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Education Research Paper

… The parents or family do not give support to the students hence they lack motivation. They thrive in the farming, industrial and other service sectors leaving their children with the televisions and video games as the babysitters without development. Their poor background also holds them at home due to lack of the costs that come with education. Most immigrants are not able to cope with the urban fast life and so they are in the rural areas where education has not been fully implemented. The schools are far and sometimes they lack transport due to the poor infrastructure (Ullman 4).

Alcohol and drugs is a problem among the poor because this is how they pass time. These children from the addicted families are exposed to…. [read more]

Rise of Technology-Mediated Learning Systems Research Paper

… Nonetheless even though access to funding is one inspiration, it is not the single reason for the heightened awareness in corporate-academic businesses. There are some universities that put the emphasis on particular areas of applied research, for instance, while others give out instruction that is tailored to the exclusive necessities of specific career paths, providing corporate partner's admission to exceedingly trained, "job-ready" applicants. SonomaState University's Mr. Scalise makes the point: "Campuses that are small usually are not able to compete with bigger universities when it comes to information technology accounts, so they have to discover other ways to distinguish ourselves, through niche contributions.

Even though university participants look at technology as having a big positive influence on their campuses, they are also able to acknowledge…. [read more]

Higher Ed Enrollment the Effects of Increasing Thesis

… Higher Ed Enrollment

The Effects of Increasing Tuition in Higher Education on Graduation Rates

The current economic recession has had widespread and troubling effects on every walk of American life. The available resources as the public government funding level and at the individual level are lesser in recent years as corporations fold, families struggle with mortgage payments and individuals work to tighten their belts. Sadly, this is also true at the university level, demonstrating that the impact of a negative economic situation can lead directly to self-perpetuating trends. In this case, the result of diminished public funding for higher education is leading to higher tuition rates, which in turn, is producing lower enrollment and graduation rates. This is underscored in the study by DeMoranville &…. [read more]

Learning Teams Website Assigned Facilitator Essay

… Whatever model you use, the students must understand the specific tasks that are part of the process of setting up a Web site. For example, instructions on setting up a Web server and the use of graphics will need to be provided." (Mohler, 1997)

Webmasters also recommend the university make changes to the current website and move to a more dynamic website platform. Western Illinois University is such an example. "Design revisions include internal navigation priorities and more flexibility as we continue website development. Changes from the previews include addition of Arts as a category to the University-wide navigation. The visual elements are now on the upper left and navigation is on the right on the homepage. It also expands the template for second and…. [read more]

Three Critical Aspects of Creating an Effective Learning Environment Essay

… Learning Environment

Critical aspects for a learning environment

PRESENTATIOn outline on effective learning environment

Intermediate division teachers are placed in a unique position because they have to address the learning needs of students going through a period of their lives that is physically and emotionally turbulent and exciting. At the same time, their curiosity is at a high level, which makes them more sensitive to their internal and external environment. This is also the stage when many students make choices that influence the course of their further education or career. Teachers can make sure that the learning environment is conducive to meting students' learning needs in the given context. What follows is a detailed outline of a presentation intended to guide intermediate division teachers towards…. [read more]

Learning and Assessment Basics Term Paper

… Some subjects do not lend themselves very well to the basic, common kind of testing that is done through yes/no questions or multiple choice options. These all have their place, but there is still more to be done (Pellegrino, Chudowsky, & Glaser, 2001).

One of the best things that teachers can do is test their students through projects that require the students to use what they have learned in a setting that is as realistic as possible. Many students do not enjoy this type of "test," but it can be a valuable indicator to the teacher. Retaining the material provided is valuable, but if the student does not understand the material in context and does not know what to do with the provided information, he…. [read more]

Higher Ed Journal the Use of Learning Literature Review

… Higher Ed Journal

The Use of Learning Journals in Higher Education

The study conducted by Langer (2002) provides consideration of a progressive approach to observing learning outcomes. Identifying 'learning journal' usage as a way of monitoring weekly learning outcomes for students, the study by Langer makes as its primary area of consideration a method of student evaluation that might bring more nuance to the grading system. The interest is of particular value, the discussion conducted hereafter will show, with respect to non-traditional students, who may be less inherently responsive to the parameters or implications of a grading system.

This points us to the primary research question driving Langer's study. Langer asks what the variance is in the experience of non-traditional vs. traditional students when using…. [read more]

Learning Communities: New York State Education Term Paper

… Learning Communities (New York State Education based)

What are they?

What is the mission and purpose?

What are their benefits?

How can they be implemented in the curriculum planning process?

Who established them?

Where did they originate?

