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Lifespan Development Between the Events of Birth Thesis

… Lifespan Development

Between the events of birth and dying, a human being experiences a myriad of changes, often because of the results "of chance incidents and personal choices," but the "vast majority of life changes and stages. . . are due to our common biological and psychological heritage" as human beings which one shares with every other human being, both living and dead (2009, "Introduction to Life Span Development," Internet). This is commonly known as life span development or the phases and/or stages that humans proceed through, being birth, infancy, adolescence, adulthood, old age and lastly death. During these stages, all human beings also experience domains, such as biological, cognitive and psychosocial which often overlap one another, often referred to as biopsychosocial development (2009, "Introduction…. [read more]

Birth Order and Personality Alfred Adler -1937) Term Paper

… Birth Order and Personality

Alfred Adler (1870-1937), an Austrian psychiatrist, was one of the first theorists to suggest that birth order has an enormous affect on an individual's style of life, friendship, love, and work. But ever since Adler proposed that there are birth order personalities, other studies have been devised that prove additional factors may influence a child's attitude and adjustment as he or she grows to be an adult. These other strong factors are: parental attitudes; organ inferiority, illness, and disability; gender confusion; or social, economic and religious circumstances. Whether a child is born first, second, middle or youngest does have some effect on how they see themselves, barring any major problems in the above areas. There are some areas where birth order…. [read more]

Lifespan Essay

… He set high standards and expectations during his training and didn't except anything less then his best effort. As a result, he quickly found himself as a leader not only on a nationally ranked team, but also as a role model to the Gainesville community. Children aspiring to become collegiate athletes, parents of those aspiring children, and those who simply support gator athletics viewed him as a leader. He accepted this role by working hard on and off the track. Not only did he earn the Southeastern Conference all-academic award but, he also became an active volunteer in Goodwill Gators, a camp geared toward children stricken with cancer. While volunteering with Goodwill Gators, he noticed how physical fitness can alleviate many of the stressors of…. [read more]

Piaget's Theoretical Perspective on Human Development Term Paper

… The concept is inclusive of the perspective that various sets of objects are associative of each other. Hierarchical classification involves the ability of sorting objects into subclasses and classes on the basis of their differences and similarities among objects. According to Newman & Newman (2008), conservation is an understanding that even though there are changes in an object's appearance, it maintains its initial quantity. The redistribution of objects does not expressly affect the number, volume, or mass. For instance, children will understand that pouring a liquid in glasses of different shapes does not change the amount of liquid. De-centering involves the ability of a child to consider multiple components of the problem and alternative solutions. For instance, the child does not perceive exceptionally wide and…. [read more]

Mid Life Crisis Research Paper

… Midlife Crisis

A perspective on the Issue of Midlife Crisis

The concept of midlife crisis was first purposed by Elliott Jaques in 1965. Jaques introduced the idea in 1965 in a paper on the working patterns of creative geniuses. Examining the careers of a number of composers and artists, he found abrupt changes in style or declines in productivity around the age of 35. Gail Sheehy popularized the phrase 10 years later in her book Passages, giving Dr. Jaques credit in a footnote.

Jaques (1965) noted that in the course of a life time there are critical phases which "have the character of change points, or periods of rapid transition." One of these phases occurs in the mid-thirties and may run on for some years,…. [read more]

Human Development Capstone Project

… " In this manner, then, the social systems concept of feedback loop, is established. The individual recognizes his/her feelings of conflict as legitimate, internal feelings, and, simultaneously, receives messages from external sources, such as the larger social unit, as to what that social unit suggests the individual is.

Identity vs. Role Confusion

Anderson, Carter, and Lowe (2006) write that, during the industry vs. inferiority stage, the child learns the technology of the surrounding culture; the institutionalized ways to achieve an understanding of such technology is supported and supplied by the culture so that the culture can propagate. Interestingly, in our American society, the school is an institution charged with conveying such cultural technology to the child. So are churches, and peer groups. The school, though,…. [read more]

Psychology Social Development Term Paper

… Psychology

Social Development Across the Lifespan

Social development is very important to most people. Social development allows people to develop friendships, form intimate relationships, get married, have families, and form successful relationships with their families. Social development is something that begins in infancy and continues through to late adulthood, with changes occurring throughout each stage. Social development will now be traced through the following stages: infancy and toddlerhood, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood.

