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Leadership Theory in a Changing Essay

… Thus, for principals and administrators, a balance is demanded. Sergiovanni reports that "the unique context for schooling, particularly in a democratic society, raises the question of sources of authority for leadership practice. As important as a school leader's personality and interpersonal skills may be to success, and as handy as bureaucratic reasons may be to use, neither are sufficiently powerful to provide that leader with the sources of authority needed to reach students, parents, teachers and others in powerful ways." (Sergiovanni, p. 2) Sergiovanni therefore goes on to assert that the discretion provided by moral orientation can help to drive this balance and can help to make one's leadership style adaptable to the specifics of any type of system.

One reason that this adaptability takes…. [read more]

Leadership Assessment Term Paper

… Leadership Assessment

Definition of leader

In order to know the type of skills that characterize a leader one first has to know what a 'leader' means, but, as Van Wart (2003) points out, leaders vary from age to age and from country to country and cannot be pinned down in a quantitative manner. Definitions and perspective of leadership, therefore, have transitioned through various paradigms from the great man theories that debated whether leaders were born or made, to transformational leadership that asserted that the leader was the one who not only led his follower but also changed him (Schein, 1985). Other historical theories of leadership categories revolved around some of the following: Great Man: that leadership was innate and could not be taught (Pre-1900); Trait:…. [read more]

Leadership Defining an Ethical Essay

… An example of this are sales people who are required to attain sales quotas in progressively shorter times and with larger amounts. A sales manager who is not ethical will have a mentality of any means justify the ends, even if it means tricking or lying to customers and getting them to sign up for more expense products and services than they need. The ends-justify-the-means may work for the short-term and, may even lead to bonuses being given to the employees. Yet in the long-run this approach to managing will definitely lead to a backlash of ethical violations and a loss of credibility and idealized influence overall. The goal of analytical leader is to create the foundation for their team to continually excel across all…. [read more]

Leadership Skills to Develop a Career Research Proposal

… Leadership Skills to Develop a Career

Using Leadership Skills to Develop a Career

First, recognizing that the leadership skills known today will hopefully be fine-tuned, strengthened and made more valuable through experiences through my career, this paper discusses how leadership skills will be used for developing my career for the long-term. The leadership characteristics most valued including transparency and trust (Gilley, Dixon, Gilley, 153) and the ability to lead with passion and emotional intelligence (EI) are two essential aspects of any set of leadership skills (Marques, 648).

My Leadership Skills Inventory: Present and Future

The catalyst of any effective executive is the ability to foster, earn and grow trust with subordinates and associates (Drucker, 59) enabling subordinates to attain the highest levels of accomplishment based…. [read more]

Theology of Servant Leadership Term Paper

… Theology of Servant Leadership

It came as a surprise to me to learn that servant leadership is not a uniquely Christian concept. Robert Greenleaf, who is credited with creating the modern servant leadership movement, did not approach servant leadership from a Christian perspective, but from a secular one; Greenleaf was inspired by reading Herman Hesse's Journey to the East (Greenleaf, p. 21). To Greenleaf, one could be a servant leader without being Christian, and his inspiration for the notion of servant leadership came from the business community, not from the Bible. Furthermore, servant-leaders put themselves in an enabling role, rather than seeking to dominate or exploit their followers. Rather than looking for honor for themselves, servant-leaders rejoice in honoring others and seeing others honored. Because…. [read more]

Leadership Theories the Role Essay

… The company also has leaders that are truthful, to both employees and their customers, making the transaction of business deals much easier. Generally, the leaders have a sense of integrity, which could be measured by how great the organization performs.

