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Literacy in Secondary Education Term Paper

… Literacy in Secondary Education

Adolescent literacy has started to be reconsidered by teachers and researchers. The focus on adolescent literacy may be explained in two ways:

First, both teachers and researchers in adolescent literacy have acknowledged the impact of culturally and linguistically diverse students on literacy. An example of this current trend is given by Alvermannn and her colleagues, in Reconceptualizing the Literacies in Adolescents' Lives, in which they point to a broader view of adolescent literacies that encompasses gender, race, ethnicity, and social class (Alvermannn, Hinchman, Moore, Phelps, & Waff, 1998).

Second, as we entered the 21st century, media and technology have begun to impact greatly on literacy and on the academic curriculum for Arts and Language disciplines.

Reinking (1998) stated that as "we…. [read more]

Education in Third World Countries Term Paper

… Education in Third World Countries

Education has been recognized as a basic human right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nation's General Assembly in 1948. Since then, numerous other international conventions and declarations have reasserted the importance of this right. Achieving universal education and ensuring that "all boys and girls complete a full course of primary education" is one of UN's 8 Millennium Development Goals agreed to in 2000 by all the world's countries and the world's leading development institutions. Although some progress has been made in increasing the level of education in most countries, a number of third world countries have fallen behind in their effort and are unlikely to achieve the goal by the target date of 2015.…. [read more]

Education of Abbasid Today Term Paper

… These palace schools also prepared children of rulers for higher education. Like the later town and palace schools in Renaissance Europe, they also taught students the arts of formal speaking and conversation, history, tradition, and ethics. The teachers of these schools were called mu'addi, which means "one who refines manners."

Arab women studied, practiced and taught medicine, mysticism, poetry, teaching, and oratory and even took active roles in military conflicts. However, due to false Arab stereotypes, women do not receive much credit for their accomplishments and contributions to Arab history.

In these early mosques, teachers did not follow a specific format or curriculum. Instead, teachers were allowed to teach freely and use a variety of methods of instruction. Some teachers would teach from a text…. [read more]

Education - Philosophy Statement of Educational Essay

… Education - Philosophy


The Purpose of Modern Education:

The main purpose of modern education is to provide students with the necessary skills and information to develop productive and fulfilling lives early in their adulthood.

That goal encompasses much more than conveying substantive knowledge and technical skills; it includes motivating students to discover their intellectual interests and to identify their greatest areas of academic, intellectual, and vocational potential. Even further, the goal of modern education includes providing assistance and resources to students facing additional challenges outside the classroom to mitigate the negative consequences typically associated with family, social, and other environmental influences.

Within the education system, the teacher plays the most important role because it is primarily the nature and quality of…. [read more]

Literacy the Simple Discipline Essay

… This is precisely where information literacy enters -- or fails to enter -- into the set of components and factors that determine the efficacy of education and learning. These are the skills that are inherent parts of finding reliable and useful information in sources like books -- and before books themselves are found, in library systems that catalog these books -- and now these skills are no longer being learned in an implicit manner as research in elementary and secondary education does not really require library and book searches (Turusheva & Turusheva 2006; Russell 2009).

Of course, this does not bode well for leadership practices in the academic world, ether. Even when non-Internet sources are required, they can generally be found and cursorily examined via…. [read more]

Louisiana Educational Excellence Review Essay

… This directly contradicts the Educational Excellence for All Children Act goal of making the United States a leader in science and math education. However, all students in the U.S. have been shown to be lacking in terms of science and math performance. "Fifteen-year-olds in the U.S. ranked 25th among peers from 34 countries on a math test and scored in the middle in science and reading, while China's Shanghai topped the charts, raising concern that the U.S. isn't prepared to succeed in the global economy"(Hechinger 2010).

