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Human Resources Management Legal Issues Essay

… Human Resources Management Legal Issues

Walmart legal environment

Walmart has a high standard of ethics which it tries to uphold at all times. This standard is upheld by all members of the organization including directors, suppliers, employees and contractors. The basis of this code of ethics is that it ensures that the same standards are applicable and therefore the organization is able to act ethically and in a consistent manner. This has helped the organization to have a reputation for its integrity and to act in a responsible manner that is consistent with their standards.

Since the company operates in a multicultural environment globally, there are different rules that govern each state and country meaning the business has to comply with the different cultures, laws,…. [read more]

Human Resource in Aviation Term Paper

… Market deregulation promotes fair market prices since institutions governing Airline operations share out of some powers. Unions promote proper management practices within the industry. Managers have a clear understanding of the needs of employees. Understanding of employees reduces firm losses since managers can meet profits and at the same time meet the needs of employees.

Unions are a cause to unemployment, the constant activities of unions increases the wages of employees in the industry. Increase in wages affects the company negatively by increasing the cost of production leading to few job opportunities. Actions of unions reduce efficiency of the industry; the high costs of production make industry players inefficient and slow to changes. Union activities relate to corruption; representative of the union bribed to sway…. [read more]

Human Resources Planning Budgeting Capstone Project

… A training that allows a company's employees to avoid violating new regulations, for example, can save the company both directly in terms of money (such as in fees that are not levied) but also save the company indirectly in terms of not losing good employees to other companies that act in more proactive ways or by losing public confidence because it acts in ways that indicate it does not hold public safety as its highest concern (Human resources reports and essays, 2006).

If these trainings are conducted at a site other than the company site, there will be associated costs such as travel costs and registration fees. The HR Department may also have to cover the costs of conference registration or (if in-house) of speakers…. [read more]

Laws and Wages Legislation Essay

… "The prevailing wage" in an area might be unrealistic compared with real economic indicators, and thus wage constraints might prevent many businesses from bidding on government contracts out of a fear of labor overruns and losing money. Instead, they are likely to find other projects where they are able to pay the low wages the economy is forcing them to pay -- likely at even lower rates than the government project could have afforded without the prevailing wage provisions -- and thus wages will stay depressed and business growth will remain stagnant.

This is not to suggest that private workers on government contracts do not deserve some form of wage protection or that there cannot be some form of standard used to determine equitable pay…. [read more]

Canadian Business and the Law Term Paper

… Financial ethics is Canada advocate for ethical behaviors in trading practices, sales practices, tax payment, consultancy services, trading conditions, financial contracting, auditing and executive compensation among others.

Ethics of human resource management advocate for ethical practices by employers in Canada during the recruitment or selection process of new employees, during orientation, performance appraisal, training and development. The industrial relations, health and safety issues are also covered in the ethics of HRM. Important to note is that in the recent past, ethics of HRM in Canada have been reviewed to include discrimination issues at the work place, fairness of the employment contract and privacy of both the employer and the employee.

The ethics of sales and marketing outline the ethical values, principles and ideas of which…. [read more]

Authority and Staff Essay

… ¶ … authority and staff authority. What type of authority do human resource managers have?

Line authority is basically a kind of authority which is exercised over line personnel in an organization. With line authority, a supervisor can give orders to subordinate employees. More importantly, line managers have the responsibility to ensure that their subordinates achieve their goals. In this way, line authority can be described as authority within a chain of command, and is the type of authority that one would expect a direct supervisor to assert (Erven, 2009). Line positions are those involved in day-to-day operations and are occupied by line personnel and line managers, and line authority flows down the chain of command. Staff authority differs from line authority in that staff…. [read more]

Strategic Human Resource Management (Shrm) Essay

… Managers given the HRM mandate to contribute in making strategic decisions are expected to have a familiar compliance to the legal environment (Pynes, 2009, pg 56).

