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Teaching Strategies Problems Long Division Essay

… Ratio Proportion Percentages

In order to solve the problem that involve ratio, rate or proportion student needs to develop an understanding of ratio, and standard conventions are used to write ratios, rates, and the methods of solving such problems. Teachers have used number of representations to guide students in understanding percentages, which includes pie charts, decimal, fraction and different geometric shapes with portion shaded. There are two methods that are commonly used to numerically solve percent problems, the equation/mathematical sentence (4n=12) or using ratio proportion set up (3/5 = ?/100) (Handley, 2010; Archer & Hughes, 2011; Montague & Jitendra, 2006). In order to develop an understanding of ratio, proportion, and percent pupils should be given activities like model situations for example "there are three red…. [read more]

Teaching Adults by Griff Foley Thesis

… Teaching Adults by Griff Foley

How does Foley's perspective on teaching compare with your own understanding of teaching adults?

In the past, most of the articles and papers and books that were written about teaching were about young children, or teenagers - perhaps some people up to college age. That is not the same thing as adult learners, because many of them learn things quite differently than young children, and they often have to work harder to remember the same things. The issue of formal classroom learning is one that has been misunderstood for many years. There are individuals who study it and discuss how significant it is, and there are others that see it issues with it as some kind of made-up problem that…. [read more]

Teaching Manding Through Functional Communication Literature Review Chapter

… Though research has not yet indicate the use of manding in the community, it may be ideal for teaching in community settings where inappropriate or self-injurious behaviors are common Harding et al., 2009()

Manding has also been used severally in the treatment of various psychological and behavioral disorders mostly those involving self-injurious behaviors. In one of the studies, three students who were suffering from autism were trained to make requests for specific objects from an adult who they referred to as the supplier using a sentence that began with 'give me ____.' They were then to give the object to another different adult who they referred to as 'the director'. The degree to which the 'give me ____' was controlled by the supplier when they…. [read more]

Learner Analysis Essay

… These varieties can also be used within the instructional design to not only appeal to the different demographic groups, but also to cultivate a sense of mutual understanding among the represented groups in the classroom.

Leng (2002) mentions the further challenge of affective characteristics in learners. The first challenge is that these are notoriously difficult to measure, because they tend to be subjective, personal, private, and difficult to observe. Hence, most learner analyses focus on the more easily measured paradigms such as cognitive objectives. Affective goals are, however, also important, as these will influence the ability of students to reach their cognitive objectives.

Leng (2002) therefore suggests that both formal and informal approaches be used to identify affective characteristics. More than the traditional learner analysis,…. [read more]

Teaching Video-Journal to Adult Learners Term Paper

… This has gone a long way in improving students' diversity appreciation and collaboration power, both of which are crucial aspects of educational progress and success in the diverse 21st century marketplace.


Technology is changing humanity in many ways. The field of education is one of the key beneficiaries of technology. Video technology, for instance, has gone a long way in increasing the degree of collaboration between learners and their instructors. Video journaling, a specific component of video technology, has proven to be an effective way of getting students to engage the theoretical concepts presented in their practice in the context of their own life experiences. Further, it takes into account the learning preferences of different learners and is therefore key in helping instructors get…. [read more]

Teaching Allows Learning and Assessment Essay

… The environment should make sure that the assessment conditions are in place for instance are all pertinent sources available to the learner, and is the correct model in correct place (Appelyard, 2010). Does the appropriate assessment, and the criteria been understood by the learner and all the documentation filled out appropriately etc.

