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Lighting Design Term Paper

… Lighting Design: Examination of Full-Spectrum Lighting Benefits

Studies exist which show that lighting in the office and workspace greatly affects workers whether in a positive or negative manner. This work examines the utility of a design of full spectrum lighting in the office and workspace and one that would includes a customized manual setting allowing users to choose the intensity of light at any time. Recessed lighting which is primarily found in the office environment tend to create a glare when the individual's eyes are focused on the computer monitor causing the eye to become overworked with sensations of burning and fatigue. It is extremely difficult for the eye to focus on a bright monitor and adjust to low intensity wall colors and recessed ceiling…. [read more]

Film Analysis From a Design Essay

… These elements combine to create the semblance of a real person. Without these layers of detail, the character, the story, and thus the film are unbelievable and no one will watch.

The mise-en-scene in this scene is brilliant, simple, and appropriate. The lighting is stark. Jake wears a simple white tee shirt and slacks. There is no furniture in the room and nothing on the walls. Because there is no window, it is uncertain as to where the impossibly bright shafts of light are coming from. The only things in the cell are the bed, the walls, and Jake. The mise-en-scene reflects what Jake possesses internally and externally: nothing. Therefore the mise-en-scene effectively harmonizes with the content of the scene and Scorcese's overall message about…. [read more]

Film Clip Analysis of Inglourious Film Review

… According to Lt. Aldo Raine, played by Brad Pitt, the basterds are an elite, covert group of soldiers that have been tasked with killing and scalping 100 Nazis each. Not only does Lt. Raine make killing Nazis a priority of their mission, but he also makes it into a game or sport.

In the scene named "Business is A-boomin'" (Inglourious Basterds, 2009;, 2009), Lt. Aldo Raine is interrogating a Nazi prisoner of war and trying to get the Nazi to divulge information about where the Nazi's are hiding in the area. The mise-en-scene of the sequence is established through the lighting, shot design, and costuming. The lighting in this scene is designed to resemble a dreary, rainy, and cloudy day. While it is not…. [read more]

Interior Design and Theories "Architects Term Paper

… Another design style had erupted during the era as a reaction to the Neo-Classical Style known as Picturesque, and it emphasized on formality, proportion, order and Exactitude.

Neo-Classic architecture and design identified with Western Heritage, Luxury, Eliteness and Sophistication that seeks not to replicate. An example of Neo-Classic architecture and design would be the Schermerhorn Symphony Centre. Other examples are the Newton Memorial, Bibliotheque Nationale, Metropol Church, Hotel Alexandre, all located in Paris and built by Etienne-Loius Boullee. The interior of the White House is has Neo-Classic setting. (Kulahcioglu)

Neoclassical architecture has a few characteristics in common despite the emphasis placed upon the uniqueness of each structure. It involves decisive detailing, careful proportions, skillful use of light sources, and balanced ornamentation amongst many others. Notable…. [read more]

Frank Lloyd Wright Design Theory Term Paper

… Kroll (2011) points out that "Similar to all of Wrights projects, every aspect of design and detail of the project was given particular attention by Wright." He designed the lighting and plumbing fixtures that were to go with the building, the style of windows, even, sometimes, the window treatments. He was not just interested in the outward look of the building and the inward space, he wanted the entire design, whether it be interior/exterior or structural, to flow as if it came from one palette.


Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant architect who took the designs offered at the end of the nineteenth century and expanded them. His influences may have been A mixture of Queen Anne and Sillsbee (Hurder, 2001), but he developed…. [read more]

Theatrical Stage Lighting and the Devices Used Throughout Theater History Term Paper

… Theatrical Lighting History

History and Discourse on Theatrical Lighting

Lighting has played an important part in stage productions throughout time. It began simply as the light of day from the sun and the diffusing effect of the clouds, which of course were often unpredictable, to the current computerized state of precise timing, intensity and hue. The human eye is often called the mirror of the soul and that which touches it touches the spirit directly. Lighting in its various forms has an intrinsic emotional quality that can affect the mind of the observer long before any words are spoken. As darkness connotes mystery, brightness relays a feeling of certitude in ones surroundings and so on through a myriad of effects from limelight to fireworks and…. [read more]

Airport Security Design Term Paper

… The section on the aircraft movement area should provide a description of any area that may be potentially used for landing, take-off and surface maneuvering of aircraft. This includes all intermediate unpaved sections of the airfield on the airport property. A map or diagram should be attached. This section should provide a description for perimeter barriers or access controls including: Fencing; Gates; Access control systems; AAF locks; and Key Control Systems. (Department of the Interior Aviation Facilities Security Procedures, 2006)

Airport Security Features

In addition, a necessary section of the Airport Security Plan is the section, which describes any airport/AAF Security Procedures including: (1) aircraft security requirements; (2) pedestrian/vehicle access; (3) challenge procedures; and (4) procedures for reporting suspicious behavior. (Department of the Interior Aviation…. [read more]

Emergency Lighting for Heavy Recovery Term Paper

… Heavy Recovery Vehicle Lighting

Emergency Lighting for Heavy Recovery

Generalizations about Heavy Recovery Lighting

How many people riding around in their cars at night give a thought to what happens if their lights go out? Moreover, how many night-time drivers think about what would happen if emergency vehicles -- tow trucks, for example -- could not depend upon proper, thorough lighting when on an assignment to pull that driver's car out of a ditch, should he or she lose control and leave the safety of the highway? Those thoughts and worries likely do not cross the minds of most people cruising along in the safety of their late-model, leather-seated Honda, or Toyota, or Cadillac. The world seems oh so very safe and secure, even at…. [read more]

Stage Lighting vs. Film Research Paper

… That is a huge difference right there, quite apart from color and lighting. For example Steve was in Brooklyn at the National Guard Armory at the time the first Spiderman was filmed. Of course as part of the production, electricity was needed for "catering, makeup, construction and painters," and that was before the "shooting crew" had arrived on the scene, or all the lighting technicians. Steve witnessed a 360 x 190ft "interior space with 4/0 feeder cable stacks, all about 3-4 ft high, filling the armory. That's a whole lot of feeder cable," he continued (Control Booth).

In film production, it should be remembered, lighting is "as you go," which means the electricians and gaffers consult with the Director of Photography as to "how a…. [read more]

Consequences of Artificial Lighting on Bats and Ecology Research Paper

… Artificial Lighting -- Impacts on Bats

When Thomas Edison introduced the incandescent light bulb in 1879, it was seen as an enormously helpful technology. Little did Edison know that by 2013 environmentalists, naturalists, and medical professionals would consider "…light pollution to be one of the fastest growing and most pervasive forms of environmental pollution" (Chepesiuk, 2009). Light pollution is known to affect flora and fauna, along with frogs (whose mating calls are inhibited when they are "…exposed to excessive light at night"), turtles, migratory birds and bats. Indeed, the "…feeding behavior of bats is altered by artificial light" (Chepesiuk, 24).

In this paper documented, empirical research reveals that bats are certainly affected by light pollution. Bats are found around the world in various habitats, and…. [read more]

Store Layout and Design Analysis Term Paper

… Store Layout and Design Analysis

Store Introduction:

recent visit to one of the newest IKEA U.S. locations in Portland Oregon, inspired this analysis. The brand itself is a European import that stresses high quality design forward house wares and furniture at low prices. The store specializes in design forward, customizable furnishings for the home and office that are in many ways self-contained, as is the European style of complete ownership of the entire contents of a home, including the kitchen. The store is also mindful of diminutive square footage plans and really caters to furnishing small spaces in a complete and entirely livable fashion. Each new area of the store, which can be admittedly kind of confusing, though signage is appropriate and everywhere, is a…. [read more]

Sustainable Design Is Evidence Essay

… Sarofim Research Building, Houston, TX

Designed to be low energy user

Low velocity ducts, low pressure drop cooling, heating coils

Daylight, motion sensor controlled lighting

The Spectrum

Be Prepared!

