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Health Care Finance Financial Analyst Essay

… 16). He goes on to note that in the long-term, helping those in financial need stirs a lot of good will and loyalty that will not be forgotten, bringing in more revenue in terms of repeat-business within a hospital (Bristow, 2009, p. 16).

While there are certain expenditures that must remain nearly intact, such as labor costs and liability costs, there are several ways to alleviate other hospital expenditures with the utilization of outside help. In this sense, there are other opportunities that can be utilized in order to beat the recession. Where expenses are often made within hospitals for research and teaching to improve and deliver services to their respective communities, these endeavors can be paid for in full or in part through the…. [read more]

Health Care Management the Financial Term Paper

… That allowed me to call up the 990 for the Mt. Sinai in New York. This organization runs the famous Manhattan hospital. Finding this information was much more difficult. The 990 is an IRS form, not an SEC form, and again there are far fewer stakeholders who need access to the form. One must be very specific in searching for it, much more so than with a for-profit company, where there is a higher degree of transparency and greater degree of access to key information.

6. Universal Health Services in the company for which I have obtained the 10-K, for the fiscal year of 2011. The customer base depends on how one views the issue, as there are two types of customers -- the end…. [read more]

Healthcare Management in Today Essay

… Without the proper way to handle coding, ACOs, and other issues that surround medical billing and the financial aspects of a medical practice, physicians, hospitals, and their staff can struggle to stay afloat. They have to be able to charge patients for their services, but they also have to be able to raise and lower prices properly so that they stay in line with what other practices are charging and can afford to pay the third-party billing company they work with. Collection of delinquent accounts, paying for supplies and insurance, and making sure staff are fairly compensated are all issues that are worthy of consideration. If they are not all taken care of by the practice manager or delegated to others, an otherwise good medical…. [read more]

Healthcare Quality Measurement Compare Essay

… For instance, the study by Howie (2009) finds that "estimations of preventable adverse events as a result of medical errors range from at least 44,000 to as many as 98,000 American deaths annually." (p. 649)

The study asserts that many of these fatalities could be prevented through more thorough reporting of medical errors. The use of such reporting as a measure of performance quality could connect directly to a reduction in negative health outcomes owing to medication errors. Other examples are that cited in the article by Park et al., which evaluates the usefulness of nursing home report cards as a measurement tool. Park et al. confirm the idea expressed by the CMS that incentivizing measurement accountability can yield willing and constructive participation. According to…. [read more]

Health Care Delivery Systems Research Paper

… The best practices principles identified by the World Health Organization are: (1) The partnership or collaborative arrangement demonstrates a clear added value; (2) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has a clear goal that concerns a priority area for WHO; (3) The partnership or collaborative arrangement supports national development objectives; (4) The partnership or collaborative arrangement ensures adequate participation of stakeholders; (5) The roles of partners are clear; (6) Pursuit of the public health goal takes precedence over the special interests of participants; (7) The structure of the partnership or collaborative arrangement corresponds to the proposed functions; and (8) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has an evaluation or self-monitoring mechanism.

8. Key Strategic Planning Elements in Healthcare Systems Management

The strategic planning elements most frequently utilized…. [read more]

Healthcare Management: Compliance and Regulation Essay

… This will prevent fatigue and any illnesses that may arise in the employees.

There are different types of work shift with variations in the number of shifts, shift duration, rest periods between days off and shifts and shift rotation. While allocating a shift, it is important to carry out a risk assessment and embrace control measures. This will minimize exposure to dangers arising from the occupation. Complying with regulatory and legal issues often protects employees from legal action, which may result into their prosecution or sacking.