Every institute has its own protocol and method of recording and describing on learner growth and achievement advancement that are being based upon their own values and presenting body standards. There are documents that are being utilized to record hands-on and written valuations that have been planned by the education and my institute (Spackman, 2002). Formative assessment proceedings are in my care so that I have a record of everything the learners know…. [read more]

Teacher Motivation Research Proposal

… Teaching is one of the professions that many and indeed probably even most people enter with a large measure of idealism. They seek out education as a profession not for the salary or the benefits (despite the belief of many non-teachers that teachers are primarily motivated by the long vacations) but because they feel that teaching is their vocation, their calling. And yet despite this initial strong motivation to teach, many teachers leave the profession after a short time, often after only a year in the classroom. For example, about twenty percent of new Vancouver teachers leave the profession after their first year (Richmond, 2005), which is about middling, with some regions losing up to fifty percent of their novice teachers after their first year…. [read more]

Learner Differences in Distance Learning Thesis

… Learner Differences in Distance Learning

The chapter entitled "Learner Differences in Distance Learning" underlines the importance of teachers taking into consideration the learning environment and the evolving needs of the learner when designing a curriculum. Distance learners in particular must learn in a more independent environment. Even resident learners in a more conventional classroom setting are faced with the challenges of learning from online and web-based instruction in 'regular' classes and must cope with the challenges of instruction in these more independent formats

Physical distance, the distance created by technology, and transactional distance in terms of the different understandings and perceptions of learning of teachers and students are all forms of distance that can exist in education. Transactional distance refers to a psychological separation or…. [read more]

Learner Analysis Before an Instructional Systematic Design Term Paper

… Learner Analysis

Before an instructional systematic design process can be initiated many factors must be taken into consideration. An important element in the success of such a program is the analysis of the potential learners. Many factors affect how students can learn. The successful teacher is aware of the difference between students and seeks ways to accommodate the needs of the various students as he or she is developing an instructional plan. Ways to analyze students include the use of their cognitive styles, their attitude and their social situations ("Analyze Learners," 2001).

It is no secret to teachers that students learn in a variety of ways. This knowledge has led to a tidal wave of educational theories in recent decades. Knowing what kind of learner…. [read more]

Teaching Disadvantaged Adults Essay

… Teaching Disadvantaged Adults

There are a many categories to consider when discussing the disadvantaged adult. These can include people from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as those who have for various reasons for not been able to complete their formal education; and individuals who have been socially excluded or are from ethnic minorities (Motivating Disadvantaged Adult Learners). However, possibly one of the most severely disadvantaged category of adults are those who suffer from various mental heath problems and who, as a result of these problems, have not been able to improve their learning abilities and their life outcomes.

An article that deals with an aspect of teaching and improving the learning conditions of this category of disadvantaged adult is Increasing Requests By Adults With Developmental Disabilities…. [read more]

Teacher Work Sample Teaching Creating and Sustaining Term Paper

… Teacher Work Sample


Creating and sustaining a culture of curiosity and continual learning that leads to long-term motivation on the part of students is the cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. I want my students to be lifelong learners, not just from an academic standpoint, but from a social and cultural one as well. Too soon they will step onto the playing field of global competition not just for jobs, but for opportunities to learn and grow as well. I want them to be ready. My instructional strategies include inductive reasoning, role playing, and scaffolding-based approaches to personalizing learning programs. My advisor Mrs. Michelle D'Amour continues to be a trusted advisor and invaluable in providing me feedback as to how I can balance my natural…. [read more]

Teaching Reflective Commentary Portfolio Research Paper

… Teaching Reflective Commentary Portfolio

Mathematics is an area of education not often sought after by those teachers interested in true education. The subjects typically seem dry and students rarely take the courses seriously. In the field of accounting, however, there has been a much larger deficiency in properly educating students. As stated by Rob Gray (2006), in his article,

There is evidence that accounting education fails to develop students' intellectual and, relatedly, ethical maturity. This, it can be argued, may be seen as a moral failure on the part of accounting educators. This, it can be argued, may be seen as a moral failure on the part of accounting educators. The content of much of what currently passes for core accounting knowledge has characteristics which…. [read more]

Teaching Style of Lecturing Research Paper

… If the next generation of teachers is prepared to adapt their approach to lecturing with the demands of modern education and learning in mind, students will continue to benefit from the organized, systematic presentation of critical facts and figures.


