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Leadership Theory in a Changing Essay

… Thus, for principals and administrators, a balance is demanded. Sergiovanni reports that "the unique context for schooling, particularly in a democratic society, raises the question of sources of authority for leadership practice. As important as a school leader's personality and interpersonal skills may be to success, and as handy as bureaucratic reasons may be to use, neither are sufficiently powerful to provide that leader with the sources of authority needed to reach students, parents, teachers and others in powerful ways." (Sergiovanni, p. 2) Sergiovanni therefore goes on to assert that the discretion provided by moral orientation can help to drive this balance and can help to make one's leadership style adaptable to the specifics of any type of system.

One reason that this adaptability takes…. [read more]

Leadership Team Leadership Analysis Essay

… Engineering felt it could fit into markets including material handling and warehousing. Marketing felt this market was exceptionally small compared to the mainstream printing and imaging market. As the conflict traversed both internal and external teams, the project manager, using many aspects of the Team Leadership Model, had the engineering and marketing teams set up test, or beta sites, to evaluate the printer in these market areas. This leadership strategy made the marketability a shared goal, and also made the actual performance of the printer in this environment immediately known. Using this technique, the project leader had galvanized both teams to a common goal and created a higher level of team effectiveness by seeking to balance task, relational and environmental factors in a single leadership…. [read more]

Leadership in Organizations Organizational Leadership Thoughts Capstone Project

… Leadership in Organizations

Organizational Leadership

Thoughts on Leadership (Opening statement)

Management verses Leadership

What is management?



The overlap ion management and leadership

What do leaders do?

Comparing personal thoughts and leadership models

Leaders see what others do not Leaders seize opportunities surrounding them

Personal statements/concluding the chapter

Leadership Theories

The trait theory -- what people have chances to be good leaders?

Behavioral Theories -- What Do Good Leaders Do?

The contingency theory - how situations determine good leadership

Leadership styles

The servant leadership style

Transformational leadership

Situational leadership

Effective leadership styles for today's organizations


Self as Leader

Core values in leadership practice

The leadership ethical framework

Decision making linked to core values

Organizational change framework

Organizational change strategy

Goal-setting change model…. [read more]

Project Management Leadership Term Paper

… Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager

The many requirements placed on project managers require a unique skill set, all underscored by the ability to lead project teams and continually get results from diverse groups of professionals. Project managers are highly skilled in the managing of often conflicting tasks, alleviating resource constraints, all aimed at ensuring the objectives of a project are fulfilled. The synchronizing of efforts across an organization is the catalyst by which project manager define their role, and while it is not required for them to have leadership attributes, if they do, their job and its daily accomplishments are much more significant. If a project manager can emerge as a leader, their effectiveness will increase substantially from one project to the next. The…. [read more]

Project Management Imagine You Are Adjunct Professor Research Paper

… Project Management

Imagine you are adjunct professor teaching project management to a group of international MBA candidates. You recognize that several of your students may be interested in a career in academia. What three scholarly articles would you assign these students to read? Your goal should be to introduce them to academic theory in the area without intimidating them by providing overly quantitative, statistical driven, articles. Please explain your rationale for choosing these particular articles?

Of the myriad of articles that could be potentially assigned to students, my selections would center on the most practical and pragmatic aspects of project management. I'd also orient the articles more to case studies and away from the highly theoretically based, equation-centric studies of product management constraint theory and…. [read more]

Leadership Development Plan Creating Essay

… The second most significant challenge the leader of the virtual team of packaging, supply chain and logistics providers is going to face is helping each team member over their ethnocentric views and potentially myopic mindsets. It is a common problem in managing virtual teams to see individual team members form divergent and often highly different cultures believe their specific culture is superior across a variety of dimensions (Kayworth, Leidner, 2002). This is often referred to as ethnocentrism, or the belief one's own culture is the best (Purvanova, Bono, 2009). The team leader of the design team needs to get the virtual team together in person as quickly as possible for the project kick-off to help break down these ethnocentric mindsets and see other team members…. [read more]

Leadership Is Absolutely Necessary in the Management Term Paper

… Leadership is absolutely necessary in the management of everything from the home, to businesses and government agencies. The purpose of this discussion is to answer some pressing questions concerning leadership. Let us begin this discussion by providing a definition of leadership.