Concisely, legal and regulatory compliance issues pose a major threat to the reputation and financial status of the organization. As such, companies ensure that regulatory compliance is followed to the letter. This can be achieved through frequent evaluation and…. [read more]

Healthcare Management Australia's Health Care Essay

… Just as has been enumerated initially, state government funding for healthcare mainly comes from general taxation; block grants and specific purpose payments from the Australian government; funding from state fiscal resources; and funding from non-governmental sources. A state Health Departments budget must be within its budgetary process. Health grants to the states from the Commonwealth are disbursed based on population formula and performance measurements. States that secure large health grants are more likely to suffer reduced revenue from the Commonwealth. Some of the grants given to individual states are subject to fiscal equalization (Healy, Sharman & Lokuge, 2006). This equalization done by the Commonwealth Grants Commission is meant to ensure that all states are capable of providing adequate health services without levying higher taxes on…. [read more]

Healthcare Finance Efficiency and Effectiveness Essay

… " (p. 3)

Outcome driven treatment essentially means that effectiveness is measured entirely according to the patient's experience.

Works Cited:

Cipriano, P. (2011). Achieving Value in Healthcare Through Efficiency and Effectiveness. Dell, Inc.

Student 3:

Define and describe efficiency and effectiveness. What are the differences between efficiency and effectiveness? How can a healthcare organization use this information?

The healthcare system in the United States is undergoing massive reform right now. Among the many objectives of the Affordable Care Act are the imperatives to create greater efficiency and effectiveness in the healthcare system. The former of these refers to the speed and economic management of treatment while the latter refers to the consequence of that treatment.

Hospitals should use this information as a way of improving…. [read more]

Health Care Changes and Trends Essay

… The same is true of aging, which must be treated with greater care and attentiveness as individuals live longer.


As noted above, system-wide changes such as the advance EHRs are valuable but require an evaluation of new technology. (Elmore, p. 1) This evaluation should include a cost-benefit analysis in which we assess the risks to privacy as compared to the benefits to system efficiency.

Other areas of technological advance include the introduction of new medicines such as "an intelligent pill that can be programmed to deliver targeted doses of medication to patients with digestive disorders such as Crohn's disease, colitis, and colon cancer." (CSC, p. 1) New devices such as advanced imaging machinery and surgical robotics are also leading to incredible advances in treatment…. [read more]

Health Care in the U.S Term Paper

… The Spanish System

The health care system in Spain is still reeling from the recent global recession. High unemployment rates are expected to continue, which places a strain on the ability to support the national health care system (OECD, 2011b). The ability of the national health care system in Spain to provide services depends on an inflow of taxes from the people. Anything that harms the economy also harms the national health care system. The same is true in the United States, only the impact is not as great, because the system is not entirely dependent upon government funds.

The national health care system and Spain is known as the SNS. It is operated by the National Ministry of Health and Social Policy. It is…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform History of Socialized Medicine American Term Paper

… Healthcare Reform

History of Socialized Medicine

American Health care history

Allopathic vs. Homeopathic Approaches to Healing

The medical industrial complex

The Affordable Care Act in Detail

Impact of the Affordable Health Care Act on Nursing Profession

The New Face of Health Care

Challenges for the Health Care Industry

The Prevalence of Doubt

All of this regard about the state of the American health care system has been reaching what some may call a slow boil. It is no surprise that Health care at the moment ranks among the top three concerns that the American public wants those in legislation to address, and it is most sure intertwined with rising concerns in regards to the financial uncertainty. The increasing price of healthcare in today's economy is…. [read more]

Healthcare Economics Evaluation Essay

… ) use (CDC, 2011)(SAPRP, 2013).

Another main dimension of healthcare costs being inflated artificially by bad choices and behaviors is mostly through chronic and/or catastrophic events like heart disease, Type II Diabetes (but not Type I) and other maladies that are sometimes engendered through heredity and other genetic factors but are often the result of protracted and wide-spread bad habits such as lack of exercise, bad diet or a combination of the two.

If the body is abused enough over time, it will eventually start buckling from the abuse and the health care costs skyrocket for that person. People that are poorer and less educated often tend to fall into this group and they often do not have the resources to combat their health problem…. [read more]

Canada Healthcare Essay

… In spite of the available risk, a research on the costs and quality of contracted-out elective services, in part due to the fact monitoring systems tend to be seldom in place. It becomes of significance to keep in mind that contracting with private providers will not always be synonymous with bringing the free market into health care.

