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Why Read Literature Term Paper

… ¶ … value of literature must apply to all human beings alike, not to some group…Men [and presumably women too] ought to value literature for being what it is; they ought to value it in terms and in degrees of its literary value…" (Draughon, Earl Wells, 2003, p. 114).

Literature is available to the literate person for many reasons. For one reason and purpose, literature is entertaining and provides for the reader a fascinating excursion anywhere in the world -- or the universe -- without the reader having to leave his or her comfortable chair. But there are many other reasons why literature should be read, and those will be presented in this paper.

How to Read like a Professor -- Thomas C. Foster

Professor…. [read more]

North American Literature Term Paper

… As Claudia states (p. 2079), when Mrs. MacTeer discovers Pecola has drunk three quarts of milk on her own, "Pecola, Freida, and I, listened to her downstairs in the kitchen fussing about the amount of milk Pecola had drunk."Then she gets her period right afterward, meaning she is definitely not a baby anymore, physically, although psychologically she still is. She has not even ever been told anything about her period coming at a certain age. Pecola has never had any love or guidance she needed, so she is like a baby and a young woman all at once.

In all of the twentieth century works of American literature mentioned, characters who are members of minority groups within the United States, either Chinese; Chinese-American, or African-American,…. [read more]

Stevens, 2010) Critique Essay

… The author consistently relates the studies and elucidates the limitations and contradictions between studies. An example of a contrast can be found in the "Findings" section where the author speaks about gender differences across obesity prevention program outcomes. The author writes, "Some studies suggested no gender differences over time (Gortmaker et al., 1999; Patrick et al. 2001). Other gender differences included overall reduced television time in both boys and girls, and a decrease in dietary fat intake for girls (Burke et al., 1998; McMurray et al., 2002; Stolley & Fitzgibbon, 1997)" (Stevens, 235).

4. Does the author use appropriate language indicating tentativeness of research findings?

The author consistently uses qualifiers such as "may" and "suggest," to indicate tentativeness of the research findings. The author also…. [read more]

Deinstitutionalization Literature and Research Sources Research Paper

… Deinstitutionalization

Discussion Question One: What is the importance of a historical literature review?

Literature review, a critical step in research procedure, is a synthesis of what is published concerning a selected topic by accredited researchers and scholars, and it provides an explanation of the literature pertinent to a certain topic or field. Literature review helps in expanding knowledge relating to a specific topic besides helping researchers to demonstrate their skills in critical evaluation and information seeking (Kumar, 2005). The review of literature also helps researchers in ascertaining major gaps in literature that forms the basis of their research. Literature review despite being challenging offers a theoretical framework to the target audience. Literature review helps the audience in understanding the research problem and the techniques applied.…. [read more]

Canon Defining African-American Literature Term Paper

… ¶ … African-American Literature

The African-American Literary Cannon

The African-American Literary Canon is not easy to define briefly. Still, the corpus of African-American literature is clearly modeled on a few distinct characteristics. First of all, the roots of African-American Literature have to be taken into consideration. While establishing a canon, the common tie which unites the different writers, over a large period of time, is essential. The African-American writers thus naturally bring their cultural heritage with them in their works. It would be very hard to construct an exhaustive list of African-American specific elements, which range from folkloric reminiscences to traditions and linguistic peculiarities. However, the most important canonical feature of African-American literature is the fact that the writers are always conscious of their adherence…. [read more]

Romantic Modern Post Modern Literature Thesis

… Romantic, Modern and Postmodern Literature

There is a great deal of debate about the demarcation points or the areas of transition between romanticism, modernism and postmodernism. On the one hand, many see the modernist movement in art and literature as being, in some senses, an extension of the themes and the intentions of the late romantics like W.B. Yeats; and there is an ongoing debate about whether Yeats is a romantic or modernist. On the other hand there is also a strong argument for the separation of romanticism and modernism.

