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Military Retirement System Research Paper

… Military Active Duty Retirement

The military retirement system is controversial. For many retired military members, it seems like a great retirement system, but others, mainly Congressional representatives, believe that the system is unduly expensive. Both positions have their merits. On the one hand, the military retirement system is far superior to the retirement compensation packages in most jobs. On the other hand, the retirement system does cost taxpayers a significant amount of money. Perhaps that is why people have begun discussing overhauling the retirement system. If they did, it would not be the first major overhaul of the retirement system. In fact, when looking at the military retirement system it is critical to recognize that there is not a single military retirement system. Instead, there…. [read more]

Why Teleworking Works for Today's Workforce Term Paper

… Teleworking

Telecommuting's emergence as a reciprocal strategy for retaining valuable workers while reducing the costs of operating an enterprise is yielding an entirely set of anticipated benefits for businesses, and creating entirely unforeseen effects on employees, their social networks, and relationships with peers and superiors. Baby Boomers, the foundation of the nations' largest demographic trend in its history, are now beginning to retire, leaving many highly skilled jobs open. The rate of baby Boomer retirement has in some industries been faster than the graduation rate of professionals to take their place. This dynamic has led to a shortage of skilled workers in many industries. The challenge of retaining these workers has led to a generation of employees who have been showered with perks, programs, and…. [read more]

Looking Into Changing Careers in Your 30 S &40 Research Paper

… Changing Careers in Your 30's And 40's

Moving from one profession to another anytime in life is a very challenging process, particularly if the new occupation one has in mind is entirely different from one's former occupation, as finding jobs without prior experience is difficult. Most individuals who wish to shift from one profession to another in their thirties and forties desire to experience new things because of boredom with doing the same thing for years together or for exploring novel opportunities and developing their personal skills further.

What to Expect When Changing Careers in Your 30's and 40's

One harsh truth to bear in mind is that switching careers may be a risky affair for some individuals. For example, if one does somehow manage…. [read more]

Career Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … HR professional observed: "in marketing and merchandising" and many other areas of corporate life, you are dealing with product but in "human resources you were dealing with the human potential" (Esdaille, 2004). Helping others reach their maximum potential is my personal goal in life, and my specific career objective is to work in human resources after completing my MBA.

How will you measure your objectives?

Graduating with my degree, and then finding my place within an HR department at a company I respect will mean I have met my first measurable career objective on a personal level. Afterwards, the success of my employee placements and the quality of my work as judged by my supervisors will create the next benchmarks for my achievements…. [read more]

Experiment Thesis

… ¶ … human resource services has changed from its traditional role of providing benefit administration and payroll services to one that has become more focused on treating employees as valued customers through the provision of active support. This transformation has been influenced in part by the ability of human resource departments to provide high quality services to their customers in a timely fashion in both face-to-face as well as online venues. In face-to-face exchanges between human resources employees and customers, there must be a level of comfort involved in order for there to efficient communication between the two parties. The hypothesis of this study was that employees visiting a university human resource office with questions concerning their benefits would be more likely to ask for…. [read more]

Validity and Reliability Questions of a Study Thesis

… Validity and Reliability

Questions of a study's reliability and validity involve two, separate yet interrelated issues. A study is reliable if it produces consistent results. A study is valid if it measures what it purports to measure. According to the article "Does your coworker know what you're doing? Convergence of self- and peer-reports of counterproductive work behavior" from the International Journal of Stress Management, serious questions of reliability and validity often arise with work-related behavioral surveys, as workers may underreport negative behaviors for fear of reprisals. There are also more generalized problems with self-reportage, namely the tendency to view one's self in excessively favorable or unfavorable terms, or simply to be blind to routine personal behaviors obvious to others.

To ensure that there would be…. [read more]

Outsourcing of it Jobs Term Paper

… Outsourcing

companies first outsourced manufacturing jobs. This initial outsourcing was touted as a necessary agent because the economy of the United States was transitioning from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy. Many individuals that were unemployed as a result of outsourcing in the manufacturing sectors were retrained in the area of information technology. For many years the information technology sector and jobs within this sector thrived within the United States. However, more recently there has been a significant increase in the number of IT jobs that have been outsourced to countries where skill levels are similar and the cost associated with labor is cheaper.

