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Team Leadership Conflict Resolution Term Paper

… ¶ … Team Building and Conflict Resolution

Teamwork and teambuilding are touted in all management, business and organizational newspaper articles, magazines and books, yet numerous companies either pay lip service to this tool or do not use it at all in their structure. Yet, it is an essential tool for internal and external effectiveness. In order for an organization to have high-quality products and services and be globally competitive, it needs people who are supportive and work together toward its mission and goals. If any conflict exists among employees, this will become a barrier in reaching strategy. Conflict resolution can be addressed through team efforts and lead to increased communication, consensus decisions and positive results. Unfortunately, too many companies do not consider the importance of…. [read more]

Leadership Models Literature Review Essay

… According to Shady (2010), an emerging area in virtual teams and virtual collaboration is the virtual world. They distinguish between the two on the basis of quality of interaction and interpersonal distance. While virtual team members primarily communicate with one another through the use of information and communication technology tools such as instant messaging, chat and email, in a virtual world each team member is represented as an avatar in a 3D virtual world that closely resembles the real world. Therefore, through the avatar, the team members can communicate with one another as though they were communicating face-to-face in a real office. This has several implications for communication styles. With the ease of face-to-face communication, team members may be able to communicate through meta-messages such…. [read more]

Cognitively Complex Leadership Teams Literature Review

… In another study researchers found that understanding the cultures of the teams mean acknowledging the attributes of each member in shaping their expectations of the identity and norms of the group. A lot of relationships are formed with the formation of groups which helps the teams to form exclusive norms and values during the composition of the group which impacts and shapes up their actions and help them in confronting different challenges. If a team is viewed as a culture, then it helps to combine the different areas in one box which includes socialization, values, relationship, challenges, functions and outcomes (Hernandez, 2004). Therefore, from this study it is clear that cognitive complexity is one important outcome and the teams which exercise cognitive, expressive and utilitarian…. [read more]

Teams Tm 423 This Module Essay

… Groups that plan together are typically more successful, particularly because project plans, deliverables and goals are explicitly stated, and all expectations are communicated and understood" (Flynn & Mangione 2011).

The final stage of the team-building process is performing. "The team is more strategically aware; the team knows clearly why it is doing what it is doing. The team has a shared vision and is able to stand on its own feet with no interference or participation from the leader" (Chapman 2009). The team is fully-functional and can govern itself with minimal interference from the leader. If conflict does ensue, it can be managed by the team. The team truly perceives itself to be 'one' rather than a conglomerate of competing interests. "Whereas in early stages…. [read more]

Leadership Case Study

… Leadership Case Study

Michael Alfonso is a man who is envied by his peers having moved up the ranks and taken charge of Trident submarine because very few officers qualified for such commands hardly get them. Alfonso's selection to the job was welcome by many officers who felt that he had all it took having joined the Navy as a teenager and moved up the ranks. Many of his colleagues remembered him as a loner who was brusque but pleasant (Ricks, 1997). He was polite and mostly kept to himself. The hopes that the crew had in Alfonso were quickly dashed when on assuming command he began to admonish and push them hard. In fact, he loudly and publicly reprimanded officers whose performances he found…. [read more]

Team Is a Small Collaborated Term Paper

… The team leader was able to counsel a member who was trying to dominate the group that all the views of the other should be evaluated to achieve the team goals. With the intervention of the team leader, the team was able to arrive at a successful solution revealing that the influence of a leader is very important.

Influence of a Leader

Influence of leadership is very important within the team. A leader should have ability to intervene if there is a problem within the group. One of the functions of a leader is to prevent dominance of a member of the group, and a leader should ensure that everyone within the group contributes constructively. 5 Quick 1992). Within our team, the leader exhibited democratic…. [read more]

Team Building Article Critique

… ¶ … Season-Long Team-Building Intervention: Examining the Effect of Team Goal Setting on Cohesion" (2008) by Julie Senecal, Todd M. Loughead and Gordon a. Bloom and "An Analysis on the Effectiveness of Team Building: The Impact on Human Resources" (2012) by WAN Idros Sulaiman, Maizatul Haizan Mahbob and Badrul Redzuan Abu Hassan

Study No.

The purpose of the study by Senecal, Loughead and Bloom (2008) was to evaluate a team-building initiative that used team goal setting to increase perceptions of cohesion. In this context, cohesion refers to the ability of some teams to stick together through trying times and work together towards a common goal. As a result, managers of all types are interested in improving the cohesiveness of their teams based on the ability…. [read more]

Leadership and Human Resources Sunflower Term Paper

… According to Maxwell (2003), leadership by example is the key to successful leadership because it is the number one motivational, training, mentoring, and value principle.