The Canada government can find it possible to introduce market forces, especially competition among providers, while not having any form of private ownership. The government can also intervene in turning the private capacity into reduced wait times. Private companies will not likely to brave high the markets of healthcare entry and exit costs not until they are offered a guaranteed revenue stream, which always is supposed to come…. [read more]

Consultant of Healthcare Industry Research Paper

… Consultant Evaluation/Healthcare Industry

You are in the role of a consultant with ten years experience in the health care insurance industry. A group of 20 doctors are considering forming a new medical group and have asked you to prepare a report on whether they should build a facility in an area within 30 miles of the downtown center of your 500,000 population city for $100 million dollars. Prepare a report for the management team of the doctor's group on your proposed $100 million expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives including the financial, legal, alternative health care models, reinforced by your knowledge of strategic planning and capital budgeting.

The benefits of this proposal are truly overwhelming. One of the most major benefits of the…. [read more]

Healthcare Policy Reform Literature Review

… Healthcare Reform

Review of Literature: Healthcare Reform Debate

Review of Literature; Health Care Reform Debate

The debate regarding the reformation of health care in the U.S. has been heated for decades, with real change plans being proposed by several sitting presidential administrations beginning near the close of WWII. All of these administrations' proposals were the source of near endless debate and ranged in nature from full universal state sponsored health coverage to massive overhauls of the current fee for service private pay option, usually including a sizable public funding option. (Helms, 2006, pp. 5-6) According to Helms and many other experts on the subject of health care reform this dichotomy is the basic outline of the debate regarding health care reform, as some believe that…. [read more]

Business of Health Care Term Paper

… Coverage -- In a move to give health insurance coverage, additional people will generate a new trend of challenges. Failure to improve access means there would be still a problem in care delivery. Medicaid and Medicaid patients have demonstrated it challenging to find a physician or doctor. Having adequate health care providers to take care of new patients will be in short supply (Kolker, 2011). Besides the downside of the new provision, there is much opportunity.

Opinion of the ideal health care system

It must be noted that the GDP of the United States is higher than that of other nations; consequently, the United States' higher rate of healthcare expenditure is immense. Other numerous elements influencing health including social and cultural conditions, economic and social…. [read more]

Health Care Drivers for Increased Medicaid Funding Research Paper

… Health Care Drivers for increased Medicaid funding: A study in the United States.

The Per capita health care spending has increased to about 2,814 in 1990 to more than $7,000 today. With such increased amounts, it is obvious that everyone in America would not be able to afford such so much. This led to the creation and the need for a program like Medicaid. Medicaid is basically a national health insurance program for people with low income. In the year 2000, about 42.7 million people received Medicaid. (Einhorn 25) This shows that Medicaid itself was a program that was a crucial factor in the medical necessities of a lot of people. The demand for health care is still expected to increase thus making an even…. [read more]

Case Management Managed Care Research Paper

… Healthcare

The Impacts of Case Management and Managed Care on Health Care Cost Reduction

The United States has the priciest health care system in the world, with per capita health expenditures far above those of any other country. For a lot of years, U.S. health care expenditures have been rising faster than the overall rate of inflation in the economy. A few experts have disputed that high and rising costs are not such a grave problem. "Most observers disagree with this view, pointing to the negative impact of employee health care costs on employers, the government budgetary problems caused by rising health care expenditures, and an association between high health care costs and reduced access for individuals needing health services" (Bodenheimer, 2005).

Managing health care…. [read more]

Fraud and Abuse Case Healthcare Essay

… In the case of fraud and abuse cases risk areas identified include; improper coding and billing, avoidance of improper inducements, encoding, unbundling.

