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Ethics, Morality, and Medicine Discussion Chapter

… Thus, it is almost impossible today to define a common set of medical moral principles to which all physicians subscribe." (Pellegrino, 2006,-Page 66)

There is no consensus of the moral and ethical codes of practicing medicine. This is alarming. Morals and ethics belong in the practice of medicine. Pellegrino continues and provides historical precedence for the necessity of ethics and morals with respect to practicing physicians:

"In a rather brief disquisition on medications, Scribonius put forward the notion that we should determine the responsibilities of the physician by examining the nature of medicine itself. He said that the aim of the physician, the end of medicine, was humanitas. That was the first time, as far as we know, that a word with that precise meaning…. [read more]

Ethics and Professional Behavior Essay

… These tools provided in the seminar will enable them to effectively identify and handle all the possible ethical issues that may arise in the course of their work (Joycelyn M. Polock, 2010 ).

The five areas of ethical conduct that will be looked at are value statements that they should always remember, the codes of conduct that they should always strive to abide by, the Mechanisms to discuss difficult cases still within the ethical dimension, ethical modeling process and ethical communication channels and standards. These shall have embodied the vast concept of ethics within the criminal justice system and will have modeled the law enforcers into behaving in an ethical manner as well as passing down the ethical behaviors to other officers within the system.…. [read more]

Ethics Program Imagine Company Toyota Essay

… Conclusion

For an organization to be classified as either successful or beaten depends on how the company channels the varied talents and energies of its employees towards achievement of its goals. Organizations need to invest in employee engagement to company success. Effective motivation strategy should include providing a good working environment, good pay and participation of employees in decision making. This creates the feeling of importance and enables employees to commit towards achieving organizational objectives and enhance successful training and implementation of an ethics program. Top managers should avoid the common mistakes that arise during designing and implementation of an effective ethics program. For example, during training, managers should not offer long hours of lecture instead organize employees in small discussion groups. Another common mistake…. [read more]

Ethics, Morality, Values, and Beliefs Term Paper

… Morally, defense lawyers may feel a sense of repugnance on an emotional level, based on their childhood teachings, when representing guilty clients. But legal, ethical systems of professional conduct are constructed and articulated as absolutes, particularly for a profession may conflict with morality. Likewise, a businessperson who is a CEO has vowed to make a profit for the company -- it is unethical for him to better his once-humble family's home life with largess while stealing funds even from wealthy stockholders.

Beliefs, in contrast to ethics or morality do not have good/bad implications. I can believe in God, or believe in Darwinism, but that does not mean I believe God is good or evolution is good, merely that I believe they exist, based on my…. [read more]

Ethics in Mechanical Engineering Ethical Conflicts Essay

… Ethics in Mechanical Engineering

Ethical conflicts for mechanical engineers usually rest in a discrepancy between the personal ethical values of the individual, and the values their profession represents. The field of mechanical engineering in general is based on the design and development of machines or machinery operated production equipment. However, according to (2010, p. 1), "Within each branch of mechanical engineering there are specific jobs. Some engineers design products. They must determine the needs of the user, the physical problems of building the equipment, the cost of the equipment, and its effect on the environment. Other mechanical engineers supervise the production and installation"

Just as the field of mechanical engineering can entail a variety of functions, it can also produce many different types of…. [read more]

Ethics and the Criminal Justice System Essay

… Ethics and the Criminal Justice System

In most professions, there is a Code of Conduct that addresses ethical and moral issues that surround that particular activity. These standards of practice help the public feel confident that professionals (doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, etc.) are bound by an honor code individually and as a profession. However, it is within the context of the day-to-day activities that ethical ambiguity occurs, and the Code then becomes a toolbox to help the professional navigate their dilemma (IIT, 2012).

