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Learner Centric Learning Framework Essay

… The other essential infrastructure/requirements for the operation of the learner-centric learner platforms are;

Internet access (dedicated broadband of speeds of more than 256 kbps)

Audio devices such as speakers and headphones

Adobe® Flash Player 9, Adobe® Shockwave and Adobe® PDF Reader 6.0

Microsoft® Word 2003 or later versions as well as any other compatible word processing programs

Microsoft® Excel 2003 or later versions, as well as any other compatible spreadsheet programs

USB web camera as well as its hardware drivers


Discussion of the conceptual framework

Virtual worlds in the educational settings have been around from the 1970s as noted by Livingstone, Kemp, & Edgar (2008).The investigations into the successful adoption of 3D (Three dimensional) world in the context of educations has accelerated over the…. [read more]

Learner Differences in Distance Learning Thesis

… Learner Differences in Distance Learning

The chapter entitled "Learner Differences in Distance Learning" underlines the importance of teachers taking into consideration the learning environment and the evolving needs of the learner when designing a curriculum. Distance learners in particular must learn in a more independent environment. Even resident learners in a more conventional classroom setting are faced with the challenges of learning from online and web-based instruction in 'regular' classes and must cope with the challenges of instruction in these more independent formats

Physical distance, the distance created by technology, and transactional distance in terms of the different understandings and perceptions of learning of teachers and students are all forms of distance that can exist in education. Transactional distance refers to a psychological separation or…. [read more]

Learner Centered Teaching Term Paper

… Learner-Centered Teaching

Learner Centered Classroom Practices and Assessments by Barbara L. McCombs and Linda Miller is a work that demonstrates through a workshop style introduction the validity of learning style differences and the inherent need of education to redesign its practices to better meet the needs of the learner, through acknowledgement of their individuality in practices and assessments that rely less on rote memorization and regurgitation to convey and assess learning. The workshop style is helpful in that it is written to help educators realize their own learning style and potentially in a group recognize that most of their colleagues also have different learning styles than themselves.

The following subsection of the chapter is an extensive review of literature that demonstrates what the research is…. [read more]

Learner Analysis Before an Instructional Systematic Design Term Paper

… Learner Analysis

Before an instructional systematic design process can be initiated many factors must be taken into consideration. An important element in the success of such a program is the analysis of the potential learners. Many factors affect how students can learn. The successful teacher is aware of the difference between students and seeks ways to accommodate the needs of the various students as he or she is developing an instructional plan. Ways to analyze students include the use of their cognitive styles, their attitude and their social situations ("Analyze Learners," 2001).

It is no secret to teachers that students learn in a variety of ways. This knowledge has led to a tidal wave of educational theories in recent decades. Knowing what kind of learner…. [read more]

Adolescent Learner Essay

… Adolescent Learner


The Theory of Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was a progenitor of the modern child development theory (Loop, 2012). From a career in natural sciences, he turned to psychoanalysis and into human learning. His theory consists of stages of cognitive development from birth to adolescence. These are the sensori-motor stage from birth to 2 years; the preoperational stage at ages 2-7; the concrete stage at age 7 to early adolescence; and the formal operational stage at adolescence. His developmental theories are applicable to teaching mathematics (Loop).

Children at the preoperational stage usually begin to understand how symbols of words or numbers can represent objects or items (Loop, 2012). They may engage in make-believe or fantasy play at this stage as they still…. [read more]

Learner Teacher Relationship Term Paper

… ¶ … learner-centered education and ways that I can improve the learning work environment by incorporating learner-centered principles.

