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Leadership Effectiveness Leadership Qualities Research Paper

… The leader should have a positive and friendly attitude towards the employees and should invite them to ask questions and help them to make decisions. Leaders should be capable of maintain a good working environment. One should be open to criticism and should be able to face failure without blaming the workers or the employees.

By following Branson's leadership style at work one should include the approaches of directing, participating and delegating in one's leadership style.


Leadership effectiveness is the key element for the development of a good working team which can help to achieve the goals and objectives of a particular company. Without good leadership qualities it is not possible to maintain a strong team which eventually results in bringing downfall to the…. [read more]

Leadership in Sports Smehra Term Paper

… It is this nature of 'loving what you do and doing what you love' that can be considered a key-aspect of any success story, but in the world of basketball coaches, it is perhaps an aspect of the game that sometimes goes unnoticed. Amidst the swirl of money issues, steroid use and sex-scandals, there is the undying dream to play, and to win. In order for a coach to be successful, they have to harness that dream and bring their players together as a team with one goal, and one purpose - to win.

c. A successful coach is a leader for his team, and a competent worker and communicator. He spends many hours of his day studying up on his sport, and the methods…. [read more]

Leadership Management Effective Approaches Essay

… If the workers are content with their working conditions and they are receiving their due respect for the work that they are doing, then they will be happy to come to work daily and the nursing turnover problem will be reduced.


Principles of Management: Situational Approaches to Leadership . (n.d.). Get Homework Help with CliffsNotes Study Guides . Retrieved July 26, 2012, from,articleId-8914.html

Shih, W.C., Kauffman, S.P., & Christensen, C.M. (2008). Innovation Killers. Harvard Business Review, 1, 104.

Shih, W.C., Kauffman, S.P., & Christensen, C.M. (2008). Innovation Killers. Harvard Business Review, 1, 100.

Verbal Communication Model. (n.d.). Virtual Teacher Aide. Retrieved July 26, 2012, from

Javed, D.T. (2009). Different leadership styles and the effectiveness of these leadership approach. Education Master, 1. Retrieved…. [read more]

Leadership Theory in a Changing Essay

… Thus, for principals and administrators, a balance is demanded. Sergiovanni reports that "the unique context for schooling, particularly in a democratic society, raises the question of sources of authority for leadership practice. As important as a school leader's personality and interpersonal skills may be to success, and as handy as bureaucratic reasons may be to use, neither are sufficiently powerful to provide that leader with the sources of authority needed to reach students, parents, teachers and others in powerful ways." (Sergiovanni, p. 2) Sergiovanni therefore goes on to assert that the discretion provided by moral orientation can help to drive this balance and can help to make one's leadership style adaptable to the specifics of any type of system.

One reason that this adaptability takes…. [read more]

Leadership and Strategy in Material Management Term Paper

… Leadership Attributes

Effective Leadership in Healthcare Management

Effective management means more than the bottom line. It means being able to inspire people to do their best and to act in an ethical manner. Effective management is more than numbers. It gets to the heart and soul of the individual. An effective manager will not only have a balanced budget, but will make the workplace into a source of inspiration for all of those that work in the environment. There following will explore three of Steve Covey's Seven Habits of Effective People, as well as three other leadership attributes, in relation to a material manager's position at a major hospital.

The healthcare industry as a whole has an ethical responsibility to provide quality service for the…. [read more]

Leadership Self-Assessment Analysis Term Paper

… Self-Inventory Process believe that this consideration-style leadership builds on my strengths as a leader. The Bolman and Deal (1997) tests showed that my leadership strengths do not lie within the structural frame, which is governed by goals, rules, policies, procedures and most important, hierarchies. Rather, I am more suited to the human resources frame, which capitalizes on my skills and interests in working with people - interests that led me to a career in accounting in the first place.