A CBS News Report in 2009 focused on one segment of the criminal justice system that has been increasingly in the news -- Judges who break the law. The case in point was Judge Victor Baron who, after 14 years on…. [read more]

Ethics in a Long-Term Healthcare Essay

… Thus rationing for a society, that is aging plays a vital role. It is still a moot point if we must ration life-extending medical resources on the basis of age, and the costs that arc incurred may not be desirable. But such issues have not reached any conclusion so far.

• End-of-life treatment

Here also the issues are complicated. What resources must be spent on terminally ill patients, and must life be prolonged at any cost? Will it be better to let the terminal patient die? Euthanasia is still a debated subject with no end in sight. There are many other forms of ills that may creep into the system like abuse, and other forms of neglect.

Management and organizational ethical issues

The ethical issues…. [read more]

Ethics and the Church in Today's Culture Essay

… Ethics and Church in Today's Culture

ethics and the church in today's culture: a pastoral perspective

Ethics involves applying universally valued principles such as honesty, fairness, objectivity and compassion to one's behavior. The church is an institution that is perceived as having a high level of integrity and responsibility. The people in its service, including pastors are also highly regarded in the community and carry a great religious and spiritual responsibility in their shoulders. It is imperative that they demonstrate ethical conduct to inspire their community members, more so in an environment where religious intolerance and bigotry are becoming important social problems.

Ethical Conduct and Professionalism of the Pastor

Pastors and ministers of the church bear a very responsible duty towards the welfare of the…. [read more]

Business People Study Ethics Essay

… These values are embodied in New Belgium supervising techniques, brewing methods, customer service and inter-employee interactions. Employees who perform well and remain with the company for one year receive tenure, company stock and a Fat Tire bicycle, just a few of the many ways New Belgium rewards their employees for ethical business practices.

This proactive approach and devotion to core values have helped New Belgium gain a cultlike customer based, devoted employee-owners, and numerous awards for environmental stewardship, ethics, entrepreneurship, and beer making. (Ferrell et al., 2009)

Ferrell, O.C., Fraedrich, J. & Ferrell, L. (2009). Business ethics: ethical decision making and cases. (7th ed.) Mason: South-Western Cenage Learning.

Center for Ethical Leadership. (2007). Ethical Leadership. Retrieved Jan. 31, 2011 from

6. The ethical decision-making…. [read more]

Ethics Criminal Justice Research Paper

… There are some organizational policy ethics impacting the criminal justice system, which are more generalized due to their being universal among all government agencies. For example, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and equitable pay are all issues that play a role in criminal justice administration. Corruption in law enforcement and in the judiciary, as well as in correctional institutions, is also a managerial issue. Regulations can be in place to prevent ethical infractions, but ultimately criminal justice leaders need to be committed to preventing ethical infractions from taking place and using disciplinary procedures when they do happen. Unfortunately, criminal justice officials often do have conflicting duties, roles, and ethical frameworks to work with and within (Banks, 2012).

Ethics is one of the most fundamental aspects of…. [read more]

Ethics and Professional Responsibility of the Criminal Justice Essay

… Ethics and Professional Responsibility of Criminal Justice Professionals

constitution and the Federal laws have established certain rules and code of conduct for people working in the criminal justice system. Despite these laws, there have been cases of unprofessional behavior by the prosecutors and a violation of ethics and code of conduct. A good case in point is Miller vs. Pate (1967). In this case, a person was convicted of rape-murder because of the presence of blood stains on his pants and this blood was established as that of the victim's. Later, it was proved to be just paint and the prosecution knew this from the beginning. According to the fourteenth amendment of the U.S. constitution, false evidence cannot be accepted in a court of law.…. [read more]

Breaking the Definition of Business Term Paper

… Associate McDonald's charitable efforts and raising funds for ventures such as Ronald McDonald Houses with the healthy items on the menu. Find ways to make the healthy items more appealing to children.

