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Learning Process and Experience a Review Term Paper

… ¶ … Learning Process and Experience

A review of my learning experience indicates that learning is a complex process that involves a complex interplay of factor/variables that affects learning (McCharen, Song and Martens).Several things about my learning experience intrigues me. Some of these are how I construct meaning from new information and how to use feedback from my instructor to select or adjust strategies that lead to success. In this reflective piece, explain these intrigues as well as how I relate what I learn to my own experience. I also discuss how evaluate my ideas as well as extend my learning.

The construction of meaning to new information is noted by Alexanderssson and Louise (2003,p.18) as an integral element of learning or knowledge acquisition. Before…. [read more]

Impressions of Teaching Term Paper

… The reality

The reality of the teaching profession is only learned when the individual has their first experience as a teacher in the classroom. Since the individual is used to being on the student side of the classroom, they get a different feeling now that they are being watched by the students. The reality can be compared and contrasted to the early impression. If the individual has a positive attitude regarding teaching, they will be willing to take up the role of a teacher positively and will try all that is possible to ensure the students understand what is being taught. Though the person has no knowledge of the demands, responsibilities, effectiveness and determination required, they will be able to use their communication skills and…. [read more]

Teacher Would Teach/Facilitate a Child to Read Term Paper

… ¶ … teacher would teach/Facilitate a child to read and write.

Literacy -- Acquisition, Reinforcement, and Assessment in the Classroom

Learning to read and acquiring greater literacy skills is not something that occurs in a series of neat, definable steps, like learning how to drive or ride a bike. Ideally, a child's literacy education should occur even before he or she enters the classroom. "Babies are fascinated by bright colorful books. If an adult talks about the pictures and reads the words, this helps to develop language skills. The young child also begins to understand that the content of a book never changes...[Soon] children begin to play read and turn the pages of a favorite story while chanting parts of it aloud" if they are…. [read more]

Learning Organization. Consolidate Research Definitions Essay

… Another particularity of the teaching hospital is that this is often involved in research, meaning that it seeks to identify cures to various diseases. Virtually, it seeks to develop new treatments and solutions that improve the medical act and the health of the patients.

The research operations at the learning hospital are complex and can fall into various categories, all revealing applications of organizational learning and development. One notable example is nevertheless represented by the conduction of experimental treatments in the teaching hospitals (Dowshen, 2010). These treatments are new solutions to various medical problems; they are innovations which hope to solve health issues, but which require subjects for testing. For the patients, this feature further increases the access to information -- the latest knowledge and…. [read more]

Teaching Allows Learning and Assessment Essay

… The environment should make sure that the assessment conditions are in place for instance are all pertinent sources available to the learner, and is the correct model in correct place (Appelyard, 2010). Does the appropriate assessment, and the criteria been understood by the learner and all the documentation filled out appropriately etc.

Every institute has its own protocol and method of recording and describing on learner growth and achievement advancement that are being based upon their own values and presenting body standards. There are documents that are being utilized to record hands-on and written valuations that have been planned by the education and my institute (Spackman, 2002). Formative assessment proceedings are in my care so that I have a record of everything the learners know…. [read more]

Learning Styles Long Ago, in One-Room Schoolhouses Thesis

… ¶ … Learning Styles

Long ago, in one-room schoolhouses, students were primarily taught using memorization. They were asked to repeat definitions, poetry, and statements in order to learn almost every subject. Now, teachers know that not all students learn in the same way. A great deal of research has been done in order to determine what learning styles most students use. Although students learn in a great number of ways, three basic learning styles have been identified, and these are visual, verbal, and kinesthetic/tactile learning styles (Peng, 2002, para. 3). These basic learning styles suggest that some students learn better when they see the material, others when they hear lessons, or still others when they are given a hands-on experience. Besides these primary three learning…. [read more]

Teach to the Test Capstone Project

… By pointedly observing that "the teachers who are producing gains on the state tests are generally also promoting deeper conceptual understanding among their students" (Kane, 2010), the author defuses one of the major claims made against teaching to the test. The article also presents the relatively novel concept that "in every grade and subject, a teacher's past track record of value-added is among the strongest predictors of their student's achievement gains in other classes or academic years" (Kane, 2010), which dismisses the link between test scores and a teacher's relative effectiveness. After reading the results of Kane's comprehensive study, my own attitudes regarding the practice of teaching have been challenged, and this is a vital component to gaining a deeper comprehension of the issue's complexities.…. [read more]

Learning and Development Solutions Essay

… The main advantage of such resources is that they are easily available, durable, and are presented in hard copy hence not easily prone to vulnerabilities. Print materials have few disadvantages. For instance, they are bulky in nature and hence cannot be transported or made mobile during the time of learning. Nonetheless, they are the most reliable learning sources at the learning environment. These materials should be chosen according to their availability, reliability, and validity.