The executive team developed a core value that would guide the way Sunflower conducted its business. This core value, "people are to be treated with dignity and respect" was simple, but powerful. The consulting team trained Sunflower's executive management team using this value and recommended changes for a manager who had a personality inconsistent with the new management style. In addition, the consultants trained Sunflower's operations management in participatory management and conflict resolutions. The training was later extended to Sunflower's line staff and first-line supervisors. Although improvement was evident after the training program, more work was needed. There was still…. [read more]

Leadership and Management Term Paper

… A manager who wants to succeed will work to promote the positive impact and aspects that diversity will bring to the workplace. Using the very differences to expand the business vision can go a long way in promoting the embracement of diversity.

Because diversity is an increasing factor in current and future business it will be vital to research its impact and its integration to the business world (Johnson, 2001). "Future research should integrate the individual and/or group levels into the proposed organizational typology. Each ideal-type may require a unique person-organization fit (Meyer et al., 1993; Schneider, 1987) (Johnson, 2001). A number of individual attributes, including values and personality traits can aid in ascertaining fit. For example, an individual high in ethnocentrism may be more…. [read more]

Transformational Leadership Term Paper

… 2 from the Northouse text? Related to this, read/analyze Case 11.1 from the Northouse text and provide answers to the question listed at the end of the case.

The different characteristics for the authentic leadership model include: monitoring vs. taking action and internal group issues vs. external group challenges. These areas are providing a better understand of what is occurring. It is at this point when these ideas can be used to determine if the individual has true leadership skills and their ability to effectively motivate others. (Northouse, 2013)

Inside case 11.1, it is focusing on a number of concepts. The below diagram is showing, how they are interconnected with each other.


Internal Leadership Actions External Leadership Actions

Team Effectiveness

These areas are illustrating…. [read more]

Leadership My Assumptions About Leadership Have Changed Research Paper

… Leadership

My assumptions about leadership have changed over time. I used to believe that leadership was simply a matter of having strong motivational skills. That remains a part of the role, but as I have become more interested in leadership a number of other different influences have come to shape my views about leadership.

I feel that leadership is about communicating a common vision and exuding confidence. Both of these stem from my original view that motivation is important, but over time I have come to believe that motivation stems not just from pep talks but from the confidence that the leader exudes. Before the team or organization can have confidence in you and your vision, you need to have confidence in yourself and your…. [read more]

Team Building Leadership Research Proposal

… Team-building success: It's in the cards.

The following paper critiques the article "Team-building success: It's in the cards," by Scarfino (2009).

Team-building success: It's in the cards.

Scarfino and Roever's (2009) article in Business Communication Quarterly, entitled "Team-building success: It's in the cards" gives details on the author's use of an adaptation of Ned Hermann's 'whole brain model', to facilitate team formation in the classrooms. The authors surmise that proven techniques for managing a team's diverse strengths and styles is critical to a team's success. As such, they have adapted the whole brain model to the classroom setting and found using the Diversity Card Game to be of greater benefit than a traditional thinking style inventory.


Scarfino and Roever (2009) use Hermann's, an American…. [read more]

Leadership Has Been Ongoing for Centuries Research Proposal

… Leadership has been ongoing for centuries, but in modern times several theories have emerged that have become predominant leadership thought. One of these is situational leadership. This style combines elements of task behavior (direction), relationship behavior (socio-emotional support) and building a readiness level in followers such that each situation is met with excellence and responses that are unique to that situation (Schermerhorn, 2001). Another leadership theory is the contingency model, wherein a leader has both a natural leadership tendency and also a fit between the leader's tendencies and the situation. The best fit between these two elements will be the best leader (Fiedler, 1964).

Another variant on contingency management theory is the Vroom-Yetton Model (1973), which expands on Feidler's contingency model but places emphasis on…. [read more]

Leadership Challenge: Leadership Credibility Assessment

… Leadership Challenge: Leadership Credibility

A leader is who one is and a manager is what one does. Dr. Warren Bennis originally made that observation in studying the interaction of leadership characteristics including the level of emotional intelligence (EI) relative to traits of exceptional leaders (Bennis, 2001). The best leaders create a strong foundation of trust, build on the elements of transparency, competency and a compelling future vision (Kouzes, Posner, 2012). Leaders who are transformational often balance the qualities of individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and idealized influence, using EI as a means to intuitively navigate between each (Purvanova, Bono, 2009). The intent of this analysis is to provide an overview of the four characteristics of effective leaders including their capacity to be honest, forward-looking,…. [read more]

Leadership Application Case Study

… at the same time George would make independent decisions and sets policies or procedures without making any consultations with Shelly. At the same time George did not give room for listening to Shelly or give her a chance to give any suggestions or make any is a bad leadership style since George was attempting to control Shelly through the policies, orders to an extent of almost forcing her to work and deliver what the organization considers to be satisfactory. He failed to listen or perfunctorily listened to any suggestion that Shelly brought forth. With this leadership style George did not provide any support for Shelly towards carrying out her duties in the new work environment (Simonton, 2010). Her role requires a lot of support…. [read more]

Leadership Ethics on Facebook Case Study

… Leadership qualities and ethical responsibilities are polished with experience and age. This doesn't mean that young leaders should be discouraged but rather they should have a blend of experienced managerial positions to provide them with proper guidance.