The first self-assessment test shows that I enjoy working with people. Perhaps for this reason, I focused on auditing, an accounting field that often necessitates working with audit teams. As a team leader, I thus deal with many people, both with colleagues as well as clients.…. [read more]

Leadership, Team Building, and Communication Research Paper

… Non-supportive and offensive behavior of team members can also be a major source of conflict between work teams. Similarly, uneven job responsibilities and unhealthy competition between team members can give rise to interpersonal conflicts. If a team member feels that he is assigned greater job responsibilities than his team members without extra compensation, his satisfaction with the job decreases. He is more exposed to interpersonal conflicts with his team members. Another major source of conflict among work group or team members is lack of leadership by their supervisors. When there is no proper guidance on how to perform certain job tasks or achieve the assigned targets, the employees perform inefficiently. These inefficiencies and lack of leadership result in workplace conflicts (Bratton & Gold, 2012).

In…. [read more]

Leadership Dear Customer Essay

… Reflective of a constant emphasis on transformational leadership, a recently submitted cover letter for a nursing supervisory position begins:

"My annexed resume is submitted for the position of 'Director of Nursing, Critical Care.' While the resume details my extensive qualifications, I appreciate this opportunity to speak pointedly about my exceptional capabilities for this position. Excellent patient care is the hallmark of my Nursing career and with or without the title of 'Director,' I have readily led, collaborated or followed as needed in my unflinching commitment to that ideal. As a result, in addition to the customary minimal qualifications, I possess a depth and breadth of outstanding skills that make me an exemplary candidate and I welcome 24-hour accountability to achieve system-wide excellence."

6. Transactional Theory…. [read more]

Leadership Self -- Assessment Creative Writing

… As well identified are the model of leadership theory that is most preferred by this writer and the model of leadership theory in nursing that is believed to be the most compatible and productive when used in combination with the transformative nursing leadership model chosen by the writer of this work. This brief study has revealed that the efficient leader that transforms through self-motivated and focused change is one that knows themselves and has a strong drive to go to any lengths to achieve their goals. Self-motivation is a pre-requisite to motivating others toward achievement of their goals and harmonization of personal and common organizational goals.


Hix, C.; McKeon, Leslie; and Walters, S. (2009) Clinical Nurse Leader Impact on Clinical

Leadership and Motivation (2012)…. [read more]

Leadership Profile Essay

… Qualities of a Good Educational Leader

While some qualities of a good leader are consistent across groups, one of the interesting things about leadership is that different people may look for different attributes in a leader. This paper will examine the attitudes of 3 teachers, 3 students, and 3 parents about what they believe make a good educational leader. While there might be overlap between the different groups, there will probably also be differences, as teachers and parents frequently have conflicting ideas about what constitutes a quality education. Therefore, speaking with each group should provide some insight into what qualities each group finds critical for good leadership.

Educational leaders, such as team leaders, principals, and administrators lead teachers. In their professional capacity, they are in…. [read more]

Leadership Essay

… Organizational commitment can be attributed as employees' loyalty and faithfulness towards organization and his intensions to be the part of that organization. Organizational commitment has significant importance because committed workers have less intension to quit the job, less often absent and highly motivated to perform at advanced level (Packard, n.d.).


Leadership is frequently seen as an important variable affecting organizational performance. While the idea has been extensively studied, there is still much to be discovered regarding how leadership affects variables such as organizational culture, climate, and performance. Leadership is frequently seen as a key factor in coordinating and aligning organizational processes. As with any facet of organizational functioning, it should focus on organizational performance, and most important, effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. Leadership is…. [read more]

Leadership Theories the Role Essay

… The company also has leaders that are truthful, to both employees and their customers, making the transaction of business deals much easier. Generally, the leaders have a sense of integrity, which could be measured by how great the organization performs.

Regarding the team building skills of the leaders, they set good examples, which can be emulated by the followers. Most of the leaders of ZMI are the first to arrive at work, and the last to leave showing how determined and interested they are in the organization's matters. The leaders show concern for others, in terms of respect and credibility. Subordinates are supported by the leaders, especially when faced with financial constrains and other inevitable misfortunes. The leaders also allow chances to those willing to…. [read more]

Leadership, Team Building and Communication Term Paper

… As one project engineer said, time to an engineer is in analog and for a manufacturing engineer, it is digital.

