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Professional Development Plan the Design Essay

… ¶ … Professional Development Plan

The design of professional development should be a result of a district's professional development planning process. It is best done as part of a comprehensive district plan in which the planning process includes, at a minimum, a collection of needs assessment data, i.e. student and teaching staff needs; root cause identification; proposed activities; identification of resources; and proposed evaluation of the impact of planned activities/approaches. Hence, this professional development planning process is dynamic, reflecting teaching staff and student performance benchmarks of increasing rigor as skill levels are attained. Enhanced teaching and learning is the foundation upon which individuals and districts should plan the content of all professional development.

Mindset, Learning Environment & Differentiation


Create a warm and inviting environment…. [read more]

Lesson Plan for Professional Development Essay

… This generation is about displaying their life online -- Facebook, Twitter, etc. They do not necessarily think it is necessary to write a thank you card, be on time, or even make plans in advance. Still, they amass information at a phenomenal rate, they are able to mini-task, but rarely desire depth, and yet are the most tolerant of individual differences (gender, race, sexuality) of any generation so far.

Finally, possibly the most I learned from this exercise was in handling the ways we as instructors might creatively, without sounding preachy, introduce the value of older people to our students; and to help them understand more of a chronology of life; what these people went through, many still who went through 2 wars, civil strife,…. [read more]

Lesson Plan in Response Essay

… As adults, it is expected that learners will be able to take at least a measure of their own responsibility for learning.


In conclusion, the benefits of the lesson are expected on multiple levels. First, professional personnel at the Samaritan Center will gain the information and knowledge they requested. Second, personnel will be stimulated to critically evaluate themselves and each other, which is a process that can be transferred to their daily professional practice as well. Finally, personnel will be stimulated and encouraged to conduct independent research and take responsibility for their own future development and learning.


Bair, T.B. (2013, Sep. 23). Learning Needs Assessment.

Bourke, M.P. And Ihrke, B.A. (2009). The Evaluation Process: An Overview. Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty,…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan Term Paper

… Professional Development Plan

A teacher's professional development plan creates a framework for setting and achieving short- and long-range goals. The purpose of this paper is to set some goals and develop some strategies to meet them. The goals encompass professional goals that I have set for myself as well as goals that will need to be met as conditions of my employment as a teacher. An important component of goal-setting is the process. I hope to illustrate this component by not merely setting forth a list of goals but demonstrating a thoughtful approach to the planning and implementation necessary to achieve them. As noted, some goals will be set by me while others will be mandated by the district or the state. It is important…. [read more]

Negotiation Stories: Lessons Learned Professional Writing

… Negotiation Stories: Lessons Learned

Negotiation is the framework upon which business and politics are able to function effectively (Tohm, 2001). There are three primary facets of negotiation which exist in the context of factors such as scale, culture, and relative significance of the market. Those facets, interests, priorities, and strategy are constant irrespective of the specific negotiation underway. When negotiations function effectively governments and corporations are able to merge and affect change smoothly without undue disruption to business or the lives of those people directly affected by such changes. When negotiations fail though, it is to the inevitable detriment of all parties involved.

There are four primary types of negotiation that is in the context of the end goal of the strategy (Tohm, 2001). Deal…. [read more]

Project Management Project Objectives as Well as Key Deliverables and Outcomes by Each Process Group Professional Writing

… ¶ … curriculum into an online course, ADDIE must be integrated into the online curriculum. The ADDIE model is five different methods used in conjunction with an instructional unit to teach. It is comprised of analysis, evaluation, design, development, and implementation.

Initiating Process Group:

Project objectives are as follows:

Oversee the development of an online course from an existing paper curriculum.

Scope: The range of people will be a programmer for the coding needed and tech support, the instructor who will teach the class, the students who will take the course, and the overseer who will manage things.

