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Leadership of David Petraeus Research Paper

… 10) Stay fit to fight. Your body is your ulti-mate weapons system. Physical fitness for your body is essential for mental fitness. 11) The only thing better than a little com-petition is a lot of competition. Set chal-lenges for your subordinates to encourage them to excel. 12) Everyone on the team is mission criti-cal. Instill in your team members a sense of great self-worth, that each, at any given time, can be the most important on the battlefield.

From this one may reasonably conclude that Petraeus' leadership style is by and large transformational. Transformational leadership involves creating positive change in the followers whereby they take care of each other's interests and act in the interests of the group as a whole. Essentially the leader's task…. [read more]

Oshinsky, "Worse Than Slavery" David Essay

… If the emergence of armed gangs is to be deplored, then it should be noted that armed gangs in Meridian were equal-opportunity employers -- Oshinsky only notes that the black gangs were, by comparison, "poorly armed." But this is where some measure of social psychology would be useful: Oshinsky seems to rely on racism as a primary motivating factor, without necessarily indicating where he thinks racism comes from. Instead racism seems to be constructed in Worse Than Slavery as a sort of instinctive behavior. Yet it is worth inquiring of the conditions from which the convict labor system emerged if they would be regarded differently if there was no question of racial difference. For example, Oshinsky raises the issue of the mobility of emancipated slaves,…. [read more]

Authors Referenced Works Specific Recent Circumstances Discussed That Have Changed the Nature of Warfare Term Paper

… Warfare

The More War Changes

War is always the same. And it is always changing. The basic goals of warfare -- to capture territory and resources, to reduce the enemy's ability to fight through whatever means necessary, including the killing off of enemy combatants, to ensure that defeat will be lasting -- have been in place since the very first people began throwing stones at each other tens of thousands of years ago. But the details of each war are so different that both to those fighting each new war and to those observing it, the entire nature of warfare can seem transformed. This paper examines three recent guides to the nature of how warfare has changed over the last generation and what it means…. [read more]

Lessons of Vietnam Essay

… S. military has also been drastically altered by Vietnam. It may be American politicians who decide whether or not to go to war, it is the American military that must fight that war. According to General David H. Petraeus, the architect of American strategy in Afghanistan, the military learned three distinct lessons from the conflict in Vietnam. The military first learned that the patience of the American people is not limitless when faced with a protracted conflict. American military strategy must be based on a limited time frame by which the operation must be completed. As General George C. Marshall, the architect of the American victory in W.W. II warned, "a democracy cannot fight a Seven Years War." (Petraeus, 1986, p. 50) And as stated…. [read more]

Central Intelligence Agency the Civilian Essay

… The WorldWide Attack Matrix was also developed which was the document describing the secret counter-terrorism operation in nearly 80 countries. CIA has intended to take this move to eliminate terrorism from the grassroots level and no nation in the future suffers from the devastating attack like that of Al-Qaeda.


The intelligence agencies like CIA have been established in the country for the purpose of protecting citizen's right of secure and safe environment. On the broad teams these agencies have been working closely with the international investigation agencies to provide information to the executive committee and the President and policy makers. However, CIA's activities and their methodologies have been criticized by many activists that it is sometimes against the human rights. The CIA has been…. [read more]

Democratic Views for 2008 Elections Thesis

… Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's Platform

The issues forming the basis of Democratic Presidential hopeful Barak Obama's platform are much the same as have been the platforms of democrats and republicans alike for decades. There are the issues of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Social Security reform, education funding reform, and, since Roe v Wade, circa 1974, the issue of abortion. In contemporary America, we can add to these three issues gay marriage, illegal immigration, and American healthcare. While the first three issues have been debated for decades, the latter two are relatively new to the presidential platform, but are hotly contested issues that could potentially swing the vote to either side. Democratic candidate Barak Obama, presenting a cool and calm picture of rational…. [read more]

Pat Proctor of Kansas State Article Review

… Moreover Proctor suggests that salafist jihadism is an "economic problem" because it "impedes investment" in the areas where radicalism has taken hold and violence is up; and because the attacks that it "inspires" creates economic damage into the millions of dollars (55). Proctor presents variables and counter arguments to the salafist jihadism ideas but he warns that the U.S. does not have to "…engineer these arguments" because they are already being made by "prominent personalities in the Arab world" (57).

TEN: The findings that Proctor puts forward match up very well to his original thesis: that is, the U.S. And the West are wasting their resources trying to kill all the insurgents coming into Afghanistan and the al-Qaeda militants in other countries. It would be…. [read more]

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