The best nursing experience involves learning. In fact, nursing should be a continuous experience of learning. The more responsible a profession is the more important it is that its tenets be carefully scrutinized and evaluated before being adopted - and since nursing involves the improvement of health and possible survival of a patient and is critical to the individual's very existence, it is important that nursing involve constant learning and critical review of subject whilst practicing. Learning does not exclude practice, rather the two should go together and the nurse should act as continuous student by continuously and critically observing and modeling her colleagues, patients, and staff.…. [read more]

Neuroscience Supports Differentiated Instruction Teaching Essay

… Differentiated instruction like normative instruction should furthermore challenge the students' skills and thinking, while engaging them on a broad level and a deep level. Differentiated instruction respects that students learn the most and the best when they connect course content with interests and experiences. The information sticks with them faster and longer when the content relates to a non-academic pursuit and/or a real life experience (or memory). In these ways, differentiated instruction is student-centered and student-based; the instructor cannot contour the course to the needs of the students without the students. Implementation of differentiated instruction techniques necessitates that the teacher get to know the students on more than a superficial level if the differentiated instruction is to be successful and useful. Teachers already know that…. [read more]

Different Preferences in Learning Between American and French Learners in a Multinational Corporate Setting Dissertation

… ¶ … Preferences in Learning between American and French Learners in a Multinational Corporate Setting

The way training is delivered in a corporate environment has a tremendous effect on results. This study investigates the role of culture in the learning styles of adult French and American students enrolled in online training programs at an international university. Using Kolb's learning style inventory, the learning style preferences of respondents in both cultural groups will be classified as divergers, convergers, accommodators, and assimilators, reflecting their general tendencies toward learning environments as conceptualized by Kolb (1985). The assumption is that Americans prefer to learn from action-oriented methods and are more comfortable learning from activities that are not job related, such as role plays and games, than do their French…. [read more]

Elearning in Corporate Environments Organizations Essay

… Organizations can create collaborative online work groups, use online chats, threaded discussions, and live collaborative learning events via phone to help facilitate eLearning and create a feeling of community (Sloman & Reynolds, 2003). It is also worth noting that studies show that eLearning can often mean more access to experts and trainers through email, webcasts and other features (Capdeferro & Romero, 2012). Communicating these benefits can garner support and build confidence in learners, further supporting adaptation of eLearning across the organization.

Experts contend that a well-designed eLearning program demands interaction, critical thinking, and synthesis (Skillsoft, 2004). Positioning eLearning as an extension of job responsibilities can help reduce resistance to taking on personal responsibility for learning. Learning accountability can also be worked into performance appraisals (Chieh-Peng…. [read more]

Technology and the Learner-Centered Learning Term Paper

… One method that teachers can employ is the use of electronic field trips, where students can explore distant regions of the world electronically (Fulton, 2001). Distance education is also made possible thanks to the internet (Fulton, 2001). Technology can also be utilized in the classroom environment to conduct scientific investigations and allow students to exchange, analyze and discuss various scientific projects and phenomena online (Fulton, 2001).

Technology also provides the opportunity to create a virtual learning environment where students can place themselves in various settings and learn from their experience. One example is the Virtual Canyon Project which allows students to watch videos of landscape taken by remote vehicles exploring the Monterey Bay Canyons (Fulton, 2001). This program allows students to take on the role…. [read more]

Motivating the Adult Learner Being Term Paper

… Presently the adult learners are more motivated to undertake educational program in higher educational institutions. The instructors must be able to identify and devise the appropriate learning strategies suitable to them. (Mezirow, 1991, p.52)

The means of motivating the adult learners is to make them aware of the basic objectives of pursuing the education and also reducing the different obstacles to their learning. The instructors, only after being aware of the characteristics of adult learners, significance of the learning in their workstations, the effective means of motivation etc. are able to motivate the adult learners effectively. The objectives of adult learners as well as the obstacles they face in the process are essential to be understood by the faculties. Only after this they can address…. [read more]

Managing Time as an Adult Essay

… At the same time they should take into consideration the support chain. These adult learners are supposed to seek for the support of the wife, husband, members of his family and their employer as well. For example their wives or husband could be in a position to help them with chores that otherwise they could be doing, and this will give them all the humble time of studying.

On the part of the employer, an adult learner may discuss with his or her employer in rescheduling that favors the business as well as his studies. In this way the adult learner will be in a position to focus appropriately on the new schedule, making them to manage their time well. Other employer might go ahead…. [read more]

Teaching Video-Journal to Adult Learners Term Paper

… This has gone a long way in improving students' diversity appreciation and collaboration power, both of which are crucial aspects of educational progress and success in the diverse 21st century marketplace.