Coughlin, S. (2013, May 01). Jimmy wales: Boring university lectures 'are doomed'. BBC News. Retrieved from

Exley, K., & Dennick, R. (2009). Giving a lecture: from presenting to teaching. (Vol. 10). Newy York, NY: Taylor & Francis.

Knight, J.K., & Wood, W.B. (2005). Teaching more by lecturing less. Cell Biology Education, 4(4), 298-310. Retrieved from

Morrison, G.R., Ross, S.M., Kalman, H.K., & Kemp, J.E. (2011). Designing effective instruction. (6th ed). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Revell, A., & Wainwright, E. (2009).…. [read more]

Teaching Machines Although Burrhus Frederick Essay

… Given Skinner's (1958) confidence and optimism related to technology in the classroom, actual "learning machines" remain underdeveloped. Students now learn using technological aides: including those that Skinner (1958) envisioned such as linear teaching models that enable a quiz-like interface. However, some research reveals the weaknesses of using technology as a learning tool or instructional mechanism. Devitt & Palmer (1999), for example, found that computer-aided learning was ineffective when compared with traditional types of learning strategies. Since 1999, a slew of new educational technologies have eased their ways into classrooms and home learning environments. None, however, have stood apart as being singularly indispensible and none have been able to replace traditional classroom structures.

With the exception of e-learning and distance learning models, the teaching machines that…. [read more]

Teaching Children Dance Term Paper

… Teaching Children Dance can't dance." How many times have you heard an adult say this, at a party or even at a family function like a wedding? Probably many times. How many times have you heard a child say this? Probably never. How do we lose this fluidity of motion and love of our own physical capabilities? Some might say that it is lost because school forces children to sit all day in their seats in an unnatural posture, and hems in their natural, human love of movement. One solution to this dancing dilemma is provided by the engaging, practical and informative text Teaching Children Dance.

The text specifically targets teachers of children from kindergarten to fifth grade, to help teachers help children keep an…. [read more]

Adolescent Learner Essay

… Adolescent Learner


The Theory of Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was a progenitor of the modern child development theory (Loop, 2012). From a career in natural sciences, he turned to psychoanalysis and into human learning. His theory consists of stages of cognitive development from birth to adolescence. These are the sensori-motor stage from birth to 2 years; the preoperational stage at ages 2-7; the concrete stage at age 7 to early adolescence; and the formal operational stage at adolescence. His developmental theories are applicable to teaching mathematics (Loop).

Children at the preoperational stage usually begin to understand how symbols of words or numbers can represent objects or items (Loop, 2012). They may engage in make-believe or fantasy play at this stage as they still…. [read more]

Faculty Student Interaction in Online Learning Environment Literature Review

… Student engagement is important when teaching any class. It is especially significant when faculty teach in the online learning environment where students are not only isolated from their instructor but from fellow students. Advances in online technologies are creating exciting opportunities for learning in the virtual space. Benefits of online learning are well-known, but online learning also has its disadvantages including high attrition rates due to diminished student engagement, inadequate training and support for teachers tasked with implementing and administering online courses, and the relative newness of the technologies themselves.

Introduction to the Three Streams

Online relationships with faculty and students. The first stream considered is the types of online relationships that exist between faculty and students. The fundamental differences that exist between online relationships…. [read more]

Toward a Theory of Independent Learning and Teaching by Michael Moore Thesis

… Independent Learning & Teaching

Toward a Theory of Independent Learning and Teaching by Michael Moore

Two of the fundamental assumptions of the university are "that each scholar can and should pursue knowledge in his idiosyncratic fashion" and "that students should be permitted to study extramurally." It is from these ancient assumptions that Independent Learning and Teaching sprang from.

Independent Learning and Teaching is an educational system in which the learner is autonomous and separated from the teacher at the time of learning as a function of individualization and dialogue, so communication is by nonhuman medium such as print, electronic, or mechanical devices. As a system, it has three subsystems: the method of communication, autonomous learners, and distance teachers.