Use "stealth green" not pushy environmental rhetoric

Talk about the facts

Use "value" terms to show what it can do for client

Discover where client falls on spectrum and use their language

The Eco-Charrette

Vision and brainstorming session

Help client meet goals including energy thresholds

Start with LEED, which is good tool

Create Biophiliac Team

Biophilia = the human love for nature; a biological instinct that makes human beings love nature

Select strategy using evidence or create evidence for future

Get Outside

Team members inspired in nature, visit the area the building will be located

State…. [read more]

Occupational Health and Safety With Lighting Term Paper

… Occupational Health and Safety With Lighting

The objective of this work is to examine the use of lighting in managing some of the adverse effects of shift work and to discuss and demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate and use information on a relevant subject.

Shift work has been demonstrated in scientific research to negatively affect the health of workers and even been noted to be a factor in women developing breast cancer. Shift work is a factor in many cases of depression and other health complications and diseases as well. The eye of the human being is sensitive to light in a variation of ranges based upon the wavelength of the light. Light-measurement considers the sensitivity curve of the eye, or the 'photonic response…. [read more]

Crime Prevention, Design Most of the Crimes Term Paper

… Crime Prevention, Design

Most of the crimes one hears or reads about are violent in nature: In 2005, there was an estimated 1.3 million violent crimes in the United States (UCRP website). However, the number of property crimes is not something to ignore. For the same year, 10.2 million property crime thefts were reported. Although most of these crimes involve little financial loss -- the average amount stolen only $1,725 -- the emotional damage because of personal invasion and fear, especially by older individuals and the disabled, is considerable. In addition, only a low percentage of burglers are found. In the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCRP), property crime includes the offenses of burglary, arson and larceny and motor vehicle theft, with the main object of…. [read more]

Edr What Is Environmental Design Essay

… American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Voluntary standards for building accessibility (visually and physically handicapped)

National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code, 1976

Conclusion: EDR = Basic and applied (research + application in law)

3. Goals, Values, Orientations

EDR is Value Explicit = make a values check, admit that values are impacting research

Different from value-free, which assumes that research is conducted regardless of any values

Eg. Important to study crime slums, poverty, worker productivity because these things have value

Problem with diverse objectives of an institution eg. Prison (is a prison to rehabilitate or to punish? That will affect design….) or School (is a school for discipline and learning or social engagement? That will affect design)

Goals of Environmental Design Research = Improving Quality of…. [read more]

Facilities Design Essay

… The Toyota plants also vary in conspicuous features such as lighting and layout, giving different surface impressions. But something called a TPS (Toyota Production System) is also the unmistakable identity of all Toyota plants (Shimizu, 2004; pg. 230).

Inside the assembly plant TPS is embodied in both the physical realities and team members. In terms of physical realities, this relates to the way cars are carried, the way information is conveyed, the way parts are stored and fed, and the way machines are designed and function. Moreover, the latest additions to this landscape, such as the synchronized dolly and the raku-raku seat, are everywhere. In this regard, all the Toyota plants are extremely well standardized and there is a mechanism that assures they stay that…. [read more]

Organizational Design a Health Care Essay

… External factors

According to Walter Johnson (2011), the designs of other organizations affect other organizations and help improve the design of each particular organization and the design illustrates as to how quick an organization can respond to an external environment. These factors include:

Culture of the organization- National Institute of Health Report,(2001) agrees with the work of Leatt (2000) that each organization has its own distinctive culture even at different operating units of the organization. Strong cultures can have significant influence on organizational performance thus shaping what size the organization can become, decision making and processes.