Social development in infancy and toddlerhood focuses on the relationship between the child and the parents. Even as a very young infant, children often fear strangers. This also relates to attachment, where infants and toddlers become attached to other family members and especially their parents.…. [read more]

Psychology Developmental Stages Using Freud Term Paper

… The research Hartson and Payne (2007) suggests that after crossing the age of one year the child enters in the second stage starting from one year up to three years. Liberaceand other children at this stage experience that the needs changed. As a result the learning of autonomy vs. shame and doubt is experienced by the child. The children are also likely to experience the command for fulfilling their own needs and desires. It is also noted that it is the early age where the child experiences the ability to take self-care and understand the meanings of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Middle Childhood:

The middle age of a child is relatively different from previous stages, so was the life of Liberace. The learning and development process…. [read more]

Child Hood Memories Thesis

… Childhood Memories

The interviewee chosen for this project grew up in a big family, where she was the third-eldest child out of four children. She has two sisters - one younger and one older - and an older brother. There are fifteen years between the age of the oldest child and the age of the youngest child. All of the children are natural children, born to the mother and father, and there was no adoption present. The family had both a mother and a father present in the home. The mother stayed home and took care of the children and the father worked to provide for the family. He also had some health problems, which stopped him from doing as much with his family as…. [read more]

Child Psychology Child Development Term Paper

… Child Psychology

Child development is a constantly changing psycho/social discipline with almost countless theories associated with it. The fundamental nature of children and how they develop to become either successful adults or unsuccessful adults to varying degrees is the essential question of the future and therefore the study of child development is a mass of information encompassing theories of all kinds regarding physical, cognitive, personality, moral, social-emotional, identity, and spiritual development of individuals at all points encompassing what we know as childhood. Additionally, this mass of ideas constitutes a collection of many structured theories about all kinds of development. This work will attempt to give an overview of the history of old and emerging child development theories in all their changing perspectives. This work will…. [read more]

Personal Portrait Creative Writing

… Personal Portrait

First, this is an interesting exercise and one that is sure to give a better understanding of self. My life has progressed much like many others for the most part, but there have been detours down which development past something was difficult. As happens with most lives, the path was not linear. However, I can see, after conducting some study on both theorists, that the ideas of both Erikson and Kohlberg have validity. The basic idea of both is that there are stages through which one must pass as they go through life. Although similarities do exist between different individuals, the way one becomes an individual (and not just another one of the cattle following the herd) is to progress at their own…. [read more]

Neuroscience and Human Development Research Paper

… In contrast, motor neurons transmit action potentials from the central nervous system toward the periphery (Seeley et al., 2005).

Neurons and their Electrical Activity

The nervous system is composed of millions of nerve cells called neurons. Neurons are the parenchyma of the nervous system which performs every function of the nervous system from simple sensory functions to complex thinking and analysis. Neurons, upon receipt of stimuli, transmit responsive signals to other neurons or to effector organs. Clark (2005) observes that the anatomy of a neuron is composed of four main parts; the cell body, the dendrites, the axon, and the nerve fibers. Given the importance of each of the neuron components, it is important to discuss how each work separately and in tandem to achieve…. [read more]

Diamond Marian Term Paper

… g., visual stimulation would be expected to lead to massive effects in the occipital lobes). An enriched environment with many different inputs would be expected to stimulate multiple areas in parallel (Diamond and Hobson, 1998-page 29). Diamond discusses the effects of a controlled experiment on rats with three conditions of environmental enrichment. The results support the notion that more environmental stimulation (input) leads to thicker cerebral cortices while impoverished environmental result in the opposite affect (Diamond and Hobson, 1998-page 30).

These findings do not rule out genetic contributions to this process, in fact the process itself is innately regulated by genetic influences (Diamond and Hobson, 1998-page 3). This process is so pervasive that enriching the environment of pregnant rats leads to thicker cerebral cortices in…. [read more]

Prenatal Care and Health Care Access Term Paper

… ¶ … prenatal care and health care access on infant death outcomes in five public health districts with the highest and lowest rates of infant deaths in georgia

Infant rate mortality in Georgia is extremely high and is an indicator of the overall poor status of health among women and children in this state. Between 1990 and 2000, it is reported that Georgia was among the states with the highest rate of infant deaths. In 1990 the infant morality rate in Georgia was at 12.4 deaths for each 1,000 live births and decreasing to 8.5 per 1,000 in 1998. The infant death rate among the white population is 6.1 per 1,000 while the African-American population was stated at a much greater rate of 13.5 per…. [read more]

Domestic Violence and Low Birth Weight Term Paper

… Domestic Violence in Pregnancy and Low Birth-Weight Infants

Implications for the Nurse in Care Delivery

Domestic Violence and Low Birth Weight Babies

The specific responsibility and one of the most vital factors is the critical assessment of the nurse, nurse practitioner and the treating physician of the pregnant women who is a victim of abuse. The pursuit of conducting a study or monitoring abuse of women cannot be a conclusive study if the nurse specifically does not critically monitor patients that the data applies to in terms of abuse such as socio-economic factors, educational attainment level, age, and other indicators not as readily evident. It is the nurse who assess the patient / expectant mother, and the nurse who will ultimately impact the lives of…. [read more]