Technology is changing humanity in many ways. The field of education is one of the key beneficiaries of technology. Video technology, for instance, has gone a long way in increasing the degree of collaboration between learners and their instructors. Video journaling, a specific component of video technology, has proven to be an effective way of getting students to engage the theoretical concepts presented in their practice in the context of their own life experiences. Further, it takes into account the learning preferences of different learners and is therefore key in helping instructors get…. [read more]

Education -- Self-Directed Learning Issue Term Paper

… Initially, he will be completely dependent on his instructor. Later in his training, he will still be dependent on his instructor for safety and for guidance, but he will become capable of contributing to the learning process, such as by requesting to practice certain specific skills or maneuvers and by contributing to the decision to progress to new skills that are dependent on skills acquired earlier. Eventually, the student pilot becomes capable of flying alone but may still rely on an instructor to perfect certain advanced skills and to accompany him on flights in which those skills are required, such as in connection with flying by instruments instead of by visual recognition.

(4) How can adult learners be supported as participants to self-directed learning?

by…. [read more]

Mainstreaming the Non-Traditional Learner Term Paper

… Providing the non-traditional learner with this kind of color and tone relationship can help him learn faster than providing him with the normal method of teaching music that he might not be able to comprehend with easily.

Touching and Moving (tactile/kinesthetic learner) or The Mover.

The mover learns best when she can move. She likes games and activities and likes to touch and feel what she is looking at. The mover would rather be active than sit and listen to a lecture.

Similar to the visual type of learner, a music teacher can provide non-traditional learners with movement activities that may be related to music learning. Research and studies show that if movement activities are helpful to the learning process of individuals without disabilities, it…. [read more]

Kinesthetic Learners Achievement Levels Term Paper

… As of 1999, almost ninety percent of schools had Internet access and that number is expected to increase to one-hundred percent (Center for Information Technology and Health Research). Over thirty million American elementary school children had computers in the home in 2002 (U.S. Census Bureau). This number is expected to continue to increase over the next few years. There are a number of well-known research studies that demonstrate the positive effects of computer technologies on learning such as The Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project, the Collaborative Visualization (CoVis) Project, the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow Project, the SchoolNet / Rescol Report, the American Culture in Context: Enrichment for Secondary Schools (ACCESS) project, Lehrer HyperAuthor study, the Highly Interactive Computing Environments (HI-CE) research and the Lego/Logo project.

4.3.1…. [read more]

Managing Time as an Adult Essay

… There are some tasks which require a lot of energy and they are highest in priority. Such tasks should be scheduled when one works best. This will ensure that the particular task will be performed well. This calls for an individual to know him or herself so that they determine what time they perform well either morning or late at night.


An adult learner should ensure that they have a flexible mindset which they can build on. Adults considering going back to school should think of the option of attending school online. Through online programs a student gets the opportunity of being in control of when, where and how they can take their classes. Having a flexible mindset also means that one ensures that…. [read more]

Self-Directed Learning Assumptions Essay

… Finally, the instructional model of self-directed learning addresses how instruction may be organized in both formal and informal settings to better suit the individual learner.

4. How can adult learners be supported as participants to self-directed learning by family members, employers, friends or instructors?

Supporters of self-directed learners must help the learner identify his or her goals, strategies and methods of learning as well as help support them throughout the process. In understanding the evaluation criteria that an adult learner has set forth for themselves, friends, family, and associates can better understand the goals formed by the self-directed learner and can better act in a way that does not hinder these goals, but supports them. Self-learners should be interacted with in a manner that focuses…. [read more]