These stark differences in the perception of time make communication challenges even more challenging. The role of a transformational leader in a team is to alleviate the differences in how one team vs. another processes information and perceives their role (Streiner, Deibler, Besterfield-Sacre, Shuman, 2010). These are the catalysts that cause the barriers in communication across Cisco.

The two recommendations for managing these communication barriers include first having a team rotation schedule created where each member of the manufacturing team spends time in engineering, up to a week, understanding how their processes work. The same holds true for the design engineers in manufacturing. Next, both…. [read more]

Richard Branson Describe Branson's Leadership Essay

… But we can't take things for granted that the culture will remain as it is" (Crush 2010). This constant environmental scanning, often done informally, is one reason why Branson is both so successful and so difficult to imitate.

Incorporate some of Branson's leadership qualities into the education field

Says Branson: "It's not fear that motivates employees; but hope and vision. It's not tyranny that gets the best out of people; but consultation and collaboration. It's not micromanagement that results in high performance; but compassion and ownership" (Adonis 2010). The same could be said of leading students in a classroom. Like a CEO, a teacher does not deploy a democratic approach in deciding what the objectives are for the curriculum or the need for hard work.…. [read more]

Leadership Over the Decades Term Paper

… The best predictor variables in this study were events, such as assassination or war years, that had little to do with a President's personality profile. This would seem to encourage the belief that leaders aren't necessarily born, but may be taught.

A more recent approach to the study of leadership involves a greater emphasis on qualitative research. This research method concentrates on individual situations and the leadership qualities unique to them, as opposed to the more quantitative methods used in the past. An important emphasis of qualitative research is the context of a given situation. This awareness of context has led to a certain reluctance for many recent leadership researchers to avoid overgeneralizing their findings. This "New Leadership" approach relies more on interviews and first-hand…. [read more]

Richard Branson's Leadership Style: Transformational Case Study

… This would give employees additional motivation to innovate but also encourage them to generate more substantive information to support their contentions. It would also empower the company to review what ideas have 'worked' and not worked over time.

How Branson would develop and lead a global team working on a major project

Regardless of the capacity in which he works, Branson would likely use a 'brainstorming' approach to innovation, rather than trying to cautiously imitate his competitors or to confine his organization to one or two competencies in a singular fashion. He is also extremely distrustful of existing market research regarding what consumers say they want or what has worked in the past. The market environment is constantly changing, and Branson wishes to remain several…. [read more]

Leadership: There Are Several Documentations Essay

… According to Vugt, Hogan & Kaiser (2008), the leadership/followership paradigm is considered as a group-level adaptation since the roles of leaders and followers may be adopted flexibly by the same person. In addition to demonstrating the leadership/followership paradigm and the flexible roles of leaders and followers, Vugt, Hogan & Kaiser (2008) also discuss some perceived benefits or payoffs of followership.

One of the major perceived benefits or payoffs of followership is learning from others since this process requires skills that are acquired through learning from other people. Learning acts as a major benefit particularly when the follower is to assume the role of leadership in some cases. Some of the most important things that a follower learns include how to induce people to implement decisions…. [read more]

Leadership Training for Youth Annotated Annotated Bibliography

… The study findings indicate that the context best suited to the development of initiative is structured voluntary activities, such as sports, arts, and participation in organizations. These context create opportunity for youths to experience the rare combination of intrinsic motivation and deep attention. Adolescents participating in effective organizations were found to acquire a new operating language that appears to correspond to the development of initiative. (PsycINFO Database Record

Larson, R., Hansen, D., and Moneta, G. (2006). Differing profiles of developmental experiences across types of organized youth activities. Developmental Psychology, 42, 849-863.