The McLibel case showed how confronting the opposition in court gave the opposition more credibility than the protesters would have gotten otherwise. The dilemma was that McDonald's had its most profitable year at the time that the trial ended. In today's environment where each corporation's quarterly financial results are so important to the price of the company's stock, it is easy for management to focus on the next three months and no further into the future than that. This requires gradual adjustments otherwise the existing management may not keep their jobs for very…. [read more]

Ethics Review Committee -- Crisis Essay

… There is likely to be a short-term reduction in the demand for the services of the company. The scheduled IPO may need to be delayed until there is no longer any negative press, and further until some positive news can be substituted that the media picks up. Although there are interim costs related to the suspension of the IPO filing, the loss in stock value should it proceed on schedule is likely to overshadow those costs and any associated loss of good will. The company will need to increase diligence with regard to partner and associates compliance with the company's standards for ethical business practices.


Breach of Contract and Nonperformance, (2011). © LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. Retrieved

Leighton, N.…. [read more]

Ethics Companies Come and Go Research Paper

… Ethics

Companies come and go in the marketplace quite frequently. Some of them disappear because of a lack of customers or because the business owners failed to operate the business in such a way as to make a profit. Other companies close up because of an economic downturn, a recall on their products, or because their prices were simply too high and/or their products did not have enough marketability. Of course, there are always other factors that can contribute to the downfall of a business, and one of those factors is ethics. When a company places stakeholder agendas over ethical boundaries, serious problems can result.

According to Schulman (2006), a business cannot just determine what industry they are in and how to act within that…. [read more]

Ethics and Accounting - Financial Essay

… It can lead to dishonesty and unethical practices in some cases, which can mean damage to the accounting firm, the company, and that company's stockholders and employees - many of whom never saw it coming.

Ethical decision making in financial matters - and other areas - is highly significant for any company. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get into habits or patterns that are unethical because they can help to advance the company and make it appear to be more profitable. That, in turn, can bring in more business and get people to invest in the company or see it as a serious contender in the marketplace. When the problems are eventually discovered, however, there can be a serious issue that will work its…. [read more]

Ethics in the Justice System How We Treat Minorities Versus Whites Research Paper

… Ethics in Justice System-How we treat Minorities vs. The whites.

Ethics in the Justice System- How We Treat Minorities vs. Whites

Ethics or the moral philosophy is the study of right and wrong. The Criminal Justice System is comprised of numerous participants who include police, prosecutors, defense counsel, probation officers and judges (Ohio Commission on Racial Fairness, 1999, p.36). When it comes to the process of procedural fairness, Americans are highly sensitive. The single most important source of popular dissatisfaction with the American legal system is the perception of unfair or unequal treatment (Burke and Leben, 2007, p.4). The public's dissatisfaction with the judicial branch can be alleviated by the judges paying critical attention to the key elements of procedural fairness. They should also be…. [read more]

Ethics in Shaping American Law Essay

… This is accomplished through the ABA and the bar association in each state issuing ethics opinions which are "written in response to requests for advice from lawyers who want to know if a past or contemplated future action violates an ethical code." (Duke Law, 2011) These opinions are both formally and informally issued. (Duke Law, 2011, paraphrased) These opinions are recommendations only and as such are non-enforceable. (Duke Law, 2011, paraphrased)

The ABA model code of ethics sets out requirements for the attorney in regards to competence in representation as well as attorney diligence, fees, confidentiality, conflict of interest and duties to former clients. Also cited are ethical standards on representation of the client with diminished capacity, the safekeeping of property that belongs to the…. [read more]

Doctors and Ethics Research Paper

… In a Melbourne, Australia (in 1959) maternity hospital a father refused to consent to blood transfusions for his infant daughter. The article doesn't say if he objected on religious grounds, just that he refused to authorize the doctor to give the child blood transfusions. The child likely would die without the transfusions, the father was informed because she was "severely jaundiced" (Waller, 621). The child did die and the case went to court and the father was successfully prosecuted for manslaughter; subsequently the Parliament of Victoria passed a law that doctors in Australia can administer blood transfusions to save the lives of children no matter what the parents say (Waller, 621). So problems of this kind have gone from medical ethics to ethical law.