What is leadership?

Leadership is defined as the act or process of leading. In every aspect of life there are leaders (Williams). There are school leaders, business leaders and organizational leaders. Leadership is responsible for the management and organizing of people. As such they are responsible for a wide range of activities.

What characteristics does a leader need?

There are several characteristics that seem to be present in most great leaders. These characteristics include listening skills, good communication skills, honesty, sincerity and the ability…. [read more]

Leadership Is a Complex Process Essay

… Through a leader's actions, others employees get inspiration to achieve the best. A good leader encourages and gives direction to others in order to achieve a common goal.

Role model for integrity and ethics

Leadership requires showing a good example to others in the work environment. A leader who upholds work ethics is an example for the subordinates. A leader with integrity keeps his word and promises to relate to their work. Integrity enables a leader to be trustworthy.

Self-confidence and humility

A self-confident leader is able to listen to employees and accepts correction even from subordinates. Through self-confidence, a leader is able to project the future and make sound decisions. Humility enables a leader to understand his subordinates and interrelate with them. Humility is…. [read more]

Leadership Models Literature Review Essay

… According to Shady (2010), an emerging area in virtual teams and virtual collaboration is the virtual world. They distinguish between the two on the basis of quality of interaction and interpersonal distance. While virtual team members primarily communicate with one another through the use of information and communication technology tools such as instant messaging, chat and email, in a virtual world each team member is represented as an avatar in a 3D virtual world that closely resembles the real world. Therefore, through the avatar, the team members can communicate with one another as though they were communicating face-to-face in a real office. This has several implications for communication styles. With the ease of face-to-face communication, team members may be able to communicate through meta-messages such…. [read more]

Manage Project Risk Essay

… Project Risk Management

Manage Project Risk

Project management is the application of skills and knowledge in activities with the intentions of satisfying the client's needs and objectives set for a certain project. Project management happens in different phases, which include the, conception phase which is including the nurturing of an idea, the definition phase which entails documenting the idea, the planning and organizing phase that involves the project planning in details plus involvement of all stake holders, the implementation phase that entails the project undertaking and work are done, and lastly the project clean up phase that sees all the documentations filed, tools and materials cleared and handover of the project Zwikael and Ahn, 2011()

A core function of the project manager requires them to…. [read more]

Leadership SME Leadership Strategy Article Review

… , 2009; Kotter & Schlesinger, 2008; Kunze et al., 2011). Estanlsihing appropriate leadership perspectives and understandings prior to implementing any broader or more concrete changes would be essential in order to control for this contingency, then. If the organization is of a size to have middle management members, care will need to be taken to ensure that appropriate understandings of desired leadership values and perspectives as well as the overall culture of the organization are properly understood by these managers, as well.

Employee knowledge also directly impacts the efficacy of collaboration and greater levels of democracy in organizational decision-making, with greater knowledge levels and more diverse knowledge bases encouraging more creativity and enhancing self-efficacy perceptions (Demmer et al., 2011; Gong et al., 2009; Weber et…. [read more]

Leadership -- Its Importance Term Paper

… "

Potential leaders will have an opportunity to assume leadership roles by accessing the organizational requirements and the follower's needs (Isaac 212).

Employees, as well as CEO's, have a wide variety of perceptions concerning leadership. Some feel the leader is nothing more than a figurehead, while others feel having an upper management leadership is essential for multinational companies. Some employees feel it is important to have middle management as a link between them and upper management, while another group enjoys an active participation in the leadership of their organization. Each perception has qualities which can achieve success in an organization, as long as the leadership roles are implemented correctly (Harrison 299).