Regarding the team building skills of the leaders, they set good examples, which can be emulated by the followers. Most of the leaders of ZMI are the first to arrive at work, and the last to leave showing how determined and interested they are in the organization's matters. The leaders show concern for others, in terms of respect and credibility. Subordinates are supported by the leaders, especially when faced with financial constrains and other inevitable misfortunes. The leaders also allow chances to those willing to…. [read more]

Leadership Challenge: Leadership Credibility Assessment

… Leadership Challenge: Leadership Credibility

A leader is who one is and a manager is what one does. Dr. Warren Bennis originally made that observation in studying the interaction of leadership characteristics including the level of emotional intelligence (EI) relative to traits of exceptional leaders (Bennis, 2001). The best leaders create a strong foundation of trust, build on the elements of transparency, competency and a compelling future vision (Kouzes, Posner, 2012). Leaders who are transformational often balance the qualities of individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and idealized influence, using EI as a means to intuitively navigate between each (Purvanova, Bono, 2009). The intent of this analysis is to provide an overview of the four characteristics of effective leaders including their capacity to be honest, forward-looking,…. [read more]

Leadership Behavior for Effective Decision Term Paper

… The theory suggests two measures of decision effectiveness - decision quality and acceptance. When a decision of is of high quality and accepted, the leadership can be said to be high caliber. The argument is that even when a decision is correct, it can be made to fail by the resistance of those in the workgroup responsible for carrying out the decision. Vroom and Yetton identified three alternate styles of leadership - autocratic, consultative and collective or group style. There is evidence to suggest that autocratic style of leadership leads to poor performance and non-acceptance by others. (Lickert 1967, Reddin, 1970) and participative or democratic leadership is more likely to catalyze high performance. Hersey-Blanchard's theory, another well-known variant of contingency approach, suggests four situational leadership…. [read more]

Leadership Its Importance for Today's Organization Thesis

… Leadership

Edwin Locke's The Essence of Leadership: Four Keys to Leading Successfully was published in 1999. Locke is famous for his work on motivation, and applies that work to his treatise on leadership. The Essence of Leadership covers a range of ground including the nature of leadership, leadership traits, the knowledge, skills and abilities that leaders need, and vision. Vision is given the most time in the book, as Locke views vision as being one of the defining traits of a leader.

To Locke, leaders are those who are in charge. They are the actors within the organization who induce others to take action. Leaders not only have vision, but they are able to motivate subordinates, and without the use of force. The true leader…. [read more]

Nursing Leadership the Task Term Paper

… "The process of clarifying the problem and channeling those ideas through to a practice change can be daunting," Lusardi explains. But through competent, well-thought-out leadership on the part of the new manager, barriers to change can be overcome.

In conclusion, when a new manager is hired to take over a care unit that is beset with problems, and that has a serious morale problem, the best approach for that manager is to embrace a transformational leadership role. In this role, the manager shows the way to resolve issues through better communication, through the articulation of a new vision, and through setting an example of enthusiasm and positive, constructive actions. Conflict resolution is vitally important as a beginning strategy, but in addition the new manager must…. [read more]

Leadership Essay

… A transactional leader is one who focuses on procedures and steps and is a sucker for going by the book and closing out issues and events that come up. A transformation leader would be a leader who can take a department or other entity and transform it based on how it needs to evolve and change to meet modern challenges and goals. A police department that is paper-based and otherwise stuck in old procedures and methods would really need a transformation leader.

A visionary leader would be one that can revolutionize the way the police department thinks and acts. An example of a visionary leader would be the late Steve Jobs (Biography, 2013). Computers used to be an afterthought (if thought about at all) to…. [read more]

Leadership Term Paper

… Leadership

A Leader Is Who You Are

The Scenario

It had been a quiet night, up to about 2am when an 911 dispatcher rang our station and said a middle aged man had a vein laceration in his thigh, losing blood fast. As the only paramedic unit on, we were immediately dispatched. When we arrived, the house was in chaos. The husband and wife had been arguing, and in a fit of rage the man had went to kick a trash can and accidentally slipped on it, the metal searing a varicose vein in his left leg. Blood was everywhere. The fight between the husband and wife raged on as we tried to get to this man, stop the bleeding, and get him in the…. [read more]

Leadership Term Paper

… Leaders who are able to reach everyone in the organization and have them maximize their potential are the leaders I admire most, which is probably why this part of the human side of leadership appeals to me the most.