Ethical…. [read more]

Professional Ethics Issue: The Case Essay

… The advantages of compliance with role morality include the fact that it enhances the very trust on which the profession's social value is based on. Secondly, it doesn't weaken the criminal justice system and protects journalists from losing public trust in confidential agreements. Third, it helps in protecting these professionals from potential abuse by law enforcement, which could arise from becoming an unofficial branch of this field. Fourth, it enhances the ability of journalism to continue acting as informative sources for the general public. The only disadvantage of this solution is that it's occasionally incompatible with more universal quest of justice. Due to its numerous advantages and overall value in resolving the problem, journalists should ignore ordinary morality in favor of role morality.

Statement of…. [read more]

Cosmetology Code of Ethics Essay

… Cosmetology Code of Ethics

Cosmetology is a profession that most Americans are familiar with. If you've gone to a hair salon or barber shop and had your hair cut, then you've been under the care of a cosmetologist. However, cosmetology goes beyond simply hair care and includes complete body care. Skin care, nail care, spa services, styling, and even fashion all fall under the auspices of cosmetology ("You have," n.d.). The fact that cosmetology centers on the very subjective concept of beauty is what draws me to this arena. By undertaking this critique, I hope to better understand how the complex topic of ethics interrelates with such a subjective field.

Moral Issues Prevalent in Cosmetology:

There are a variety of moral issues prevalent in the…. [read more]

Ethical Decision-Making in Criminal Justice Essay

… Others consider the pursuit of fair legal procedure as a more critical basis for judgment rather than the pursuit of social justice.

Smith (1998) presents the "social justice" argument in his discussion of ethical decision-making in the practice of law. He discusses that lawyers may indeed be considered ethical while at the same time, they do not uphold the belief on and concept of social justice. However, in the world of criminal justice, the author admits that "most criminal lawyers represent the poor," which reflects that criminal lawyers are not only beholden to upholding fairness in legal procedures, but also consider it a moral imperative to seek social justice for the "poor and powerless" (538-9).

Maute (2002) offers a different opinion about this issue of…. [read more]

Ethics, Religion, and Confidentiality in the Law Essay

… Trust and breaches of trust form a cornerstone of Islam, so that the keeping of secrets becomes a moral obligation. As a result, the keeping of secrets and confidentiality of client information becomes critical from a moral standpoint, not just an ethical standpoint, for Muslim attorneys.

What can be more complicated for an attorney is dealing with the repercussions of shared information that does not fall under an exception to confidentiality. For example, an attorney generally has no right to share information about a harm done to others if there is not threat of a continuing harm, unless the attorney somehow participated in that harm. In some situations, the failure to share information could result in continuing harm. Take, for example, an attorney who defends…. [read more]

Lawyers and Ethics Article Review

… Lawyers and Ethics


Lawyers are bound by oath never to reveal information gathered in the entire duration of their representation of a client or a professional relationship with him. The rule of confidentiality has been preserved and cherished for ages. The purpose is to draw the trust of a client into telling all to his lawyer or attorney as the only way he can negotiate for the maximum benefit to the client. But discretionary disclosure exempts the lawyer from the confidentiality oath. This paper explores those exemptions and proposes a solution to the presented case.

The rule of confidentiality was first applied and stated in the case of Berd v Lovelace and has been strongly upheld for three centuries…. [read more]

Strategic Perspectives in Management Accounting Essay

… The profession of accounting is however portrayed as a logical and rational way and this is not very rare as people consider it to be a complication. Accounting also discovers new and different mediums. Thus, it is considered to be an interesting and developing part of the modern professional domains. The discussion by Macintosh (1995) comes up with various perspectives of the ethical values and norms, structuration theory and profit manipulation in the field of accounting. Once the proper understanding is built it consequences in the asymmetries of the basic know how. The accounting ethics know-how is basically the opportunity for different groups to identify the ethical standards in the domain, but Macintosh (1995) states that this would not lead to any lawful and justifiable…. [read more]