Those in leadership positions are facing many challenges in today's constantly changing workplace.…. [read more]

Quality Management: How to Handle Case Study

… If Harold and Tricia consider project quality management in their dealings with the remote deposit capture team, they will be willing to work on a compromise with the team in order to make sure that the remote deposit capture is as good as it can be when it goes to market and consumers have the opportunity to purchase it.

Another consideration with this scenario is human resource quality management. People are a very vital and valuable resource for any company, and if a company neglects its people or pushes them too hard, they may leave the company because they cannot handle the strain. If they do not leave but they do not feel valued, they may do substandard work or spend too much time trying…. [read more]

Leadership: Three Theories, Three Centuries Leadership Theory Term Paper

… Leadership: Three Theories, Three Centuries

Leadership Theory Over Three Centuries

Many experts have attempted to derive overarching theories of leadership to describe the properties of a social construct that has changed over the last three hundred years, here separated by benchmarks of hundred-year periods corresponding to the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Three major examples of such analytical schema include "the great man" theory, "trait" theory and "contextual" theory, discussed further below. But as Winston and Patterson (2006) pointed out from a meta-analysis of literature up to the saturation point where categories began to repeat themselves, so many such classification schema have been proposed to describe the factors that constitute "leadership," that identifying one "right" or dominant such theory exhausts research limitations because experts prioritize…. [read more]

Leadership, Team Building and Communication Term Paper

… As one project engineer said, time to an engineer is in analog and for a manufacturing engineer, it is digital.

These stark differences in the perception of time make communication challenges even more challenging. The role of a transformational leader in a team is to alleviate the differences in how one team vs. another processes information and perceives their role (Streiner, Deibler, Besterfield-Sacre, Shuman, 2010). These are the catalysts that cause the barriers in communication across Cisco.

The two recommendations for managing these communication barriers include first having a team rotation schedule created where each member of the manufacturing team spends time in engineering, up to a week, understanding how their processes work. The same holds true for the design engineers in manufacturing. Next, both…. [read more]

Project Management February J. 2014 Research Paper

… (Kerry, 2010). A project manager is an important project leader who communicates a project's vision to the subordinates. A project leader plans a project, measures performances of a project and solves problems that could arise from a project implementation. Common leadership styles used to run a project include:







Autocratic or Democratic.

To achieve organizational goals from a project, a project leader defines the phase of a project which includes:

Technical work to perform in each phase of a project,

The time of deliverable of each project

Stakeholders involved in each phase,

Strategy to implement control and approval in each phase.

A project sponsor also plays a critical role in the success of a project. Involvement of a project sponsor…. [read more]

Project Leadership Roles Case Study

… Need for an additional role and its proposed impact

The additional role is that of a financial advisor/controller. This role is exclusive to financially related issues (Tuuli & Rowlinson, 2009). Various things characterize projects and obtaining, allocation and use of funds is one fundamental issue that should be given special attention (Patel, 2008). Although the project sponsor may ensure that the funds are present, there should be a person who ensures that the funds are allocated appropriately and used as allocated. The person should have expertise in financial and accounting matters. It has been identified that projects give various corrupt personnel a loophole to engage in corrupt dealings or theft.

A financial advisor/controller will advise the team on ways in which they can be efficient…. [read more]

Management and Leadership Analysis Essay

… Several studies of transformational leaders have shown the greater the level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) the greater the level of authenticity and ability of a leader to connect on an individual basis with each subordinate (Fitzgerald, Schutte, 2010). Leaders who are transformational have the ability to create an innate culture of authenticity, transparency and trust which gives employees the freedom to work without fear of being fired for making a mistake (Schmidt, 1993). Excellent leaders replace fear of failure with the belief in achievement through trial and error if necessary (Singh, Krishnan, 2008). Transformational leaders share the four attributes of individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and idealized influence (Fitzgerald, Schutte, 2010). These four attributes or characteristics of leaders is what most differentiate them from…. [read more]

