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Leaves Some Questions Unanswered. For Example Term Paper

… ¶ … leaves some questions unanswered. For example the issue of elasticity was raised. Now, for power demand I wonder to what degree such elasticity, especially in the short-term, truly exists. I view Verve as being in a relatively inelastic industry, particularly in light of the lack of ready substitutes, so the regulatory constraints on their earnings are likely a bigger factor in limiting revenues. The company's annual report has been cited declaring that short and medium term issues to profitability remain, and I am curious as to your take as to what these are. The alleged reluctance to use fossil fuels is given the same weighting in the discussion as the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, for example, which seems unlikely to reflect reality.

Response…. [read more]

Leaf Storm Term Paper

… Thus, this old military man has been portrayed as being an originally the doctor's sponsor and host, dare the town's anger while at the same time forces his family members to assist him to perform the burial, that later ended where no one remembered the anger except from a few town officials. So the burial took place without incident (Fefferman, 1995).

Basically, the story Leaf storm is mainly the symbol for the arrival and departure of a banana company and its associates of migrants comprising the sudden appearance that alter the village of Macondo into a flourishing center, and their sudden disappearance a few years later made the town to a hot, dusty forgetfulness village (Wood, 1972).

However, the concept and idea of the author…. [read more]

American Government Question One (Interest Groups) Term Paper

… American Government

QUESTION ONE (Interest Groups): There are a number of political experts and observers who believe interest groups - or, according to Democracy Under Pressure (Cummings, 224-241), also called the "power elite" - in reality are the forces that make public policy at the federal level. And so, with this system entrenched, it will not be easy to change the way power is wielded in American government dynamics. Cummings writes (225) that "...lobbyists for interest groups are able to exert influence by means of campaign contributions and fund raising" (229), how healthy is that for the average consumer who just wants fairness and honesty in government? it's unhealthy, and difficult to change.

What changes could be made to reduce interest groups' influence? First of…. [read more]

Scientific Knowledge There Lies Question Research Paper

… Biology is an area that has proved science knowledge because the bigger portion of our knowledge bases on investigations and observations of the environment around us. A good example is the knowledge that living things have organs. This proves through dissecting different organisms and identifying the different organs.

This brings about the issue of generalization through reasoning. This is true because it shows at any moment in time. The biologists are able to do experiments and confirm why the leaves on an oak tree grow bigger next to the stem. They will use a random field study to confirm their allegations. However, despite the different methods of experimenting, they cannot confirm the best. Again, weakness reflects when the scientist cannot collect enough evidence. Personal bias…. [read more]

Akutagawa Uses Perspectivism Essay

… Her innocence appears to be her greatest asset; she is able to manipulate others by her looks, "….But the moment I gazed at her face in the dark grove, I decided not to leave there without killing him..." (6) Her appearance even fooled other who did not know who she really was, in the film, the bandit claims that "woman use their tears to fool everyone" and in addition to this, it appears the woodcutter's testimony supported Tajomaru's claim that she lured the men into sword fights, which is her other hidden trait.

The film

Kurosawa's film significantly alters Akutagaw's original texts in characterization. In the film Kurosawa has some characters role expanded. First, the Priest, who is represents a religious point-of-view. He believes that…. [read more]

Science and Religion Seek Term Paper

… There is the fear that religious leaders are not able to answer questions unlike scientists who through research, they are able to get answers. This leaves reasoning through religion questioned. The religion bases its faith from the past leaders teaching them who God is and what he likes. Science on the other hand is learnt from philosophers who spend most of their time researching on different fields in order to get their answers.


Religion and science are two different lines of studies contributing to a lifestyle. However, they have similarities that have contributed in doubting of the religious beliefs. Science being the study of the world around us has worked hard to proof the non-existence of the supernatural being. Unfortunately, they have only succeeded…. [read more]

Wrongful Conviction of James Henry Essay

… The officials played significant part in keeping Henry James' hope alive having worked tirelessly for his release since 2005. His 30-year quandary and suffering at the state prison was no easy affair despite appearing to be full of life upon release. He narrated to the curious and inquisitive journalists about his ordeal at the prison for a crime he did not commit (Fisher 2011).

The incarceration must have subjected him to physical and mental torture having spent almost half of his entire life away from family, friends, relative, and acquaintances. Life was clearly tough in prison as there were no good meals, proper sanitation, and general hygiene of inmates. Henry James must have seen one of the worst pages of his life after having braved…. [read more]

Fiction "The Fall Essay

… Only two now- weak faculties stand amid the narrator and a collapse into utter despair, the capacity to reason and the capacity to be amused. Even prior to the appearance of the birds, the narrator attempted without triumph to recuperate from the loss of his love Lonere. To resist the implausible terrors rising in him, the narrator first fabricates and then repeats to himself reassuring descriptions concerning what is happening, he believes that the tapping is only some visitor or the wind and nothing more, "T is the wind and nothing more" (Line 30). Despite the fact that his distress is devastating, the narrator tries to distract himself from misery through laughing at the ridiculous bird.