Method of communication. In traditional education settings…. [read more]

Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship Term Paper

… "Research is clear that adult intelligence is reliant upon how well the brain has been shaped by experiences through life. These experiences, which are gained in a variety of ways by adults, must be stored in the memory areas of the brain and made available for recall when the need arises" (Wilson, 2006). So much of a person's life experience is the result of education, and if that educational experience is a negative one, which fails to acknowledge and validate personal differences in learning styles and philosophies, then the adult will equate learning with something negative.

Generally, I intend to take a pragmatic approach to education and use hands-on learning methods to help students incorporate and develop knowledge. However, that approach will borrow heavily from…. [read more]

Motivation Term Paper

… Motivation is a percentage game, according to Rinne, which means that motivation level differ from student to student and this is what determines their achievement level and desire to learn. Percentage game is an interesting concept but the author has not delved very deep into it, which makes it whole concept somewhat ambiguous.

Rinne has however paid discussed the main topic of her article in great details i.e. intrinsic appeals. The author has been very clear about what he means by intrinsic appeals and has given sound examples in each case. He starts with novelty and explains why novelty is important in motivating a student. Novelty is 'unpredictable' and something that introduces the student to new possibilities. When a teacher introduces innovation and experimentation in…. [read more]

Teaching to Student Strengths the Five Principles Essay

… Teaching to Student Strengths

The five principles of teaching to student strengths, written by author Dan Pink in 2009, are designed to stimulate interest, to challenge, and to encourage creativity. The five principles will be reviewed in this paper, along with the positive impact that teaching to those strengths can have on students and teachers. In addition this paper will review a time when a student was motivated by something that I did.

(More than) Five Principles of Teaching to Student Strengths

Pink presents more than five examples of strategies to motivate students to get going and finish their tasks. The three aspects of what Pink considers real, or true motivation, are "autonomy, mastery, and purpose." On page 64 -- under the "autonomy" category --…. [read more]

Teaching ESL Students at Least Research Paper

… "The comparison between the two groups receiving typical practice suggested that students in the SEI-T (English-only group) had a higher initial level of English oral proficiency…than TBE-T students in the bilingual classrooms" (Tong et al. 2008). Tong's research supported the idea that greater gains overall occurred when students were exposed to academic English as early as possible in the 'sheltered' programs which deploy English in an immersive format, versus the slower traditional program.

However, the value of these findings remains controversial. First, there is the contention that being bilingual, over the long-term, can be helpful for students and that bilingual students' brains even show an enhanced ability to be neurologically adaptable (Willis 2008). Some also argue that having a goal of transitioning a student out…. [read more]

Teaching Assistant in Primary Schools Essay

… Both subjects must not be reduced to mental and tedious drill; rather they must be interesting and relevant to the child's life. He or she should understand the benefit that he accrues from studying the subject and, receiving a lot of praise, and rewards, be motivated to master it.

With both subjects, too, the content should become tangible. In other words, rather than pure verbal instruction and drill, play activities should be involved with a lot of kinesthetic, visual actions (since children lean by different means, some being more kinesthetic, verbal, or visual than others). In a similar way, the teacher, tuning in to the child's character should apply the content to that specific personality.

Manipulation (i.e. touch) should be used as often as possible.…. [read more]

Main Characteristics of Good Teaching Thesis

… ¶ … Teaching

Characteristics and difficulties of teaching a distance learning course

Even for a fairly unmotivated student, the human, one-on-one interactive nature of the classroom environment can prove to be profoundly motivating. This is one reason why, for 'at risk' students ensuring their continued attendance in class is such an important aspect of the educational process. If the students 'show up' a teacher can then energize their interest in learning through his or her charismatic presence. Although a distance learning teacher may not like to admit it, for many students, learning at a distance can feel like not being in class at all. Motivating students is a critical concern of the online pedagogical process online from day one. While some online students, because of…. [read more]

Motivation: Relatedness Using the Jigsaw Term Paper

… "The main station for relatedness is social interaction. A feeling of relatedness among students may operate as an inspirational resource when kids have to face task or complications. In times of stress, kids who experience reliable others as "backing them up" react with more vitality, versatility, and beneficial activities.