Organizations are ultimately just a collection of resources. Any leader can be effective in marshalling the non-human resources, because there is no variable of free will involved - your computer will always do what you ask it to do. This is not the case with human resources, yet these are the most powerful resources within any organization. The most successful leaders, therefore, are going to be the ones that can consistently, over time, get the most from their people. Tapping into motivation seems particularly challenging, despite…. [read more]

Higher Education Leadership Purpose Statement Essay

… In almost all the above studies, personal interviews were conducted to determine the problems revolving around higher education leadership as well as the attributes of academic leader. For this study, people working in leadership positions in various educational institutions will be interviewed in order to get insights into the needs and problems of higher education leadership. Following open ended questions can be included in interviews,

How long have you been working in education field?

Describe your job. What areas of your job description require you to lead others?

Do your subordinates depend on you for accomplishing certain tasks?

How many leadership training workshops or seminars you have attended so far?

Are you and your institution flexible enough to incorporate new teaching methods and learning methodologies?…. [read more]

Leadership Term Paper

… Therefore, the reflection assignments are critical to my ability to be grow and mature as a leader. I need to also reinforce the concepts learned in this course. Reflections allow me the time for self-analysis and self-assessment and also the time for study and internalization of concepts. Reflections have helped me internalize the processes of group dynamics, conflict resolution, motivation, change, and other aspects of leadership. When I perform reflection exercises, I also apply the abstract concepts learned in the classroom to my current situation at work and to my projected situation in the future.

(b) Personality profile

The initial skepticism I had when taking and evaluating the results of the Myers Briggs personality test soon waned, as I heard the feedback from friends, family…. [read more]

Leadership in the 21st Century: Compromise Essay

… Leadership in the 21st Century:

Compromise and conciliation in the presidency of Barack Obama

Barack Obama became the first African-American president of the United States in 2008, an accomplishment that few believed could have transpired only a few years before his meteoric political rise. Since his inauguration, 'no drama Obama' (as he is known) has drawn fire from the left and the right. The left has criticized his preference for conciliation over confrontation in the healthcare debate and for his support for the war in Afghanistan; the right has criticized his supposedly 'bleeding heart' sympathies that have led him to support healthcare and additional support for unemployed Americans.

In Leadership 101, one of the sections is entitled "How can I become disciplined?" Author John C.…. [read more]

Leadership Change Article Review

… Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis

Leadership Change

This article by Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, and Marty Linsky, deals with managing change and the barriers that leaders face when solving problems in today's unique economic climate. The authors assert that because of intensifying global competition, energy constraints, climate change, and political instability, that once the current economic crisis has passed, which will happen after policy makers implement technical adjustments, we will face "a sustained crisis of serious and unfamiliar challenges." Simply put the times are changing and yesterday's solutions will not be enough to fix tomorrow's problems.

Leaders in tomorrow's business world must have the capacity to lead during this sustained crisis. The author's assert crisis leadership has two distinct phases. The emergency phase deals with…. [read more]

Leadership Theory Every Organization Goes Term Paper

… Leadership


Every organization goes through a period in which they initiate and manage change within the company. In order for change to go smoothly the leaders in a company must be effectual and ethical in nature. They must know how to lead change in a way that gets everyone one board and the end goal is ultimately reached. This is not always an easy process but is one that can be done if the right people are leading the way.

Leadership is a social influence procedure that is essential for the achievement of societal and organizational goals. Leadership is both obvious in its absence and inexplicable in its presence. It is often recognizable but yet hard to define. Leadership takes place within the power…. [read more]

Leadership and Strategy in Material Management Term Paper

… Leadership Attributes

Effective Leadership in Healthcare Management

Effective management means more than the bottom line. It means being able to inspire people to do their best and to act in an ethical manner. Effective management is more than numbers. It gets to the heart and soul of the individual. An effective manager will not only have a balanced budget, but will make the workplace into a source of inspiration for all of those that work in the environment. There following will explore three of Steve Covey's Seven Habits of Effective People, as well as three other leadership attributes, in relation to a material manager's position at a major hospital.