Critics note that the romantics were more inclined towards absolutes and religious beliefs. (Introduction to Romanticism) This transcendental tendency can be seen for example in the works of Wordsworth. Wordsworth is also a prime example…. [read more]

Psychoanalysis and Literature Narrative Term Paper

… She explores ideas including love and death, and examines cultural impacts on self-discovery. There are many feminist aspects prevalent in her works. The extent to which she utilizes a confessional technique, where she seeks to analyze the drives and needs that motivate characters by having them tell personal stories and confess strong feelings in which the characters sometimes aspire to atone for their ways, will also be explored in this work.

Understanding mother daughter relationships is important to understanding the interdependent association many young women have with their mothers as they grow older. The idea that a daughter is searching for autonomy yet facing inhibition of her own identity is prevalent in many works.

Many novelists attempt to solve what is considered a complex problem…. [read more]

Things They Carried: In Search Research Paper

… ¶ … Things They Carried: In search of a 'true' war story through fiction

One of the chapters of Tim O'Brien's tale of the Vietnam War the Things They Carried is entitled "How to Tell a True War Story." O'Brien, throughout the novel, seems obsessed with the need to tell a 'true' story of the Vietnam War, a narrative he believes has been polluted with lies. O'Brien writes that a "true war story is never moral… if a story seems moral, do not believe it. If at the end of a war story you feel uplifted, or if you feel that some small bit of rectitude has been salvaged from the larger waste, then you have been made the victim of a very old and…. [read more]

Children's Literature Thesis

… ¶ … children's literature to dispel the popular premise that a diametric difference separate good literature and good multicultural literature, as it asserts that children's literature may promote interracial respect, yet lack bias and still possess exceptional literary qualities.

Contemporary book publishers face the challenge of fulfilling their the responsibility to produce good children's literature, yet not compromise that responsibility and/or fabricate culturally authentic works to satisfy the demands of the marketplace. Parents and educators face the challenge be another set of eyes to challenge a book, whether it advertises itself as multicultural or not, to qualify first and foremost as "good."


"Children's literature opens up a world of ideas and ways of thinking.

bringing children's literature into the classroom is…. [read more]

Pablo Neruda's Search for Identity Essay

… The imagery suggested in the stone, just like a quiet person, can seem powerful if it is regarded in the right way.

Our 'naming' is due to the fact that we are locked in social constructs. "When I sleep every night, / what am I called or not called? / And when I wake, who am I / if I was not while I slept?" Naming is about ego and division, the sort of artificial barriers discussed in Tolle which the mystic says keep us from living in the present moment. What is important to Neruda is his immediate state -- of sleep or wakefulness, not what is name is, not his nationality, his skin tone, or any other social properties connected to his character.…. [read more]

Postcolonial Literature How Do Factors of Race and Gender Further Complicate the Relations of Class Essay

… Postcolonial Literature

"Everytime I think I have forgotten, / I think I have lost the mother tongue, / it blossoms out of my mouth. / Days I try to think English: / I look up, / paylo kallo kagdo / oodto jai, huhvay jzaday pohchay / ainee chanchma kaeek chay / the crow has something in its beak." -- Sujata Bhatt

The immigrant is defined by his language; it is entangled with the "very roots" of his being (Kumar 17). As an immigrant struggles to find his identity in the world, there is one element that will always define him -- his language. "Those of us who do use English do so in spite of our ambiguity towards it…To conquer English may be to complete…. [read more]

Father Figures Arabian Asian Literature Essay

… He would never give up his morals, no matter how pressing the issue. Nabil is obviously irked by his father's righteousness, but even he cannot deny the fact that his father, in his irksome ways, is beyond respectable. The reader by now learns that the father plays the role of an adviser, prophesying the looming outcome.