The utmost purpose of an external legal environment is essential in an organization's human resource management as well to its practitioners. It is vital fro an organization to comprehend laws that regulate a corporation's human resource management actions. Managers given the HRM mandate to contribute in making strategic decisions are expected to have a familiar compliance to the legal environment and associate the experience to their professional expertise (Storey, 2009, pg 71).

Legal circumstances are perceived as a foundation on external environmental subsystems and should be directed towards comparative sectors of business such as HR. A firm is necessitated…. [read more]

Human Resources Issues at Comcast Group of Companies Term Paper

… Effects on the Organization -- Comcast may have legal problems if the member-employees can prove its fiduciary duty and they can. ERISA is a federal law, which protects those who participate in employee benefit plans. Participants include employees with stock options in a company. Recommendation and Implementation -- Comcast should confer with its legal and financial officers on how the decreases on company revenues and growth may be tackled without affecting the stock options of the retirement plan of the employees. It should take all steps possible to avoid violating the protective provisions of ERISA (Online Legal Media).

C. Conclusion

If Comcast listens and adopts the recommendations, racial and disability discriminations and the lawsuits filed will be resolved and prevented in the future. There will…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Essay

… These packages result in satisfaction, motivation and preservation of the employees in the organization (Youssef, 2012). Compensation is a mode of rewarding the employees for the work done. However, rewarding is only to employees whose efforts and talents aid them (employees) in achieving goals, objectives and performance expectations of their jobs. In addition, the employees contribute towards the attainment of organizational goals, objectives and competitive advantage. The recent developments in Human Resource Management link compensation to performance. Therefore, many Human Resource managers are developing performance-bases pay structures. This new introduction improves employees' performance as they work towards increasing their compensation package.

Rewards in the organization comprise; monetary rewards, non-monetary rewards and intrinsic rewards. Firstly, monetary awards include pay, bonuses and profit sharing. Pay includes salary,…. [read more]

Human Resources Companies That Pursue a Low-Cost Essay

… Human Resources

Companies that pursue a low-cost strategy tend to apply that strategy throughout the organization. Therefore, the most likely compensation mix is weighted heavily towards the intrinsic compensation.

The pursuit of a low-cost strategy implies that a company is attempting to be the absolute lowest-cost competitor, rather than being merely a low-cost competitor. The latter would not represent a source of competitive advantage. To achieve the position as the lowest-cost competitor in an industry requires complete organizational buy-in. Costs must be trimmed in every way possible, especially when other firms in the same industry are attempting to utilize the same strategy. As a result, the extrinsic compensation (pay) in such organizations is often in line with or lower than the industry standards. Executives in…. [read more]

Environmental Crime Tort Laws Are Designed Essay

… Environmental Crime

Tort laws are designed to protect individuals, groups or organizations against undue harm as a result of malice, negligence of willful recklessness. The key characteristics of tort concern the nature of the relationship between plaintiff and defendant, the degree of injury definable in the plaintiff and the liability of the defendant in the provocation or affliction of this injury. Usually, among the rudimentary factors in determining whether or not a party has some responsibility to those individuals negatively affected by some practice or incident at the behest of said party is that of a non-contractual association, with regards to negligence resulting from a more unintended or incidental relationship. So in determining whether or not a plaintiff is entitled to claims of a litigious…. [read more]

Human Resources International Term Paper

… Its strong hierarchical, family-dominated culture propelled the company to global prominence. But as the company looks to defend its leading position in many markets, it adjusted its HR policies to retain employees and attract high-potential local managers. The company recognized that it must now design global HR policies to give important subsidiaries more authority and flexibility to adapt to local habits and business methods (Berger, 2012).