Leadership Frank's Leadership Style Case Study

… The key issues in the case are the fact that Frank is likely under pressure from his supervisors, as the government contracts have not been renewed. Frank needs to have several new contracts in their place. Another key issue is that Frank does not take any responsibility for finding the new contracts. Although the project managers are ultimately responsible for managing the new contracts, Frank is the business development manager. That means he should be taking the initiative instead of expecting others to magically do all the work. Furthermore, a key issue is that there are four good project managers on the team but Frank is uninterested in listening to any of them.

The root causes of the problems are related in part to external…. [read more]

Leadership: Enhancing Lessons Experience Essay

… By applying the Principled Negotiation, Universities are able to minimize their conflicts.

McElhaney (2009) contribution is in the communication strategy to solving conflict. He states that though there is no universal way of solving conflict, a communication system can prove otherwise. He centered his discussion on differentiation, face off and fractionation approaches. In Differentiation approach, individuals clarify the position and segment issues at hand. It is essential to differentiate because individual understand issues and help in solving conflicts. Taking an example of an airline where employees have gone on strike because of poor pay, a mediator comes to solve this conflict. What will the mediator do? The mediator should first understand the problem then group individuals according to their position and finally get solutions from…. [read more]

Project Management Involved Formation Research Paper

… It is essential to realize that a mega project such as A380 t requires extensive risk management analysis, which include risk identification and risk management plan before the project implementation. The delay led to another shift in project delivery schedule. The company announced that project delay was attributed to aircraft wiring problems. (Robertson 2006, Clark 2006).

Communication problem was another factors leading to A380 crisis. The management did not formerly communicate the problems to appropriate stakeholders on time. It was already too late before the management actually communicated the problem to the appropriate stakeholders. Realistically, the Airbus did not have experienced in building a complex aircraft such as A380. Thus, the company did not integrate effective risk and time management in the project life cycle.…. [read more]

Leadership in Organizations Transformational Essay

… The first of these four attributes is the ability to get subordinates to believe in themselves and see their efforts as contributing to not just the path of improvement for the business, but for themselves (Seo, Taylor, Hill, et. al., 2012). Idealized influence is the foundation of autonomy, mastery and purpose in the context of transformational leadership; it sets the stage for employees to take long-term learning and motivation to new levels (Moynihan, Pandey, Wright, 2012). Finally, idealized influence is created by the authenticity, transparency and trust that leaders create over time by showing they are completely committed to the goals of the project or team (Seo, Taylor, Hill, et. al., 2012). This aspect of self-sacrifice on the part of leaders is also foundational to…. [read more]

Project Management Why Do Project Managers Essay

… Project Management

Why do project managers want to ensure the project schedule is appropriately resource leveled prior to project execution? What are some of the potential problems using automatic resource leveling in Microsoft Project?

(220 Words 3 APA sources)

Resource leveling allows project managers to find potential issues in the allocation of their resources throughout the project. It is important to complete resource leveling before project execution to ensure that all tasks can be completed within the given timeline. Resource over allocation happens when a particular resource is given more work than they can do in time available. By using Microsoft Project the project timeline or schedule is calculated based on task requirements rather than the resource availability (Roberts). The resource leveling tool within Microsoft…. [read more]

Project Management Like Things Information Essay

… At these meetings we often discussed the end needs of users, to ensure all members stayed on task. I also had a strict time table about when different facets of the project should be completed. However, even with these contingency plans, the project met roadblocks. Delays due to weather, backlogs in terms of equipment needed to complete various projects, and stonewalling regarding funding from people who were not directly under my control all made the project extremely difficult to manage and challenged my leadership skills.

