposition to its existence broke out due to the tremendous antagonism felt towards a Zionist state (e.g. The Arab-Israeli war 1948, the 1956 Suez War, 1967 Six Day War, 1967-1970 War of Attrition and Yom Kippur 1973). It was wars such as these that forced Israel to bolster its own military defense, increase diplomatic ties with the West, and attempt to become a self-sufficient "island" surrounded by enemies. Israel,…. [read more]

Israel Country Study Research Paper

… Political/Government Assessment

There is no constitution that is followed in Israel. Instead, the affairs of the country are regulated and administered under the Declaration of Establishment (1948) in addition to the laws made by the parliament and citizens. The Head of the State is always the President which is regarded as a principally ceremonial responsible position. The legislature has the responsibility of electing the President for a term of 7 years without any term limits. On the other hand, the Prime Minister is responsible for heading the government. Normally, the largest party's leader is given the mentioned position after the completion of legislative elections. The unicameral legislature has a Knesset consisting of one hundred and twenty seats. The members of Knesset are selected by ballot…. [read more]

Palestinian and Israeli Conflict in International Law Term Paper

… Palestinian and Israeli Conflict in International Law

History by itself and the differing views of history possibly play a very significant role in the conflict between the people of Palestine and Israel. Thus historical accounts and the interpretation of these accounts are made use of in the claims and counter claims of the parties in the dispute. "No two historians ever agree on what happened, and the damn thing is they both think they're telling the truth" (a Brief History of Israel and Palestine and the Conflict)

History of the Conflict from the Time of Creation of Israel

The UN General Assembly agreed to a plan November 29, 1947 for the division of Arab lands into the three parts of Israel Palestine and an internationally-administered…. [read more]

Course Is Comparative Politics Term Paper

… ¶ … Israel's Security Policies Relating to the Building of the Wall

The problem is terrorism or rather in general terms, the lack of security for the state of Israel. Since its inception in 1948, the Jewish state has been subjected to numerous attacks from its Arab neighbors, each of which has, as its stated aim, the destruction of the state of Israel. Winning independence in 1948, after a bitter fight, it would be forced time and again to fight for its existence. Israel's reaction to the security problem over the years has been to build a series of fixed structures or walls to keep its enemies out. These structures have done more to increase the security of the State of Israel, than any other…. [read more]

Law of Return in Israel Research Paper

… Law of Return in Israel

The Israeli Law of Return act has generated much controversy ever since the moment of its implementation, given that critics regard it as being racist and unreasonable toward non-Jewish individuals who want to settle in Israel and expect to be treated as equals. Surely, the matter is divisive, considering that seen from a Jewish perspective, it is merely a method of encouraging individuals to return and reside in a place where they can feel at home and where they are not persecuted because of their ethnicity. It is difficult to determine whether Jewish authorities have had reason to put into practice the Law of Return, but it is however obvious that this legislation comes against a series of values supported…. [read more]

Effects of Zionism on the Peace Process Between Israel and the Palestinians Term Paper

… ¶ … Zionism on the peace process between Israel and Palestinians brief history and forms of Zionism

Brief history of Jewish way to the own state

Creating an own state - Israel

The history of Israeli territory

Arab anti-Semitism and conflicts

When talking about such complicated and very uneasy question as Zionism is, we have to research the process during which it was formed and developed. Zionism is rather spread among Jews and has many followers among both Israelites and Jewish Diaspora because many "religious Jews today possess the sole remaining form of Jewish nationalism with any of the basic building blocks of a living idea:(Yoram Hazony, the Zionist Idea and Its Enemies).

Unfortunately practically all countries blame Jews for being Zionists as they find…. [read more]

Israel Debate Continue Essay

… Resolution 242 did not have anything to do with establishing a Palestinian state, as I said previously, nor did it need to in order to carry the same weight in the West Bank as in the Sinai Peninsula: this was another State's territory that Israel invaded and currently occupies, and though the statehood of this territory has undergone many changes in the ensuing decades it was unequivocally part of a State in 1967. To suggest otherwise is either to display extreme ignorance or to be disingenuous.