The strong demand for the limited supply of talent in emerging markets, such as China, India, Brazil and the Middle East, ratchets up employee turnover rates into the double digits. Retention is a major issue because many workers don't hesitate to trade jobs for what European observers would view as nominal salary or benefit improvements. In some Indian IT…. [read more]

Human Population Thesis

… Human Population

World Overpopulation: The Rights of Humans vs. The Rights of Nature

Plan for Sustainability

Throughout history, different attitudes about the ideal interaction between humans and the earth have been standard. Traditionally, the biblical view that humans were dominant over the land drove many to believing the world was simply humankind's empty canvas. Throughout the middle ages, science began to move from an elementary to a more sophisticated state, and planetary and moon movements began to be documented accurately for the first time. Perhaps this first glimpse at the ability of humankind to explore nature using science shifted the thinking a bit, suggesting that nature could be observed by humankind, but not necessarily dominated. The industrial revolutions throughout Europe and the United States, however,…. [read more]

Blm - Bureau of Land Case Study

… O. No. 13,175. The interlocutors, in my opinion, failed in their responsibility to find a better and more amicable solution, which would have prevented the courts from having a dilemma on the judgment.

2) It is a travesty of life that, these lands, which originally, belonged to the Indian tribes, are now categorized as the property of the Federal Government. Moreover, "meaningful consultation," which was a term connoted by the past presidents of the U.S.A. actually meant serious discussion, especially with regard to extractive industries like mining, but that seemed to have had little effect on the outcome. It is a pity that the actual forefathers of the land are given no part in decision-making and are treated badly to boot. I also consider it…. [read more]

Laws Affecting the Human Resources Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … Laws Affecting the Human Resources Industry

In today's hypercompetitive, globalized economy, businesses must operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Even the slightest inefficiency can harm an organization's competitiveness and be detrimental to their profitability. For this reason, each facet of the organization is now typically underneath the microscope to see what improvements can be made, including Human Resources.

In the beginning of Human Resources, the human resource role was merely seen as a secretarial type role. Human resource personnel were charged with merely keeping records of the employees within an organization and had little to no say in the direction or strategies the organization was undertaking. Today, that role has changed.

As organizations began to realize the importance of not only retaining…. [read more]

Human Resources Management: How to Improve Minimum Wage Policy Management in Hong Kong Essay

… (Lovells, et al., 2012, paraphrased) In terms of record keeping, beginning May 1, 2013, employers are required by law to keep records of the employee's total worked hours where the employee's wage during any wage period total less than $12,300 which has been increased from HK$800 and when an employee is averaging more than $12,300 per month the net wages of the employee may be reduced by the exclusion of unworked time that is paid is less than $12,300 however, the Ordinance required record keeping will still be in effect. Therefore, it is necessary that employers keep good records of the number hours that each employees work. (Lovells, et al., 2012, paraphrased) It is stated to be critical to note that the calculation method and…. [read more]

How Corporate Social Responsibility Affect the Customer Consuming Behavior in the Hospitality Industry Research Proposal

… UDB Independent Studies Proposal & Request for Ethical Approval

Submit this proposal form when completed, to Turn it in via Moodle under the independent study section, as explained in the video tutorial available on Moodle in the BA Programme General Information section. Your proposal form will be graded and feedback made available via Moodle.

Please get this right

How Corporate Social Responsibility affect the customer consuming behaviour in the hospitality industry

What are the aim and objectives of your study?

The main aim of the study is to study the effect that the corporate social responsibility has on the consumer behavior within the hospitality industry.

Below, write your 3 objectives

With the help of secondary research, to study if corporate social responsibility has a link…. [read more]

Immigration Law H. 1b Work Visas Term Paper

… Immigration Law: AKA- H-1B work visas

A Brief Definition/Description Of The Current Law

The H-1B visa usually is regarded as a 'Non-Immigrant Visa' and authorizes employment with a sponsoring employer. (Lubin, 32) H-1B visa gives permission for a nonimmigrant foreigner to work for a short time in the United States in an area of expertise that needs hypothetical and useful application of a body of specific knowledge. Some of the expertise areas are architecture, engineering, medicine and health, law and arts. It is necessary for the supporting employer to appeal for the visa. (Clark, 21) the H-1B visas are exercised to fetch trained workers into U.S. with most of them being it professionals. (Michael, 8)

The employee must fulfill some norms together with educational along…. [read more]

Labor Laws and Unions Kaiser Essay

… If an employee was to voice concern over a particular issue, Kaiser does not have the right to immediately terminate that employment or punish that employee in any. Such drastic actions would definitely lead to litigation under wrongful termination. As such, Kaiser must make sure to take whistleblowing legislation very seriously in order to prevent potential situations from going to litigation.

