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Leadership Ethics by Lamar Odom Essay

… The problem with this concept is that it requires leaders to embrace a certain way of thinking and to use ethical strategies that will enhance their reasoning through complex ethical situations. While it is indeed true that leaders should engage ethical reasoning when facing such situations, such reasoning cannot be taught and may be inappropriate in some situations. In some cases, what seems to be the right thing based on ethical reasoning may be the unsuitable course of action when examined properly (Odom, 2010, p.60). In addition, doing the right thing is an insufficient response to the question of ethics in leadership because it creates an impression that resolving complex ethical challenges is a simple thing.

Dr Odom also examines whether ethical reasoning and ethics…. [read more]

Leadership Ethics Essay

… Therefore, only ethical leaders can be considered as genuine transformational leaders. The most important concept from the text and the book is the role of ethics in leadership, particularly ethical leadership. In light of the complex and rapidly changing situations in today's world, leaders need to conduct situational analysis and avoid applying a standard or rule that would make them unethical (Langlois, 2011, p.34). Ethical decision making is the core of today's leadership decisions and leadership styles.

Section 3:

In some portions in his book, Langlois suggests that programs and case studies that train people to act in certain specific ways when facing ethical situations are not effective methods for teaching ethics in organizations. Langlois' views and claims are based on the role of ethical…. [read more]

Leadership Ethics Term Paper

… Leadership Ethics: Case Study Questions

Of the three options available to Joe, which the most ethical?

Of all the options available to Joe in his current situation, the second option of a possible solution to the problem is the most ethical and for the following reasons. First of all, option two outlines a plan of honesty and integrity but also allows Joes to save his own ego. In business, it can be tough to effectively lead and carry out two objectives of meeting the needs of the employees and the company while on the other side, taking care of the self. This creates an atmosphere of conflict that results in compromise. Option two is the best possible balance for achieving both in the sense that…. [read more]

Leadership Ethics Kathleen Blanco Essay

… For a leader, this was not very ethical. Leaders should consider the needs of others before their own. She demonstrated empathy for the families, who had lost their homes, it is highly doubtful that her actions during the crisis will be seen in any history books.


Governor's Information: Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. (2004). National Governor's Association. Retrieved from extoid=55bc224971c81010VgnVCM1000001a01010aRCRD

Hornett, A., & Fredricks, S. (2005). An empirical and theoretical exploration of disconnections between leadership and ethics. Journal of Business Ethics, 59(3), Retrieved from

Roig-Franzia, M. & Hsu, S. (2005) Many evacuated, but thousands still waiting. The Washington Post. Retrieved from dyn/content/article/2005/09/03/AR2005090301680.html

Resick, C.J., Hanges, P.J., Dickson, M.W., & Mitchelson, J.K. (2006). A cross-cultural examination of the endorsement of ethical leadership.…. [read more]

Leadership Case Study

… Leadership Case Study

Michael Alfonso is a man who is envied by his peers having moved up the ranks and taken charge of Trident submarine because very few officers qualified for such commands hardly get them. Alfonso's selection to the job was welcome by many officers who felt that he had all it took having joined the Navy as a teenager and moved up the ranks. Many of his colleagues remembered him as a loner who was brusque but pleasant (Ricks, 1997). He was polite and mostly kept to himself. The hopes that the crew had in Alfonso were quickly dashed when on assuming command he began to admonish and push them hard. In fact, he loudly and publicly reprimanded officers whose performances he found…. [read more]

Leadership Essay

… Organizational commitment can be attributed as employees' loyalty and faithfulness towards organization and his intensions to be the part of that organization. Organizational commitment has significant importance because committed workers have less intension to quit the job, less often absent and highly motivated to perform at advanced level (Packard, n.d.).