Planning Process Group:

Core planning processes:

Create a scope plan managing the deliverables like schedule development, cost budgeting, and resource planning

Devise the budget and gather the…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan Research Paper

… Professional Development Plan

One of the modern influences in teaching is the idea of differentiation. Differentiation refers to the teaching to the individual child and is responsive teaching that responds to learner's needs (Sousa & Tomlinson, 2011). Many different educational approaches promise differentiation, but effective differentiation requires teachers to incorporate three approaches in their teaching styles. The first approach is to use structured content, which requires a quality curriculum and meaningful assessment. The second approach is to be mindful of their individual students, which requires establishing relationships with each of the individual students. The third and final approach is for teachers to look at which elements in their classroom allow them freedom to tailor their content to their students, which requires classroom management skills (Sousa…. [read more]

Physical Education Lesson Plan Term Paper

… Divide the students into specific groups where they can discuss and make decisions about reaching their goal.

Each member of each team is given a scooter and then they are randomly scattered against the gym walls; the garbage cans and other such equipment is also scattered throughout the gym.

The overall challenge is for team members to scramble using their scooter, while collecting equipment (one at a time) and place the equipment in the garbage can which is labeled with the color of their jersey. All members must collect equipment, one piece at a time, while using their scooter and place the equipment in the garbage can which is marked with their colored jersey. When there is no more equipment left on the gym floor,…. [read more]

Staff Development Plan Essay

… The best professional development activity also includes inter-learning institutions corporation strategy with the aim of developing human resource within the higher education sector. Inter-Institutions Corporation will facilitate learning and gaining experience by small institutions. Inexperienced institution can learn how to develop, design and deliver professional development programs. Developing a network among the institutions in the nation will facilitate developing and drafting strategies for faculty staff development and even direct exchanging of staffs between members of the network. It also facilitates joint participation in workshops and meetings training.

Support staffs are necessary in achieving the mission and goals of higher learning institutions. Support staff compliments the work of the faculty staff in delivering the mission and purpose for existence of a learning institution. Proper motivation of…. [read more]

Futpro Business Plan Business Plan

… Newsletter and Leaflets: Fut Pro-Soccer also reaches the potential customers by sending them newsletters and leaflets.

Social Media: Social media is also used as an effective means of communicating with the existing and potential customers. The company profiles on face book and twitter are used for providing the customers with updates about the events and achievements of the company. Moreover, the videos of players and testimonials are also uploaded in YouTube to create a positive brand image and position the company as a differentiated football coaching entity.

Press Releases: Fut Pro-is also using press releases to provide information to the existing and potential customers about the achievements of their schools and coaching style. Along with that, the news about the achievements of the company also…. [read more]

Child Care Facility Business Plan Business Plan

… Child Care Facility Business Plan

Location and Regulations to be Met

As the contemporaneous society evolves and develops, the needs of children and parents increase exponentially. A most relevant example in this sense is the emergence of more and more specialized and well equipped day care centers. Just like any other businesses, opening a day care center has to follow certain specifications, which can in the end generate significant profits.

The new day care center would handle a total of 84 children, out of which 12 are toddlers and 72 are preschoolers; no infants will be accepted. It will function in the New York City, a highly modern city and with increasing needs for day care centers. New York has a population of over 8,274…. [read more]

Marketing Plan the Potential Audiences Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

The potential audiences for the Firenze include all smartphone and tablet users in North America and Brazil, specifically those who need to have a tablet device capable of supporting content creation and consumption. Apple has found that the iPad is used over 60% of the time for content consumption, or reading, video viewing and photography (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). The Firenze is designed to appeal to this very large potential audience of customers through its build-to-order strategy (Franke, Schreier, 2010). Apple has not been able to attain this level of manufacturing agility even in their laptops and low-end systems (Garfinkel, 2009). Figure 1, Global Smartphone and Tablet PC Demographics shows the distribution of audience by demographic segment.