When carrying out a baseline audit, risks areas are factored in especially when performing an internal review. The review can be self-audit meaning it can be performed by a facility billing and healthcare staff. This should be carried out periodically to bring into attention the follow-up of compliance programs. In case of problems portrayed by baseline audit or overpayment repayment is done and frequent monitoring is enhanced.

Written policies and procedures

This policies and procedures guide the staff and enable them to tackle with crisis. These standards include the risk areas identified. The responsibilities and expectations of employees are included in the code…. [read more]

Privatization of Healthcare Services Dissertation

… With this reality check and overall change in approach permissions were granted to individuals for setting up and running private hospitals with government regulations. This revived the private sector and many public institutions were privatized over night. Both types of institutions private and public still co-exist in China but number of private hospitals and clinics remain far greater. In most cities the private hospitals and clinics privatized at an incredible speed going from 40% of all institutions in 1998 to 56% private institutions in 2005, this rapid privatization led to establishment of un-registered private entities (Black Clinics). Earlier to 1980 there were four groups who were allowed to setup and run private practice; First group was individual practitioners with a license prior to the Cultural…. [read more]

Flows in Health Care Research Paper

… Patients departing their home country in search of remedial treatment abroad, is indeed not a new happening, though, the swift growth and the extent of medical travel are new. It is anticipated that medical travel will grow up further in the near future providing new horizons for growth.

The costs are high due to the following factors:

So much paperwork from so many insurance companies (paperwork costs money, insurance companies also charge money for their services). Hospitals keep old people for too long in hospitals. Senior health care professionals are not willing to refer their patients to junior health care professionals whereas; senior health care professionals are expensive. Increasing cases of obesity is also increasing the health care costs. As doctors and hospital managers know…. [read more]

Healthcare Crisis Essay

… Therefore these two programs are truly a step in advancement of healthcare in the U.S. since they target the vulnerable in the society; low income earners, elderly and disabled (Sharfstein, Fontanarosa & Bauchner, 2010).

All people who work in healthcare delivery systems have to understand how the healthcare e organizations are governed, managed and held accountable. Decisions and behaviors of board of directors and managers affect the amount and quality of the resources that stakeholders contribute to such organizations. Therefore those working in these healthcare organizations have to ensure that the systems are well run and managed. Owners and managers of healthcare organizations are held accountable by certain forces which are supposed to be of these forces is client satisfaction this is a very…. [read more]

U.S. Healthcare Hard Economic Case Study

… People, no matter how much economists would like this, are not just numbers. Solutions to problems cannot involve simple economic because the winners and losers scenario is untenable to most people when they are declared the healthcare number's lottery loser. It would seem like a better idea to look at what the numbers suggest, and then look for other means to use the finite resources so that the expensive treatments do not individually affect the system to such a great extent.

One method, suggested in an article by Sullivan (2010), is to use similar therapies which have been proven more cost effective, but, for some reason, are not being utilized. The article in question looks at two modalities for dialysis treatment in patients who have…. [read more]

Financial Management for Nurses Essay

… Working together, a more proactive and congenial model can work wonders in a hospital unit, it simply takes cooperation from all sides (Productivity Measures, 2008).


Productivity Measures in Need of an Image Overhaul. (July-August 2008). The Business of Caring. 4 (7): 1-15.

Anderson, S. (2007). Deadly Consequences: The Hidden Impact of Nursing Shortages. National Foundation for American Policy. Retrieved from:

Brown, M., ed. (1992). Nursing Management: Issues and Ideas. Gaithersburg, MD: Aspen Publishers.

Clark, J. (2005). Improving hospital budgeting and accountability: A best practice approach. Healthcare Finance Management. 59 (7): 78-83.

Finkler, S., et al. (2007). Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Hall, L., ed. (2005). Quality Work Environments for Nurse and Patient Safety. Sudbury, MA: Jones and…. [read more]

Health Care Management Obstacles Term Paper

… According to the Mercer/Foster Higgins 2002 national survey of employer-sponsored health plans, the average cost of healthcare benefits for active employees increased 7.3% in 1999, 8.1% in 2000 and 11.2% in 2001. In 2002, costs were expected to rise an additional 12.7% or more (Becker, 2002).

