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Leadership Hospitality Management Term Paper

… Leadership (Hospitality Management)

This report will discuss the effective leadership style and motivational factor in hospitality management, particularly managing Red Sea Restaurant given their established culture and work environment.

Currently, Red Sea Restaurant is in need of Restaurant Manager who will contribute his or her expertise in attaining consistent, if not, exceeding, quality service performance. Qualifications for the position are ascertaining proper execution of operational duties, delegating tasks, boosting staff's moral and ensuring all are in accordance to standards, among others.. Applicants which passed the screening process are Grace Hannaford and Ronan Atkins

Selecting candidates that would fit the qualifications is a very critical step. This could lead to either success or failure of the team which could have a good or adverse effect in…. [read more]

Hospitality Management in the Church Research Proposal

… Hospitality Management in the Church

Hospitality is a very important aspect of the church in fulfilling the church mission and as well represents a large portion of the hospitality market each year. The purpose of this study is to examine hospitality as related to the church and the level of hospitality that the church demonstrates in its activities focused towards evangelism. The methodology of this study is of a qualitative nature, which has been conducted through an extensive review of literature in this area of study. The importance of this study is the information that will be added to the already existing knowledge base in this area of study. This study concludes that hospitality is at the core of the activities that were deemed by…. [read more]

What Are the Major Trends in Multicultural Management Both Older and Recent? Term Paper

… Multi-Cultural Management

What are the major trends in multicultural management, both older and recent?

Over the last several years, multicultural management has been increasingly to the forefront. This is because globalization and technology are bringing the world closer together. While at the same time, having a workforce from different backgrounds can help an organization effectively reach out to cliental. (Kelly, 2009) to fully understand what is taking place, there will be a focus on: analyzing the field, examining research on the topic and future directions. Together, these different elements will highlight current and future trends in multicultural management. (Kelly, 2009)

Analysis of the Field

To fully understand what is happening requires looking at the field and how this is influencing hiring, evaluation and promotion strategies.…. [read more]

Management Process Creative Writing

… There are many different personalities in any organization, and managers must use empathy and understanding when evaluating and judging others. Evaluating becomes important when promotions are up for grab. Mangers within the food industry must be able to include many details into drawing a picture of what team member will best serve the team with a promotion.


While evaluating was a time to step back and use the imagination, the controlling step requires the manager to take action. Taking control does not always mean to micro-manage or over step ones' authority. Rather this idea means to take responsibility for an action instead of making excuses for it. Control implies that the manager has taken responsibility and is making corrections that support the long-term strategy…. [read more]

Emotional Labor in the Hospitality Term Paper

… Especially for the hospitality industry workers must hone their skills in the areas of acceptance and actualization of cultural diversity and interaction, quality service standards, knowledge transfer, technical advancements, and communication.

At no time can either management or employee stand alone in the promulgation of optimal guest service. By management not looking at emotional labor skills of employees there will always exist a substandard guest service environment. At the same time management must continually ensure that employees have a positive feeling about working for the organization through recognition of their emotional labor skills. With identification and involvement on both parts employees will be less likely to churn their employment positions and relate much more positively to customers while improving the quality of guest services.

References…. [read more]

Social and Cultural Perspective in Hospitality Management Article

… Social & Cultural Perspective in Hospitality Management

Hospitality management has two different explanations in relation to the scope of the subject. It is either a field of study or work. As a field of work, it involves the management of hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and other related industries within the hospitality sector. At the level of study, hospitality management involves the study of hospitality sectors in terms of structures, management, and organization. The industry is complex in nature hence it is crucial to have a deeper meaning of the hospitality. This would enhance provision of services to the entire society and the hospitality industry. Hospitality requires much flexibility from the formal management perspective in order to act appropriately in anticipation and meeting the recurring or…. [read more]

Food and Beverage Management Articles Term Paper

… And the same "training video" was played each year. And in that video, a front desk hotel employee is seen blabbing on the phone - carrying on an obvious personal call ("Hey, whacha' doin' tonight?" he asks a friend on the phone) - for at least a minute, while weary travelers stand with luggage at the front desk, waiting for service. And each year the "trainer" stopped the video and asked, "What's wrong here?" And each year, someone raised a hand and pointed out the total lack of customer service displayed in the video.