The authors studied the different types of experiences that youth encounter according to their participation in community-based and extracurricular activities. A representative sample of 2,280 11th graders took a computerized survey about their organized…. [read more]

Leadership Theories and Practical Application as Organizations Research Paper

… Leadership Theories and Practical Application

As organizations continue to face challenges and demands from external environments, effective work relationships will no longer be an option but a critical source of competitive advantage (Luthans, et al. 2008). This is largely due to the social capital that effective relationships generate. Social capital is derived through the social structure of the organization and facilitates the actions of individuals within the larger organizational framework (Nahapiet & Ghoshal, 1998). This capital generates resources through networks of mutual acquaintance and recognition (Luthans, et al. 2008). In contrast to human capital, which is a quality of individuals (e.g., KSAs: knowledge, skills, and abilities), social capital is a quality created among people. Social capital comes from the assets created and leveraged from interpersonal…. [read more]

Tommy Franks Leadership Selection Book Review

… On the other hand the domain of the plan that comprised of war and destruction resulted in damage and deaths of several people that were not directly related to the warfare but due to their residence in the countries were the war was happening they were indirectly targeted. It seems that there was something missing in the execution of the plan. In his book the "American Soldier"; General Tommy Franks has discussed the shortfalls and the occurrence of threats that have changed the shape of battles and the initial plans that were to be executed in the war. He regarded these factors as the destructive aftermaths of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan (Franks, 2005).

Leadership Adventures of General Tommy Franks Using Kouzes and Posner…. [read more]

Leadership Characteristics of Administrators Term Paper

… Leadership Characteristics of Administrators

To define leadership, we first have to understand that leadership is relative i.e. everyone has a different approach to define what is good leadership. There are some who try to differentiate between the tasks and approaches of an individual in terms of being a good leader or a good manager. There are others who concentrate on the necessary characteristics of an individual that make him/her a leader like intellect, risk taking ability, determination, creativity, etc. There are many others who are more focused on the different elements of leadership and believe that these elements are far more important for any researcher to catalog if they are analyzing the dynamics and aspects of leadership especially within academic institutions. This study offers a…. [read more]

Leadership: Its Different Dimensions and Applications Term Paper

… Leadership: Its Different Dimensions and Applications in the Contemporary Organization

Leadership, as applied in the contemporary organization, has evolved both as a function and as a concept. As a function within the organization, leadership (or specifically, leaders) have become the focal point through which an organization's efficacy and performance is assessed. The leader has become the "gauge" that represented and embodied the organization: what it stands for and what it is.

As a concept, leadership has come to be known as comprising of two sub-concepts, when applied in the contemporary organization. The personal and business dimensions of leadership identify the individual as being both a leader and a manager, respectively. The distinction between a leader and a manager has been discussed in specific studies on…. [read more]

Leadership Our Persistent Approach Term Paper

… Further the leader is liable and should take the responsibility of demonstrating the same standards like that of the employees. With enhancement of a clear vision with regard to the organization and the people and then inducing the followers to take adequate steps for achieving the predetermined objectives and goals the leaders can make the business thrive in the ensuing periods. (Leadership Effectiveness for the Twenty-First Century)

Alternatively, Scholtes opined that when the leaders are not aware of and engaged in piloting the systems, the organizations and the communities are destined to weaken for all time to come and are prone to vanish. Broadly speaking, the leadership indicates to the transparency of the ideas and the secular guidance of the leader. This also involves organization…. [read more]

Leadership Behavior for Effective Decision Term Paper

… The theory suggests two measures of decision effectiveness - decision quality and acceptance. When a decision of is of high quality and accepted, the leadership can be said to be high caliber. The argument is that even when a decision is correct, it can be made to fail by the resistance of those in the workgroup responsible for carrying out the decision. Vroom and Yetton identified three alternate styles of leadership - autocratic, consultative and collective or group style. There is evidence to suggest that autocratic style of leadership leads to poor performance and non-acceptance by others. (Lickert 1967, Reddin, 1970) and participative or democratic leadership is more likely to catalyze high performance. Hersey-Blanchard's theory, another well-known variant of contingency approach, suggests four situational leadership…. [read more]

Leadership Is a Complex Process Essay

… Through a leader's actions, others employees get inspiration to achieve the best. A good leader encourages and gives direction to others in order to achieve a common goal.

