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Life in Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues Term Paper

… All at once the crossroads of the Native American reservation offer a point of meeting between Native American and African-American history and a point of divergence between Native American and white American influence.

That the novel presents the crossroads of Wellpinit as a potentially hopeful point in space that offer a chance at redemption instead of damnation is important, because for the most part, life on the reservation is neither hopeful nor redemptive. The space of the reservation is a space where "death, alcohol, poverty, book-burning, and child abuse find their place," and everyday life is not conducive to hope or the possibility of change due to the centuries-long legacy of colonialism (Meredith 446; Evans 52). This too serves as both a…. [read more]

Blue Nile Porter's Five Forces Essay

… Blue Nile simply needs to become much larger and much better if it wants to survive in the long run.

5. Blue Nile has a couple of strengths from which it derives competitive advantage. The first of these is the company's brand, but a more important strength is Blue Nile's supply chain structure, as this allows it to be cost competitive even with larger firms. The main weakness of Blue Nile is that the company is relatively small, and a large segment of the jewelry market either has not conceived of purchasing online or still does not trust it: Blue Nile's reach is still too small to make its own case.

There are significant threats to Blue Nile. Most of these come from competitors, but…. [read more]

Blue Terrance" by Terrance Hayes Essay

… Hughes' poem is not a personal lyric. As Hughes' poem unfolds, it gradually becomes unclear whether the old blues-player is a man Hughes is observing or Hughes himself. The man sings of his loneliness, despite the presumed presence of the poet, taking note of the man's actions: "In a deep song voice with a melancholy tone / I heard that Negro sing, that old piano moan-- / "Ain't got nobody in this entire world, / Ain't got nobody but ma self. / I's gwine to quit ma frownin' / And put ma troubles on the shelf." There is a paradox suggested in this song -- all African-Americans share the blues, given that Hughes seems to understand what the man is feeling, without really interacting with…. [read more]

Sherman Alexie's Book, the Lone Essay

… "

"The Trial of Thomas Builds-the-Fire"

In this story, Thomas Builds-the-Fire is on trial. A man in a BIA suit explains Thomas's "history," which is described as "a storytelling fetish accompanied by an extreme need to tell the truth. Dangerous" (93). However, we soon learn, this storytelling fetish has been silenced for two decades. Apparently, the strength of these stories is so powerful their mere existence is enough to cause worry. Thomas Builds-the-Fire may have been silent, but the stories remained alive within him.

His recent rumblings have begun to cause alarm, however, for "recently Thomas had begun to make small noises, form syllables that contained more emotion and meaning than entire sentences constructed by the BIA" (94). A single syllable spoken by Thomas Builds-the-Fire…. [read more]

Blue Ridge Folklore or Folklife Which Effectively Reaction Paper

… ¶ … Blue Ridge" folklore or folklife which effectively communicates both the example and its significance to your reader/audience.

Jack tales and their effect on people in Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge region is known for its remarkable background and for the fact that it has hosted a great deal of cultures performing diverse customs. In spite of the fact that industrialization has had a strong effect on the area, it manages to keep most of its beauty and its vestiges. Ted Olson's "Blue Ridge" provides a complex example regarding the territory's history and instances in the lives of whites and Natives that lived in the area. The fact that these people were actively engaged in developing folklore made it possible for the region to…. [read more]

Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna Essay

… Besides commercial consumption, these fishes were hunted extensively as a sport. Its quick dart and speed challenged numerous people and this became a popular sport among fishing enthusiasts in the United States, Canada, Spain and Italy. The dwindling numbers of Atlantic Blue Fin tuna finally put an end to this sport, though some environmental groups believe that this sport continues illegally.

In a study conducted by the Tuna Research and Conservation Center (TRCC), many of the blue fin tunas were electronically tagged to track their numbers. Based on these efforts, it was found that the eastern and western species mingle with each other and the larger western tunas are caught on the eastern side of the Atlantic when they are adults. Similarly, the eastern fishes…. [read more]

Blue Collar vs. White Essay

… Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison and fined $170 billion for operating a Ponzi scheme (Messe). Others have received very harsh sentences, though not in league with that or Madoff.

Blue collar crimes though can come with a sentence that deprives the perpetrators of their life. Sentencing, as stated above, can be as small as carrying a sign to demonstrate your problem (Doring) or receiving a small fine all the way to the death penalty. Of course, the seriousness of the crime is the considered paramount to providing a sentence. Usually it is some amount of jail time or a fine.


The two types of crime are very different, so they are treated differently. White collar criminals receive different sentences and…. [read more]

Life Case Study

… Life Span Case Study Project: An Analysis of How Computers Have Affected the Lives of Three Different Age Groups

This life span case study project interviewed three individuals from the following age ranges, representing a mother, father and child in the same family who all live together:

Interviewee No. 1: "Mary," age range middle and late childhood (age 12 years);

Interviewee No. 2: "Anne," age range early adulthood (age 35 years); and,

Interviewee No. 3: "Bill," age range middle adulthood (age 54 years).