In both works, he is able to depict the…. [read more]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Essay


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is a federal U.S. statute dealing with health care. This act was passed by the Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law constitutes the principal health care reform legislative action of the 111th United States Congress (""). Public Law 111-148 was the first installment of this body of legislation and signed into law by President Barack Obama on 3/23/2010

("Public law 111 -- 148," 2010) This was amended by Public Law 111-152 when it was signed by the President on 3/30/2010 ("Public law 111 -- 152," 2010).

This complicated new body of legislation leaves many questions unanswered in terms of its impact upon physicians and specialists. However, there…. [read more]

Rhythm, Dynamics, Melody, Harmony and Texture Essay

… ¶ … rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony and texture, and timbre into a composition to add interest and character. Remember to discuss what each of these elements does.

There are many elements to music, and composers of music must necessarily familiarize themselves with those elements in order to craft rich works full of interest and character. The driving force behind any composition is, of course, its pulse -- or rhythm. Rhythm is "the earliest and most basic of the building materials or elements of music," according to Jean Ferris (p. 11) and is the arrangement of time in music. Just like poets will use beats, or rhythmic patterns of speech, to write poetry, musicians use musical beats, rests, meter and tempo to infuse their works with…. [read more]

Fargo Diversity Within and Outside Research Paper

… Likewise credit is distributed intentionally across population and industry classes in the attempt to diversify risk. Since past credit delinquency is a major indicator underlying both FICO and Wells' eligibility criteria (Annual Report 136), if FICO ratings lower than 600 and the Wells appraisal indicate risk too high for retail lenders, or conversely if retail lenders would have to charge rates prohibited by law or too high for borrowers to pay in order to justify lending, the result is that the borrower is prevented from obtaining credit by their own historical payment performance and not by demographics of race, ethnicity, sex or age. While these social determinants may demonstrably affect past payment performance, delinquency could occur even at high wealth. Ultimately the bank does not…. [read more]

Three Major Scientific Theories Explaining the Origins of the Universe Research Proposal

… Origins

Discussion of three major scientific theories explaining the origins of the universe


Three major scientific theories on the origins of the universe

The question of the origins of the universe has concerned humanity for centuries. Understanding the origins of the universe also implies an understanding of creation and leads to insight into humanities place in the universe. Therefore, the various theories discussed in this paper can be seen are prime examples of this need to understand the origins of our universe. The central scientific theory on this subject, known as the Big Bang theory, will be compared to two modern theories that have become popular alternatives to the Big Bang theory.

The analysis of these theories is intended to illustrate…. [read more]

Babel Like the People in the Old Term Paper

… Babel

Like the people in the Old Testament, who tried to reach God's home by building up a tower, today people of different countries and continents are trying to build up a bridge to rich for the perfect order by means of globalization. One of the many definitions of the concept explains that globalization is "the generalized expansion of international economic activity which includes increased international trade, growth of international investment (foreign investment) and international migration, and increased creation of technology among countries. Globalization is the increasing world-wide integration of markets for goods, services, labor, and capital." (

Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, director and Guillermo Arriga, writer of Babel, the film released in 2006, used the theme of globalization to present four different groups from four…. [read more]

Popularized Social and Cultural Trends Thesis

… But even this assumption has given way to other kinds of considerations as new forms of affordable, interactive technologies are finding favor across socio-economic, gender, racial and other classes (Morrissey and Manning, 2000). The fact is that access to new forms of learning is being seen by students and teachers alike as a very desirable way to learn more than what schools have to offer. (See

A related problem is connected to the cost factors for governments as they struggle to pay for American and other national educational directives and systems. Continuing and/or nonstop learning through programs in communities is expensive. It requires large amounts of time and money as well as psychic energy, and these resources are becoming difficult for individuals and governments…. [read more]

Rise of the Novel: Studies Term Paper

… While he proves his point exhaustively throughout the book, he still leaves questions unanswered. Many other critics have agreed and disagreed with his thoughts, and his book still serves as one of the definitive texts on the modern novel.

I do agree with his statement that these early 18th century novelists "constitute a literary movement whose members had a good deal in common" (Watt 299). Indeed, their novels were different, exciting, and even perplexing to their readers. They talked about some themes that may not have been fully explored in literature before. They also tended to develop their characters and plot more than earlier fiction. They were more representative of society of the time, and so readers could identify with them more closely. I also…. [read more]

Grand Canyon Was Formed Lab Report

… One of the more interesting topics that lends itself to more research is the Great Unconformity, shown at stop 6c. The Great Unconformity is a fascinating topic because it represents a time from which no rocks are preserved. The scientific community does not know if no rocks were formed during this period, or if they were formed but then eroded away. The fact that this unconformity which spans almost a billion years is found nearly everywhere across the globe makes the geological mystery that much more fascinating (Treiman n.pag.)