Grandparent Caregivers Societal Antecedents as Predictors Dissertation

… Grandparent Caregivers

Societal Antecedents as Predictors of Resilience, Caregiving/Parenting Stress and Coping Strategies in Custodial and Non-Custodial Grandmothers of African-American or African Decent

The past three decades have seen a break from the traditional nuclear family roles. During this time, society has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of children being raised by their grandparents. Many grandparents assume the role of primary caregiver for their grandchildren and/or childcare provider because of the impact of numerous societal antecedents which cause the parent or parents to be absent from the home. These societal antecedents include child abandonment, and/or neglect, parental employment obligations, parental education endeavors, and parental military obligations. These represent the key reasons for grandparents assuming the care of grandchildren. This comes at a time…. [read more]

Rinpoche in the Tibetan Book Essay

… This life can and should be viewed as a means to hone the mind. The natural bardo is in the here and now, and the true nature of the mind is absolute stillness. A practice of "bringing the mind home," which Rinpoche discusses in Chapter 5, is crucial to making the most of this life and making the most of death.

Rinpoche's views on death are echoed by those of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of the classic On Death and Dying. In On Death and Dying, Ross discusses the fear of death that plagues modern Westerners. Although Kubler-Ross's four stages of grieving are different from Rinpoche's Tibetan bardos, both authors offer their readers spiritual and psychological tools they can use to embrace the reality of death…. [read more]

Cyberbullying the Effects Research Paper

… And knowing that the typical high school demographic is much more homogenous than that of a typical large university, High School students have much more to lose socially as a result of bullying .

And even while this study will be primarily aimed at the two aforementioned demographics, there is significant statistical data indicating that this trend is creeping its way into our younger generations as well. The figure below illustrates the ultimate effects of this practice on younger groups of children and teens:

This data is certainly striking and elucidates the mounting nature of this trend and its numerous harmful future potentialities.

Ultimately, cyberbullying is a growing problem that has already exhibited several tragic results. Though due to the newness of this forum for…. [read more]

Lifespan Developmental Psychology Term Paper

… Sexual Addiction results from an abuse of the natural sex drive that each person is born with. The abuse can start at any time in life and then progresses until it becomes a compulsion that the sexually addicted person cannot cope with. The sexual addiction eventually affects every part of the person's life, including self-respect, relationships with family and friends, and finances and career. It is a fix that the sexually addicted person will do just about anything to get, and usually hurt themselves in the process. Sexual addiction is a disease and nothing fun or romantic depicted in the movies is true.

For approximately 3-6% of the population (Gold, 1998, p. 367) the concept of sex brings forward feelings of dread, neglect, guilt, and…. [read more]

Neonatal Developmental to Memory Loss Term Paper

… Alzheimer's Disease

Currently, Alzheimer's disease represents the most common cause of dementia and affects almost 4 million people in the United States alone (Handy, Turnbull, Edwards & Lancaster, 1998). The number of people afflicted by Alzheimer's disease is projected to increase significantly by the mid-21st century, when almost 15 million people are expected to suffer from the condition (Handy et al., 1998). It is important to note that Alzheimer's disease is not an age-related condition per se; however, elderly are predisposed to the condition and it therefore affects predominantly elderly people (Handy et al., 1998).

Treating (and Preventing) Alzheimer's

A number of treatments for the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are available, but there is no cure or prevention currently available for the condition (Handy et…. [read more]

Carl Rogers' Theory of Personality Essay

… For example, in his book, The Psychology of Intelligence, Piaget writes:

Every structure is to be thought of as a particular form of equilibrium, more or less stable within its restricted field and losing its stability on reaching the limits of the field. But these structures, forming different levels, are to be regarded as succeeding one another according to a law of development, such that each one brings about a more inclusive and stable equilibrium for the processes that emerge from the preceding level. (2001, p. 7)

Like Erikson and Rogers, though, Piaget has been criticized for his views, primarily for the stage-development aspects. In this regard, Harlow and his colleagues add that, "Though Piaget's theory has been subject to a number of criticisms, those…. [read more]

Pogson and Tennant Thesis

… Pogson and Tennant

Which do you think most closely explains "you" as an adult learner?