The story progresses when the protagonist and his friend set out to do what they had deemed ever so necessary. They face their fears, or mask their fears at least, and in spite of getting cold feet, carry on. Upon finding the targeted grave, the comrades start the heavy manual work of excavation. This is followed by a momentary clash of interest as to who would be audacious enough…. [read more]

Children's Literature the Genre Essay

… Children's Literature

The genre of children's literature is not new, in fact, historical records tell us that in the Greek and Roman educational tradition, children were grounded in language and grammar (and one would hope imagination) by reciting poetry and drama. Aesop's Fables have been part of the Western European children's library for at least three hundred years. "And thinkers from Quintilian to John Locke, from St. Augustine to Dr. Seuss, speculated on the ways in which we learn about our langue and our lives from [children"] literature" (Lerer, 2008, 1).

There is some scholarly debate, though, on what actually constitutes "Children's Literature." A broad concept holds that the genre includes books intentionally written for children, "excluding works such as comic books, joke books, cartoon…. [read more]

Pride in Literature Term Paper

… Odysseus's pride only causes him to get sidetracked on his way back home to Penelope, but the hero of Homer's Odyssey is not cruel and he does finally learn to temper his pride with wisdom as Gilgamesh did. In each of these three works, pride is featured as a major tragic personality flaw in powerful leaders, a flaw that causes hardship and death but that which can be overcome and learned from.

Pride takes on a different aura in the medieval epic Beowulf, in which the title character's pride is not portrayed so much as a flaw as it is an indicator of his bravado and glory. Beowulf's death is caused by his overconfidence in his abilities to slay the dragon, but he nevertheless emerges…. [read more]

Don Quixote in Literature Essay

… And, other times, people let literature empower them to live better lives. For example, in the article, "Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication," it discusses that people mistakenly believe their loved ones understand them better than anyone else. In truth, people have a harder time communicating with their loved ones than they do strangers. I read this article and empowered me because my husband and I have trouble communicating because he does not listen very well and I grow impatient with that. I want to be able effectively communicate with him so that he will listen and not twist things around. I tell myself to keep communicating short and to the point so he will focus more on what I am saying more rather than…. [read more]

Russian Literature -- Journal Entry Book Report

… Russian Literature -- Journal

Entry #1 -- Bezhin Meadows -- Ivan Turgenev -- "I finally reached the corner of the woods… but there was no road there at all…an empty field was visible."

What an absolutely perfect representation of the Russian soul -- empty fields, no roads, unmet expectations, broad, unkempt forests, night closing in, overgrown paths. It seems as if the narrator is not just describing a Russian meadow, but the particularly gloomy way Russians tend to look at life.

The story, Bezhin Meadows, is, like most of Turgenev's works, simple, straightforward, without any frills -- yet full of symbolism and rather complex meaning. It is a chronicle of a journey, but not necessarily a journey planned - yet contemplated with the wisdom of…. [read more]

American Literature Exercise 5.1B: Suspense Essay

… American Literature

Exercise 5.1B: Suspense

The author, John Hersey, manages to create suspense by simply revealing what the deadly, life-altering events that were going to occur were. By providing details about this catastrophic immediate future that waited everyone, the reader gets a sense of suspense just reading about what people were doing just moments before the event actually occurred. The author's style of writing, that is, his mention of everyone's typical daily events in the order that they were presented, one right after the other, makes the reader sympathize with the characters. Once one has in mind what they were doing, it is kind of like not wanting anything to occur to them, even though in the end, one knows the experience that they are…. [read more]

American Literature Comparing and Contrasting Ideas Ralph Essay

… American Literature

Comparing and Contrasting Ideas

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Fredrick Douglas both express their ideas and philosophies on a person's happiness and self-fulfillment. Both of these authors have very strong opinions on what they believe constitutes true self-satisfaction. In order to be truly satisfied with not only the way one is living one's life, but with how one carries oneself everyday, one must acquire internal knowledge to do so. Believing in oneself is what will allow a person to not only be self-reliant, but to also defend themselves in times of trouble. Both authors view this as being pertinent to an individual. Emerson writes, "Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind." Emerson expresses his belief in attaining knowledge to…. [read more]

Children's Literature Picture Books Allard Term Paper

… One evening she transforms her parents and her little sister for a life on the town. The book is designed for a primary level audience.

Swanson, Susan. The House in the Night. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 2008. Print.