Therefore for the successful operation of the Facebook it's important for Zuckerberg to have experienced managers actively involved in the progress of Facebook. This is well supported by a leadership consultant John Baldoni according to whom "Leadership wisdom is something that accrues with age and experience." Experienced leaders have wisdom of their lifelong professional experience which provides a roadmap to the organization's success and can foresee organization in the future years. Therefore with creativity, innovation, great idea and involvement of employees a great leader is the one who…. [read more]

Aspect of Team Dynamics Term Paper

… ¶ … Team Dynamics

The objective of this work is to research the subject of team dynamics specifically related to leadership and team communication.

Every project must have a leader, whether that leader is the Ceo, Manager or Project Leader. This person needs to have the respect of his team. That does not always mean friendship of the team members, but their respect for the job the leader does as a whole. And trust that the leader will not lead them astray and will back them if the need arises.


Paula Moreira gives us four basic steps for starting a team off right in the July 2003 Issue of Certification Magazine: (1) Get to know your team members. (2) Clearly…. [read more]

Nature of Leadership Term Paper

… Nature of Leadership

What are the arguments for and against making a distinction between leaders and managers? What is your definition of leadership?

Defining leadership is a challenging enterprise and there remains a lack of a universally agreed upon definition in the organizational behavior literature (Yukl, 2005). Organizational leaders and managers frequently share some common types of general responsibilities that make an absolute distinction between the two difficult in some settings, but there are some fundamental differences involved as well that can be used to differentiate their overall roles. Certainly, in some cases, leaders will perform these types of managerial tasks and in others, managers will perform some of the tasks of the leader and in yet other settings, the leader and manager may be…. [read more]

Leadership Research Paper

… By contrast, strategic leadership is big picture in nature and visionary. Strategic leadership is where the organization is guided, and is the place where the entire direction of the organization is developed -- so envisioning the culture of the organization, what businesses and countries to operate in, and defining the values and vision of the organization (CCL, 2014). Thus, strategic leadership is the pattern of choices that seek to assure the continued success of the organization, which stands in contrast to operational leadership which is focused on smaller scales and shorter time frames.


Larger companies tend to have all different leadership styles. These companies need to have a focus on strategic leadership at the highest levels, because they have to deliver sustained success for…. [read more]

Impediments to Team-Building Is Near-endless. The Attitude Case Study

… ¶ … impediments to team-building is near-endless. The attitude of most of the staff is utterly toxic. They act out of self-interest, are defensive of their own little fiefdoms and have no concept of teamwork. The different team members distrust one another, they distrust management and they distrust me as the coordinator. Some of the team members are silent while others are dominant -- in either case the role of personality in meetings and discussions is far too great. The different factions are arguing against people, rather than debating issues.

There does not appear to have been any attempt at leadership or co-ordination in the past. This has allowed the toxic situation to fester. Management has a number of tools that it can use to…. [read more]

Technology and Educational Leadership Research Paper

… In this study the author addresses the questions about how a team can progress within the self- managed group that practices and develops various leadership styles. He reviews and uses shared and single leadership style as his theories. The results of this study show that the teams with shared leaders concept have motivational and perceptive advantages in comparison to the teams who suffer a standard approach of depending on a solo leadership style. The author concludes his paper by exploring results, significance and recommends future research opportunities.

This study showed us why finding creative ways to celebrate, reinforce and appreciate successes is critical for workforce motivation and commitment; especially in the context of technology integration in the educational realm.

Classical leadership. Encyclopaedia of Informal Education,…. [read more]

Leadership Essay

… Leadership in My Organization

The leader needs diversified talents and skills in an organization but having a vision is a cause of inspiration for themselves and others regardless of how disheartening the circumstances are and should have strong diligence and infectious enthusiasm towards future. They need to be creative, be able to pull all their skills and resources, and find new approaches for the solution of a problem. In the times of stress, keeping a cool head maintains clarity. An example of superior leadership is that of Southwest airlines. On September 11, 2001, where the airline industry cut their workforce by up to 20%, Southwest not only handled the crisis well but also retained all their employees and made a $179.8 million profit sharing payment…. [read more]

Marissa Mayer Leadership Style Essay

… Along the way she showed a very systematic, driven approach to leadership that delivered results yet made it clear anything less than excellent performance by her managers and teams would not be tolerated (Elgin, 2005). She is known for being exceptionally focused on results and has been criticized for not paying attention to people's emotions, yet her results and the ability she has to get teams moving in the same direction is indisputable.