Figure 1: Global Smartphone and Tablet…. [read more]

Lesson Plan Ecd Lesson Plan: Progressive Preschool Term Paper

… Lesson Plan

ECD Lesson Plan: Progressive Preschool Education

Developmental Level

The rate of a child's development is impacted as much by its environmental surroundings as by its individual capabilities. With the right lesson plan and support structure, it is possible to facilitate the proper dual education and socialization in a preschool child, thus encouraging the appropriate development of physical, emotional and cognitive abilities. It is largely up to the teacher to create a suitable setting for the realization of these faculties. The preschool setting can be a key role-player in shaping the early capabilities of children toward all manner of learning. By offering children the first of such settings, which demands the refinement of social instincts, promotes the composition of problem-solving skills and demands participation…. [read more]

Professional Development' Is an Extensive Term Paper

… This is because, teachers, learning atmosphere, and students frequently change for many reasons, and contributing changes in learning of students to a certain experience of staff development is almost unfeasible. Any one of the studies is significant in itself, but the total, like a mosaic, presents a wider picture and more persuasive proof than separate pieces. When we found a joint proof of influence, we could dispute not only that our work ended in a coherent set of changes, but we also were able to find reasons for negative results, helping us adjust the staff development program. An essential step is to increase an assessment structure. This needs recognition of vital features of the staff development model and the hypothetical links between these features and…. [read more]

Principles and Role of the Professional Nurse Essay

… ¶ … Professional Nurse

I see a bright and challenging future for myself based on the roles outlined and examined in this course. Personally, I would like to work on developing my capabilities as a therapeutic person in the patient's life -- something which can definitely manifest itself in a variety of ways. However, I believe that once I internalize and make a concrete habit of some of these tactics, they will come as second nature to me, and I will engage in these healing and helpful actions without thinking about them. For example, "Success of therapeutic relationships relies on nurse consistency in demonstrating deep respect, listening intently, and affirming client thoughts, concerns, and needs throughout all phases. As the relationship unfolds, client dependence on…. [read more]

Orderly-Restrictive Learning Environments Fairmont Academy Term Paper

… Orderly-Restrictive Learning Environments

Fairmont Academy is a school whose learning environment is noted to be fairly differentiated. The 10th grade classroom environment where has often been described to lack autonomy to the learners with a general lack of support for student development as independent thinkers. The classroom environment has often been described by student and teachers to elicit a feeling of a constant struggle for control; the power struggle brings an uneasy feeling among the participants in the classroom environment .This in the end makes academic work extremely difficult. Tomlinson, Brimijoin and Narvaez (2008,p.15) noted that in an Orderly-restrictive learning environments, there is a high structure which supports the smooth learning of the classroom but with very little flexibility and extremely narrow range of classroom…. [read more]

Differentiating Instruction Professional Development Thesis

… ¶ … Professional Development

The objective of this work is to describe the importance of the superintendent understanding the 'big picture' of how professional development can improve the school organization. This work will answer the questions of how the superintendent could go about beginning the process of differentiated instruction in the school district and will develop a comprehensive plan for differentiation of instruction. This work will define the role of the public, teachers, administrators and/or others in developing the planning process.


Differentiated instruction is defined as "an approach that enables teacher to plan strategically to meet the needs of every student. It is rooted in the belief that there is variability among any group of learners and that teachers should adjust…. [read more]

Lesson for Children With Learning Research Paper

… I will ensure regular use of attention seekers, such as mentioning the student name in a question, in the material covered (Muir, 2013). Additionally, keeping proximity to the student, incorporating discussions and class participation from all students, which will help motivate the dyscalculia student and give him courage. Additionally, I will note the alternation of physical and mental activities during the lesson and regulate the length of the assignments and lessons. Lastly, employing student tutoring from peers will also accommodate the needs of this student.


In view of this lesson plan, the activities will engage all students inclusively, as the act governing education in classrooms dictates; that learning in the classroom should not favor given students and discriminate others. The grade level expectation, which…. [read more]

Diabetes Care in the Elderly Essay

… These include obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, memory problems, vision and hearing problems, poor global functioning (Munshi, Medha N., Maguchi, Megumi, and Segal, 2012), renal insufficiency or failure, peripheral neuropathy, gastroparesis, skin conditions, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, and recurrent infections (Dybicz, Thompson, Molotsky, and Stuart, 2011). This is in addition to the symptoms commonly associated with poor glycemic control. Students will then be required to assign the level of burden for comorbid conditions based on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Hierarchical Condition Category model. The students will be expected to take notes and study the material presented on their own. All students will be tested for their knowledge about this topic at the end of the course.