Realia refers to live sources of learning. These are the learning sources, which are readily available from the environment. In most cases, such sources of learning materials are used while conducting practical learning. Live materials act as learning resources. This could be while doing presentation learning in sensible aspects of…. [read more]

Teacher Instructional Technology With New Essay

… There are behaviorists that say that participants can become habituated to the observer, but even then there are certain contexts and personality characteristics of both participant and observer that will always influence study and cause participant to react in a certain way.

Since the researcher is using grounded theory, he will look at all aspects of the educational situation and environment considering that all may be useful as data. This will include student feedback, student work, curriculum, state standards, teacher ideas, literature, the teacher's style, and the educational instruments used, as well as the classroom environment. The focus is on "what is" (Glaser, 2003, p. 15).

Data analysis

Grounded theory will be used since it approaches qualitative experimentation in general and education in particular in…. [read more]

Teaching Methodologies Essay

… ¶ … teaching methodologies has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because globalization and anti-poverty reduction efforts are having an impact on the kinds of approaches that are utilized. However, there is division about how to most effectively reach out to students. This has created a situation where various teaching methodologies will come into conflict with each other. ("World Education Report," 1998)

As a result, there are differences about the best tactics that must be embraced during this process. To determine which ones are most effective requires looking at different approaches. This will be accomplished by focusing on: the problem, discussing strategies for dealing with these challenges and how technology can be incorporated into the learning environment. Together, these elements will highlight which…. [read more]

Teaching Reading Term Paper

… Teaching: Lesson Plans

Teaching Methods in Education: Teaching Reading Fluency

The objective of this work is to design a plan to integrate fluency teaching strategies by (1) identifying a minimum of five fluency building strategies; (2) provide an explanation and rationale for each strategy; (3) describe how three reading fluency activities will be included in the Dr. Seuss unit; and (4) include a rationale for each activity (strategy).

Activities for early literacy programs include the activities as follows:

Listening to stories, poems and expository text;

Telling and retelling stories and nursery rhymes;

Singing and chanting (including the alphabet song)

Discussing word meanings, ideas, books and experiences;

Making predictions about words and stories (Building A Powerful Reading Program: From Research to Practice, 2003)

Activities that can…. [read more]

School-Wide Inquiry Into Learning Capstone Project

… I am specifically interested in studying the 'PASS' test which is administered by my state in the third grade. For my approach, I intend to embark upon a case study method in which uses the principles of 'action research.' Action research fundamentally strives to address community-based problems from an insider's rather than outsider's perspective (Rose 2009). Students as well as teachers are viewed as involved participants in the approach.

I will follow the preparation of third grade classes within two different public schools that must take the test. One will be in a 'failing' school district, the type of school district that standardized tests are deliberately intended to 'flag.' The second will be in an affluent school district in which students are traditionally identified as…. [read more]

Teaching ESL the Cultural Shortcomings in Traditionalist Research Paper

… Teaching ESL

The Cultural Shortcomings in Traditionalist ESL Education

In an era where so many students are struggling to remain afloat academically, where standardized testing dominates the national evaluation strategy and where the costs of a college education grow ever higher, the pressure upon the individual student to succeed has never been greater. This is exponentially so for the English as a Second Language (ESL) student, who in addition to facing all of these challenges, will typically also have a great deal of work ahead of him simply to make inroads into the use of the English language. Thus for the ESL teacher, instruction is not only problematic insofar as the inherent difficulties relating to the induction of a new language is concerned. There is…. [read more]

Learning Theory Essay

… However, these concepts differ with regards to their focus i.e. pedagogy is defined as a set of teacher-centered beliefs whereas andragogy is a concept that was developed to demonstrate the differentiate childhood learning and adult learning. This implies that pedagogy explains leaning in childhood based on the beliefs of a teacher while andragogy refers to the learning of the teacher or leader (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2011).

Since it's based on empiricism, andragogical techniques are application to talent development by providing the basis with which a novice would learn from an expert or professional. Andragogical methods are applied to talent development on the basis that learners respond to certain external motivations and the intrinsic need for growth and improvement. Through these methods, the adult learners…. [read more]

Teaching I.E. Development, Environmental and Cognitive Load Research Paper

… ¶ … teaching i.e. Development, environmental and Cognitive Load Theory in light of scholarly references. With this analysis a theorist with greatest coherence with my preferred approach is chosen selected. Cognitive theorists have been long concerned with the changes in student's understanding and comprehension that results out of learning. All cognitive theorists believe that learning must be meaningful; they only differ in their schematic structures of cognitive development. An important component in cognitive learning is the relationship between short-term and long-term memory here are the cognitive theories of learning.