When did they become an educational trend?

How do they affect the technology trend?

Strategies to promote the learning culture?

This paper focuses on education-based learning communities, with emphasis on New York State education-based communities. Evaluated are the school district, instructional leaders, teachers, parents, students and community partnerships that comprise the learning community. Learning communities are a not new, but they are gaining popularity as a theoretical framework for developing students' intrinsic motivation and ability to succeed outside the classroom. The premise behind learning communities is the philosophy…. [read more]

Learning Organization on Leadership and Management Essay

… ¶ … Learning Organizations

Leadership and Learning Organizations

Developing a Learning Organization through Informed Leadership

The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable advantage. -- Cliff Purington, Chris Butler and Sarah Fister Gale, 2003

The epigraph above is reflective of the ongoing need for organizations to use information and knowledge to its best advantage in order to become more competitive. As the global economic downturn continues, the need for organizations of all types and sizes to develop innovative practices that add value and eliminate waste at every opportunity by using information and knowledge has never been greater. Moreover, in an increasingly globalized marketplace, developing and sustaining a competitive advantage is absolutely essential for success, and many companies are falling by…. [read more]

Learning Environment of Schools at Present Are Heavily Biased Toward Uniformity Over Diversity Thesis

… Learning Environment of Schools at Present Are Heavily Biased Toward Uniformity Over Diversity

Over the last 50 years, the overall style of teaching has remained the same. Where, the approach has been to teach in the same universal standards for everyone. This is despite the fact that over 50 years ago several leading educational scholars disputed the model of using a one size fits all approach to teach. Instead, these leading thinkers advocated an approach of allowing each person to learn according to their own individual learning style. An example of this can been with Nathaniel Cantor who said, "The public elementary, high schools, and colleges, generally project what they consider to be the proper way of learning which is uniform for all students." (Guild,…. [read more]

learning development professional education Essay

… Online modules were shown to measurably improve various outcomes including the provision of additional time and supporting others in the school community (Herrington, Herrington, Hoban & Reid, 2009). Facilitating factors in how well the technologies and applicable learning ranged from specific elements of the school culture, such as how supportive the environment or administration is towards new learning and the integration of technologies into various educational scenarios. The impact of teachers' professional learning specifically linked to technology includes student outcomes and "more meaningful learning experiences," (Herrington, Herrington, Hoban & Reid, 2009, p. 200). Students participating in the study exhibited greater control in their own education and more active parts played in learning. Therefore, typical responses are positive, both in terms of teacher professional development and…. [read more]

Education Term Paper

… Conclusion

NCLB educational policy came into effective in 2002 with the aim of enhancing educational levels in the context of district schools receiving low funding from states and local entities. NCLB educational policy should focus on integration of new qualification standards for teachers, concentrate on the improvement of schools, as well as include higher-thinking and problem-solving skills. These recommendations will enhance the ability of the federal and states governments in improving educational levels across the United States.


Tavakolian, H., & Howell, N. (2012). The Impact of No Child Left Behind Act. Franklin

Business & Law Journal, (1), 70-77.

Daly, B.P., Burke, R., Hare, I., Mills, C., Owens, C., Moore, E., & Weist, M.D. (2006).

Enhancing No Child Left Behind -- School Mental Health Connections.…. [read more]

Observational Journal About Teachers Journal

… Obseravtion Journal

Observational Journal

Observation Journal

Educators play a unique role in reaching out to a large demographic of individuals. This is because the techniques that are utilized will create a foundation which will enhance the student's learning comprehension. In Social Studies, this is important in preparing them for the challenges they will face in the real world and ensuring they understand key concepts to make an informed decision. However, most teachers will often present the material in a way that is very boring. This makes it difficult for them to connect with students and to see how these ideas are useful in the future. In this journal assignment, there is a focus on the best techniques and the ways they can improve learning comprehension.…. [read more]

Education for Economy Theory Term Paper

… An anticipatory focus on adult education in fact saves governments capital by decreasing societal healthcare, public assistance, and incarceration expenses. Adult education also advances and enlarges the countries' accessible pool of human capital by aiding motivated but under educated people attains profitable employment in today's more and more high-tech and international job market, and at a far lower price per student when contrasted to either K-12 or higher education. As a consequence, adult education and career training is potentially one of the most cost-effective tools the country has to recover its economic health in the aftermath of the current economic downturn (McLendon, Jones & Rosin, n.d.)

Adult education and training programs conventionally receive less than ten percent of the amount of federal, state, and local…. [read more]

Education Goals Term Paper

… Education Goals

Mission Statements

First Statement

As a result of my teaching, my students will become life-long learners, and use the learning skills I teach them in higher education and in their professional lives.