But, the negative bottom line wasn't just in the incompetent front desk employee. It lay squarely on the shoulders of management. How could such an ill-trained person ever be put in…. [read more]

Knowledge Management Best Practices Essay

… Marriott Hotels and others are actively using SERVQUAL to measure the gap between customer expectations and experiences, generating ongoing benchmarks showing the variations in each dimension (Enz, Siguaw, 2000). This data is generating valuable insights and intelligence that guides tactical and strategic changes in their overall approach to service quality, including the addition of new services and options for guests. One of the most significant findings from this analysis is that business travelers greatly value predictability of their surroundings in Marriott properties so they can navigate the rooms at night if they have to get up (Yesawich, 2006). Marriott also found that through the use of the SERVQUAL methodology that their most frequent travelers value a more rapid check-in over the formalities of being treated…. [read more]

Management in Spite of the Modifications Essay

… ¶ … Management

In spite of the modifications within the micro and macro environments, the number one goal of economic agents remains that of registering profits. Still, they now do this by placing a significantly greater emphasis on the needs of the various stakeholder categories. Companies for instance strive to increase their revenues by satisfying the needs of customers or by generating value to the entire public, or to the community in which they operate.

Incremental emphasis has also been placed on the creation of a pleasant and dynamic working environment, in which the staff members can develop both professionally as well as socially. The aim is that of satisfying and stimulating the employees to become more loyal and committed to the organization, and as…. [read more]

Church Leadership Essay

… Church Leadership

What is leadership? Firstly we could say that it is the act of someone guiding the rest to accomplish particular tasks or to attain certain goals and objectives in a group setting. The person, who does this, is practically practicing leadership. On the other hand, leadership could also be taken as the art of motivating a group and getting people to see things in a particular same point-of-view and get them to achieve a common goal.' (Patrol, Troop, 1972).

It is also the act of serving people in different capacities, either in an organization, school institution, church, public office, etc. The leader makes important decisions, inspire, communicate, and supervise the activities in the group. One may born with leadership skills or acquire them…. [read more]

Five Year Development Plan Term Paper

… Five-Year Development Plan:

A career development is an important part of the performance review process since it documents an individual's strengths and development areas with regards to career goals. As a result, the creation of this plan helps a person to establish means and strategies to maximize his/her opportunities for meaningful work in the future. The career goals should incorporate the required development to achieve the current role and necessary path to move into future roles. This is primarily because an individual's career covers his/her work experiences that are critical in defining current and future work roles ("Career Development Plan," 2007). The creation of career development goals is based on an emphasis on the current role since any development requires current performance targets and competencies…. [read more]

Four Functions of Management Essay

… ¶ … Functions of Management at Work in the Hospitality Industry: A Brief Examination

The four functions of management -- planning, organizing, leading, and controlling -- are essential for the proper functioning of any organization, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Whatever aspect of the hospitality and tourism industry one might be involved in, there is a definite necessity to maintain the resources of that operation through the four functions of management in order to provide services that consistently uphold the image of the company and establishes the perception of quality care in the consumer (Laws & Thyne 2004). By effectively understanding and implementing the four functions of management, the goal of customer satisfaction can be easily met.


The analyzing of current circumstances,…. [read more]

Public Sector Management Essay

… Public Sector Management

The term 'public service' needs to be defined in such a manner that the need that created the public service and the implication of it to the economy has to be explained. We must therefore consider the definition of a public service. Public services are always oriented to the welfare of the community and are aimed at providing key services that must be available to all on an equitable basis. In other words public services and utilities are welfare oriented rather than profit oriented. The orientation to welfare and service with minimum or no returns thus puts huge burden on the exchequer. Thus today there is high increase in the support of reform in public services. We have to however understand that…. [read more]

Human Resources Management in Hotel Research Paper

… 225). Further, knowledge management refers to a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to "identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences within an organization" (Addicott, Ferlie & McGivern, 2006, p.88). It has been said that the acquisition and creation of knowledge takes place on an individual level, a group level, and an organizational level. Organizations consistently strive to improve their bottom line and because of this, customers and stakeholders are vital in providing information for service innovation within an organization. The same is true for the hotel hospitality industry. In order to provide solutions to organizational problems, as well as to provide insight on new or innovative products and services, benchmarking is needed with respect to knowledge management,…. [read more]

Human Dimension of Future Business Management Literature Review

… Human Resource Management (HRM) is a field that has been evolving gradually over time in terms of its responsibilities, structure and functions within an organization. As time progresses, these factors will continue to evolve, making the HR departments of the future look considerably different than those of the past. This literature review examines how the lessons of the past and present will shape the human resource management strategies of the future. It examines the changing perceptions, practices and responsibilities of HRM, as well as describing the personal strategies of the author for managing HR policies and practices through effective leadership and strategic planning.