On the project, I learned that no matter how much of a 'control freak' a manager might wish to be, there are many aspects of the project beyond control. The mesh of personalities is obviously one of these components, given…. [read more]

Leadership in a Movie Based on the Theories and Concepts From the Book Capstone Project

… Leadership Movie

Organizational Leadership According to 12 Angry Men

Organizational theory and academic business discourse examine, amongst a host of other key organizational principles, the formal idea that leadership is an essential part of effective management, or, for that matter, an essential part of comprising an effective contribution to any working team. However, like many academic concepts which do not easily make the leap into real world applicability, this theoretical conception of leadership is just that, and in practice, this type of educational content and perspective is actually quite a bit less relevant than the curricula of formal education might argue.

While leadership is unquestionably an inborn talent that can be honed and improved, it is nonetheless an individualized talent and therefore both rarified and…. [read more]

Project Management Emerging Markets Continue Essay

… This also allows flexibility in respect to overall consumer trends. With a matrix organizational structure, a particular region can quickly and efficiently address varying consumer tastes within that region. As I will show with my McDonalds example later in the document, the entire organization did not have to change its product offering which would have been detrimental to the entire business. Instead, only the Indian region was to change which allowed flexibility within the overall scope of the McDonalds franchise. Below are many multinational structures and how they are defined. It's important for the project manager in the digital age to understand organizational structure so as to determine his best approach to leadership and success.

1. Ethnocentric. An ethnocentric mind-set is one primarily based on…. [read more]

Management Styles Different Management Styles Exist Article Review

… Management Styles

Different management styles exist and are in use, with the most common in use today being Management by Objectives (MBO). Bell, Bodie & Fulk (2011) in their research article on MBO and its role in developing team performance. The article explores different theories in literature on MBO and team management in improving performance. They identify that MBO improves organizational performance, if management can understand its principles. First, MBO is founded on communication between employee and manager. Secondly, management and employee jointly create goals, which direct employees' efforts, and form the basis for evaluation. Thirdly, goal setting involves employee participation, and must be specific in nature to direct efforts to achievement of higher organizational goals. Fourthly, management enhances ability of employees to accomplish goals…. [read more]

Management Strategy the Document Capstone Project

… The businesses which are successful always manage to find a strategic fit between the firm and the environment it operates in while formulating a strategy. The strategic management plan should also be based on a consumer perspective. It must be aligned with the vision of the organization and must build on the strengths and avoid the weaknesses. It should also aim to minimize the threats and optimize the opportunities.

Long-term management planning is based on the principle that what happened in the past will repeat. Sticking rigidly to a plan can be harmful to a company as it is not necessary that what happened in the past will repeat in future. Strategic Management Plans must be flexible enough in order to change and react to…. [read more]

Leadership Priorities and Practice Research Paper

… The effective management of Joint Ventures (JV)s and the creation of highly complex, successful products is the single greatest predictor of the level of profitability they attain (Piercy, 2009).

By relying on the four foundational elements of transformational leadership, Cincom is seeking to accelerate the migration of their applications from on-premise or licensed platforms to Cloud-based architectures. Infusing ownership into the tasks related to migrating Cincom applications from one operating system and platform to another is difficult given the cultural biases in the company and the pride of development. Yet the potential to increase ones' persona and professional growth, coupled with the opportunity to contribute to Cincom growing at a pace never before seen before, are effectively being used by its leaders to galvanize their…. [read more]

Leadership and Project Management Term Paper

… As such, I have a short-term, medium term, and long-term goal to address, so I can focus on one at a time and continue moving forward. By doing that, I will allow myself the opportunity to avoid getting overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Becoming overwhelmed can stop a person from accomplishing much, because he or she feels stuck and is not sure which direction to take in order to try to move forward. I do not want that to happen to me, and I know that I cannot allow that to occur in any kind of leadership role. Leaders are expected to take action, even if they are under stress or they feel as though everything is happening all at once (Hersey,…. [read more]

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