Leadership is frequently seen as an important variable affecting organizational performance. While the idea has been extensively studied, there is still much to be discovered regarding how leadership affects variables such as organizational culture, climate, and performance. Leadership is frequently seen as a key factor in coordinating and aligning organizational processes. As with any facet of organizational functioning, it should focus on organizational performance, and most important, effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. Leadership is…. [read more]

Leadership Ethics Essay

… The boons of this type of leadership are that it is excellent for enacting organization wide change. Moreover, it seeks to inspire people by bringing out some of the best mores in human nature, such as, "equality, liberty, justice and freedom" (Johnson, 2011, p. 255). There is a profound relationship between leaders and followers, as leaders truly believe in their cause and personally do the best to assist that cause -- such personal effort and other motivational qualities serve to inspire others. The potential detriments of this form of leadership include the fact that it is less necessary in situations in which organization wide change is not desired. Additionally, it is easy for leaders to inspire others and lead them for "immoral" (Johnson, 2011, p.…. [read more]

Leadership Exercise Research Paper

… It's a matter of always behaving the right way and doing the right things, and then finding a way to do more.

Quiz 5-1.

Quiz 5-1
















































This quiz is about situational leadership, and a score of 56 indicates that I have "strong situational perspective as a leader." I believe that people are not created equal. There are definitely times when you'll want to treat them equally, but other times you have to be aware of individual needs, and…. [read more]

Leadership Can the Definition Essay

… In the peer-reviewed journal Employment Relations Today a firefighter who started at the bottom of the ranks has worked his way into becoming a manager who calls himself "…a servant leader" and "an encourager" who loves to "motivate" (Rocchetti, et al., 2012, 41). He said, "I learned a lot about leadership" as the person in charge of a search and rescue team. That team "…needed encouragement and to be empowered," he explained. "It is what I practice now" (Rocchetti, 44). This is a classic example of how a manager also serves as a strong leader.

Part Two: Situation in which I Served as a Leader

There was so much trash along one of the main county roads near where I lived that every time I…. [read more]

Leadership and Motivation Leadership Cultural and Societal Research Proposal

… Leadership and Motivation


Cultural and societal influences on leadership and motivation

The content, the manner of manifestation, and the efficiency of leadership are the result of several determinant factors. The education the leader benefited from represents one of these factors. Education in relation with its contribution to the development of leadership is studied on three distinct levels: general education, professional education, and managerial education.

General education builds the basis of the individual and social general behavior and ensures the general knowledge basis with important effects on communicational level.

Professional education in technical, economic, or IT areas ensure the personal competency and prestige of specialists, which provides great importance in the relationships with specialists in the domain in case.

Managerial education mainly takes into consideration…. [read more]

Leadership Defining an Ethical Essay

… An example of this are sales people who are required to attain sales quotas in progressively shorter times and with larger amounts. A sales manager who is not ethical will have a mentality of any means justify the ends, even if it means tricking or lying to customers and getting them to sign up for more expense products and services than they need. The ends-justify-the-means may work for the short-term and, may even lead to bonuses being given to the employees. Yet in the long-run this approach to managing will definitely lead to a backlash of ethical violations and a loss of credibility and idealized influence overall. The goal of analytical leader is to create the foundation for their team to continually excel across all…. [read more]

Leadership in Organizations Organizational Leadership Thoughts Capstone Project

… Leadership in Organizations

Organizational Leadership

Thoughts on Leadership (Opening statement)

Management verses Leadership

What is management?



The overlap ion management and leadership

What do leaders do?

Comparing personal thoughts and leadership models

Leaders see what others do not Leaders seize opportunities surrounding them

Personal statements/concluding the chapter

Leadership Theories

The trait theory -- what people have chances to be good leaders?

Behavioral Theories -- What Do Good Leaders Do?