In regards to other labor laws, Kaiser features a strong union at its very core, which continues to protect and advocate for employees of the organization. The union itself helps keep the company on track with the plethora of laws it must abode by, which is especially crucial in such a delicate industry as the healthcare field. Moreover, the union extends that protection to…. [read more]

Human Resource Management's Role Health Essay

… This method is an easy way for communicating about the job openings. Majority of the qualified applicant overlook the advertisement place on the classified advertisement, the reason for overlooking is that they might be satisfied with their jobs and they do not search for another job.


Employee retention is a process in which the healthcare industry makes maximum efforts retains their employees for a maximum period (Mejia-Gomez, 2010). Employee retention is favorable for both the organization as well as the employee. It is the responsibility of the employer to make efforts to retain their best staff, because there is a cost connected to the hiring the employees. Furthermore, retaining employees within healthcare industry has a positive impact on quality since employees get versed with…. [read more]

Patent Law and Genetic Medicine Term Paper

… Human Stem Cell Medical - Legal Implications

How Do Legal Issues in Patent Law Shape Ethical Decision in Human Stem Cell Research?

Patent Law & Genetic Medicine

This work examines the issue of human stem cell research from the view of the medical profession with an eye on funding, the public perspective and legislation historically affecting and futuristically possible in relation to research of the human genome. Specifically this work takes a look a the patenting process and how it is disputable as to whether patenting the human genome is plausible and what consequences might exist in this patents. This work notes the veritable quietness of the legal community at large in relation to this medical research issue and while this document is of the…. [read more]

Human Resource Management in Multinational Research Paper

… An environment that lacks resources limits the possibilities and effectiveness of employee training (Stahl, Bjo-rkman & Morris, 2012).

c. compensation

The position of a firm in the business cycle will determine how much the firm is capable and willing to give to the employees. For example, if a firm is a start up, possibilities are that it will pay more as it seeks to get the best talent into the company. In addition, most start-ups offer their employees Employee Stock Options where they can redeem their stocks after the lock period (Stahl, Bjo-rkman & Morris, 2012). States tend to have varying regulations pertaining to employee compensation and corporate institutions are obliged to ensure that their employees are compensated in accordance with the reigning laws are…. [read more]

Zero Tolerance Anti-Harassment Policy Essay

… The victim of any form of sexual harassment can be of any gender as well as the victim and harasser being of the same gender. Furthermore, the harasser can be a supervisor, peer, subordinate, or even a non-employee or third-party contractor. Any reports of any form of harassment, whether sexual or not, will be quickly and comprehensively investigated.

IV. Disabilities

Pomodoro will strive to be compliant with all ADA regulations in both U.S. locations as well as locations worldwide.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in everyday activities, such as buying an item at the store, going to the movies, enjoying a meal at a local restaurant, exercising at the health club,…. [read more]

Comcast Human Resources Inside Term Paper

… Comcast Human Resources


Comcast and Its People

Diversified Global Leadership

Comcast Corporation is a public company, which was incorporated in 1969 (Funding Universe, 2014). It is a leading cable, telecommunications, and entertainment company, which started as a producer of cable television. As the fourth largest cable company in the U.S., it has 4.4 million subscribers in 21 states. Its cable, cellular and wireless telephone products bring in the greatest revenues. Its professed company perspective is that it is a diversified global leadership in entertainment and telecommunications (Funding Universe).