I do not actually fit into any one of the specific theories that Pogson and Tennant have offered. The theory regarding practical intelligence is an interesting one, but yet I have many of the traits of this type of learner without being illiterate, as many of these learners are. The IQ model is probably the closest model to me as an adult learner. Since my IQ is above average, I feel that my intelligence is what best helps me learn. I do have difficulties with some areas of learning, but that is to be expected. Almost everyone has difficulties with something in their learning experience. Some people struggle with math,…. [read more]

Risk Management and Analysis Process and Policy Before Technology Research Proposal

… ¶ … released by the FBI and the Computer Security Institute (CSI), over 70% of all attacks on sensitive data and resources reported by organizations occurred from within the organization itself. Implementing an internal security policy appears to be just as important as an external strategy. The objective of this report is to highlight the necessity of internal processes and policy alongside technology when managing and mitigating risk. The author narrates the problems of security from the unseen forces in an individual that influence thought, behavior and personality. Once organizations truly understand the psychology behind the motivations of software engineers and developers, risk analysis and risk management strategies will become more efficient. The research contained in this report establishes that there is some connection between…. [read more]

Learning? What Role Does Behavior Essay

… The older individuals, were at one time, taking unfamiliar information and using previous knowledge. However, the younger individuals, due to technology, have now developed new schemas. They are now applying unfamiliar information in new and innovative ways. As a result, their overall learning has been altered for the better. They are more competitive in regards to early cognitive development because they are evolving new and unique schema. Through the use assimilation, individuals are aiding there overall cognitive development. Because this is occurring at an early age, individuals have more opportunity to learn even more schema that can directly be applied to a profession or a trade throughout their life. More important, these individuals can learn skills that will be important in the coming wave of…. [read more]

Maternity Nursing, Labor and Delivery Research Paper

… Cephalhematoma: this condition only happens to about 1 to 2% of live births; often the use of forceps or vacuum technologies can cause the baby's cranial bleeding; the most common place for the hemorrhage to occur is over the parietal bone and unilateral (Volpe).

Caput Succedaneum: This relates to the swelling of the scalp in a newborn child; it can be caused by pressure from the uterus or from the vaginal wall when the baby is being born headfirst down the birth canal; sometimes it occurs before labor and can be identified through ultrasound (Volpe).

Mongolian Spots: these are actually birthmarks, abnormalities of the skin that can be seen after a baby is born; Mongolian blue spots are not cancerous but they are skin markings…. [read more]

Aging Biological, Psychosocial, and Developmental Essay

… This perspective is continuous and recognizes the various developments that occur during specific age periods and is utilized in studies in many areas of science such as psychology and anthropology. Another attribute of this perspective is that it is contextual; an individual constantly acts and reacts to situations based on past events, biological makeup, physical environment and social and cultural events (Hernandez, 2008).

Three main developmental domains are recognized in this perspective (Boyd and Bee, 2006). The physical domain encompasses the bodily changes an individual experiences including transformations in height, weight, shape as well as puberty. Also included in this domain are an individual's perception of self and the world. The cognitive domain deals with events such as thinking, the process an individual goes through…. [read more]

Man Racism Isn't an Inborn Characteristic Term Paper

… ¶ … Man

Racism isn't an inborn characteristic of the human heart; it's something that's learned and reinforced over time. James Baldwin's "Going to Meet the Man," is a heart-rending short story that unpacks how one man devolved from a tolerant young boy to a cruel bigot. It is the purpose of the viewpoint essay to discuss how Baldwin's protagonist in the story, Jesse, learns to be a racist and the dire costs associated with this transformation.

Jesse as a young boy is a tolerant and curious boy. He has black friend named Otis. He likes Otis, they play together and Jesse looks up to Otis for information concerning the complexity of race relations between southern whites and blacks, "He had grown accustomed, for the…. [read more]

Breastfeeding and IQ Infants Term Paper

… Percentages don't always add up to 100% as some mothers gave more than one answer.

Baby rejected breast

Painful breasts / nipples

Insufficient milk

Too long / tiring

Mother was ill

Didn't like breastfeeding

Baby was ill

Domestic reasons

Baby couldn't be fed by others

Returned to work

Breastfed for as long as intended

Baby teething / biting *

Time was right to stop *

Base (


Even if we can assume that breastfeeding itself causes an increase in IQ (rather than simply being correlated with it) there remains the question of why breastfeeding should increase IQ. Current studies suggest that it is the chemistry of milk itself rather than the bonding that occurs during nursing:

As mentioned above, recent research places more value…. [read more]

Globalization Trends Research Paper

… Globalization Trends

Globalization means a manner in which there is a connection and spread of products, technologies and communication to all parts of the world. Sometimes, economically it may refer to the global distribution of goods and services especially when there is a reduction of hindrances such as export fee, tariffs and import quotas on the international market. Hence, it helps to bring up a country's economy through the principle of comparative advantage and increase in specialization. In other broader view, globalization may refer transnational circulation of language, ideas and culture Council & Intelligence, 2008()

Global trends over the years

Globalization Trend Analysis 2010-2015

As pertaining to demographic change across the world, the world's population will rise from 6.1 billion people as per the statistics…. [read more]

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