Vygotsky a Russian linguist proposed the social developmental theory of learning. He believed that social interaction has a profound influence on cognitive development. The main theme around which his theory revolves is, biological and…. [read more]

Teaching Journal Today Being Term Paper

… Of course, I am just starting out my teaching experience and have a great deal more to learn and develop in the future. Above, I noted how it is important to ask open-ended questions. I need to get more in the habit of doing this. It draws students out as well as makes discussions much more informative. "When questions stimulate a person to think, a deeper level of understanding results," states Jarolimek and Foster.

According to Dillion, for example, asking open-ended questions is an essential skill to use when working with students. It offers a number of advantages:

1. Asking Open-Ended Questions allows for a wide-range of responses and provides an opportunity for the person answering to:

Tell you what he or she considers to…. [read more]

Learning Organizations a Great Deal Article Review

… It was also found that the strategic vision adopted by the UK hospital was stronger than that of the Greek hospital, and the internal processes within the hospital had a greater potential to identify the existence of different types of expectation gaps compared to the more bureaucratic processes in the Greek hospital. However, the conclusion was that the UK hospital was not a fully operational learning organization, as there were still a number of characteristics which were not present. For example, operational leadership may be strong, but presented characteristics which lacked the ability to inspire others and encourage learning through sharing (Vassalou, 2001). In both organizations a significant constraint was the dominance of single loop learning processes. Even in workshops seminars the single loop learning…. [read more]

Teacher's Role in a Classroom Essay

… Allowing the students to make their own groups can often lead to cliques of students sticking together and students that are new, different or otherwise perceived as outcasts or outsiders will often get the short end of the stick (UWW, 2013).

Similarly, teachers should make sure that no student or group of students is dominating the discourse or the participation overall. Everyone should get an equal chance to say what they will and they should be encouraged to open up and share. If a student is gun-shy about sharing, they should not be forced or brow-beaten into saying what people want them to say. Rather, they should be gently urged and allowed to share what they like as they are willing and able to. Allowing…. [read more]

Knowledge and Learning and Teaching Term Paper

… However, more recent research has indicated that if the right research questions are asked, significant differences can be detected, and L1 knowledge has been found to possibly have both positive effects and negative effects on acquisition of L2 (Noor, 1994). This new approach to L1 to L2 transfer has been termed the "mentalist" approach.

A good example of a negative effect of the L1 background knowledge is the phenomena of avoidance, that is the selective use of particular language structures in L2. In 1993, Laufer and Eliasson attempted to determine whether the amount of difference between L1 and L2 or the complexity of the new L2 structures was responsible. Although the exact source of avoidance remains in controversy, the only variable clearly supported by the…. [read more]

Self-Reflection to Improve Teaching Term Paper

… " (Bryant, 2010, p.1) In addition, Hohler states that the right setting is necessary for effective teaching. (Bryant, 2010, paraphrased)

III. Observations/Concerns About Incorporation of Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is a critically important aspect of gauging the effectiveness of one's teaching and towards this end collaboration is an element that strongly supports self-reflection because it provides one with a standard of pertinent and applicable knowledge in the role of the nursing educator about who they are teaching, what level of education is appropriate and effective and in terms of how effective their own methods of teaching are and how much of the information is retained as it is presented by the nursing educator. Collaboration and feedback are important tools that make provision of a measure of effectiveness…. [read more]

Main Characteristics of Good Teaching Thesis

… ¶ … Teaching

Characteristics and difficulties of teaching a distance learning course

Even for a fairly unmotivated student, the human, one-on-one interactive nature of the classroom environment can prove to be profoundly motivating. This is one reason why, for 'at risk' students ensuring their continued attendance in class is such an important aspect of the educational process. If the students 'show up' a teacher can then energize their interest in learning through his or her charismatic presence. Although a distance learning teacher may not like to admit it, for many students, learning at a distance can feel like not being in class at all. Motivating students is a critical concern of the online pedagogical process online from day one. While some online students, because of…. [read more]

Teaching That Play a Role Term Paper

… ¶ … teaching that play a role in the decisions teachers make with regards to instruction. Attitudes and beliefs, reflective practice and teaching philosophy are all elements of decision making and are incorporated into this literature review. There were 60 sources used to complete this review.


For many years teachers have been held accountable for the progress, success and failure of their students. During those years the field of education has moved through various stages that have incorporated both the knowledge of the educators with the desires of the public. Whether it was teaching to the test, inclusion, diversity or technology that was examined the nation's teachers formed attitudes and beliefs about how to best deliver the instruction.

Attitudes of teachers can…. [read more]

Web Technology Effective Teaching Extant Essay

… , 2008,p.36). An effective teacher must therefore acknowledge the differences between the attitudes and beliefs of their students since lack of that makes group communication a nightmare.

Mohan, Mcgregor, Saunders and Archee ( 2008, p.164) pointed out that when dealing with a large group, there are issue that relate to the differences in attitudes and beliefs that exists.