Ethical Leadership Research Paper

… Public opinion polls and surveys generally find over the past thirty years that business and political leaders are thoroughly mistrusted. Journalists, politicians, lawyers, politicians, business leaders were all widely considered to be low in ethics and morality, with advertisers and used car salesmen considered the least ethical groups of all. At least 80% of Americans believe that ethical standards in general are poor, while over 40% routinely lie on job applications and that majority of high school students admit to cheating on tests and lying to parents and teachers (Johannesen et al., p. 4). David Callahan went so far as to call the U.S. A "cheating culture" in which dishonesty of all kinds has become far more common in recent decades and people feel less…. [read more]

Enron Ethical Issues Thesis

… Enron & Ethics

Enron Ethical Lessons

The collapse of Enron in 2001 was an incredibly negative event in the business world of the U.S., and it sent shock waves through corporate hallways everywhere. It also sent laid-off employees scurrying for comfort and it sent many stakeholders into the poorhouse as 401K investments melted away like butter in a blast furnace.

And even though there have been numerous corporate meltdowns since then, especially in the past year due to the recession and bank failures, the Enron case stands out as one of the darkest moments in the economic history of the United States. And the one simple word with complex meanings is at the root of Enron's stunning collapse: ethics.

Indeed, the appalling ethical breaches that…. [read more]

Ethical Leadership Problems That Resulted in Columbia Case Study

… ¶ … ethical leadership problems that resulted in Columbia's misconduct. The company had a poor training program that could not possibly have communicated the need for ethical behavior. There was no commitment from the firm's executives to ethical behavior; many in fact were committed to unethical behavior. The corporate culture was focused on intimidation from the top, rather than on ethical behavior as taking precedence.

The current ethics program contains an ethical component and has strong leadership commitment from the top of the company. Another strength is that the new program includes an extensive training program. One glaring weakness is that the new program does not balance the needs of other stakeholders. The firm's profitability decline significantly as the company became myopic in its pursuit…. [read more]

Pursuing a Career in Social Essay

… Against this background, it is not hard to understand why I was so affectively inspired by these individuals.

Although I can visualize some limited circumstances under which this might change, my current values are entirely consistent with the ethics and values espoused by the current ethical standards set forth the in the NASW ethical code (Spano). For me, personally, the goal of helping others is primary and it is also the primary goal of the NASW. This may not remain my primary goal as my career develops but I am strongly dedicated at this time to maintaining this position. In addition to helping others, it is also important that my career be dedicated to the promotion of social justice. From my experience, fairness is not…. [read more]

Ethics and Morality Term Paper

… "

The chapter in which Greider begins in earnest to lay out his theories and philosophy is "The Soul of Capitalism"; he writes about the "nature of American capitalism" and "why it generates great injury and destructive consequences right alongside the material abundance." And with that as an editorial backdrop, Greider asserts (25) that "American capitalism is ripe for reinvention," and that though this idea has been a "taboo subject," and in fact during the Cold War era discussing such a reform of capitalism was bordering on being "vaguely subversive," it may now be "the patriotic thing to do."

While he sounds idealistic in much of what he writes, he also has roots in the political realities which, in large measure, will prevent the very…. [read more]

Peculiar Ethics of Public Leadership Essay

… Without the trust of the public, public administration cannot exist." (Gray, 1996) Classical thinkers believe that legislators "if freely elected and guarded against corruption by special interests…could be counted on to reflect the consensus values of an essentially unified popular sovereign." (Gray, 1996) Progressives however, held that lawyers, prior to designing legal doctrines and institutions that would effectively meet the needs of the public must first "learn the facts about society" and then effectively become "social engineers, systematically investigating social problems, familiarizing themselves with the available methods of reform and testing whether these had the intended effects." (Gray, 1996) The work of Stever (2008) reports that Evans "makes it clear that pragmatism, as it was forged by John Dewey is a body of philosophy that…. [read more]

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