Leaders have a responsibility of shaping the culture of their organization as it is significantly influenced by environment, individuals and organization wide factors. Legacy Home Health Care has the…. [read more]

Green Interior Design Just a Short Few Research Paper

… Green Interior Design

Just a short few years ago "green building," "green living" and "sustainable development" were ideas and concepts known almost exclusively to the environmental and conservation movement. And to perhaps a few progressive builders and custom designers. But today the green movement and sustainable living concept are the dominant themes across the board. This paper delves into the importance of using sustainable products and building strategies. The need to use sustainable products, to reduce the amount of energy used, and to employ sustainable building practices is pivotal to builders, to manufacturers, to the interior design community -- and to the health and safety of clients and the public.

Meanwhile, Dr. Louise Jones' essay in the book Environmentally Responsible Design reports that 78% of…. [read more]

Environmental Design Environmental and Interior Term Paper

… Hearing-impaired persons will appreciate a reduction of 'white noise' that further impairs their ability to listen (Kopec 2006: 174).

Geriatric populations

Even persons over the age of 80 can lead vibrant and active lives, and the environment must be orchestrated to allow them to accomplish daily tasks. Compensating, asking for help from others, restricting some activities and optimizing (planning the most effective way to perform the activity) are all ways for the elderly to cope with the challenges of aging (Kopec 2006: 175). Design improvements can better enable elderly persons to maintain an active lifestyle by compensating for age-related challenges, such as deterioration of balance (Kopec 2006: 176). Something as simple as an L-shaped kitchen that allows for greater maneuverability (given that elderly persons often…. [read more]

Classroom Design Environmental Design: Creating Term Paper

… For example, a twelve-year-old may have the physical growth and change of an adolescent but mentally still be in the concrete operational stage. This is normal because often one aspect of a child's being will mature faster than another. Most of the time, given the right nurturing and stimuli, everything will catch up in the end (Berger, 2008). These ages are just an average and should be looked at as a general guide rather than a rule.

Whatever impact educators have certain facts remain. When babies are in infancy, they are changing from being totally dependent on caregivers as they learn to walk and to talk and are realizing their individual selves. When children enter early childhood, they continue to improve their large and small…. [read more]

Store Design Term Paper

… Depending on the location of the store and time of day, a Starbucks store can be extremely busy. For this reason the mood at Starbucks stores can be quite hectic at times. The company attempts to mitigate this hectic mood by playing slow to medium paced instrumental music. The servers also attempt to calm the mood by being polite and patient with customers.

The design of a full sized Starbucks coffee shop is usually open, very clean and inviting. The smell of the coffee is enticing and the menu that is available to customers is extensive and contains several types of coffee. In recent years, Starbucks has tried to make the process of purchasing coffee more convenient with the advent of the Starbucks Card. With…. [read more]

Human Factors Design Term Paper

… Human Factors / Design

Construction design is a very important aspect of building. Buildings, especially in rapidly expanding urban areas, are primarily used by human beings. As such, their interior spaces need to be designed for human use and comfort. This can be viewed from a number of angles, including practical human comfort, and a more aesthetic angle that would lead to greater human performance and the perception of enjoyment. These design issues are particularly important in spaces that are used for prolonged periods of time by a fairly large amount of people. Specifically, spaces that need to be designed with human comfort in mind include movie theaters, classrooms and churches.

Movie theaters entail spaces where human beings would be seated for long periods of…. [read more]

Security at Workplaces Case Study

… The company should have a well designed procedure for destroying the unwanted records containing information that may pose new challenges if carelessly exposed. The firm should securely destroy or permanently de-identify information that is no longer needed for the allowed purposes for which it may be used or make known to public or unauthorized persons. Staff involved in data entry, should consider retention practices, and subject to other pertinent record-keeping requirements such as those of the manufacturing plants.