The healthcare industry as a whole has an ethical responsibility to provide quality service for the…. [read more]

Kouzes and Posner: A Starting Point Creative Writing

… Kouzes and Posner: A Starting Point for Effective Leadership

You must unite your constituents around a common cause and connect with them as human beings. -- Kouzes and Posner

In the past thirty years, Kouzes and Posner's work has had a significant impact on how individuals all over the globe view what makes a successful leader. In fact, in the twenty years since Kouzes and Posner first published their book The Leadership Challenge, over one million copies have been sold and it has been translated into twelve different languages. As a result, their LPI the most widely used leadership assessment instrument in the world and more 350 doctoral dissertations and academic research projects have been based on and have explored Kouzes and Posner's The Five…. [read more]

Shared Leadership Directly Impacts the Innovation Process Thesis

… ¶ … shared leadership directly impacts the innovation process within organizations and how defining and executing an effective management vision is critically important to an organizations' success. Shared leadership requires a highly transformational leadership style if it is to be effective (Mancheno-Smoak, Endres, Potak, Athanasaw, 2009). The essence of transformational leadership is the ability to earn respect and trust and continually prove those attributes are warranted over time (Kouzes, Posner, 2005). To the extent any leader has the ability to create an exceptional vision and execute to it is the extent to which they provide subordinates with the opportunity to personally identify with the vision and see their role within it (Kouzes, Posner, 2009). The intent of this paper is to analyze these two dynamics…. [read more]

Transformational Leadership a Leadership Style That Bring the Best of People Thesis

… Transformational Leadership, a leadership style that bring the best of people

Transformational Leadership

The issue of leadership and leadership effectiveness has become a focus of much debate in the past two decades. This has resulted in two central trajectories of thought on leadership, particularly in the business and organizational world. A central line of inquiry into what makes an effective leader has led to the transformational approach or school of thought on leadership. This refers to "….the identification and examination of those leader behaviors that influence followers' values and aspirations, activate their higher-order needs, and arouse them to transcend their own self-interests for the sake of the organization. ( Bass, 1985 in Podsakoff, 1996)

The transformational or charismatic type of leadership ability is seen for…. [read more]

Leadership Effectiveness Leaders, Followers Essay

… Secondly, the leadership style influences the outcomes from a follower. Thirdly, the arrangement and planning of the assignments for subordinates also shows the capability and effectiveness of leadership. Leadership is also affected by the support and assistance of a leader to attain organizational goals. The absence/lack of elements required for a good atmosphere at the workplace hinders the leadership effectiveness. The culture and customs at the workplace also determine the leadership effectiveness (Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, Vol. 3, p. 54).

A leader is faced with several challenges when he is empowered. One challenge could be the building and maintenance of a diversified team. A leader can face a number of problems while managing a big group. It is a difficult task to satisfy people belonging…. [read more]

Leaders Can Effectively Manage Change Essay

… In highly engineering-centric cultures including Google, this is an essential attribute of leadership. Managers at Google are given 360-degree performance reviews every year. Their subordinates also participate in these reviews, and rate their leadership skills specifically in the area of leading professional development efforts. As intellectual stimulation is such a core aspect of the company's culture, managers are often evaluated on this aspect of their performance alone. Google's competitors and comparable companies in high technology re also taking a comparable approach to this dimension of transformational leadership as well.