A young girl is offered a golden key to a house. A giant bird leads her on a fantastic journey that begins small and is confined within the house but grows and takes on celestial proportions as the repetitive story continues. This book will most appeal to preschoolers and early primary level children.

Weisner, David. Flotsam. New York: Clarion Books. 2006. Print.

A young beachcomber is searching the beach for anything that has washed up when he finds a rare treasure, a Melville underwater camera. He develops…. [read more]

Postmodernism Literature Essay

… Postmodernism Literature

The novel "Crash" by J.G. Ballard is one of the postmodernist literary works that manages to put together a wide array of notions and feelings that the postmodern society breeds, such as alienation, technological dependency (and all deriving from this), grotesque fetishes and the overall feeling of loneliness that derives that the perception that the lack of moral coordinates permits you to experiment anything.

The story analyzes a car-crash sexual fetishism that the main characters practice and which involves being aroused (as well as connected sexual acts) when real car crashes occur. For the category of individuals that become involved in this fetishism group, the sexual satisfaction comes only when technology is involved and, at the same time, when the injuries that accidents…. [read more]

Imagery Literature Review Guided Imagery and Pain Literature Review

… ¶ … Imagery Literature Review

Guided Imagery and Pain Management

Ferrell, Betty R., et al. "Pain management for elderly patients with cancer at home." CANCER-PHILADELPHIA- 74 (1994): 2139-2139.

The first study to be examined in this review was conducted by Ferrell and regards pain management techniques in elderly cancer patients who are living in a home environment. Here, the theory is that pain management is a great and noninvasive technique for managing severe levels of pain that cannot be cured through traditional methods. It can be seen as an alternative to overmedication, which can decrease the quality of the patient's live in his or her remaining days. Elderly patients have a particularly hard time recovering from more invasive pain management strategies, and thus this population…. [read more]

Seo This Literature Review Looks Literature Review

… He found that the company itself and its industry were larger determinants of future growth than anything other factor. In his conclusion, Klimaz (2000) talked about the limitations placed on researchers and their inability to adequately study the firms many times. He saw this as a problem as did many other researchers (Clark, Dunbar & Kahle, 2001; Dawson, 1987; McDonald & Jacquillat, 1974).

Despite the issues common to researchers, there is the problem of actual firm underperformance and the reasons it exists. The crux of this paper is SEOs, but it is interesting how the performance of seasoned issues closely mirrors that of initial issues of stock. Speiss and Afleck-Graves (1995) analyzed 1274 firms that had issued stock between 1975 and 1989. They found that…. [read more]

Identity Construction in Literary Texts Literature Review

… Identity Construction in Literary Texts

Representasie Van Kleurling Identiteit In Geselekteerde Tekste




"If we follow the badge of color from 'African' 'Negro' to 'colored race' to 'black' to 'Afro-American' to 'African-American'

we aren't thus tracing the history not only of a signifier, a label, but also a history of its effects"

Robert E. Park (1864-1944) (as cited in Back & Solomos, 2000, p.145).

The "coloured category" identified in 1950 in South Africa constituted one of three categories: White, black (African), or colored (of mixed decent). "The coloured category included major subgroups of Indians and Asians, Monal Chokshi, Cale Carter, Deepak Gupta, and Robert Allen (1995, ¶ 3) explain in "The history of apartheid in…. [read more]

Literature of the Family Creative Writing

… ¶ … Self-Criticism.

I once heard Cornel West say, "The unexamined life is not worth living." If I recall correctly, I heard him say that to Tavis Smiley on NPR. I searched on the Internet and found that the quote dates back to Socrates, and is a line (38a) from "The Apology." Well, regardless of its origins, it's a line that stuck in my head, a line -- one of those axioms -- I couldn't forget. And when I think of reasons to read literature, why one should crack open the pages of "In My Father's House" by Earnest J. Gaines or "Death of a Salesman," by Arthur Miller, I think of Cornel West saying in his enthusiastic and prophetic voice, "The unexamined life is…. [read more]