On the other hand, the security of hardcopy information and records remains of extreme importance, and should not be an aspect of information security that is frequently neglected. Traditional records management tools such as vital records program and retention scheduling can facilitate the security of hardcopy records.…. [read more]

Double Indemnity Scene Analysis Essay

… However, in this scene, the room is dimly lit. The only light that comes into the room comes from outside. The lighting in scene creates an atmosphere of unease and gives the room a sinister look. The lighting reflects the tension that is present between Phyllis and Walter. In the film, Phyllis not only conspired to get Walter to help her murder her husband, but she also conspired to have her stepdaughter killed and Walter killed. The darkness of the room also reflects the darkness of Phyllis' character; the lighting of this scene literally makes Walter see Phyllis in a different light, for the person she really is.

The scene's setting also helps to establish mise-en-scene. Double Indemnity is set in Los Angeles during the…. [read more]

Kill Bill Scene Analysis Quentin Essay

… Additionally, when the Crazy 88s react to the Bride raising her weapon it is clear to the audience that they know that the Bride is skilled with the sword and that she poses a threat to them and their well-being. Their synchronized reaction, which is wavelike, also helps to establish that the Bride's attack will not be singular, but will be a series of combative moves that will crash upon them like a furious wave.

This sequence is also significant because of the way in which it transitions from color to black and white (and back to color again although this last transition is not depicted in this particular film clip). Because of this, lighting is very important. During the color portion of the sequence,…. [read more]

Arranged in Two Parts Essay

… Where the night shift is compulsory, worker should be motivated with night allowance.

During the night work, site should be well illuminated to avoid work accidents.

Rotating shift schedule should be stable and predictable, and should be in forward direction. (Weiten, 2007).


This paper reveals the similarities and differences between Hierarchy theory and two-factor theory. The paper argues that both theories demonstrate the human needs and the two theories could be used to motivate workers and improve workers productivity. The paper reveals that both theories could be used to enhance safety at the work environment, and through motivation, the performances of workers could be improved. Difference between the two models is that hierarchy theory identifies five set of human needs as the basis of…. [read more]

Vertical Farming in Singapore Research Proposal

… With vertical farming, we can also rule out the occurrence of poor harvests due to weather problems such as floods and drought (Venter 2010, P. 105). The production of the crop can also be done all year round as it is taking place in a controlled environment (Hopkins & Goodwin 2011, P. 228). This to a significant extent increases the quantity of the food produced since the seasons are eliminated. These are all steps towards the ultimate goal of producing enough food for the expanding population.

In the process of increasing production, vertical farming also serves to restore the balance in the natural ecosystem. It utilizes a system where water is constantly recycled (Venter 2010,P 106). This way, loss of water through runoff is avoided.…. [read more]

Psycho Is a 1960 Horror-Thriller Research Paper

… Beginning with a medium shot, Hitchcock creates a seemingly innocent environment as Marion proceeds to take a shower. However, hidden behind an opaque shower curtain lurks Norman ready to attack -- after all, he has been keeping a watchful eye on his victim through a peephole in the wall. Hitchcock focuses the action in the scene through a series of close up shots that focus on the different aspects of the murder, from the initial stabbing to Marion's final grasp at the shower curtain before she succumbs to her wounds. As the close up shots progressively get closer, an extreme close-up on Marion's mouth as she lets out a piercing scream draws the viewers attention to the scream, visually, as opposed to the action that…. [read more]

How Would a Business Benefit by Going Green? Essay

… Global Warming


This document is designed to discuss the issue of global warming as it relates to business and society. This document will also discuss how global warming can be reduced through simple means. The document will also discuss why this issue is important to both society and the business community. In addition, a discussion on how both parties can benefit through the use of energy conservation is detailed in the document. The document will then conclude with a brief discussion on pitfalls of energy conservation. The information will be gathered from scholarly articles, textbooks, surveys, and the internet.

Saving the environment is an important aspect of both society and business. Business, particularly those that are global in scale are responsible for the communities…. [read more]

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