The contingency theory - how situations determine good leadership

Leadership styles

The servant leadership style

Transformational leadership

Situational leadership

Effective leadership styles for today's organizations


Self as Leader

Core values in leadership practice

The leadership ethical framework

Decision making linked to core values

Organizational change framework

Organizational change strategy

Goal-setting change model…. [read more]

Leadership a Mission Statement Term Paper

… Leadership

A mission statement is a "key tool that can be as important to your business plan" (Entrepreneur, 2013). When applied to a human being, some adjustments to the concept need to be made, since the concept reflects business missions. For a person, the mission statement should be a combination of objectives and philosophies that underlie how you want to conduct yourself in your career. I seek to build a career as a leader in my field, my success driven by my expertise and hard work. I envision my future as focused on my family first and foremost, with a nice house, a comfortable and happy life with opportunity for my children. My mission revolves around having career success so that I can provide for…. [read more]

Ethics and Authentic Leadership Essay

… Leaders require support and assistance when their actions need to be corrected.

III. Powers Possessed by Followers

In fact, followers possess more power than is commonly acknowledged. For example followers possess the power associated with purpose and the commitment to the common goals and as well possess power associated with knowledge, skills, and resources of the organization. Followers additionally possess their personal history related to their successes and the contributions that each follower has made to the goals of the leader and the organization as a whole.

The followers additionally possess the power of self-faith and their personal commitment and integrity and have the power to speak the truth from their own personal viewpoint and to set standards and influence the leader and organization as…. [read more]

Leadership Ethics on Facebook Case Study

… Leadership qualities and ethical responsibilities are polished with experience and age. This doesn't mean that young leaders should be discouraged but rather they should have a blend of experienced managerial positions to provide them with proper guidance.

Therefore for the successful operation of the Facebook it's important for Zuckerberg to have experienced managers actively involved in the progress of Facebook. This is well supported by a leadership consultant John Baldoni according to whom "Leadership wisdom is something that accrues with age and experience." Experienced leaders have wisdom of their lifelong professional experience which provides a roadmap to the organization's success and can foresee organization in the future years. Therefore with creativity, innovation, great idea and involvement of employees a great leader is the one who…. [read more]

Leadership Principal Theories Research Paper

… Concentrating on strengths doesn't disregard the organization's issues or risks, however vigor is routed into business associates digging deeply to really comprehend the organization's central functionality which have the possibility to produce as well as sustain constructive deviant overall performance (Wooten, 2010; Stavros and Hinrichs, 2009).

To attain favorably deviant results in the strategic preparation procedure, leaders shape a distinct way of thinking backed up by value-generating procedures which make it feasible for business associates to attain excellence (Wooten, 2010; Stavros and Hinrichs, 2009).

Ethics and Globalization

The present monetary turmoil has brought up concerns regarding the authenticity of capitalism. Moral problems definitely played a function. Whilst it remains in sight whether or not and just how many individuals coldly shattered legal issues, there happen…. [read more]

Leadership Approaches and Theories Essay

… " (2010)

II. Leader's Goals

The leader's goal should be closing gaps "in a systematic way so that ultimately there is a positive impact on all stakeholders. Every manager/leader can zap the gaps and turn in a winning performance -- provided the company has a sound business model and meets a real customer demand." (Blanchard, 2010) The strategy for "zapping the performance GAPS includes the following stated steps:

(1) Analyze the "is."

(2) Pin down the causes.

(3) Select the right solutions. (Blanchard, 2010)

Blanchard additionally relates the need to:

(1) Hire people whose skill sets match the needs of the company.

(2) Ensure that the roles and performance expectations are clearly understood, that team members are coached and reinforced, and that the incentives are…. [read more]

Leadership Is a Complex Process Essay

… Through a leader's actions, others employees get inspiration to achieve the best. A good leader encourages and gives direction to others in order to achieve a common goal.

Role model for integrity and ethics

Leadership requires showing a good example to others in the work environment. A leader who upholds work ethics is an example for the subordinates. A leader with integrity keeps his word and promises to relate to their work. Integrity enables a leader to be trustworthy.