Ipa ESL Learners' Attitudes Order ID: Doctoral Research Proposal


Order ID: Doctoral: ESL Programming

The Relationship Between IPA ESL Learners' Attitudes Toward Using Language

Computer Programs and Their Overall Achievement Levels

A student's positive attitude and motivation has often been found to be one of the most critical factors for learning success within computer-assisted language learning (CALL) environments. Several factors may influence such attitudinal levels toward CALL, including the student's attitude toward computer-assisted learning in general vs. traditional lecture classroom learning; the specific type of CALL program used, such as Longman Interactive and Dynamic English; and the instructor's attitude toward CALL. The Institute of Public Administration (IPA), a governmental organization responsible for training and development of government employees and young Saudi high-school graduates, must thus determine the best way to…. [read more]

Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship Term Paper

… "Research is clear that adult intelligence is reliant upon how well the brain has been shaped by experiences through life. These experiences, which are gained in a variety of ways by adults, must be stored in the memory areas of the brain and made available for recall when the need arises" (Wilson, 2006). So much of a person's life experience is the result of education, and if that educational experience is a negative one, which fails to acknowledge and validate personal differences in learning styles and philosophies, then the adult will equate learning with something negative.

Generally, I intend to take a pragmatic approach to education and use hands-on learning methods to help students incorporate and develop knowledge. However, that approach will borrow heavily from…. [read more]

Facilitation Methods for Adult Learners Term Paper

… Adult Learners

There exists little in the literature on how adults best learn novel motor skills in formal education contexts. Motor learning is an important component of adult education. Community and technical colleges, for example, offer programs that require learners to master novel motor skills: carpentry, plumbing, automotive maintenance, massage therapy, and dental assisting, among others. Skills-based continuing education, for trades such as construction and cosmetology, in addition to continuing professional education, such as would be required to learn new surgical techniques, also depend on learning novel motor skills. Current information on motor learning is most often presented in age-neutral contexts. Adult educators have not yet reached a consensus on an approach that best supports the way adults learn motor skills, nor is there much…. [read more]

Nology to Support ADD Term Paper

… "

"Schools with the highest poverty concentration were less likely to have special hardware and software available for students with visual disabilities than were schools with the lowest poverty concentration (52% compared with 71% for hardware, and 42% compared with 63% for software)."

Stated in a U.S. Public Schools assessment of classrooms report is that 99% of public U.S. schools had access to the Internet by fall 2001. Email is a technology that is utilized for communication between the parents and teachers, home and the school. The "Education Technology Planning: A Guide for School Districts" (2001) states that "Technology is the tools and machines that are employed to perform tasks efficiently...that save time in student recordkeeping, present course material more dramatically or clearly, and provide…. [read more]

Learning Styles -- Visual-Auditory Learners Essay

… Learning Styles -- Visual-Auditory Learners

My Learning Style

According to my responses, my predominant learning style is Visual-Auditory. That means I am less inclined to learn optimally from reading textbook material than from the opportunity to listen to lectures and to observe in-person demonstrations or video-based educational materials. Some of the classic characteristics of visual learners apply to me more than others, and that is equally true of the classic characteristics of auditory learners.

For example, with respect to visual learning, I definitely appreciate being able to see what I am learning, but I do not necessarily find passive surrounding ideal. Meanwhile, with respect to auditory learning, I do tend to verbalize to myself as a study aid, but I would not agree that I…. [read more]

Mass Media Affecting Degree of Acculturation for Taiwanese Adult ESL Learners Ages 18-25 Literature Review

… Acculturation of ESL Learners in Taiwan

How impactful is the mass media in terms of the acculturation for Taiwanese adult English as a second language (ESL) learners (ages 18-25)? This issue has important implications for the ESL students both in terms of learning the English language, and in understanding the culture from which the English language is predominant. This paper references language learning -- which is necessarily linked to cultural understanding -- in several contexts, all of which relate to learners of the English language in Taiwan.