You also make an assumption regarding my "agreement" with the representative of the Soviet Union regarding which countries certain territories belong to. I cited this representative specifically in regards to the interpretation of Resolution 242 and what it called…. [read more]

Zionism "Diaspora" Is a Greek Term Paper

… Instead of associating Zionism with the establishment of Israel, Zionism now includes the principles of protecting the homeland, bringing all the Jews back to Israel, instilling the importance if the state of Israel into the hearts of all Jews, and maintaining Jewish life and culture. 1968 marked a change in the intention and principles of Zionism, with Jerusalem in the possession of the Israelis, Zionists refocused their attention toward the preservation and flourishing of Jewish culture and religion. It marked the end of the childhood of Zionism and the beginning of its adulthood.

Zionism originally formed in the 19th century as a movement intent on the creation of a place where Jews from all over the world could live and cultivate their culture and religion.…. [read more]

Israeli Palestinian Conflict and the Middle East Term Paper

… International Politics

The Threat of Terrorism the Context of International Relations between the U.S. And the Middle East

The threat of terrorism in the U.S. is inextricably linked to the events in the Middle East and the perceived role of the U.S. many of those events; especially in the Israeli/Palestinian disputes. The U.S. is a major power and the country has not been afraid to use that power in international relations. It is the way that the power has been used, often for the support of Israel, to the detriment of Arabic nations.

To appreciate this one can look at the way in which the U.S. has supported Israel, this was seen with the 'friendship' formed between Kennedy and David Ben-Gurion (Bass 2). Building ion…. [read more]

Liberal Position in the U.S Essay

… As Zbigniew Brzezinski has argued, if the U.S. In the past dealt only with Arab governments, today America has to deal with the Arab public. The United States therefore cannot continue its policy of supporting peace talks rhetorically but continue its unequivocal support of Israel in action (a policy pursued by the Bush Administration). The United States should be ready to support Palestinians as well, pressuring Israel to embrace negotiations because the current impasse is bad for Israel as well as the United States ("Brzezinski Says Peace Impasse Menaces Israel, U.S.").

Why More Support for War Veterans Needed

The number of servicemembers transitioning to the veteran status has dramatically increased in the last decade due to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of…. [read more]

Arab-Israeli Conflict Tensions Between Israel and Palestinians Term Paper

… Arab-Israeli Conflict

Tensions between Israel and Palestinians have been of great concern to the rest of the world ever since they began, in 1947. In that year, Great Britain, who governed the area as a protectorate and with the approval of the United Nations (Bennis, 1997), partitioned the land so that both Palestinians and Israelis could live in what was then called Palestine. This action was taken as a response to the Holocaust of World War II. World powers felt that Jewish people needed a homeland, and some Jews had been quietly moving to Palestine for some years. These "Zionists" believed they had an historical claim to the land, but the Palestinians currently living there viewed it as theirs, and they had been there for…. [read more]

Israel Palestinian Conflict Term Paper

… Middle East Simulations

From the beginning, the situation in the Middle East was contentious, with historic actions creating divisive issues between Palestinians and Israelis. In 63 B.C., Rome conquered Judea, the ancient Jewish homeland, and renamed it Palestine. Palestine was later conquered and inhabited by Arabs for over a millennium. At the end of the 19th century, Arabs and Jews lived together in Palestine under Ottoman Empire rule. As pogroms worsened in Russia and Europe, significant numbers of Jews emigrated, but remained only 10% of the population. At the same time, the Zionist movement was created to make Israel a Jewish state.

During World War I, Great Britain backed an open revolt by the Arabs against the Ottomans, who supported Germany and Austria, in return…. [read more]

Israeli Politics and Society Term Paper

… Israeli Politics

Separating Religion from National Identity: Interview with Avraham B. Yehoshua."

Palestine - Israel Journal of Politics, Economics, and Culture

When researching the Middle East, one of the most important concepts to question is the idea of 'identity.' The state of Israel is based upon the commonly shared Jewish identity, religion, and history of all of its citizens. However, its notions of citizenship and identity extend far beyond its physical borders. Everyone who is Jewish is potentially a citizen of Israel. This sense of citizenship encompasses many different individuals within its definition, including people of different races, ethnic groups, and levels of religiosity. The state of Israel illustrates one of the paradoxes of the region. Every Middle Eastern person has intense tribal loyalties, not…. [read more]

Future Wars of the Middle East Will Result Over Water Shortages Term Paper

… Water in the Middle East

Governments around the world have a primary concern over water availability and the Middle East and North Africa are no exception. The thesis evaluates the possibility of future wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa due to water scarcity and limited water resources presently being experienced in that region.