Self-confidence and humility

A self-confident leader is able to listen to employees and accepts correction even from subordinates. Through self-confidence, a leader is able to project the future and make sound decisions. Humility enables a leader to understand his subordinates and interrelate with them. Humility is…. [read more]

Leadership Styles Essay

… 328). This makes sense when one considers the role of an employee working in a government agency, because having one's own individual experience taken into account and effectively coordinated with the entire organization's effort becomes much more important when that individual experience is only one in a collection of millions of employees, working on everything from national defense to consumer standards. To effectively lead such a varied and dense organization, a President almost has to deploy a transformational leadership strategy, particularly if he or she is to enact the perceived mandate of the election, because this is the only means of effectively mobilizing such a disparate group of people towards common goals.

When dealing with the legislative branch, on the other hand, the President will…. [read more]

Leadership a Philosophy of Leadership Is Important Essay

… Leadership

A philosophy of leadership is important, because it helps to guide the leader through all different situations. The philosophy embodies the truths and guiding principles that characterize one's view of leadership (Leboeuf, 1999). By having a philosophy to help guide in leadership situations, a leader can be more consistent in his or her actions (Ambler, 2006). If the philosophy is congruent with good leadership practices, the outcomes of one's leadership will be consistently strong.

My leadership philosophy is based on the concept of servant leadership (, 2011). I believe that the purpose of leaders is to allow the organization to excel. The leader needs to be the one to lead by example, to set the tone for the rest of the organization. The leader…. [read more]

Leadership Self -- Assessment Creative Writing

… As well identified are the model of leadership theory that is most preferred by this writer and the model of leadership theory in nursing that is believed to be the most compatible and productive when used in combination with the transformative nursing leadership model chosen by the writer of this work. This brief study has revealed that the efficient leader that transforms through self-motivated and focused change is one that knows themselves and has a strong drive to go to any lengths to achieve their goals. Self-motivation is a pre-requisite to motivating others toward achievement of their goals and harmonization of personal and common organizational goals.


Hix, C.; McKeon, Leslie; and Walters, S. (2009) Clinical Nurse Leader Impact on Clinical

Leadership and Motivation (2012)…. [read more]

Leadership Team Leadership Analysis Essay

… Engineering felt it could fit into markets including material handling and warehousing. Marketing felt this market was exceptionally small compared to the mainstream printing and imaging market. As the conflict traversed both internal and external teams, the project manager, using many aspects of the Team Leadership Model, had the engineering and marketing teams set up test, or beta sites, to evaluate the printer in these market areas. This leadership strategy made the marketability a shared goal, and also made the actual performance of the printer in this environment immediately known. Using this technique, the project leader had galvanized both teams to a common goal and created a higher level of team effectiveness by seeking to balance task, relational and environmental factors in a single leadership…. [read more]

Leadership Philosophy Essay

… It is the philosophy of leadership that not only affects the behaviors but ultimately the effectiveness of leadership (Ambler 2006). It should contain the components like personal values (honesty, commitment, respect for people), an approach regarding the completion of tasks and responsibilities, defined priorities, expectation from people and a fair criteria for their evaluation, an understanding of people's expectations from the leader (Ambler 2006).

Thus, developing a leadership philosophy is a very personal exercise. It involves a key set of beliefs about people, life and the belief that groups and organizations can be effective. It must begin with answering some serious questions about who you are, what you believe in, what you value, your priorities and your expectations of yourself and others ("Leadership Philosophy,").

Conclusion…. [read more]

Leadership Characteristics That Are Important Essay

… When the followers are aware of that, they should act accordingly. In other words, their commitment level should match that of their leaders. Their eagerness to do something or to solve a problem should be similar to what the leader wants. Even if a company has the best problem solving and the best decision making techniques, if the workers who are going to carry out the solution are not interested, then it would all be good for nothing.