An effective teacher must have great observation skills. By observing the students within a period of weeks or months, a teacher should be able to focus on the appropriate intervention (Lyons, Ford, Arthur-Kelly, 2011, p.154). While doing this, the teacher must focus on three main variables. These are;

Locus of the problem (this refers to the source of a given problem), locus of control (refers to…. [read more]

Learning Constructivist and Cognitive Theories Research Paper

… Gradual development of concepts must be enacted through active reinforcement. Constructivists hence believe that creation of a zealous classroom environment abets the learning process better than any other strategy.

The next theory in question happens to be that of cognitivism. Cognitive theory entails that repetitive reinforcement is essential in enhancing the learning process and furthermore, positive feedback is equally important in encouraging the student to repeat correct responses. The cognitive perspective emphasizes imparting knowledge associated with different subject matters. The cognitive theory looks at how information travels from being received at the sensory level to being retained in the long-term memory. This simply means that after initial attention has been gained, constant rehearsal cements the concepts in the learner's mind. The focus is to grasp…. [read more]

Learning and Teaching Has Drastically Term Paper

… "

While the importance of clear and lucid subject matter cannot be underestimated, it is equally important that sometimes the learners are presented with a problem (as a subject) so that their critical thinking and learning skills are not only exposed but also polished. Patricia Deubel (2003) writes, "Learning is organized around problem solving, rather than around subject matter. The teacher's role is to support students in their critical thinking skills, self-directed learning skills, and content knowledge in relation to problems. The teacher does not teach students what they should know or set a time for when they should know it (Patricia Deubel, 2003)."

From the above mentioned facts, it is clear that both behaviorist and cognitive methods of teaching are vital for appropriate development…. [read more]

Learning in Schools Essay

… "Likewise, if the online assessment helps the students and has sufficient overlap with course content, but is less preferred by students, the online component will likely fail through student resistance." (Angus and Watson) Students must agree and progress using online learning in order for it to be a mainstay in school curriculum.

Communication is imperative in a modern society such as this one. For students to get as much access as posssible to various forms of communication is important to create a successful learning oppotuinity for students. There is presently a need for teachers to incorporate technology into the applications of learning for the well being of students academically."The Information age is driven by new technologies and new techniques through the widespread use of Information…. [read more]

Moore Kearsley Thesis

… ¶ … Technologies for Teaching at a Distance

Multiple technologies may aid the distance educator in creating optimal course material and engendering student participation. From simple online text-based readings to instant messaging during office hours, technological tools are enhancing the learning process. Yet technology is presenting tremendous challenges for distance educators. Instructors struggle to keep up with emerging technologies even before they have mastered those already in use. Exploring the range of different technologies for teaching at a distance requires many hours of work beyond that which is already required to design the course content, curriculum, and methods of assessment. Technology is increasing the demands placed on instructors at a time when funding and policy in education is floundering.

Technology can be capitalized on to…. [read more]

Teaching of Listening for Academic Purposes Term Paper

… ¶ … Teaching of Listening for Academic Purposes

This report focuses on ways to explore the teaching of listening for the purposes of academics. The most commonly used mode of teaching or educational method used almost everywhere in the world is speaking. This is because a lot of knowledge and information passed on to pupils and students besides use of textbooks is through verbal communications which in educational communities are known as lectures.

This paper is divided into 3 parts. Section 1 covers different aspects and cultures of lectures and how this challenges students. Section 2 discusses methods of teaching students to learn listening and lastly, section 3 discusses activities that will assist students in listening to lectures

An important aspect of teaching and education…. [read more]

Opportunities of a Problem-Based Learning Approach Essay

… ¶ … Opportunities of a Problem-Based Learning Approach in a Tertiary Healthcare Facility

Although there are countless opportunities for problem-based learning approaches in tertiary healthcare facilities, so too are there numerous challenges associated with the techniques that are used for these purposes. Clearly, providing effective and efficient evaluation of students in these healthcare settings represents an important and timely enterprise, but many healthcare practitioners may lack the skills and expertise needed to deliver these services or to effectively evaluate the students they observe. To gain a more in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities that are involved in using a problem-based learning approach in a tertiary healthcare setting, this paper provides a review of the relevant scholarly and juried literature, followed by a summary of…. [read more]

Effects Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special ED Students Thesis

… ¶ … technology in learning of elementary school special ed. Students

Action Research Paper:

Effects and Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special Education Students

The use of technologies to assist in the teaching of special education elementary school children presents unique challenges and illustrates how the creative use of Web-based learning systems can accelerate and support the long-term retention of concepts with these specific students. It is the intent of this Action Research paper to illustrate how this is specifically can be accomplished through the use of a variety of teaching techniques. Despite the potential benefits of using technology-based training there is however there is a lack of adoption of Web-based training materials, websites, and strategies specifically focused on individualized learning plans…. [read more]

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