Day 3 -- Diabetes Screening Tool Laboratory…. [read more]

Lesson Plan - Nurses Term Paper

… 14, Issue 4, pp. 503 -- 508

Sharma, S.; Sastri, O.; Ahluwalia, P.K.; (2010) Design of instructional objectives of undergraduate solid state physics course: A first step to physics education research, AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1263, Issue 1, pp. 171 -- 174

Tschannen, D. & Kalisch, B.J.; (2009) The impact of nurse/physician collaboration on patient length of stay, Journal of Nursing Management, Vol. 17, Issue 7, pp. 796 -- 803

Wittmann-Price, R.A. & Fasolka, B.J.; (2010) Objectives and outcomes: The fundamental difference, Nursing Education Perspectives, Vol. 31, Issue 4, pp. 233 -- 236

The collaboration teaching strategy makes a lot of sense to me. I have always believed that each individual can add some bit of knowledge to the group-based either on experience, education or…. [read more]

Business Plan for a New or Fledgling Business Venture Business Plan

… ¶ … Business Organisation

Marketing Plan

Production Plan

Management & Labour Plan

Financial Plans

Projected Income Statement

Cash Flow Forecast

Projected Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Equity

Key Targets

Business Plan for Day Care Centre for Dogs

Purpose of the Plan

To provide a ten-year operating plan for a day care centre for dogs focusing on:

Teaching them etiquette skills, caring for them, and entertaining them whilst their owners are at work or otherwise occupied.

Teaching them special skills at their owner's volition

Diversifying into other domestic pet branches (such as cats and birds)

Providing a safe temporary haven for dogs during the day, and providing a long-term haven for dogs whilst their owners are on holiday or, for other reasons are unable to care…. [read more]

Agrees That Ethics Research Paper

… This principle is particularly problematic in today's society as evidenced by the debate over health insurance that is presently plaguing the country.

IV. Ethical Theories

Each of these principles is important and should be honored as much as possible. Unfortunately in the real world there are situations where one principle may have to be compromised in order to real the best result. For example, there may be a situation where the principle of justice might need to be sacrificed for the sake of beneficence or vice versa. This is to be expected in the health care arena as difficult decisions are often presented. In this regard, as a practicing Roman Catholic I can expect such circumstances to appear often. My responsibility is to establish a…. [read more]

Adolescent Growth and Development Term Paper

… Adolescent Growth and Development

Huebner, Angela. (2000, Mar). Adolescent Growth and Development. 350-850.

Angela Huebner's article "Adolescent Growth and Development" provides a basic overview of the physical and psychological challenges presented by puberty for the adolescent and for individuals in charge of teaching and mentoring the adolescent, like teachers and parents. Huebner provides important reminders that some of the frustrating aspects of adolescence (from the point-of-view of an adult) like an increased demand for sleep, clumsiness, and moodiness have their roots in physical causes, and are normal, not the result of laziness or deliberate defiance on the part of the teen. However, the author does also warn of abnormal development that can occur as the result of the inner turmoil caused by adolescent biological changes,…. [read more]

Professional Journals Resources. Burger King Essay

… Q6. The case mentions that Burger King prefers to enter countries with large numbers of youth and shopping centers. Why do you think these conditions would be advantageous?