Louisiana students also rank low in terms of their overall performance on national standardized tests. To remedy this, Louisiana switched to the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), a norm-referenced test to replace the less-difficult California Achievement Test, which…. [read more]

Poverty Education Problems at Present Research Paper

… To some extent African countries are also responsible for the awful educational situation within their premises. Mismanagement of finances, scarcity of good governance and civil conflicts has made it even more difficult to utilize available resources for educational development in several African countries. Many African countries had to encounter Civil wars for example Somalia and Sudan and their once strong educational infrastructures have come to a point where they necessitate huge effort to re-establish to the past standard. Those African countries that possess politically stable structure are still unable to manage or implement effective strategies to improve their education system in place. A major example is that of grade repetition. More than 10% of sub-Saharan African student repeat their classes as a minimum once and…. [read more]

History of Education in Kuwait Research Paper

… The ratio of national to expatriate teachers over the years of reformation has not remained stagnant. Significant fluctuations have been noticed and are described below (Ministry of Education, 2008).

In 1982, public schools employed 24,367 teachers in total, of which only 6,478 belonged to Kuwait. On the contrary, in academic year of 1997-1998, public schools employed 27,359 teachers in total, of which 17,357 were Kuwaiti citizens. Therefore, the ratio of national to expatriate teachers increased from 1.3:7.6 in 1982 to 1.7:1 in 1998. This indicates that although assistance of foreign teachers was sought in the early days of development, this dependency reduced largely when Kuwaiti citizens were in a better position to perform these services. However, the ratio is just a statistical analysis and a…. [read more]

Disparities Tied to Education Term Paper

… Education Disparities Impact on Economics

Disparities Tied to Education and the Increasing Gap in Income Potential

Years ago, high school graduates had two paths to success. They could go to college, earn a degree and enter the field of their choice, or they could bypass college, get an entry position in the field of their choice and work their way up using that method. Either path provided the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance within the field. Both paths provided the ability to support a family and purchase a house, automobile and other life large ticket items. Several decades ago the nation began experiencing a change in the ability to choose to go to college and still have the same opportunities in life. As America…. [read more]

Education No Child Left Behind on January Thesis

… Education

No Child Left Behind

On January 8, 2002, President George W. Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act. This act was a continuation of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) by Congress. In order to satisfy NCLB requirements, schools must prove that each one of its students is proficient, or on grade level, in key educational areas, such as reading and math, by 2014 in order to continue to receive federal funding. Beginning with the 2002 -- 2003 school years, the NCLB required school districts to prepare annual reports for families and the public at large describing academic achievement for the entire district, by individual schools, and by grade level (No Child Left Behind, 2010).

The effects of…. [read more]

Theoretical Future Direction Term Paper

… ¶ … Literacy

The topic of information literacy has become very prominent and entrenched in the United States, and the nursing industry is no exception. The importance of having strong literacy in how to collect and decipher information, including the computer literacy that is often necessary to facilitate this collection, is extremely important in so many facets of life and perhaps the two most poignant and enhanced examples of this are the educational and career sectors of life. The United States has made a seismic shift towards service and knowledge-based work sectors and people that wish to become part of the latter need to have extremely strong information literacy skills. Strong working knowledge of computer internet technology goes hand in hand with information literacy.

Computer,…. [read more]

Information Literacy in Higher Education and Its Influence on Scholarship Practice and Leadership Research Proposal

… ¶ … Literacy

Information Literacy as the Most Essential Component of Higher Education:

An Exploration in Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership

In secondary education, or high school, the primary role of the teacher is to present information integral to the teenagers' future personal, academic, and professional lives. In higher education, on the other hand, the teacher plays a very different role. In fact, Naamwar and Rastgo (2008) state that the "teacher's role is not giving the information to students but is guiding them during the instruction" (p.176).