Manpower is 26% of the Industry

Of the total reported workforce in the diversified entertainment industry is estimated at 493,419 of which 129,000 are Comcast employees worldwide or 26% in this industry (Comcast, 2014).…. [read more]

Career in Human Resources Research Paper

… ("Choose a Career," 2008)

HR development personnel are involved in training and orientation. A few of the different functions they are emphasizing include: training sessions, administering on-the-job training programs, evaluating training programs and maintaining necessary records of employee participation in all training / development programs. These objectives are achieved by having actual workshops or taking employees on field trips. This allows firms to deal with issues such as: hiring and training everyone (which is streamlining their costs and resources). ("Choose a Career," 2008)

Total rewards are when there is focus on the benefits that everyone is receiving. This means that HR staff is concentrating on a number of areas including: analyzing job duties, writing job descriptions, performing job evaluations / analysis, and conducting / studying…. [read more]

Law and Social Justice Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Justice -- Kantian Paradigm

The United States Supreme Court made a judgment in 1976 to allow the fifty states to reinstate capital punishment if they wish to. The state that has put the most convicted criminals to death is Texas. A New York Times article in October, 2011, points out that in his 11 years as Texas Governor, Rick Perry -- a candidate in the Republican Party for president of the United States -- there have been 236 people put to death through capital punishment. Although the governors in Texas do not have a firsthand role vis-a-vis decisions about who dies in Texas' capital punishment cases, Perry made one very controversial decision in 2004. He refused to commute the death penalty for…. [read more]

Human Resources Management - Maintaining Term Paper

… For his efforts, sales increased by more than 9% and total shareholder return rose by 56%. To leverage this success, Martinez created a core group of senior executives known as the Phoenix team. The charter of this team was to duplicate the success by creating a plan to implement and sustain the changes across the entire organization. Using an employee questionnaire, the group determined that employee attitudes correspond to customer satisfaction. They perfected a model that indicates that a 5-point improvement in employee attitudes will drive a 1.3-point improvement in customer satisfaction. Moreover, the increase in customer satisfaction drives a 5% increase in revenue growth. The bottom line result was an additional $200 million in revenue resulting in an increase of nearly a quarter of…. [read more]

Court Cases Regarding Legal Ethics Case Study

… What type of evidence would the agencies need to justify their actions? How might the aggrieved parties demonstrate that the agencies were acting in an arbitrary and capricious manner? How might the agencies defend against such a charge?

Both agencies are entrusted with protecting public health and justified their actions as exercising that duty: the affected companies in the OSHA case claimed that the additional burdens were not necessary based upon scientific evidence while Lion Raisins claimed that the USDA's inconsistency rendered its decisions unfair. However, the agencies would note that failure to enforce necessary regulations in the past does not mean that the agency should be forced to continue to ignore them in the future.

What are the relationships between procedural and substantive rules?…. [read more]

Antitrust and Intellectual Property Term Paper

… Bid rigging is akin to price fixing in that a firm that is asking for bids on a project has preselected one of the bidders to win. The pooling of patents can actually be of an advantage to the market according to Sheila Anthony, the Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) President Bush, but becomes a problem "when a pooling arrangement harms competition among entities that are actual or potential competitors." The main focus of any of these violations is whether it is considered pro-competitive or anticompetitive behavior. The primary distinction here is that procompetitive actions are supposed to spur the competition and anticompetitive are not, they act as a negative influence. In general, the Department of Justice "weighs the likely procompetitive benefits against…. [read more]

Human Resources Management Conduct Essay

… The emphasis also falls on integrating the employees within the organizational culture, and similar benefits are offered. Changes however occur at the level of the wages offered, these being regulated by national institutions in each region.

An observation which is however made in the human resource management policies and practices in China relative to those in the United States is that the quality of the Chinese efforts is inferior to that of HRM efforts in the U.S. For instance, while the managers in the United States are highly mature and experienced, the managers in China tend to be younger. Such a strategy would have been selected to encourage youth, enthusiasm and the company's commitment to management training and promotions.

Another observable difference between HRM in…. [read more]

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