Role model for integrity and ethics

Leadership requires showing a good example to others in the work environment. A leader who upholds work ethics is an example for the subordinates. A leader with integrity keeps his word and promises to relate to their work. Integrity enables a leader to be trustworthy.

Self-confidence and humility

A self-confident leader is able to listen to employees and accepts correction even from subordinates. Through self-confidence, a leader is able to project the future and make sound decisions. Humility enables a leader to understand his subordinates and interrelate with them. Humility is…. [read more]

Leadership Style Inventory Leadership Crises Essay

… This may be hazardous during quick decision making processes and strategy implementations hence I count on these traits as potential challenges against my leadership styles and capabilities. I should thereby strengthen my leadership skills along these lines of negative traits for an enhanced leadership competence.

In conclusion, the Kiersey Temperament Sorter and DiSC assessment reveals lots of positive traits that favor me as a competent leader. However, some of the traits such as being rigid, obstinate, stubborn and other undesirable results of high dominance posts challenges to my leadership potential. I thereby have an obligation to strengthen my leadership skills on such undesirable traits in order to improve on my leadership competence.


Alan, R., Kathleen, R., & Warren, B. (2003). Leadership style inventory: Testing…. [read more]

Leadership and Management Training Guide Essay

… Courage and morals are vital in leadership and leadership decisions because of the link between leadership and character. Actually, true and successful leaders who are effective in their responsibilities have good character since it's the key to successful leadership.

Together with the other necessary qualities and attributes, morals have an impact on the ability of a leader to inspire and control people efficiently (DiMaio, 2011). Morals act as the basis with which people admire, desire, and follow leaders to achieve a specific goal and vision. Therefore, morals enable leaders to inspire and effectively manage their subordinates and become successful. As a result, leaders must consider the effect of their conduct on people while making decisions that will affect these people.

On the other hand, courage…. [read more]

Leadership Challenge: Leadership Credibility Assessment

… Leadership Challenge: Leadership Credibility

A leader is who one is and a manager is what one does. Dr. Warren Bennis originally made that observation in studying the interaction of leadership characteristics including the level of emotional intelligence (EI) relative to traits of exceptional leaders (Bennis, 2001). The best leaders create a strong foundation of trust, build on the elements of transparency, competency and a compelling future vision (Kouzes, Posner, 2012). Leaders who are transformational often balance the qualities of individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and idealized influence, using EI as a means to intuitively navigate between each (Purvanova, Bono, 2009). The intent of this analysis is to provide an overview of the four characteristics of effective leaders including their capacity to be honest, forward-looking,…. [read more]

Leadership Team Leadership Analysis Essay

… Engineering felt it could fit into markets including material handling and warehousing. Marketing felt this market was exceptionally small compared to the mainstream printing and imaging market. As the conflict traversed both internal and external teams, the project manager, using many aspects of the Team Leadership Model, had the engineering and marketing teams set up test, or beta sites, to evaluate the printer in these market areas. This leadership strategy made the marketability a shared goal, and also made the actual performance of the printer in this environment immediately known. Using this technique, the project leader had galvanized both teams to a common goal and created a higher level of team effectiveness by seeking to balance task, relational and environmental factors in a single leadership…. [read more]

Trait Leadership Definitions / Descriptions Essay

… 3).

On page 4 of his Mother Jones article Dowie points out that of all of Iacocca's objectives (price, fuel consumption, performance, comfort, appearance… et al.); safety was not one of them. "Safety doesn't sell," Iacocca was heard saying in many contexts, according to Dowie.

From this description of Iacocca's intensity and drive, one can certainly say that he had determination. His office in fact lobbied against federal safety guidelines for eight years, guidelines that would have forced the Pinto to be fixed, Dowie explains. Determination is the desire "to get the job done," according to Northouse on page 25. People with determination are "willing to assert themselves" and they have "…the capacity to persevere in the face of obstacles," Northouse writes, and there is…. [read more]

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