In other words, higher level education requires an instructor who can engage students, showing them how inquiring, researching, learning, and understanding are crucial aspects of a person's education and well-being. Indeed, critical thinking is, in many academicians' views, the…. [read more]

Literacy Annotated Bibliography the Origin Thesis

… Literacy

Annotated Bibliography


Bazerman, Charles (nd) a Reflective Moment in the History of Literacy. University of California, Santa Barbara. Online available at:

Bazerman, C. (2000a). Letters and the Social Grounding of Differentiated Genres. In D. Barton & N. Hall (Eds.), Letter Writing as a Social Practice (pp. 15-29). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Bazerman, C. (2000b). Rhetoric for Literate Society: The Tension between Expanding Practices and Restricted Theories. In M. Goggin (Ed.), Inventing a Discipline (pp. 5-28). Urbana: NCTE.

The work of Bazerman (nd) entitled: "A Reflective Moment in the History of Literacy" states that the history of literacy "extends about five thousand years, the history of inscription even longer." Bazerman writes that the conditions of literacy have been changed by "the…. [read more]

Education Policy Reading First Term Paper

… This program will offer $900 million in state grants for literacy programs for K-3 students, while NCLB's other program, Early Reading First, will offer $75 million in grants to districts.

The Importance of Early Intervention

Unfortunately, for many of the children experiencing reading problems, these issues will continue throughout their schooling. Approximately 75% of the students identified with reading problems in the third grade are still reading disabled in the ninth grade. These conclusions suggest that early intervention is critical for problem readers. Those who fall behind in the first three years of their schooling may never become fluent readers. A strong body of research suggests they will continue to fall behind as they move further into their schooling. Because their frustrations build, they are…. [read more]

Sustainable Further Education FE Teacher Education Training in the UK Term Paper

… ¶ … Education

Teaching the Teachers

Teaching primary and secondary school children is one of the most challenging careers that there is. One of the most significant challenges of the profession is that for the classroom teacher who spends her or his days surrounded by children or adolescents, the job can be supremely isolating. The classroom teacher, inspired each day to do the best that she can for her students, can sometimes feel that she is struggling all on her own, having to reinvent every pedagogical wheel on her own.

This feeling of isolation is likely to be exacerbated by at least two factors. The first of these is the fact that the profession of education, like all human endeavors, is subject to fads and…. [read more]

Education Intercultural Sensitivity Term Paper

… Intercultural Communication Within the Classroom: Personal Analysis and Focus on Middle/High School Experiences

The aim of this essay is to address the significance of intercultural sensitivity in secondary education, with particular emphasis on teaching mixed cultures. Having taught secondary education in a private school setting for more than 10 years, I have learned many things about teaching children in a multi-cultural setting, which this essay will address.

Intercultural communication and associated intercultural sensitivity, whether taught in a middle or high school may be defined as the ability to communicate with individuals of varying backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs, morals and cultures in a manner that is meaningful and encourages knowledge sharing (Neulipe, 2003).

I have noticed that within the United States in the last decade more and…. [read more]

Education Research-Based Cooperative Learning Literature Review Good Research Paper

… Education

Research-based Cooperative Learning Literature Review

Good writing skills are critical for today's students to be successful. Most teachers would agree that communication is pretty important in education. In fact, it's a necessary component of education, livelihood, and basic functionality in our society. it's also fairly obvious that there are two main ways to communicate, although more obscure forms exist. Basically, we talk and we write. That's how we let other people know what's going on, and it's an important skill to have. Unfortunately there are many students who do not write well and could really use work on their skills in order to get better.

Writing skills help a student attain self-determination, clarity, fluency and creativity in writing. If students master these skills, they…. [read more]

Education an Analysis Term Paper

… " Thus, the focus on acquiring knowledge and skills using critical thinking is only done for the benefit not of the student and the school institution, but of the capitalist businesses only.