Fast food tends to be a commodity which people purchase out of convenience. Going to a shopping mall, people often want a quick, fast, and familiar bite, and a fast food restaurant like Burger King serves that need. Young people tend to be the most enthusiastic consumers of fast food. Fast food is often associated with youthful product tie-ins like films and cartoons. Young people often use shopping malls and fast food restaurants as places where they can socialize and work. The food is often sweet, salty, and fatty, and thus suitable to a teenager's palate, particularly…. [read more]

Sustainable Tourism Development Essay

… These strategic files are (Ministry of Regional Advancement and Tourist, 2012):

1. Approach for the production and advertising of the nationwide tourist brand name;

2. The nationwide advancement technique for spa and wellness tourist;

3. The nationwide ecotourism advancement approach;

4. The beach tourist advancement method;

5. The strategic and functional tourist advertising strategy for 2011-2015;

6. The strategic and functional tourist advertising strategy for Bucharest, 2011-2015 (Jaliu, 2012).

This is very inclusive information; where does the point c) get answered within it? Please make accordingly.

Task 1E -- Explain the importance of public private partnerships and the advantages and disadvantages, detailing any conflict that can occur:

The concern with public and private partnership is one of the burning issues in the public administration of…. [read more]

Personal Strategic Leadership Plan Essay

… That process will also include instruction delivered from HR personnel to the supervisors and managers who will be responsible for this training. Specifically, they will be advised of the need for confidentiality and of the need to communicate criticisms in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and the emotions of their assignees. The training will emphasize positive encouragement such as in connection with the high quality of employees' work in other respects.

The plan calls for supervisors and managers to review the previous communications efforts of their assignees and then to go over problem areas identified with the help of HR personnel. It is anticipated that the employees will be advised of the specific problems encountered in their communications and trained to recognize…. [read more]

and Analysis of a Particular Approach or Example of Community Development in Practice Case Study

… Community Development in Practice

The term 'community involvement' has actually just recently pertained to play a main role in the discourse of rural development specialists and policy makers. At the exact same time, individuals' analyses of the term and objections of other individuals' analyses have actually increased, and the purposes and outcomes of much involvement in practice have actually been questioned or even knocked (Booth, 2005; Cornwall, 2004). Community involvement as a method has actually become a "buzzword" and at its base has actually become a foundation for each developing job in establishing nations. According to Fung (2002), involvement is the energetic participation of the community, especially the disadvantaged teams such as ladies, kids, senior, handicapped and the poorest of the inadequate, in the choices…. [read more]

Human Resource Development Essay

… Human Resource Development

Human resources development

Management Development at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the United States and the preferred one stop store of all American citizens. The company was founded in 1962 in Arkansas by Sam Walton, an inspiring man who envisioned a store with an increased selection of products, retailed at affordable prices (Website of the Wal-Mart Stores, 2011).

The success of Wal-Mart was pegged to the attention to details and the ability to serve customer needs, and this was attained with the aid of a skilled and motivated workforce. Gradually however, the emphasis of Walton's successors shifted from customer satisfaction and employee motivation to the creation and preservation of the lowest possible price. This represented the primary competitive strength and…. [read more]

Strategic Plan for Sony Corporation Term Paper

… Strategic Plan for Sony

Sony Corporation is at a crossroads in its evolution today. Having grown the core electronics business to nearly 70% of revenues globally, the company has attained profitability in their core business. It is however facing steep losses in its gaming and financial services business units, and has seen the motion pictures business unit have higher profits due to cost reductions. What is needed is a business plan that embraces the innate ability of Sony to innovate while at the same time forcing consolidation and convergence in key market areas, thereby giving Sony first-mover advantage in core electronics markets. This business plan proposes that Sony seek to become a market consolidator in emerging consumer electronics, digital imaging, and gaming markets. By acting…. [read more]

Leadership Development Plan Research Paper

… Subsequent mentorship programs shall be planned in advance to ensure that funding to the program does not compromise the time delivery of the workshop. As a mentor I have appreciated in order to impact more practical learning to nurses a furtherance of their study through the seminar and workshops should not be ignored. An outside class setting in these workshops and seminars will also go a long way to increase confidence and bring out the students practice concerns.

Organization Planning: Time management

Objective is to reduce wastages and overcrowded work schedules thus easing pressures associated with provision of required health service. By seeing to it that objective is attained, nurses will competently undertake their duties in patient care, and provide medical staff with the support…. [read more]

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