The third attribute of transformational leaders is inspirational motivation. This is the most visible attribute of a leader as it is often discussed by the media and internally within companies. This is the one attribute of…. [read more]

Social Equity Is a Key White Paper

… In addition, public administration has the duty of burdening the responsibility of creating and maintaining a commonwealth. However, in practice the relationship between citizenry and administrators is complex, making matters of government operation, citizen engagement, and design in administration complex (Candler & Dumont, 2010). This is the result of a global phenomenon, which has led to the creation of the concept of direct citizenry engagement. The need for local responsibility is a challenge for the administrator to create citizenry engagement for some administrative functions, like security. However, these remains a challenge for leaders as national integrated systems of administration are in the way of future governance.

2.2 Analysis of Theories of the Conference

2.2.1 Public Administration Leadership

Leadership in public administration entails the "exercise of…. [read more]

Transformational Leadership Which CEO Essay

… Yet for the entire organization there was an initial period to see just how authentic and transformational he would be or not. His approach to creating authenticity immediately focused on the sense of loss and apparent anxiety throughout the organization that the vision would somehow be altered. Yet Tim Cook chose to commit the year to Steve Jobs' vision of launching the latest iPad, going squarely against low-end laptops and netbooks. He also promised to not change any of the existing product development plans, and also pledged to not seek to marginalize any existing systems and strategies in place. He kept his word and continued to move aggressively in the direction of these shared goals and visions that Steve Jobs had created. The signaled to…. [read more]

Leadership Essay

… Leadership in My Organization

The leader needs diversified talents and skills in an organization but having a vision is a cause of inspiration for themselves and others regardless of how disheartening the circumstances are and should have strong diligence and infectious enthusiasm towards future. They need to be creative, be able to pull all their skills and resources, and find new approaches for the solution of a problem. In the times of stress, keeping a cool head maintains clarity. An example of superior leadership is that of Southwest airlines. On September 11, 2001, where the airline industry cut their workforce by up to 20%, Southwest not only handled the crisis well but also retained all their employees and made a $179.8 million profit sharing payment…. [read more]

Servant Leadership Does Service-Learning Experience Help Students Research Proposal

… Servant Leadership

Does Service-Learning experience help students promote characters of Servant Leadership at Fu-Jen Catholic University and National Taiwan University?

Leadership can be found in many forms. Some leaders are self-serving, seeing everything in their possession as a tool to be used for their personal gain. Other leaders seem to have a special spark that inspires people. These leaders have a strong desire to give something back to their community. They bring a sense of moral responsibility to their positions. These leaders are what researchers refer to as servant leaders. Spawning this type of leadership is the goal of most secondary educational institutions around the world. This research study will examine the effects of the service learning experience in two major Universities on the ability…. [read more]

Leadership and Strategy in Clinical Audit Term Paper

… Clinical Audit

The concept of clinical audit was introduced in 1993 as a quality improvement process aimed at improving patient care and outcomes through a systematic review of care according to or against explicit criteria and the implementation of change (United Bristol Healthcare Trust 2005). It is distinguished from financial audit, organizational audit and internal audit. Financial audit looks at accounts. Internal audit is an internal activity on non-clinical systems through audit paths to see if things work as they should. Organizational audit is an external, independent and voluntary audit of the whole organization according to explicit standards. It traces if the organization is set up and runs on a daily basis according to those standards. Clinical audit focuses on the details of processes and…. [read more]

Challenges Experienced as Internal Coach in Place of Work Essay

… (Weintraub, 2014, p. 1)

II. Internal Coaching Boundaries

Companies more experienced with internal coaching state similarities between internal and external coaching including that "effective internal coaches need to have the same sensibilities and competencies as external coaches." (Frisch, et al., nd, p. 2) As well, "well-conceived methods and processes apply equally to external and internal engagements…with some adjustments to contracting and coaching boundaries." (Frisch, et al., nd, p. 2) Both internal and external coaching is reported to make a requirement of "clear contracting so that all parties understand the parameters of the engagement, whether it is a two-hour feedback coaching session or a three-month coaching engagement." (Frisch, et al., nd, p. 2) Internal coaching means that policies and procedures addressing confidentiality and record keeping are…. [read more]

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