In other words, leadership and the character of the followers go hand in hand. Where the leader gives a free hand for the persons to develop from their knowledge, the followers should be creative and think of the company as their own. When so much about being…. [read more]

Personal Model of Ethical Leadership Essay

… This is close to the way I leadership because this models in people and communicating that belief; they are accessible and visible; they allow, increase contribution, support, share material, and move decision making down into the business. In an effective leadership condition, the leader is looked at as being a catalyst and servant whose leadership style is supporting, advocating, and bring the empowerment (Jam, 2012). While in an unsuccessful leadership situation, the leader is a softy, whose leadership style is fraud and abdication.

Another model used is the political framework model. With this model, political leaders clarify what they want and what they can get; measure the distribution of interests and power, construct associations to other stakeholders, use encouragement first, then use cooperation and coercion…. [read more]

Transformational Leadership in the Promotion Essay

… In fact, as shown by the literature reviewed in this study transformational leadership is such that "rests on a clear ethical foundation." (McDougle, 2003, p.1) In fact, that transformational leader's goal is to support and enable the morality in the organization to be raised to higher levels. The transformational leader motivates followers and leads them to focusing on what is important for the common good rather than retaining the focus on self alone. This study has examined transformational leadership in promoting ethical climates and practices and has found that transformational leadership is characterized by ethical leadership. In fact, as shown by the literature reviewed in this study transformational leadership is such that "rests on a clear ethical foundation." (McDougle, 2003, p.1) In fact, that transformational…. [read more]

Ethics and Integrity in the Workplace Thesis

… Ethics and Integrity in the Workplace

The focus of this paper is ethical integrity in the workplace. Workplace ethics and integrity encompasses more than one might think and in fact, ethics and integrity it will be noted in this study, are either intentionally woven into the fabric and composition of the organization or alternatively, not integral to the organization's makeup due to the lack of principles that make ethics and integrity non-optional factors within the organization's framework. This work addresses what factors are required in order to integrate principles of ethics and integrity within the basic structure of the organization in a manner that perpetuates these principles throughout the organization or in other words, this work seeks precisely from where organizational ethics and integrity derive.…. [read more]

Ethical Leadership Describe Each Study Article Critique

… Ethical Leadership

Describe Each Study

There are some articles that deal with organizational ethical values and the leadership values. These articles are based on research and studies conducted in different areas of the world to find if there is a role of ethical leadership in productivity of organizations. There are many other positive effects of implementing organizational and leadership ethics in a corporation. Following is a brief analysis of each of the five given articles to find what each article studies and what did it find.

The Influence of Supervisory Behavioral Integrity on Intent to Comply with Organizational Ethical Standards and Organizational Commitment

Janie Harden Fritz, Naomi Bell O'Neil, Ann Marie Popp, Cory Williams, Ronald C. Arnett

The research problem, questions, or hypotheses: The research…. [read more]

Titans Demonstrates Leadership Styles, Leadership Ethics Term Paper

… ¶ … Titans demonstrates leadership styles, leadership ethics, and leadership frameworks using the example of s high school football team. Gregory Allen Howard's 2000 film starring Denzel Washington and directed by Boaz Yakin offers an entertaining but insightful glance at the challenges leaders face and optimal means of overcoming obstacles and interpersonal conflicts. Remember the Titans takes place in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971, during the integration of public schools. The ensuing racial tension creates volatile situations for the team, its coaches, and the community. Coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) and Coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton) demonstrate their leadership abilities not only by coaching the team to a lossless season but also by navigating through the difficulties of racial tension. Moreover, the students on the team…. [read more]

Ethics in an Organization Essay

… In conclusion, the role of ethics to organizations in the society of today has been able to come a long way and will endure to be a significant subject going ahead. Consumers have more material at their fingertips than ever before and are able to get access to more media than they have ever been able to get. Information regarding establishments is willingly accessible and without high ethical standards of ethics establishments will see their collapse. As mentioned in this essay there are a lot of different concepts for governments to impart appropriate standards in their employees and to safeguard achievement and future growth. It is up to separate governments to take the proper stages to guarantee that they are running morally and providing the…. [read more]

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