The Changing Perceptions of HR Management Theory

Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees

Managing Human Resources Through Effective Leadership

Managing Change

Goal Alignment…. [read more]

What the Literature Says Regarding the Management of Volunteers Literature Review

… Trust Creation and the Management of Volunteers in Non-Profit Organizations

Rogers, Jiang, Rogers and Intindola (2015) suggest in their qualitative study of hospital volunteers that the volunteer plays a crucial role in the development of patient satisfaction. Their research shows that volunteers (by the very act of volunteering) cultivate within the environment a more pastoral and caring attitude, which pleases patients and helps them to heal in ways that ordinary employees cannot effect. The volunteer has the ability to represent a kind of community care. In short, the study indicates that volunteers are essential in trust creation (at least in the hospital setting) among patients and workers, and for that reason should be managed with a special view towards their innate abilities as volunteers (Rogers,…. [read more]

Career Opportunities Within the Hospitality Industry Research Proposal

… Career Opportunities Within the Hospitality Industry:

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest developing and growing sectors of the current economic status. As an industry that is growing very fast in the recent years, it accounts for a multi-billion dollar sector. The main reason attributed to the huge growth of the hospitality industry is because it's exciting, never boring, and provides unlimited opportunities. Moreover, the industry is quite diverse and offers enough opportunities for people to work in several areas of their interests within the industry.

Current State of the Hospitality Industry:

The current hospitality industry is exceptionally healthy and feasible because of the various opportunities it provides to many people in each of its established segments. These opportunities are available in lodging management,…. [read more]

TQM Total Quality Management Essay

… , 2011).

A zero defect concept represents a common theme of many total quality management initiatives. It has become especially common in the luxury hotel industry to further organizational goals via an educational, empowering and positively rewarding relationship that is shared by staff management with their subordinates (Baldacchino, 1999). Empowering employees is one of the key factors that make this whole process more feasible. If employees are empowered then the presence of a defect or the possibility of a future defect can be corrected at the time in which it is first recognized. Therefore even if some kind of defect is present at any time during the time of service, then it can be quickly mitigated so that the customer isn't significantly obstructed by the…. [read more]

Innovation and Ethics an Analysis Case Study

… Innovation and Ethics

An Analysis of What Drives Innovation and How Ethics Play a Role

"the race for the survival of the world is not the strongest, but the most adaptive."

Samsung Vice Chairman and CEO Jong-Yong Yun

Innovation is at the top of nearly every organizations priority list, yet it is probably one of the misunderstood concepts of the current generation of business leaders. Every organization can feel the need to change, the changing external environment demands that they do. Some observers of business trends have commented that the "knowledge economy" of the 1990s and 2000s is evolving into the "creativity economy" as companies from the United States, Europe, and Japan are reaching new heights in creativity, imagination, and innovation (Daft, 2010). This trend…. [read more]

Hilton Hotel Key Leadership Traits Management Style Competitive Advantage in Its Specific Industry Thesis

… Hilton Hotels' Management Strengths and Leadership Style

The ability of any services-based business to attract and retain loyal costumers over time is more of a measure of its internal processes and management strengths than any other. Adding in the inherent uncertainty of the economic recession which has been occurring since 2007, and the ability of any services-based business to continue growing, attracting and retaining a profitable customer base is exceptional. Exemplifying one of the core strengths of the company is its broad range of brands that address the needs of business and leisure travels from several different income segments. At the center of these branding strategies is the core chain of hotels and resorts bearing the founder's name, in addition to the Conrad Hotels &…. [read more]

Management of Marketing Department in Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong Case Study

… Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is a part of the Ritz Carlton hotel. The Ritz Carlton hotel is a five star hotel established in 1983. The company starts from one hotel to 76 hotels scattered worldwide in 25 countries. As part of the global expansion, Ritz Carlton hotel is making further expansion in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and South America. Since the formation of Ritz Carlton, the company has won several awards in more than two decades in luxury hospitality. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is operated under the division of Marriott International.

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong was established in 2009. The hotel dominates the city of Hong Kong with 490 metres high. The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong makes a significant magnificent contribution to the city of…. [read more]

Collecting Food Packages for Homeless Essay

… As for instance, when the man says:

I've always been interested in a vocation that is more than just a paycheck and has something after you're done with it that you feel like you've accomplished something -- made life easier or better for other people.

More so, we see this emphasized later with the paragraph:

I've to the notion of that human beings can often behave in really terrible ways and selfish ways. But I also have this notion that they also have a hungering and a longing to want to the opposite. They want to do good. I think that's why people come here and volunteer, I think that's why food companies give us product. I think that's why agencies want to get that…. [read more]

Organizational Behaviour This Report Focuses Essay

… These values determine to a great level how individual put their psychological energies into action. The outcomes of these can either be negative or positive (Dean, 2011). Further, they can advance beyond the group level and affect the relationship between different groups in organizations. The correlation between these values and those instituted at the corporate levels of the organization, to a large extent determine how operations are accomplished within the workplace and how goals are achieved within the same. In light of such group dynamics, managers within organizations are required to put into consideration certain factors in order to oversee and facilitate group performance. Different approaches can be used by management in achieving this end. These include actions like, the establishment of appropriate communication channels,…. [read more]