Group activities (collaboration), relatedness and group motivation

Collaboration is the "mutual involvement of members in a synchronized attempt to fix a problem together." Collaborative communications are recognized by distributing objectives, balance of structure, and a higher level of settlement, interaction, and interdependence. Group activities are particularly valuable for improving undergraduate studying. Nonresponsive feedback, on the other hand, can be detrimental to undergraduates studying in collaborative situations. Collaboration can have highly effective results for undergraduate studying, particularly…. [read more]

Lack of Motivation Amongst Esol Students Literature Review

… ¶ … Motivation to Read amongst ESOL Students

Discuss the cause of the problem.

According to Ernst-Slavit, Moore and Maloneya (2002), there are about three million language minority students attending school in the United States who are in the process of learning English as a Second Language (ESOL). In addition, about 42% of all public school classes have at least one ESOL student (Ernst-Slavit et al., 2002). Many ESOL students may be quite different from other learners with respect to their background, skills, and past experiences; in addition, some ESOL students may have attended school on a regular basis prior to arriving in the U.S., providing them with the literacy skills and content knowledge they need to study other languages (Ernst-Slavit et al., 2002). By…. [read more]

Learner-Centered Curriculum' in TESOL Term Paper

… Since it is a fact that all individuals use language to communicate with each other, the communicative language teaching method utilizes communication methods to teach a language effectively, by eliminating the various complex rules of grammar and syntax that are used in the traditional methods of teaching a language, and using, instead, real-life situations and communications in that context. (Communicative Language Teaching)

However this does not mean that grammar is totally eliminated, the emphasis is rather on learning to communicate a message to another person using the new language that is being learnt. For example, the student is expected to practice a real life situation such as buying food at the market. The student will, by this method, learn to communicate his thoughts and feelings…. [read more]

Teaching Reading in the Content Term Paper

… Thus emphasis is being laid on enabling the students to go beyond the acquisition of capability to find out simple meanings out of their readings. Deanne Camp suggests pairing of narrative and factual texts by the instructors as an addition to the content areas. (McKenna; Robinson 2001) The factual texts are introduced to cater to the needs of the students in answering their exercises and queries in a straight forward manner and the narrative texts afford to place the substances in an easy understandable mode. Besides, an effort has also been made for redefining the concept of the text. The comprehensibility of the texts by the students depends upon their backgrounds. The contributions of researchers and critics made it clear about the impossibility of differentiating…. [read more]

Life-Long Learning Essay

… He observed a four-year-old boy receive, after several assessment exercises, a "Learning Skill Profile." The adults however, suffered in varying degrees, an unwillingness to learn new things. The child's life goals for the next year were 'to get ready for school, 'to 'get along better with the kids,' and to 'have a little more fun.' His fourteen-year-old sister identified the importance of being a good friend, family member and citizen. The mother was most concerned with improving her competencies in the role of family member, worker, and leisure-time user; the father was concerned with his roles of worker and leisure-time user; and the grandmother simply wanted to learn to play the piano.

Each family member received a learning plan, the sister's plan called for her…. [read more]

Teaching and Learning Research Proposal

… Teaching and Learning

Review of an Education Journal Article

In their article regarding teaching learning strategies, Weinstein and Mayer (1983) define what a learning strategy is, give some implications for teachers, and conclude with an examination of several different kinds of learning strategies. To begin, the authors call learning strategies, "behaviors and thoughts in which a learner engages and which are intended to influence the learner's encoding process" (pg. 3). Thus, tasks that motivate learners, allow them to organize, or otherwise aid them in their learning can all be considered learning strategies. According to the authors, it is important that students learn to develop such strategies as a way to handle both their own thinking and the information that they gather in school. According to…. [read more]

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