Second Statement

As a result of my teaching, my students will approach every classroom they enter thereafter with joy, not with dread.

Third Statement

As a result of my teaching, my students will become more effective problem-solvers and not accept opinions as knowledge without questioning and testing what they are told.

Fourth Statement

As a result of my teaching, my students will become more creative in their ability to think outside of the box, and view issues from many different perspectives.

Fifth Statement (subject of following paper)

As a result of…. [read more]

Higher Education Accreditation Literature Review

… Higher Education Accreditation

There are many things that affect accreditation and higher education in general. One of those things is the political climate. While most people may not associate politics with higher education, the funding that is offered to educational institutions of any level is generally affected by who is in office, to which political party they belong, and how that party has traditionally prioritized issues such as higher education (Dar & Spence, 2011). Not all of the issues surrounding higher education are divided down party lines, however. One of the most significant questions recently asked regarding this issue was how (and whether) partisanship actually affects policy priorities and expenditures in the U.S. (Dar & Spence, 2011). Education should not be a partisan issue, because…. [read more]

Learning to Read and Write Term Paper

… This would represent a skill of "active note-taking," where the student knew why he was reading selected material and was able to pull out the information he needed without missing important facts. This study included details about instructional method, which included a period of modeling for the students, a period of teacher-led instruction, followed by independent work. The research demonstrates that for instruction in specific critical reading skills to develop, students will benefit from direct instruction. It should not be assumed that students can just be told what to do and then do it independently in a successful way. While their study did not extend the process to writing, it is a given that students cannot write well about information they did not comprehend well.…. [read more]

Learning? What Role Does Behavior Essay

… The older individuals, were at one time, taking unfamiliar information and using previous knowledge. However, the younger individuals, due to technology, have now developed new schemas. They are now applying unfamiliar information in new and innovative ways. As a result, their overall learning has been altered for the better. They are more competitive in regards to early cognitive development because they are evolving new and unique schema. Through the use assimilation, individuals are aiding there overall cognitive development. Because this is occurring at an early age, individuals have more opportunity to learn even more schema that can directly be applied to a profession or a trade throughout their life. More important, these individuals can learn skills that will be important in the coming wave of…. [read more]

Education I Support Essay

… However, with labor mobility being national, this becomes a federal issue -- if states want a certain type of worker, they are better off sourcing that type nationally anyway. The problem is that the federal vision of education is heading in the direction of mass standardization. If states were left to manage their own education systems, there might be better diversity of education in the country, and states with more enlightened systems will see better economic outcomes and will attract smarter parents who reject lesser philosophies of education. The downside of leaving education to the states is that this is relatively inefficient, and creates disparities of opportunity. Those most affected by this -- children -- have no choice in where they will receive their schooling.…. [read more]

Learning That Is Imparted Term Paper

… Instructing English in a work-based environment may increase chances of professional growth. The participants of work-based learning programs get a whole new world of resources accessible by learning a language that has noteworthy professional importance. Rosen (1999) reported ESL as being the most taught language surpassing Spanish in all centers of Berlitz in the U.S. English for reading purposes, English for communication within organizations, and English for developing basic writing skills by the secretaries and lower administrative staff will also increase in the industry called English for occupational purposes (EOP). Actionbased (Cunningham, Dawes & Bennett, 2004)and project based (Wrigley, 1998) have become two important methodologies for ESL in work-based environments. Their acceptance from the employers is more as compared to other class room-based methods.

2.1.3-…. [read more]

Experiential Learning in Online Environments Research Paper

… Experiential Learning in Online Environments

Technological innovations have introduced a number of online learning opportunities in recent years, and educators continue to search for better ways of delivering high quality educational services in online environments. Although online environments provide a number of advantages for both students and teachers, there are also some constraints involved in their use, particularly with regards to experiential learning activities. Most young learners today are computer-literate and many prefer to learn by doing rather than watching or listening, making the need for authentic experiential online learning activities more important than ever. To determine how experiential learning opportunities can be incorporated into an online environment, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature followed by a summary of the research in…. [read more]

Instructional Practices for High Level Essay

… The benefits for students with disabilities in a standards-based, inclusive curriculum include: a) increased social interaction; b) new friendships; and c) "social competence" (Copeland, 214). The benefits for students that do not have disabilities include: a) "improved self-esteem"; b) development of personal principles such as "morals and ethics"; c) "decreased fear of differences and disabilities"; and d) a lessening of bias towards others who are disabled in a learning milieu (Copeland, 215).