It is estimated that at least 250,000 highly skilled white collar jobs -- most of which are IT jobs --…. [read more]

Human Resources and Psychology Essay

… There are things about my job that I find very motivating. The fact that I am the only customer service contact for a caller, from the beginning of our interaction to the end of our interaction, gives me a significant sense of personal responsibility. Moreover, the interaction with customers and the guided feedback coaching that my employer uses for evaluations allows me to make real-time assessments of my job performance. However, some aspects of my job are almost demeaning. For example, my job performance is docked if I fail to answer the phone or conclude the call with a specific word phrase, which is not always appropriate in all scenarios. I feel like customer service is compromised by a lengthy greeting or conclusion when the…. [read more]

IBM Indiana Telecommuting Project Term Paper

… Another problem that appeared was the fact that many of the employees complained about the loss of social interaction. Indeed, the office is not only a workplace, but also the place where you meet your colleagues, discuss with them some of the company's issues, etc. Working at home meant a certain degree of isolation from the working environment: you were no longer in your cubicle, wherefrom you could talk to the colleague in the next cubicle, but at home, apart from this.

The third main disadvantage that I saw and that was not specifically named or discussed in the case study was the fact that it is probable that many of the employees found it hard to best organize their jobs at home. I am…. [read more]

Career Opportunities Term Paper

… Career Opportunities

In the early 1900s there were very few options open to a newly graduated nurse for practicing her profession. Nursing as described by Florence Nightingale in her "Notes on Nursing: what it is and what it is not" has come a long way since then. However, for nurse graduates the employment opportunities in the early 1900s were quite limited and ranged from teaching to supervision in hospital to staff nursing to private duty -- sometimes in the hospitals but generally at home where the nurse was working for 24 hours a day. Today the nursing profession offers a myriad of opportunities- a range of nurse specialists are engaged in practicing within the setting of the hospital; additionally they are also being hired by…. [read more]

Employee Commitment for Anisha Bank Research Paper

… 5







Other things in my life are more important to me than my job!













Standard Deviation



Feeling that you have too heavy of a work load; one that you cannot possibly get done before the day is over?








Thinking that the amount of work you have to do may interfere with how well it gets done?








Being unclear on just what the scope and responsibilities of your job are?








Having to put up with the poor treatment given to you by others in the…. [read more]

Personal Financial Management Term Paper

… Financial Planning

Charting the Course: Planning for Life after College

It has frequently been said that the end of college is not an end at all, but is rather the beginning of life's journey. Because life is a journey rather than a race, it is important to make some plans ahead of time so the path is known and the destination understood to the extent possible in advance. When most people set out on a journey to destinations unknown, they usually secure a map ahead of time to avoid getting lost. Likewise, a map of an individual's life journey can help a person stay on course and avoid the pitfalls that await the unwary along life's roads; however, in some cases, there is no real…. [read more]

Business Law Essay

… Novel Legal Issues have been materializing

The environment of a working place is changing due to the advances in technology and adaptation of different economic and social ways. All of these have an effect on the law that foresees no one is treated unfairly due to age. The cost of health insurance is ever rising and this has led the employers to hold back on covering the health cost of their workers. This is raising questions on the link of ADEA and the policies regarding health care (Sargeant, 2006).

Today, employers that are experiencing diversified workplace along with the legal trends are trying to move towards the future with the help of certain policies, procedures and laws. All these measures are planned keeping in view…. [read more]

Raise Research Proposal

… ¶ … raise to the authors regarding the sample of individuals used for this study?

Given the relatively small size of the survey, the disproportionate emphasis on certain demographic characteristics raises questions about its validity. First of all, the study was extremely slanted in terms of gender: of the 169 employee surveys that were returned, 24.4% were derived from male responses while 75.6% were from women. Women and men may feel different levels of stress, and respond with different behaviors, based upon different types of negative stimuli. Also, the sample was drawn from a narrow range of professions, mostly from the administrative professions -- from academic and financial sectors. The personalized and hierarchical nature of the workplace in these two fields may mean there may…. [read more]

Critical Thinking in a Changing Global Environment Term Paper

… Critical Thinking in a Changing Global Environment

The topic of healthcare has become increasingly more popular as the world moves into the information age. There have been major technological advances, and changes in marketing regulations for healthcare that have helped to fuel the upsurge of new decisions in the industry (Green, 2001). There are now many more opportunities in healthcare administration then there once were, and a great deal of these opportunities are now open to women. This is something that was unheard of only a few years ago. Women in the healthcare administration field are now more readily accepted but they still have a long way to go to be respected as much as men in the same field.

For a long time there…. [read more]

Profession Give Some Right Ideas Term Paper

… In short the objective of making this statement is to say that the business entity is not in an operation that is causing direct losses. That does not however mean that operations can continue, or even that management would be interested in continuing operation. There are many instances where some activities of organizations that are operating profitably have been sold out to other organizations. In some instances this is due to the judgment about future of that business, or change of policies of the organization. It may even be that the particular operation is not making enough money as per the aims of the business entity.