All three interviewees were located by word-of-mouth requests to family members, neighbors and friends for suitable subjects until three individuals of appropriate age ranges were identified who agreed to participate in the study. The family containing an appropriate mix of ages was…. [read more]

Lives Mystery, Magic, Death Life Essay

… Nevertheless, these people do not merely have an existential condition limited to doing something but are alive and happy as the story progresses, although hardship is at the corner of any street or crowded neighborhood. Therefore, conforming to the rules of New Orleans doesn't always mean one is safe and sound from whatever news heard on the radio or seen on TV. The nines had their share of New Orleans' mischief that consequently affected their lives one way or another but it is hard to say exactly to what extend. The reason for that is that they alone took these experiences as contributing factors to a New Orleans' way of life they all knew and understood too well.

To frame the bigger picture of the…. [read more]

Fighting the Self in Sherman Alexie's "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Essay

… They'd been expecting me back since the day I left for Seattle" (Alexie). However, because the narrator left to go to college and seemed to be heading on a path to success (he was a notable basketball player in his youth), there is also a sense of a letdown, even amongst the most cynical members of the tribe. "I was special, a former college student, a smart kid. I was one of those Indians who was supposed to make it, to rise above the rest of the reservation like a fucking eagle or something. I was the new kind of warrior" (Alexie). But the narrator does not even apply for a job upon returning to the reservation and instead simply, aimlessly, shoots baskets although he…. [read more]

Sherman Alexie's Poetry Research Paper

… Sherman Alexie: The Poetry of the Native American Experience

Sherman Alexie is the most famous Native American writer writing in English today. His style is characterized by an irreverence that masks a much more serious intention. Of Alexie's work, it has been said: "A reader enters the land of MTV and renascent AIM: a cartoon Pocahontas meets Beavis and Butt-head at the forest's edge, Sitting Bull takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger at Wounded Knee '73. The Last Real Indian has a few last words" (Lincoln, "Futuristic hip"). Alexie's work is deliberately designed to undercut stereotypes of Native Americans. His fierce intelligence and modernity belies the concept that Indians are somehow primitive; his fluid use of contemporary references makes a bold claim that Indians are anything but…. [read more]

Sherman's March From Atlanta to the Sea Term Paper

… Sherman's March From Atlanta To The Sea

War of extermination

In September, 1864, when Atlanta fell into the hands of the Union's General William T. Sherman, the march to the coast, especially the last five miles of that march, would prove the most difficult faced by Sherman's Union forces during their 300-mile long march through the south. "Sherman's march," or the "march to the sea," which has become historically synonymous with a 300-mile path of death and mindless destruction inflicted upon the Confederate Army, southern civilians, and refugee-slaves by the advancing Union Army under the direction of General Sherman; was in fact not just a strategic victory, but a psychological victory for the Union Army, and served as a turning point in the American Civil…. [read more]

Origins of Blues Music Essay

… "American black music is self-evidently deeply political in the important sense of having clear and perceived connections with the oppressed position of black people in American society. This is particularly true of the blues…" (Oakley, The Devil's Music, 7) The Blues is also an expression of the connection to the African culture from which enslaved Africans were denied from practicing in the U.S. The blues is also an expression of the connection to Christianity that enslaved Africans made, partly as a coping mechanism to for being slaves. This are some of the main sources, but this is not to say that there are not other influences, such as individual personality, local culture and specific geography. (Oakley, 1997)

Down home or country blues is usually acoustic.…. [read more]

Toni Morrison's Novel the Bluest Essay

… Morrison unpacks the metaphor throughout the book, and, through Claudia, finally explains it and broadens its scope to all African-Americans on the last page. I even think now that the land of the entire country was hostile to marigolds that year. Certain seeds it will not nurture, certain fruits it will not bear . The implication is that Pecola, like so many other African-Americans, never had a chance to grow and succeed because she lived in a society (soil) that was inherently racist, and would not nurture her. The other flower, the dandelion, is important as a metaphor because it represents Pecolas image of herself. In The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison tells the story of a little black girl who thinks that if she can…. [read more]

Bluest Eye Mary Jane -- the Commodity Term Paper

… Bluest Eye

Mary Jane -- the Commodity of Candy and Whiteness in Toni Morrison's the Bluest Eye

The story of the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, tells the tale of a Black young woman named Pecola Breedlove growing up in the 1940s in a segregated rural, Southern America. The narrative of the story takes place before the civil rights movement had its impact upon the lives of the majority of Black Americans. Morrison's Black men and women of the Bluest Eye live in a world where Blacks and Whites are almost wholly separate in their lives and the levels to which they can aspire to, economically and personally. Yet Blacks are still tyrannized, despite their exclusion from a common white mass culture, with media representations…. [read more]

Blue Nile, Inc Research Proposal

… Blue Nile Inc.