The paper starts by revealing the gravity of the situation by showing the present statistics surrounding the problem of water scarcity throughout the world. Thereafter, the paper highlights the importance of water in the national economy. From then on, the paper briefly discusses the present situation of water scarcity in the Middle East by noting down the present available resources of water in the Middle East. Lastly, the paper briefly…. [read more]

Israeli Settlement Policies Research Paper

… Israeli Settlement Policies

There are Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Golan Heights and East Jerusalem. These highly contested Jewish communities range in size from small villages to now recognized cities. To better understand this situation, this paper will overview the background on Israelis settlements. The legality of settlements, in regards to International Law, will also be discussed. UN resolutions regarding the settlements will be reviewed. This will be followed by a discussion of the impact of settlements on Palestinians in the West Bank. The preferential treatment the settlements receive, compared to the original cities, will be presented. Lastly, how settlemenst should be addressed in the future will be overviewed.

Israeli Settlements Background:

Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and West Bank have existed for…. [read more]

Israeli Occupation of the Gaza Term Paper

… It is therefore evident that U.S. financial aid actually becomes a source for other countries to commit violence, injustice, and atrocities against other countries or societies.

It is also worth noting that Petter's article was a personal narration of her condition and the political debacle she had to go through in order to justify the protest she had joined at Israel. Speaking for other people's protests against Israel's commitment of injustice against Palestine, she asserted, "[f]or daring to witness and report the brutal effects the wall is taking on the Palestinian population, I have been deemed a "security threat" by the State of Israel ... " Her narrative remained an open-ended report on the continuing conflict between Israel and Palestine supporters.

The personal tone that…. [read more]

Interventionism From the Perspective Case Study

… These studies serve as the foundation for this present analysis.

Other studies have shown that foreign military intervention can easily be conducted even if they are in violation of the United Nations charter and lack authorization of the Security Council (Cassese 1999). This shows that countries can and do act on their own in engaging in interventionism. The motives for doing so are what this study plans to investigate.

A number of Western countries support humanitarian interventionism but they have not yet intervened in Syria. The reality behind humanitarian interventionism is that there are clear political, geopolitical, and economical consequences to every foreign intervention. Intervention is not merely a humanitarian crusade but rather a highly explosive affair that can cripple countries' infrastructures and have global…. [read more]

History of the Brotherhood Group Term Paper

… Unfortunately, the nonviolent methods of the Muslim Brotherhood do not work against the armed forces of the Syrian government.

Western Concerns

The country that watches the events happening in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries is Israel. The government in Israel is worried that the Brotherhood is not as peaceful as they have made it seem, and that they are waiting to obtain power and start another war with Israel. The government in Israel remembers that "Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna (1906-49) said he learned a great deal from the Nazis about the effectiveness of propaganda in spreading hatred of Jews" (Patterson, 2011). This type of vitriol is common to Israel, but they can see a time when the Muslim Brotherhood achieves their goals…. [read more]

Applying Negotiation Skills to Bill Thesis

… Conclusions

Both the parties got the best result as far as getting national interest related conditions were concerned. While Egypt got the Sinai Desert back, it didn't make any progress on the Palestinian Issue, while the Israeli were able to get a peace treaty with the Egyptians without even touching the issue of Palestine much. The resultant of the negotiations were aimed at even normalizing the situation between the two countries, and heeded the way of the Peace Process in the Middle East.

Bill Clinton and the Negotiations with North Korea

As the 42nd President of the United States of America, there can be little doubt regarding the contributions of this Democrat. On an international level, the 1993 Peace Agreement between Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak…. [read more]

Arab-Israeli Conflict Research Proposal

… ¶ … establishment of the Israeli State and the long subsequent series Arab-Israeli wars over it has been at the heart of Middle Eastern conflict over six decades. The fundamental conflict between Israel and the Palestines displaced by the first offensive Arab attacks on the nascent Israeli state continues to fuel tensions throughout the entire region. Unlike many other conflicts that eventually reach a peaceful settlement, the intractable conflict over the Palestinian refugee issue has developed into a continuous cycle of violence that is not leading towards any agreement or peace. Complex issues of identities, fulfillment of basic needs, nationalism, religious zeal, and cultural differences have compounded the problem.