Copeland explains that students with "extensive support needs" have problems when they try to use skills that they learned in one classroom or environment in another totally different environment (216). That attempt to transfer knowledge is problematic for many students, the authors report, and as a result the challenge of specific areas of…. [read more]

Education Resiliency Journal

… Resilience

Promoting Educational Resilience: Conceptual Frameworks, Institutional Advantages, and Personal Development

A confluence of social, economic, and political issues continues to sharpen the focus of public and policy attention on educational, systems and institutions and the role they play in shaping individual and community opportunities. While the creation of an educational system that provides for the adequate and ample growth and development of learners throughout their schooling is of course desired, the current system is far from reaching this state and many students face significant disadvantages that have been empirically demonstrated to cause a reduction in academic progress and success. Because of this, the phenomenon know as "resilience" has become the subject of much attention and inspection as researchers and practitioners in the educational arena…. [read more]

Learning: Cognitive Theory Term Paper

… ¶ … Learning: Cognitive

Cognitive Theory of Learning

The cognitive theory of learning states that memory and prior knowledge play active roles in learning, which requires that researcher look beyond different types of behavior to learning that is based in the brain. If memory promotes learning, both long-term and short-term memory will be important and significant to theorists, researchers, and educators focused on cognitive theory where education and learning are concerned.

The major principles associated with this theory involve memory and prior knowledge (experience). What a person experiences, and what he or she remembers about those experiences, shape how that person lives and what he or she learns during his or her time in an educational setting. Instructors must learn how to use this in…. [read more]

Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship Term Paper

… "Research is clear that adult intelligence is reliant upon how well the brain has been shaped by experiences through life. These experiences, which are gained in a variety of ways by adults, must be stored in the memory areas of the brain and made available for recall when the need arises" (Wilson, 2006). So much of a person's life experience is the result of education, and if that educational experience is a negative one, which fails to acknowledge and validate personal differences in learning styles and philosophies, then the adult will equate learning with something negative.

Generally, I intend to take a pragmatic approach to education and use hands-on learning methods to help students incorporate and develop knowledge. However, that approach will borrow heavily from…. [read more]

Education Reform a Paradigm Shift Research Paper

… Kozol (1991) quotes the former U.S. Commissioner of Education as saying;

"A caste society violates the style of American democracy…the nation in effect does not have a truly public school system in a large part of its communities: it has permitted what is in effect a private school system to develop under public auspices…Equality of educational opportunity throughout the nation continues today to be more a myth than a reality" (97/98).

This statement seems very harsh, and it was stated almost 50 years ago now. Kozol saw this as an indication that even people at the highest reaches did not believe in the reality of education reform, no matter what they wanted in reality.

People are well-meaning, for the most part, but they are also…. [read more]

American Education Current State Term Paper

… Furthermore, the College Board stated that even amongst the college seniors, only about 45% were capable of meeting the college standards, denoting that several college students are to take remedial studies in order to attain the required academic standards (David, 2008).

Insufficient preparedness poses threats on the five fronts of national security: physical safety, economic competitiveness and growth, intellectual property, U.S. unity and cohesion, and the U.S. global awareness (Matt, 2010). Many young individuals are unemployable within the highly increasing skilled and the global economy while several remain unqualified for joining the military due to their physical unfitness, criminal records, or inadequate education levels. For instance, cynics of the American education system elicit that only fifty three percent of the American adults knows the duration…. [read more]

Learning and Development Solutions Essay

… The main advantage of such resources is that they are easily available, durable, and are presented in hard copy hence not easily prone to vulnerabilities. Print materials have few disadvantages. For instance, they are bulky in nature and hence cannot be transported or made mobile during the time of learning. Nonetheless, they are the most reliable learning sources at the learning environment. These materials should be chosen according to their availability, reliability, and validity.


Realia refers to live sources of learning. These are the learning sources, which are readily available from the environment. In most cases, such sources of learning materials are used while conducting practical learning. Live materials act as learning resources. This could be while doing presentation learning in sensible aspects of…. [read more]

Sustainable Further Education FE Teacher Education Training in the UK Term Paper

… ¶ … Education

Teaching the Teachers

Teaching primary and secondary school children is one of the most challenging careers that there is. One of the most significant challenges of the profession is that for the classroom teacher who spends her or his days surrounded by children or adolescents, the job can be supremely isolating. The classroom teacher, inspired each day to do the best that she can for her students, can sometimes feel that she is struggling all on her own, having to reinvent every pedagogical wheel on her own.

This feeling of isolation is likely to be exacerbated by at least two factors. The first of these is the fact that the profession of education, like all human endeavors, is subject to fads and…. [read more]

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