To sum up, not all evidence encountered during the field trip supports the overflow mechanism, nor does it explain all the geomorphic processes that were discussed. For example, superimposition provides a better explanation for transverse drainage…. [read more]

Teaching Today: An Introduction to Education Term Paper

… Teaching Today: An Introduction to Education

On the question of teaching there are various factors that enable the teachers to perform in a manner that will perform the best education for the children. Parts of these characteristic requirements have changed with time, but others remain constant and depend mainly on the relationship between the teachers, students and the society as a whole. All these matters have to be judged when the question of teaching has to be discussed. Here some of the important factors have been considered, but these are not necessarily all that can be said about teaching.

Are Universities not interested in producing enough teachers?

The headlines on the front page of a large circulating newspaper in North California had brought this question…. [read more]

Breast Cancer Treatment Introduction

… , 2003; Li, Malone, & Daling, 2003). Once remedy for prevention of cancer was mentioned earlier, i.e. annual mammography screening. But when should a woman start the cycle of annual mammography screening. According to the extensive research work, annual screening should start at the age of 40 to reduce fatality rates (American Cancer Society, 2006b).

Work of HBM was concerned with different aspects of mammography screening. The first step was to identify the reasons behind women's attitude towards cancer screening. Therefore, a sample of women was selected to fill a questionnaire. The sample represented groups of women in favor of screening and women who oppose this. Results were concluded using relationships between different variables of HBM. Along with this, multivariable regression models were used to…. [read more]

Linguistics Syntax Minimalist Theory Term Paper

… EPP and "There" construction in English

The question of how humans develop language capabilities has been a question that researchers have grappled with for many years. The question has divided theorist into two ideologically different camps of thought. The first hold that feature movement in sentences is controlled by separate morphological processes. The second holds that the processes are unified and that the "wiring" is already in place when an infant is born. This concept is led by Noam Chomsky and developed into first the EPP and secondly into the Minimalist approach to the EPP. This study addresses many research gaps that can be found in literature on this subject. This study proposes the direction that research into this topic should take to address these…. [read more]

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Term Paper

… Many cases filed based on the Americans with Disabilities lawsuit stem from unlawful termination of employment. Another example includes the firing of an employee with mild mental retardation. In this case, the principles of the ADA still apply.

This case was filed in Greensboro, on behalf of Bobbie Bobst, a 46-year-old employee of the Dollar General's Granite Quarry Store in China Grove, Tennessee. Bobst was hired in April 2000 to stock shelves and to clean and mop the floor of the store. Bobst worked with the Dollar General for a few months, during which time she earned praise from her store manager for her work ethic. The mentally-retarded woman worked 12 hours a week, at a salary of $66 per week ("Dollar General Settles EEOC…. [read more]

Evolution of Color Vision in Vertebrates Term Paper

… Color Vision

Evolution of Color Vision in Vertebrates

Color Vision is one of the most striking and somewhat mysterious developments in the evolutionary progress of vertebrates. While most of us take it for granted and probably view it as a rather straight forward developmental step in evolution, it is anything but a liner step-by-step progression. The development of the eye itself does seem to have been a basic progressive evolutionary move forward. Probably starting out as a light sensitive pigment spot on smaller organisms and then proceeded to become differentiated into more light sensitive cells which gradually coated the inside of a slowly forming eyeball to finally become what we now know as the retina. The early retina was probably at first sensitive to movement…. [read more]

Crucible Dramatic Tension Term Paper

… The town of Salem is immediately seen as one concerned about witchcraft. This is made clear by the way that Reverend Parris believes that his daughter might have been engaging in witchcraft in the forest. The fact that she is the reverend's daughters makes his concerns especially significant and suggests that this may be a town that is out of control. This creates dramatic tension because it makes the reader wonder about what is going on in Salem. This is then enhanced when Abigail refers to the rumors of witchcraft that are sweeping through the town. This is seen again when Mrs. Putman says that some people in the town have reported that they have seen Betty flying. In saying this, it seems to the…. [read more]

NYPD Shootings & Legal Gun Purchases Research Paper

… The insights from this capstone thesis are beneficial to the criminal justice field with regards to the need for establishment of restrictive gun laws across states. This would help in preventing the legal purchases of guns in one state that would otherwise be illegal in other states. The legal purchases of guns in states with less restrictive gun laws increases the risk of fatal shootings in states with more restrictive gun laws like New York.

Part II -- Thesis

Thesis Statement

The legal purchases of guns in states with less restrictive gun laws increases the risk of fatal shootings in states with more restrictive gun laws like New York.