The various influences demand an objective analysis and a philosophical approach to laying groundwork for stability…. [read more]

Political Boundaries and Conflicts Research Paper

… Political Boundaries and Conflicts

Boundaries refer to physical or psychologically established separations, which mark the ends of agreeable operations and internalities within two or more nations. Every country in the world has its own boundary in the partition, which marks the geological exemplification from one country to another. For instance, the United States of America has boundaries, which separate it from its neighboring countries like Mexico. Germany is a nation with boundaries and shows the end of its geographical dominance with its neighboring countries. Any nation has boundaries and possible most of which are politically instilled. For instance, rivaling political parties exhibit political boundaries, which denote the depth of their political dominance in the region. Still between two or more countries, political boundaries are bound…. [read more]

Day War and Its Influence Term Paper

… Day War and Its Influence on the Political an Social Culture in Israel

The 6-day war has had a significant impact on the lives Israelis. Israelis by and large have shown significant progress to modernize their political, economic and social fabric. Their efforts are second to none, particularly, in the education and technological sector. However, the war-mentality amongst its political elite and its military bureaucracy has overshadowed its achievements in almost all areas. This, for many, has been a source of discomfort. Many argue that the state is going in the wrong direction and needs to review its current policies, not only domestic and foreign policies, but also political, social and economic ones too. Colin (2008; pg 1) writes, "The state of Israel has been…. [read more]

Achieving Peace in the Middle Term Paper

… But the majority of Israelis and Palestinians, who want to live their lives without fear or fighting, know that their only lasting escape is through an agreement acceptable to both sides (After, 2002)

Led by Saudi Arabia, all the Arab countries have now said that they will accept Israel once it has withdrawn from its conquests in the 1967 war, a withdrawal first demanded by the UN Security Council 35 years ago. The two-state solution is now even agreed to by Mr. Sharon, though his concept of a Palestinian state on less than half the West Bank would be, in Palestinian words, no more than a collection of "statelets in Israel's belly (After, 2002)."

Each time there is a war the hatred grows deeper and…. [read more]

Gaza War Began in 2008 Essay

… Because of Israel's failure to effect any change as a result of the 2006 war against Hezbollah, the state of Israel was eager to demonstrate its capabilities in the new field of Asymmetrical war. [4: Page 5, Cordesman, Anthony. The Gaza War: A Strategic Analysis. Center for Strategic and International Studies, March 3rd, 2009.]

When Hamas reiterated its proclamations that the state of Israel did not have a right to exist in 2008, Israel took it upon itself to launch a pre-emptive strike on Hamas in Gaza, which was characterized by three things. First, the border crossing was overrun by Israeli troops, bringing the economy of Gaza to a standstill. Israel also threatened the cutting off of water and electricity in Gaza. Hamas responded…. [read more]

Assassination of the Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri Term Paper

… Assination of Rafik Hariri: Extinguishing a Light in the Middle East

Lebanon is an oddity in the Middle East; a diverse cultural mixture that were it not for outside influences vying for power and control of the country might perhaps achieve a culturally and economically successful society. It has on more than one occasion in its war torn history attempted to do that. To become a Singapore of the Middle East; or at least such was the vision held by Lebanon's late former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri (he had resigned in 2004), who was assassinated in February, 2005 (Denoeux and Springborg, 1998, p. 158). "Consciously striving to emulate its putative Phoenician heritage, Lebanon was the only truly cosmopolitan Arab country (Denoeux and Springborg, 1998, p.…. [read more]

U.S. Policies in the Middle Term Paper

… One example is that of Jordan, which received aid from the U.S.A. despite the widespread repression at the time and also its autocratic rule. It is sometimes stated that the U.S. policies have given rise to the upsurge and rising of Islamic governments as well as Islamic movements. The U.S.A. has been showing great concern about the rising of the Islamic movement in the Middle East, and what must be understood is the fact that Islam is a religion that is very much diverse in its interpretations of the teachings of Islam and these teachings can also be applicable to contemporary political issues. Not all of the religion is intolerant of the West; in fact there are some people who believe that believe in an…. [read more]

Palestine How Would You Feel Term Paper

… However, when they felt that Palestine was not taking this seriously, they reversed their steps which paved way for yet another failed effort (Erin, 143)

The Road Map for Peace was an agreement designed by America, EU, UN and Russia. All the countries agreed for the formation of an independent state of Palestine. It was the first one in which the country would get the status of being a separate state. The planned objectives were for both countries to end violence and live in harmony with each other. Failure of the plan was due to in cooperation from both sides. Out of all the peace accords ever proposed, the road map to peace b [picked up some pace after the death of Yasser Arafat. The…. [read more]

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