Strength of Competitive Forces

The technological advancements of the past years have paved the road to success for retailers who wish to operate with reduced costs and address global audiences. This means then that the number of online retailers has significantly increased, generating as such fierce competition and the need to diversify the product offering based on multiple criteria, including product quality, price or complementary services. The price issue is extremely complex mostly since the jewelers buy their diamonds and precious metals from similar sources, meaning as such that they incur similar costs - it is as such difficult to differentiate based on prices, but it must be achieved as, alongside with product quality, price is the strongest generator of competition. The…. [read more]

Blue Moon Essay

… In most of the cases, gender plays very little role in the prose, other than "Women Worth Watching" -- which tries to focus on success stories to inspire other women leaders.

Part 4 -- Elizabeth Elting has come a long way since 1992 when she attended New York University. In 2010 her company, TransPerfect, which she cofounded with Phil Shawe, has approximately 2,500 employees and over $340 million in revenue. TransPerfect is currently the global leader in privately owned language and technology solutions. Elting graduated with a BA in Modern Languages from Trinity College and received her MBA from New York University. Despite the cultural and economic difficulties female entrepreneurs face, she has been profiled in three books, one of which reached the New York…. [read more]

World War II Life on the Home Front Term Paper

… World War II -- Life on the Homefront

As World War II was beginning to emerge, the world was being reshaped. The war began in 1939 and ended in 1945 with more than fifty countries at war (PBS). All of these countries experienced a different outcome during and before the war. Life was especially life-changing in the United States and in Great Britain. With the home front being a different encounter for each respective country, the events witnessed and experienced would shape not only the lives of the people directly involved, but the future of each country was molded once again.

The United States tried as much as it could to stay out of the war. However, on December 7, 1941, all of that changed.…. [read more]

Life During the Depression Creative Writing

… Life During the Depression

Dearest Vinny,

My condolences to your family and have hope that things will be better. Trust me, have faith in the church and know in your heart of hearts that there is a light at the end of this crisis. The family here is doing pretty well given the circumstance. We are all trying to do the best with what we are given, which isn't much. Italy was hit very hard with the depression. Banks are shutting down and luckily we didn't trust the government enough to put our money there so no loss. However, we are going through the savings pretty fast for we have a number of mouths to feed. There are talks of a Fascist government and this…. [read more]

Life in a Bag Essay


A. Attention Getter: Google, Apple, Microsoft, GAP and Banana Republic among other companies all have at least one thing in common- they have an accounting department. Accounting is one of the most important parts of how a company's work.

B. Relevance to Audience: Accounting is a highly relevant and important part of a lot of companies and firms, and the skills that are also used in accounting is something that is highly applicable in day-to-day finances.

C. Credibility Statement: As a student of accounting classes, I have realizes the importance of how accounting fits into the bigger picture of companies and firms, as well as find the skills that I have acquired in class in the real world when I am shopping or paying…. [read more]

Life and Death Through the Eyes Reaction Paper

… Life and Death Through the Eyes of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson had a strange curiosity with life and death. Recognizing she had a preoccupation with death is only seeing part of the poet. Dickinson had an obsession with death but she also took that obsession to another level by anticipating strange aspects of death and dying. Her poetry spans a wide perspective when it comes to death but that is not all she wrote about in her lifetime. However, it is safe to assume that her thoughts and preoccupation with death forced to look at many things, such as the light of spring, with different perspective. "Because I Could Not Stop for Death," "I Heard a Fly Buzz in my Head," "I Like the Look…. [read more]

Lives of the Saints: Vittorio Essay

… His shunning from the village is never discussed within the home, but instead becomes an increasingly heavy weight on the silent tension that continues to grow within the home. Despite the loss of respect from the townspeople, Vittorio's grandfather continues to keep their beliefs and values on a pedestal and views them as a guidepost to consistently measure the family's actions against. During one altercation, he becomes enraged toward Cristina and screams, ". . . you behaved like a common whore . . . Do you think you're better than those people? They are my people, not you" (Ricci 149).