Literature Review

Prevalence Gun…. [read more]

Chalmer's Argument the Problem Term Paper

… Once doing so, rather than attempting to deny it or explain it away by endeavoring to reduce it to physical substances, we can then endeavor to formulate some explanatory thesis. Psychophysical principles can be employed in forging a connection between the tangible and intangible link and the result will be a theory that may justifiably be called naturalistic dualism' since it asserts and recognizes existence of both a materialistic and an immaterialist substance. Such a theory will have more in common with physics than with biology, and Chalmers believes that we can proceed to attempt to develop one.

Whilst I find Chalmer's thesis intriguing, I consider his suggestion to commit the fallacy of ad absurdum or that of petito princippii where we are mainly going…. [read more]

IV Aspirin for Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients Research Proposal

… ¶ … Aspirin for Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients


Organization of the Study



Aspirin (ASA) has been known to influence the bleeding time of individuals who take aspirin and it this is presumably due to the inhibition of prostaglandis biosynthesis and the resultant platelet secretion time. All observations in man indicate that long-term ingestion of aspirin is associated with impaired platelet function and prolongation of the bleeding time. Patients with inadequate platelet inhibition by aspirin, which is commonly referred to as aspirin resistance, may have an increased risk of suffering cardiovascular events. Because of this, identification of these patients with aspirin resistance by measuring platelet function is of great interest. This…. [read more]

Mentioned in Details Thesis

… Team Leadership

Art and Astronomy

In contemporary life, the values embodied in art are often seen as existing in opposition to science. This sense of opposition seems even harsher when pairing the values of science and religion. Yet "The Adoration of the Magi," a religious fresco by Giotto that depicts the Nativity of Jesus and his adoration by the Three Kings from afar openly embraces naturalism and the importance of astronomy in spiritual life. Unlike astronomers who view the cosmos as impersonal and indifferent to the human condition, for Giotto, as was characteristic of his era, the importance of the natural world and its ability to influence or reflect the human world takes the forefront.

Giotto's "Adoration of the Magi" is located in the Scrovegni…. [read more]

Red Line Terrence Malick's the Thin Term Paper

… ¶ … Red Line

Terrence Malick's the Thin Red Line has been hailed as a masterpiece by critics around the world. By using the analytical skills I have learned, watching the movie becomes a real enjoyment. This paper will examine the film and its diverse elements, from its non-traditional use of narrative and voice over to its reliance on natural lighting, acting, editing, and camera shots to convey a realistic war time environment coupled with a spiritual aesthetic.

A recurring motif in the Thin Red Line is the use of light pouring (or filtering) through the holes of a leaf or the wooded canopy overhead. The symbolic imagery is used to evoke a sense of the otherworldly when one of the soldiers in the film…. [read more]

Risk Management and Analysis Process and Policy Before Technology Research Proposal

… ¶ … released by the FBI and the Computer Security Institute (CSI), over 70% of all attacks on sensitive data and resources reported by organizations occurred from within the organization itself. Implementing an internal security policy appears to be just as important as an external strategy. The objective of this report is to highlight the necessity of internal processes and policy alongside technology when managing and mitigating risk. The author narrates the problems of security from the unseen forces in an individual that influence thought, behavior and personality. Once organizations truly understand the psychology behind the motivations of software engineers and developers, risk analysis and risk management strategies will become more efficient. The research contained in this report establishes that there is some connection between…. [read more]

Science and Religion There Is Great Distance Term Paper

… Science and Religion

There is great distance between the concepts imposed by science and those brought by religion. In many aspects they contradict each other or differ in the answers given to historical questions that man has tried to answer from the beginning of history.

The establishment of scientific debate started in the middle ages (McGrath, 1998) when the western world came in contact with translations of Greco-Arabic texts of scientific nature. The medieval Western world rediscovered Greek philosophy and ancient theories about the universe and life that gave their beliefs a new direction. It was also in that middle age period that the great universities of Europe were established and the natural science began to develop significantly. As the great faculties developed Theology and…. [read more]

Detention, Suspension, and Expulsion: Effect Term Paper

… In the first study, students who were chronically referred throughout their middle school career were identified {n = 18). In addition to establishing that each student had a problem of long duration, a measure of the density of the behavior problem was taken (Tobin, 1996) (i.e., the highest number of referrals received in a single term). Two contrasting groups were formed to develop hypotheses about which events in the first term of Grade 6 predicted continued discipline problems. The second study was a comparison of discipline patterns for violent behaviors (e.g., fighting, vandalism, harassment) and nonviolent behaviors (e.g., disruption, skipping class, insubordination) for students with serious discipline problems (n = 36) from three middle schools. The use of school discipline referral patterns is discussed as…. [read more]

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