Question 7

Revenue reflects earning of the company. The revenue does not have to be in cash, but may…. [read more]

Davis Beacon Act and Walsh Healy Act How Do They Impact Government Acquisition Thesis

… Business Management

The Davis Beacon Act and Walsh Healy Act

History of Each Act

Features of Both Acts





Differences between the Two Acts


Current federal labor laws in this country have been built around many acts of legislation that have been passed over the years. Two of these acts were the Davis-Beacon Act and the Walsh Haley Act. Both of these acts have had tremendous impact on labor relations in this country.

History of Each Act

The first of these acts to be passed was the Davis-Bacon Act in 1931. It required that contracts for construction entered into by the Federal Government state the minimum wages to be paid to persons employed under those contracts. In 1936, the Walsh-Healy Act…. [read more]

Dixie: Questions Case Study

… Q6. What important business details (from both Dixie and the consultant perspectives) need to be addressed at this point before the engagement can be progressed further?

The consultant's fee, the goals of the assessment, the budget for any prospective changes, and any legal concerns (particularly since there have been safety violations at Dixie, which the consultant must address when making suggestions).

Q7. In your view, why might Dixie employees choose not to cooperate?

Dixie has a hostile organizational culture. It has an unsafe workplace, indicating a lack of respect for subordinates by managers. Many workers are hostile to new or non-English speaking workers. Dixie may be afraid that further safety violations will be revealed, as well as hostility towards minorities. It may be in violation…. [read more]

Power Play for Howard Case Study

… Power Play For Howard

When Juwan Howard entered into free agency, he had the opportunity to not only sign the most lucrative contract in the history of basketball, but he also had the opportunity to dictate the course of his career. He had played his first few years for the Washington Bullets (Wizards) but was also being pursued by other clubs, most notably the Miami Heat. For Howard, a number of different factors entered into the decision. Primary among them was the cost-benefit analysis, combined with the risk that he faced during the course of the negotiations and legal battles.

Initially, Howard faced significant opportunity cost both in terms of money and in terms of career success. The NBA operates with a salary cap, which…. [read more]

Organization Structure ROWE Model Essay

… The new structure therefore matches the strategy that has been set up by the Best Buy team since there has been a significant drop in the employee turnover as well as a significant performance increase among the people who use the clockless model within Best Buy.

The effect of this new structure on the span of control is such that the control of the employee way of doing business for the company is highly controlled by them and not by the managers or supervisors of the company. The concept is that the employee has a significant number of hours per day to himself and he is to manage that time to ensure he is adequately taking care of the company interest apart from doing his…. [read more]

Formal Human Resource Development Internal Proposal Corporate Writing

… ¶ … HRD Report

Transmittal Memo

Biographical Sketch of Employees


Figure 1 Employees Hired from Inside and Outside the Firm

Table 1 Employee Complaints as a function of Employee Biography and Complaint Type

Figure 2 Historical Established Worker Retention Rates

This report has been prepared to address the issue of established employee[footnoteRef:1] retention subsequent to an alarming number of such employees seeking termination in the past month. The findings of this research are that established employees do not believe that employees newly-hired during the recent hiring cycle meet the standards that were established by the company when they were hired. This has led to a decrease in the number of employees qualified to fill certain positions which require experienced employees, and it has diminished…. [read more]

Erikson's Eight Stages of Development and Vladimir Putin Research Paper

… ¶ … Vladimir Putin using Erikson's eight stages of psychosocial development as a psychological format. This paper will link the life of Putin with Erik Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, and therein provide a profile of Putin, who is Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Erikson's phases: Infancy to 18 months of age; children develop a sense of trust when caregivers provide reliability, care and affection. Mistrust can be fostered when trust is absent (

There is not a large volume of information about Putin's very early childhood, but what information is available reflects the grim era in the Soviet Union just prior to when Putin was born. It sets the stage for the world that Vladimir Putin would be brought up in, and hence…. [read more]

Do Incentives and or Threats Really Help to Motivate Employees? Essay

… Human Resources

Do incentives and/or threats really help to motivate employees?

Employers are always looking for ways to motivate their employees and employees are always trying to find ways to be rewarded for their hard effort. Incentive programs often provide employers with an out of the box system for motivating their staff and identifying them for a job well done (Paying for Performance, n.d.). At least three of four American companies rely on some sort of motivation program (Kohn, 1993).