In viewing the context of the grandfather's diminished status in the community as well as his diminished status in his family, one can get a…. [read more]

Life and Death Explored in Emily Dickinson Thesis

… Life and Death Explored in Emily Dickinson's Poetry

Emily Dickinson is a woman that knew her own mind. In a world that is constantly changing, it is refreshing to look at a poet that lived over a century ago and see strength in character and self-confidence. Dickinson was also not afraid to express herself. Even with a Puritan upbringing, she managed to find her voice and use it to create poetry that is touching people today. One reason that her poetry succeeds is because she thought and wrote about aspects of life that are important to us. Dickinson wrote about the big mysteries in life and her poetry reveals her thoughts and opinions regarding everything from being single to being dead. Because she paints such…. [read more]

Superman and Me by Sherman Essay

… "

Each child was surrounded with books in their houses but books by themselves are nothing more than a material possession.

However, it was the content of the books and the culture within the homes that had an appreciation for them that was truly the source of value in these writers' childhoods. Eudora's mother read to her constantly as a child. "She'd read to me in the big bedroom in the mornings…She'd read to me in the diningroom on winter afternoons in front of the coal fire…at night when I'd got in my own bed…sometimes she read to me in the kitchen while she sat churning (Welty)." By contrast, Sherman didn't have the same direct contact with his parents as they read to him. Rather…. [read more]

General William T. Sherman's Role in Civil War Research Paper

… ¶ … William Sherman's Role in the Civil War

General William T. Sherman's Role in Civil War

In history there are those personalities that have such a lasting impact upon an event, that the persona of the person can become larger than life. One such example is General William Sherman, who would go from obscurity to become one of the most influential generals in American history. His most notable legacy was forged during the Civil War, where he would become known as a confident tactician that would do what was required to achieve victory. This desire to win at all costs made Sherman a general, who had a profound impact in taking the war to heart of the Confederacy. However, to fully understand the role…. [read more]

Tom Whitecloud Blue Winds Dancing Term Paper

… Blue Winds Dancing

Symbolic words, phrases, acts, objects and the characters in this story are part of the power that is generated in Whitecloud's narrative. His use of metaphor, too, which offers symbolism to the mind's eye, is part of what captures a reader's attention to detail. In the opening of the story, a "fall wind" blows in the author's heart - which indicates a foreshadowing for an upcoming change. Or it could be just change, per se, and as the story goes along, it is change that is represented. As the geese "wedge southward" the reader can see the "V" shape of their flight, and that too symbolizes change. The fall in Wisconsin means the end of summer, a change of seasons from warm…. [read more]

Blues Leadbelly Told Alan Lomax Essay

… This is not to say necessarily that the lyrics focus on this, but the sense got out from the songs is related to this. For example, in "Ain't Nobody's Business," the sense is that the person is reluctant to any outside opinion and somehow disappointed in his condition ("There ain't nothing I can do, or nothing I can say, Some folks will criticize me. So I'm gonna do just what I want to anyway, And don't care if you all despise me.") This can be interpreted as a revolt against the society he lives in. Similarly, in "Nobody Knows You When-You're Down And Out," the disappointment is with the closer society and the intimate relations. For instance, "Well, once I lived the life of a…. [read more]

Sonny's Blues Essay

… ¶ … Sonny's Blues:" Sonny's blues and Sonny's joy -- self-knowledge, jazz and the African-American experience in James Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues"

James Baldwin's short story "Sonny's Blues" evolves as a comparison between the characters of the narrator (a math teacher) and his brother Sonny (a former heroin addict and jazz musician). While on the surface it may seem as if the narrator is by far the more responsible of the two, the narrative reveals that he is just as incomplete as his brother. His brother has detached himself from conventional society in pursuit of jazz music. However, the narrator is not even capable of understanding blues music, which Baldwin suggests is an essential component of modern black identity. Through their reconciliation, both brothers are healed.…. [read more]

Sonny's Blues Revised Baldwin Essay

… Along with positivity, light has also been used by the writer, as the story also touches a religious theme, to depict a form of grace and salvation. The writer is trying to put forth the idea that to live in light means to live a morally correct life. "As light is a universal symbol in religion, it not only represents warmth and hope, but is also a symbol of grace and salvation" (An Analysis of the Theme of Suffering in "Sonny's Blues," 2011).

On the other hand, darkness is used to show the entire social as well as the personal problems that Sonny is confronted with during the course of the story. Darkness haunts the character throughout the story, for example during the time when…. [read more]

Racism in the Bluest Eye Term Paper

… Bluest Eye

Beauty, Racism, and Identity in Toni Morrison's the Bluest Eye: Constructing a Sense of Self

The nineteenth century was not a great time to be dark skinned and living in America. Slavery was legal in much of the country throughout the majority of the century, and as the institution of slavery became ever more threatened during the century's progress the treatment of slaves and even of free African-Americans grew ever more extreme and negative in many instances. While obviously a major social problem that negatively impacted a large population of individuals, the position of African-Americans during the nineteenth century necessarily caused some deep-seated personal dilemmas and problems as well.

The end of slavery that came as a result of the Union's victory in…. [read more]

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