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Leadership by Gayle C. Avery Essay

… 17-18). Characteristics of this time period include minimal differences between leaders and followers, or perhaps organizations in which the adaptability and accountability of members is so strong that there either are no leaders or everyone is considered a leader.

The principle basis for the second part of Understanding Leadership is to offer a variety of case studies that effectively demonstrate the varying principles of leadership that the author addressed in the first segment of this book. In doing so, it is fairly noteworthy to mention that Avery has selected examples from international settings that encompass North America, Europe, and Australia as well so that students are able to understand the global application of the concepts the author has denoted. 10 cases studies are used in…. [read more]

Leadership Theories Change in Response to Changes Book Review

… Leadership theories change in response to changes in the business environment and organizations within it. Leadership styles that worked in the past, are no longer a valid means for meeting the needs of today's organizations. Many leadership theories exist today, which can appear to be confusing for the business student as they attempt to sort out the appropriate leadership style. Gayle Avery attempts to integrate this hodgepodge of theory into a coherent whole that can be applied to today's organizations.

Avery provides a framework to build upon in the development of a consistent and coherent theoretical basis for modern leaders to utilize in their professions. "Understanding Leadership" provides a clarification on the poorly defined area of leadership theory. The first part of the book lays…. [read more]

Understanding Leadership Term Paper

… ¶ … Leadership Gayle Avery attempts to create a concise understanding of the often confusing concept of leadership through a progression of leadership issues and then a collection of case studies that apply leadership in different contexts. The base of the work attempts to effectively answer some long standing questions about the nature of leadership and its study and in doing so demonstrates a breadth and depth of knowledge about the field. Avery begins by discussing the variations and conflicts that have occurred over the years with regard to leadership study and then supplies the reader with a template of paradigms to help discover the varied leadership research levels.

The paradigms that Avery uses include a timeline sort of feel where the varied historical ideas…. [read more]

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