Empirical research has time and again revealed that workers are not motivated by funds only. Though, this is extremely dissimilar from the outlook that cash is way down on the listing of worker's objectives. Actually, it is very high on the list. But it's the…. [read more]

Create a Benefits Package Term Paper

… Komo, Inc. Comprehensive Benefits Package

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. Experienced employees are more valuable because they are past the learning curve and represent the most productive members of the working staff. Retaining experienced employees represents a critical strategic move that can have excellent payoffs in the end. Experienced employees make fewer mistakes and often represent the most efficient workers. Training new employees costs money and it often takes time until they become proficient at their jobs. These are only a few reasons for the necessity to attract quality workers and then take positive measures to keep them for the long haul.

Kokomo, Inc. has plans to expand its Flooost forming production to include Flooost formers from an international employee base. As a…. [read more]

Study of High Employee Turnover in a Florida Comprehensive Services Company Term Paper

… ¶ … High Employee Turnover in a Florida

In recent years, organizational knowledge and employee turnover have been the focus of an increasing amount of attention from management experts seeking to identify improved methods of providing effective human resource services to help companies recruit and retain qualified employees (Droege & Hoobler, 2003). To this end, the purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between high employee turnover and personal factors against the preference for compensation. This evaluation will be conducted on a comprehensive services organization located in Northeast, Florida that employs more than 12,000 people. The organization is one of the largest billing and customer service organization in their county.

Statement of Problem. Today, there is a problem with the subject financial services…. [read more]

Sweet Grass Cheese's Development and Growth Term Paper

… ¶ … Sweet Grass cheese's development and growth over the years, focusing on planned and unplanned occurrences that grew their business. In addition, it discusses challenges and opportunities that they, and other small businesses, have to face. Lastly, the future challenges of Sweet Grass is discussed.

Handcrafted Cheese from Georgia?

Sweet Grass Cheese's Development From the Early Days to Today:

Desiree Whener didn't start out to become one of America's finest cheese makers; she simply evolved into the position. Wehner and her husband had started off with an interest in veterinary sciences that led them to the management of several large dairy operations. They tired of this type of dairy business where the cattle rarely spent time in their more natural pastures, and instead decided…. [read more]

How Have Ethical Responsibilities Changed in the Classroom Term Paper

… Ethical Changes in the Classroom Over the Past 50 Years

The ethical responsibilities of teachers have undergone dramatic changes over the past fifty years, reflecting the changes in our culture today. As contemporary society becomes increasingly diverse and complex, so does the process of preparing young people for life as independent thinkers, productive citizens, and future leaders. The changing nature of students, the collegiate experience, learning, teaching, and outcome assessment all have substantive implications for altering educational practice. Trends such as appearance, actions and language have set the pace that there are no absolutes, no common values, and no core set of moral ideas. Ethical relativism has become the norm due to our current society's vast historical events that have led to distinct changes in…. [read more]

Activities of the U.S. Criminal Research Paper

… According to a New York Times article, the number of violent and property crimes in the United States had begun to plummet significantly in 2010, with a prevalence in small towns, to what appeared to be "the lowest rate in nearly 40 years" (Oppel, 2011), and this amazed experts who, based on historical lessons, had foreseen that criminality would naturally increase along with the accelerating economic crisis.

Despite this generally positive state of affairs, New York City stood out through its astoundingly proliferating patterns of rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and larceny cases, while admittedly downgrading to -18,64% in murder cases and -13,19% in motor vehicle theft cases. In fact, whereas a uniformly spread, steady growth rate shared by some types of crime is not…. [read more]

Employment Discrimination at Wal-Mart Foundation Essay

… But more than a handful of young ladies sewing garments in a classic version of a sweatshop are caught up in the Wal-Mart debacle. More than one million workers are employed at Wal-Mart, the majority of whom are women (Gary, 2011, Jay, 2011).

Part and parcel of the workers' rights violations at Wal-Mart is the patent discrimination against women workers. "In 1999, women constituted 72% of Wal-Mart's hourly employees, but only 33% of its managerial employees" (Bhatnagar, 2004). Employee grievances of any type at Wal-Mart appear to result in punitive managerial actions, up to and including dismissal. But grievances related to sexual discrimination in wages and promotions are treated particularly harshly, such that, a female employee at Wal-Mart who grieves her situation may find herself…. [read more]

Solving Conflict in the Workplace Term Paper

… Solving Conflict in the Workplace

[Type the document title]

Over the last 25 years globalization has had a major impact upon the workplace. Where, it is increasing the overall amounts of competition among a variety of businesses and employees. An indirect result of this is: the increased amounts of conflict within the workplace. Simply put, conflict is when there is a difference of opinions, necessities or expectations. During the course of conducting business, it can often occur between: employees, management, with other businesses / customers or combination of these different elements. ("About Workplace Conflict," n.d.) if any kind of potential conflicts are not dealt with quickly, the business could suffer a number of different challenges over the short to long-term. Where, it will play a…. [read more]

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