Public and private education has also been declining in quality and superiority when it comes to providing superior quality of education to the students. Public schools have been declining in quality of educations as compared to private ones, which is usually controlled and run by businesses. Again, capitalist industries take 'full rein' in the administration of school activities and programs, and its control does not only involve school administration, but also "privatization, school choice, accountability schemes, and standardized tests." Again, commercialization is evident even in public and private schools in the educational institution…. [read more]

Adult Literacy in African-American Communities Thesis

… Adult Literacy in African-American Communities


The modern definition of literacy extends beyond reading and writing. The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 defines it as "an individual's ability to read, write, speak in English, compute and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job, in the family... And in society." The ability of adult education to "mold a world" has been questioned in the light of complex and current social and economic realities. Sharp decline in employment in major urban centers, poorly performing schools and low educational levels among African-Americans and other people of color are among these.

Surveys show that African-Americans and Hispanics combined account for more than half of all the participants in federally funded adult literacy education…. [read more]

Pedagogical Affordance of ICT in Education Literature Review

… Pedagogical Affordance

ICT and Education

Many agencies and governments -- federal, state, and local -- have devoted considerable resources to technology in public elementary and secondary schools. These Information Communication Technology (ICT) resources have taken many forms: hardware, software, professional development, and technical support (Puma, Chaplin, & Pape, 2000; Smerdon, Cronen, Lanahan, Anderson, Iannotti, & Angeles, 2000).

Information literacy (IL) is an essential skill to have in today's world. The American Library Association (ALA) Presidential Committee on IL defines IL as a set of abilities whereby an individual is able to recognize the need for information, as well as to locate, evaluate, and use the needed information effectively (ALA Presidential Committee on IL, 1989). More specifically, information literacy can be regarded as "the set of…. [read more]

Improvement of Education in Developing Case Study

… Research Question Terminology. On the one hand, populations are far too diverse to suggest that a one-size-all approach would fit all of them; on the other hand, in many instances, research with these groups is no different from that with any other group (Darlington & Scott, 2002). Although there a numerous research methodologies available to social researchers today, virtually all of them employ comparable terminology in their definitions and applications that can also be applied to the instant investigation (Neuman, 2003). For the purposes of this study, then, the following definitions will be used:


Participant-Observation. This term is frequently used as an umbrella term by social researchers and ethnographers to refer to all qualitative data-gathering techniques (Anzul, Ely, Friedman, Garner, & Steinmetz, 1991); however,…. [read more]

Designing a Specific Educational Program Adult Literacy Thesis

… Adult Literacy Educational Program Design

Nature And Extent Of The Problem

institutional and personal context for the program






















Adult literacy is an important issue in today's communities and society-at-large and as more communities and the overall society increasingly becomes more diverse the…. [read more]

Visual Literacy in Higher Education Term Paper

… Visual Literacy in Higher Education

The contemporary learning and experiential environment is highly visual. Students are exposed to Web sites, television and a plethora of other sources of image and visual data. This increase in the pervasiveness of the visual aspect in our daily lives has also changed the meaning of being literate. As Ron Bleed states in an article entitled Visual Literacy in Higher Education, "The Literacy of the 21st century will increasingly rely not only on text and words but also on digital images and sounds" (Bleed R. 2005).

This view of the importance of visual literacy in contemporary higher education is expressed by a wide range of articles, studies and reports. Furthermore, this trend also has important consequences. Not only does it…. [read more]

Adolescent Literacy Levels: Reading and Writing Strategies Research Paper

… ¶ … Adolescent Literacy Levels: Reading and Writing Strategies to Help Improve Students' Literacy Skills

"Literacy -- the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and think effectively -- enables adolescents to learn and to communicate clearly about what they know and what they want to know. Being literate enables people to access power through the ability to become informed, to inform others, and to make informed decisions;" yet, the contemporary research shows that many adolescents are loosing out on the access to power through increased levels of literary incompetence (Meltzer, Cook, & Clark, 2011, p 6). Unfortunately, adolescent literacy has fallen far below the general expectations for middle and high school grade levels. This is a serious national problem, as many students in middle and…. [read more]

Higher Education Investment Essay

… Markets are open for competition both from trade and services point-of-view. As organizations are becoming multinational and international, people are learning new skills which are helpful to perform in multicultural environment. If these individuals are graduated from the universities which already promote multicultural environment, the overall industry can reap the benefits of talented human beings (Ferranti, 2003).