Communication Patterns…in the Process of Acculturation: Thirty-four years ago Young Kim presented a paper on acculturation to the Annual Meeting of the Speech Communication Association. Kim offered three factors that lead to the communication skills of a person…. [read more]

Clinical Assessment of Learners Essay

… The mentor must be able to assist "students to gain skills and develop confidence; promote a professional relationship with students; provide the appropriate level of supervision; assist with planned learning experiences; and offer honest and constructive feedback" (Andrews & Chilton, 2000; Atkins & Williams, 1995; Cahill, 1996; Darling, 1984; Gray & Smith, 2000; Price, 2004a; Price, 2004b; "RCN, 2007).

Self-Reflection -- Accountability

A wide range of stakeholders must be considered in any measure of accountability of the professional education and assessment of clinical competencies of practitioners (Murray, et al., 2000). The set of stakeholders at any given time can encompass all levels of education -- from undergraduate to continuing professional development -- and all funders of educational programs (Murray, et al., 2000). A wide array…. [read more]

Nursing the Nurse as Learner Essay

… Therefore, from the very first day, even a new nurse can serve as a useful teacher, and can further this role at school or community speaking engagements. The exchange of learning and teaching is thus a "two way street" and can benefit both nurses and their new colleagues, and proves that nurses can be both learners and teachers.

Personally speaking, visual learning as well as hands-on learning is the best and most efficient way for me to learn. Visual, or spatial learning involves using picture or graphics, and this is most useful when speaking about anatomy. However, hands-on learning is also useful, especially when dealing with a particular problem regarding a patient, or another such practical problem. In this way, by combining the two theories,…. [read more]

Ground Rules With Your Learners Essay

… Identify Any Other Organization Which May Be Used As A Referral Point To Meet The Potential Needs Of Your Learners

A variety of organizations can play an integral role as a reference point to assist students with their diverse learning needs. Conveniently, the vast majority of them may be accessed via the internet. One such organization is Teacher Vision, which has a substantial online presence due to its multifaceted website which is stratified by a number of categories such as classroom management, lesson plans, subjects and grades. Educators can access its surrounding community through social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace, and can become members of the site to further foster the networking process of being involved in a community of like minded educators,…. [read more]

Self-Directed Learning and Andragogy Essay

… Self-Directed Learning and Andragogy

Self-directed learning

What do you think about self-directed learning in what and how we learn?

Self-directed learning is an often-unheralded part of learning. Out first learning experiences are self-directed -- perhaps guided by a parent, but still ultimately self-directed in the way that these formative life processes are achieved. The way in which we learn to talk, to walk, and to engage with others is not learned in the classroom, but through self-directed trial and error -- through experience. Encouraging students to feel confident about their ability to learn and encouraging them to use their learning in useful and meaningful ways is essential. Teachers must allow students to embark upon the learning process independently.

Students of all ages ask questions about…. [read more]

Elementary Classroom Websites Support Children's Literacy Term Paper

… ¶ … Elementary Classroom Websites Support Children's Literacy: a Review of the Relevant Literature

Any teacher or parent can readily testify that anything that engages a young learner's interest in reading can help contribute to literacy acquisition, but clearly some approaches are better suited for some children than others. Because the Internet offers such an enormous array of educational resources today, it just makes good sense to use these technologies to help promote literacy in the elementary school classroom as well. Moreover, many young learners come to the elementary classroom today equipped with valuable computer skills that can be readily applied to new and exciting learning activities in school and at home. When these same skills are applied to developing and maintaining a Web site…. [read more]

Motivational Strategies to Support Learners Essay

… 10, p. 32.

Delfos, M.F. 2004 Children and Behavioural Problems: Anxiety, Aggression, Depression and ADHD A Biopsychological Model with Guidelines for Diagnostics and Treatment.

London: Jessica Kingsley.

Deutscher, B. & Fewell, R.R. 2005 'Early Predictors of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

Disorder and School Difficulties in Low-Birthweight, Premature Children.' Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 71-72.

Diller, L. 1998 Running on Ritalin. New York: Bantam Books.

Lensch, C.R. 2000 Making Sense of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Westport, CT:

Bergin & Garvey.

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Diagnosed ADD / ADHD. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Prosser, B., R. Reid, R. Shute & I. Atkinson. 2002 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

Special Education Policy and Practice in…. [read more]

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