Octavio Paz Transplanted Languages Term Paper

… Some feel that the European influence was not restricted to language alone but was could also been seen in themes and plots: "All too often the nineteenth century Spanish-American novel is clumsy and inept, with a plot derived at second hand from the contemporary European Romantic novel' (Franco, p. 56) Other felt that old Latin American works mostly reflected a strong and marked European influence even on character development, dreams and aspirations of those characters and almost everything else: 'If heroes and heroines in mid-nineteenth century Latin American novels were passionately desiring one another across traditional lines . . . those passions might not have prospered a generation earlier. In fact, modernizing lovers were learning how to dream their erotic fantasies by reading the European…. [read more]

Aboriginal Women's Voices Within Literature Term Paper

… Abo Fem

Towards Hearing and Understanding the Voice of the Female Aboriginal in Canadian Literature

The Canadian literary tradition often receives less than its deserved attention in school curricula and by many English-language scholars, especially outside of Canada. British and American literary works and authors are generally more well-known on an international basis due to their dominance of world trade and politics and thus the more successful exportation of their culture, but Canadian literature provides a unique and often understated view of many of the same issues and through-lines dealt with in the fiction of these two closely related countries and should not be so easily overlooked. The somewhat in-between nature of the nation -- a part of the British Commonwealth and the United States'…. [read more]

Search, and Evaluation Task Essay

… Of the several attributes that were associated with hospital climate, the one standout was having the opportunity for professional development. Some of the job dissatisfaction was expressed by CNAs and LPNs who do not experience many opportunities or avenues for professional betterment. An important aside was that registered nurses often expressed dissatisfaction with not being able to spend more time caring for patients, while the LPNs and the CNAs felt they were spending too much time on patient care with very few other alternatives, particularly opportunities for staff development. .

Experience with emergency room nursing care and the accuracy of concomitant work expectations led to higher job satisfaction. In other words, nurses who did not have accurate ideas about what emergency room nursing entailed were…. [read more]

World War I's Effect Term Paper

… However, his luck changed in the 1920s, and the beginning of this new era was demonstrated when he renamed 'The Romantic Egotist' as 'This Side of Paradise', which grew in popularity.

Scott Fitzgerald made his way to Europe, particularly Paris, where other individuals of the lost generations converged. At about this time in his life Scot Fitzgerald demonstrated a more mature side to his literature. An example of this is 'The Beautiful and Damned' that was published in 1922, in which there is an exploration of character rather than events. This novel demonstrates considerable development in Fitzgerald's style and representation, in contrast to 'This Side of Paradise'. Another one of his famous novels was 'The Great Gatsby' published in 1925 and regarded by many as…. [read more]

Antigone Gilgamesh Merchant of Venice Research Proposal

… Tragic Truth

The Search for Truth in Tragedy

It has been said that life is a tragedy for those who fell, and a comedy for those who think. The truth of this statement is a matter of some debate, but it was never meant to be taken completely literally. That is, though comedy is largely an intellectual matter, tragedy is hardly limited solely to the realm of emotion. Many great tragedies, especially the Greek forerunners of the genre, do work on a largely visceral level, but there is also always a measure of cerebral conflict. This has been true of tragedy since the beginnings of human storytelling, and has continued to be so over the millennia of mankind's many civilizations and artistic movements. Tragedy relies…. [read more]

Caribbean Literature Essay

… Cesaire's work is regarded as filled with humanism, and is done so in the spirit of simplicity.

George Lamming is highly regarded for his literary works concerned with the decolonization as well as the reconstruction of the Caribbean (Odhiambo, 1994). His writings are commended for their nationalistic spirit through his poetic prose and style. Lamming's works are seen as more positive as compared to Cesaire, they focus on finding a new political and social identity, instead of dwelling on their lost ones. He also writes about the long-effects of colonialism in the minds of the Caribbean people. Lamming is said to dramatize the situation of the people during colonial rule (Odhiambo, 1994). He makes use of allegory and metaphor to give his poems deeper political…. [read more]

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