Hence, it is important that universities offer education to people belonging to various areas and cultures. It is where the importance of quota system is highlighted. It restricts universities to give admission to people belonging to various cultures hence a university enjoys a multicultural environment. As there are students belonging to various demographic and social factors, the increased diversity leads to rich experience of learning and overall grooming.…. [read more]

Multicultural Education Term Paper

… Education

Multiculturalism in Education: Creating a Brighter Tomorrow

Multiculturalism in education is an essential element in shaping America's increasingly diverse society. Different ethnic, linguistic, racial, and religious groups bring to the contemporary world a wide range of experiences and viewpoints. Many are the victims of years of prejudicial policies and degrading stereotypes. Others face these conditions as they arrive on our shores. Immigrants who do not speak English fluently, along with African-Americans and other oppressed groups, are often wrongly tracked toward special education programs, or even tagged as mentally disabled. They are denied even the opportunities for education and advancement. Multiculturalism seeks to expand the horizons of all Americans through a comprehensive program of showing off the histories and strengths of all the diverse people…. [read more]

Adult Education and the Internet Term Paper

… Second, the quantity or length of experience is not necessarily connected to its richness or intensity. For example, in an adult educational career spanning 30 years the same one year's experience can, in effect, be repeated thirty times. Indeed, one's 'experience' over these 30 years can be interpreted using uncritically assimilated cultural filters in such a way as to prove to oneself that students from certain ethnic groups are lazy or that fear is always the best stimulus to critical thinking. Because of the habitual ways we draw meaning from our experiences, these experiences can become evidence for the self-fulfilling prophecies that stand in the way of critical insight. Uncritically affirming people's histories, stories and experiences risks idealizing and romanticizing them. Experiences are neither innocent…. [read more]

Adult Education Essay

… These individuals are often susceptible to participating in illegal activities, and serving time in jail. In many instances, both Latinos, and African-Americans have the lowest median household income of many of the other demographics in America. As such, many educational programs target these demographics to help uplift the surrounding community and the individuals themselves. These initiatives include college and career readiness programs, learning opportunities on demand, and effective teaching. All of these initiatives are aimed at providing a better learning environment for adults who need flexibility, effective results, and in demand skills (Kunga, 2009).

In conclusion, I hope this letter provided a general foundation by which the community's educational program can be developed upon. I am in heavy support for the community initiative of enhancing…. [read more]

To What Extent Should Bilingual Education Be Offered in Public Schools Thesis

… Bilingual Education in Public Schools

The subject of Bilingual education within the context of public school education has been a topic of debate for several years. Many educators believe that Bilingual education is necessary to ensure that English Language Learners (ELL), are able to learn at the same pace as English speaking students. On the other hand, some educators posit that providing bilingual education in public schools for long periods of time discourages students from learning English.

Why the Subject of bilingual education was chosen: What I knew/What I didn't know

This particular subject was chosen because it is of interest to me as a citizen and a taxpayer. As a citizen I believe this subject is important because of the long-term ramification that may…. [read more]

African-American Perspectives on Education Essay

… He received pleasure from literature and philosophy -- the ability to become more of the world and of the times comes with literacy. As a person a part of a group formally oppressed in America, literacy and education are also a curse; he feels he knows too much. He has a great deal of knowledge and motivation, yet because of the severe lack of education in his culture, his actions are stagnated. One person cannot enact a revolutionary change on a societal scale; it takes many to make one, great change. Douglass feels both liberated and restricted by his newly acquired education. A reader can infer that Douglass ultimately feels positively toward the acquisition of education for African-Americans in his present time and in the…. [read more]

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