Data from the American Assoc of Health Plans.

From this chart, the health care manager can see that only a small sector of the cost increase factors can be influenced by the health care manager. The health care manager can positively affect the provider expenses, by making good decisions the medical facilities manager can steer his organization away from litigation, and the medical staff has a direct influence over waste / fraud / and abuse. But these areas only…. [read more]

Healthcare Management Risk Essay

… Integrated risk management should hence be embedded in the corporate strategy of the organization and shape the risk management culture of the organization. Identification, assessment and management of risks across organizations will help reveal the importance of the entire sum of risks and independence of each of the parts (The World Bank Group, 2014).

Another proactive aspect of integrated risk management is the fact that it does not focus only on the minimization or mitigation of risks but at the same time it focusses on support activities that foster innovation in order to achieve greatest returns with acceptable costs, results and risks. When looking at a decision making perspective integrated risk management involves establishing hierarchical limit system and risk management committees that will help in…. [read more]

Financial Management Definition of Revenue Research Paper

… The second activity in registration is related to the computation of deductible or copayment provisions that are applicable to patient. The third activity in registration is related to financial counseling. Patients that have no cover might be eligible to some discounts through the healthcare firm's charity care policy. Anything that is still due can be discussed before service delivery. The entire process of registration is tied to the revenue cycle since vital information that will be used in billing is provided at this stage. If there was no registration then it would be a lengthy process for payments (Andrews, 2012).

Two types of forms used for health services billing

For healthcare providers there are two main categories of medical claims. These are CMS-1500 and CMS-1450.CMS-1500…. [read more]

Health Care Services for the Homeless Research Paper

… Health Care Services for the Homeless

An Analysis of Health Care for the Homeless, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today, one of the most significant problems facing underserved populations is an inability to obtain health care services in the marketplace. In fact, there is a strong relationship between homelessness and health; homeless people typically experience higher rates of physical illnesses than the general public, and in cases where access is severely limited, people will tend to use fewer health services and will typically experience worse health outcomes (Helvie & Kunstmann, 1999). Furthermore, the constraints to access of medically underserved and vulnerable populations is reflected in their higher mortality rates and increased rates of cancer, heart disease, strokes, and dental disease (Barrett, Epstein, Gaston & Johnson, 1998). Community health…. [read more]

Americans Healthcare Delivery Term Paper

… 13 As a way to keep costs down the nurse-practitioner to patient ratio tends to be higher then non-HMO services.14


U.S. reliance on market-based healthcare delivery coupled with various risk sharing schemes (insurance plans, HMOs, etc.) the costs of healthcare in the U.S. continues to rise while market forces that ordinarily act as checks in non-healthcare markets are distorted. The removal of the patient's knowledge of true costs to benefits relations, and the negative incentives for physicians to keep costs down contributes to an ever-increasing cost of healthcare.


1. ____ IMPACT OF PAYMENT AND ORGANIZATION ON COST, QUALITY AND EQUITY: PA NUMBER: PA-01-125. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Jonathan D. Moreno, Paying the Doctor: Health Policy and Physician Reimbursement, Auburn House,…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform Ways the Healthcare Reform Bill Thesis

… Healthcare Reform

Ways The Healthcare Reform Bill May Affect The Average American

Many of those who disagree with the proposed Healthcare Reform Bill actually agree that America's current health care system needs reform. Amidst concerns and challenges that counter and compliment the contemporary health care reform bill being considered by Congress, one primary question arises, the primary question this mixed methods research paper addresses: How may the current proposed Healthcare Reform Bill affect the average American?

In addition to accessing information through the literature review, this study conducts a 15 question survey via a questionnaire the researcher created. Ultimately, as the research paper answers the primary research questions and three relevant sub-questions, it stimulates more questions regarding the proposed Healthcare Reform Bill that only time,…. [read more]

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