Assessment Of Marissa Mayer's Leadership Effectiveness

In the entrepreneurial culture of the Silicon Valley when Google first started up, there was a shortage of leaders capable of managing the complexity of exceptionally challenging technology projects while providing an accurate, attainable vision for team members. Marissa Mayer was ideally positioned to excel at…. [read more]

Virtual Teams Thesis

… ¶ … Virtual Teams

A Study of the U.S. Army Logistics Network

The concept of virtual teams has grown exponentially with the pervasive adoption of the Internet and the corresponding growth of technologies that enable greater levels of collaboration, coordination of complex tasks, and greater shared ownership of tasks as well. Organizations, whose strategic objectives rely on specific skills sets in specific locations, as is the case with supply chain and logistics functions, have found virtual teams to be highly effective (Barki, Pinsonneault, 2005). The potential for creating virtual teams to more efficiently streamline complex processes in supply chains showed early promise (Bal, Gundry, 1999) and has since led to the development of knowledge-based virtual teams that are strategic and process-driven in nature (Lee-Kelley, Sankey,…. [read more]

Leadership Management Effective Approaches Essay

… If the workers are content with their working conditions and they are receiving their due respect for the work that they are doing, then they will be happy to come to work daily and the nursing turnover problem will be reduced.


Principles of Management: Situational Approaches to Leadership . (n.d.). Get Homework Help with CliffsNotes Study Guides . Retrieved July 26, 2012, from,articleId-8914.html

Shih, W.C., Kauffman, S.P., & Christensen, C.M. (2008). Innovation Killers. Harvard Business Review, 1, 104.

Shih, W.C., Kauffman, S.P., & Christensen, C.M. (2008). Innovation Killers. Harvard Business Review, 1, 100.

Verbal Communication Model. (n.d.). Virtual Teacher Aide. Retrieved July 26, 2012, from

Javed, D.T. (2009). Different leadership styles and the effectiveness of these leadership approach. Education Master, 1. Retrieved…. [read more]

Servant-Leadership Is the Model Essay

… It makes me think about the Russian Tzar who said the country was too big to govern. Centralized control only works in a small circle. This kind of leadership fits a more regimental hierarchically governed company, but these will fall away in times of stress, leaving the more flexible organizations in the race.

As for thinking up attributes, I do not really have to, since Greenleaf has done that form me. The list above seems to cover it all. I probably would put listening and awareness first as the most necessary. Then empathy allows the leader to identify closely with every team member. A rapport is established and a community forms. The leader is the steward of both the company and the team. The higher…. [read more]

Nursing Leadership One of the More Challenging Essay

… ¶ … Nursing Leadership

One of the more challenging aspects of healthcare in general and nursing in particular is the inevitability of change and the need for using evidence-based practices to promote optimal clinical outcomes. For this purpose, effective nursing leadership is required in order to ensure that organizational goals are met while ensuring that clinicians and patients alike receive the information they need to make informed decisions. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed literature concerning five current issues of interest to nursing leadership theorists and practitioners alike, followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues in the conclusion.

Review and Analysis

A definitive definition of leadership and how it would be an ideal model of leadership…. [read more]

Build Effective Technology Support Team Essay

… Communication is essential within the team, but also to ensure the relationship of the team, as a whole, with the outside context, such as the overall company (Ceridan Corporation).

The creation of a successful team is dependent not only on the gradual and successful implementation of the steps mentioned above, but also on the ability of the team leader to identify, understand and address some specific issues of the relationship within and without the technical staff. Some examples in this sense could include the personality of the team members or their socio-cultural background.

The personality of the individual is essential in the creation of an efficient team, since this influences the means in which the individual will behave as part of the team. One individual…. [read more]

Nurturing Ethical Diverse Workplace Building Essay

… The leadership style is such a factor. But the human resources style can also significantly influence the culture within the company.

In order to reach this objective, human resources management can identify the values that are necessary in each case, and that are in accordance with the strategy developed by its managers. But this process is not limited to identifying them. These values must also be developed and nurtured. These values can be developed only if employees understand them, agree with them, and help nurture them. They must also identify themselves with these values. If employees do not accept these values, and believe in them, it can be difficult to build a company based on values that employees are not interested in.

Therefore, the human…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Plan Complete Essay

… Each leader has several competencies that can be improved in accordance with their current situation and objectives they want to reach. In my case, the areas I want to develop better competencies in are represented by conflict management, networking, constructive feedback, vision, and time management.

Conflict Management

I am currently not good at resolving conflicts between others. This is probably because I do not want to give credit to one side in the detriment of the other. This delays my involvement in conflict resolution. In order to improve this competency I intend to take conflict management training courses, and to benefit from the knowledge and experience of other leaders with such issues. I also intend to identify conflicts between people and develop strategies in order…. [read more]

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