Octagon Sports Organizational Structure Research Paper

… This is where the Octagon falls, alongside IMG and others. Third, is the sports services, which involves organizations offering sports as their end products. This segment is again further divided into three facets including the Event that involves organizations generating their revenues, either indirectly or directly from spectators (Staffa, Lewis, Braham & Griffins 2011). Here, the athletes are professional, and examples of such entities encompass teams and leagues. Second, are participants involving entities that provide opportunities for individuals to engage or involve in sporting activities. Finally, Job, Woods and Howard (2008) affirms that the hybrid aspect ensures the provision of a mixed organization of events and participants including government agencies. Here is a schematic showing the structure of the football industry. (See Figure 2)

An…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Case Study

… As stated above, the most important change brought by her was in the communication system of the facility. Open environment increased the communication between all people of the facility; including staff, leads, residents and their family members. She encouraged upward communication that opened ways for staff to openly express their problems with seniors.

Number of meetings was also increased for improving the communication culture. Monthly staff's meetings were changed to weekly meetings and residents meetings the frequency was also changed from three months to bi-monthly. The feedback on issues raised by people of facility was given through publishing and distribution of posters and newsletters. This satisfied facility people that their concerns are considered important and resolved.

Manager came up with a new mission and vision…. [read more]

Servant Leadership in a Conflicted Church Thesis

Applying Servant Leadership within a Conflicted Church: The Project as an Act of Ministry

My church, the South Iowa Chapel, like many modern churches, is a church in conflict. Conflicted churches are problematic because they drive parishioners away from the church, and, possibly, away from Christ. Conflict in a church can also be a difficult situation to remedy, because of the different personality types and leadership styles of people involved in the church. However, I feel that a significant part of the problem is that people are using traditional leadership styles in church. Jesus Christ was not a traditional leader. On the contrary, He was the epitome of a servant leader, one who leads through service to others. Obviously, He did a wonderful job leading…. [read more]

National Culture and Related Theories Assessment

… The cultural dimensions presented by McSweeney are widely implemented at multinational organizations to manage their culturally dispersed employees (Kinasevych, 2010).

Risk Taking and Pro-Activeness:

Kreiser, Marino, Dickson, & Weaver (2010) have also criticized the five cultural dimensions by Hofstede. They believe that uncertainty avoidance and power distance restrict individuals from taking risks and have high aims in their lives (Lenz 2008). They argue that collectivistic cultures do not flourish in low power distance and high uncertainty avoidance atmospheres. The findings of Kreiser, Marino, Dickson, & Weaver (2010) suggest that individuals should be given a proper platform where they can take risks and contribute towards their organization's innovation. Individuals cannot achieve their high aims at the workplace if majority of their coworkers avoid risk taking and…. [read more]

Performance Management and Appraisal at Apple, Inc Term Paper

… Performance Management Appraisal at Apple

Performance Management Appraisals at Apple

In this paper, we are going to be studying the performance evaluation procedures that are used by Apple. This will be accomplished by focusing on: conducting an in depth evaluation of the employee procedures that are utilized by the firm. Once this takes place, is when we can provide specific insights to show how this is helping the company to adapt with a host of transformations.

Over the last several years, the issue of performance management has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because a number of firms are realizing that hiring and motivating employees will help to give them a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Evidence of this can be seen…. [read more]

Martin Luther King/The Hospitality Industry Diversity Thesis

… Martin Luther King/The Hospitality Industry

Diversity in the Hospitality Industry:

Applying the Philosophy of Diversity-Blindness Offered by Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King is not remembered as a great hospitality manager, but instead as a Civil Rights leader, but his leadership style can be applied to the hospitality industry when it comes to facing the challenges that diversity brings to the industry. While globalization allows the hospitality industry to increase throughout the world, it also creates an industry made up of employees and customers of all different types. Hotels, restaurants, and other establishments in the industry of hospitality now have employees and clients with different backgrounds, of different religious affiliations, and ethnic identities. While this is a positive change, allowing different perspectives to come to…. [read more]

Customer Expectations in the Hospitality Industry Thesis

… Customer Expectations in the Hospitality Industry

Customers' expectations are the future of any organization, and this is particularly relevant to the hospitality industry. To the extent an organization creates expectations and accurately fulfills them is to the extent they gain customer loyalty and market share.

The intent of this paper is to evaluate how expectations are created, and second, explain the dominant approaches used for measuring customer expectations. An analysis of how customer expectations are managed in the hospitably industry is next discussed with an assessment of how customer satisfaction measurement approaches are specifically applied to the hospitality industry.

How Expectations Are Formed

The development of expectations is formed from the interaction of social exchange and voluntary performance behaviors, with both sets of factors contributing…. [read more]

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