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Home Depot Term Paper

… Home Depot is a major retailer in the United States specializing in home improvement supplies. Lowe's is a major competitor of Home Depot, being of similar size and scope, as well as having a similar business model. Home Depot is the larger of the two, and has more international operations, but these two firms make a great comparable of the financial statements of giant retailers because there are such strong similarities between the two. This report will feature the calculation of several key investment ratios, and this will be followed by qualitative analysis of the different factors surrounding the two companies. Lastly, there will be a recommendation about which of the two companies should be purchased by an investor.


There are several calculations that…. [read more]

Home Depot Is the Largest Research Paper

… However, it remains an interesting market.

Another market where Home Depot could consider expansion is the European one. The European market has several important advantages over the Chinese market. First of all, the purchasing power of Europeans is greater than that of Chinese. Second, the European market benefits from the coherent and overarching set of legislation known as the EU acquis, which makes doing business much easier. The European market could thus be another potential solution.

While this is already part of the company's policy, Home Depot could continue to improve its services and the diversity of products that it offers its clients. It could also potentially consider adding new services, such as consulting services during the do-it-yourself process: specialized teams that could come and…. [read more]

Home Depot vs. Lowe's Executive Compensation Term Paper

… Home Depot vs. Lowes executive compensation

Compensation and Executive Compensation

Across the world, executive compensation is undergoing extreme instability. Lower market positions and a slew of corporate scams have resulted in apprehension among the shareholders over every type of executive compensation, inclusive of cash, stock and other added benefits. While growing executive compensation levels comes under scanner along with sliding profits of companies and shares prices, it invites the wrath of shareholders and they insist corporate action from the board responsible. If we delve deep into the bleeding issues of corporate governance and their insulations on executive compensation, we discover that corporate scams in USA that have revealed the arbitrary basis on which executive pay is doled out that have led shareholders to doubt if…. [read more]

Home Depot Industry Term Paper

… " (Summary of Home Depot Inc.)

In comparison, Lowe's balance sheet (in millions) reports total assets of 18,109,000 and total liabilities, which amount to 15,000. Lowe's Income statement reports gross profits totaling 8,026,000 and EPS is 1.89. As you can see Home Depot's gross profits are more than double that of Lowe's. In addition, the overall operations and financial condition of Home Depot is better than that of Lowe's. Lowe's has a higher EPS and Stock Price than Home Depot and analysts report that there is a higher risk associated with purchasing Lowe's stock.

According to the daily closing price of Home Depot within the last month, discuss and explain how the stock price movement of Home Depot relate to the stock market index, and…. [read more]

Lowe's Companies Essay

… Either Lowe's sales efforts are not aggressive enough, or its assets are not being fully utilized.

Return on Sales








Industry Median




The return on sales ratio provides insight into how much profit Lowe's is producing per dollar of sales. Deferred revenue associated with stored-value cards is recognized when cards are redeemed. Lowe's return on sales declined from 2009 to 2011, indicating that the company is becoming less efficient. Comparison with industry median ratios shows Lowe's to be significantly below industry median ratios, indicating that the company is much less efficient than its competitors.

Return on Assets








Industry Median




Return on assets gives an idea of…. [read more]

Home Depot Case Study

… May be expanding too quickly and growing faster than corporate culture can handle

1. See C224 - distracting to existing stores

1. Corporate structure:

1. Promoting from within - only will get an inside prospective

1. Advertising

1. Their strategy calls for aggressive adverting (C230), yet their sales are growing exponentially, yet advertising is stagnate

1. Only targeting on sub-market - DIY

1. Suppliers

1. Purchasing from 1900 - seams too high

- Employee turnover

- Customer Service


1. Small market share in the home improvement supplies market

1. Approximately 5%

1. Overseas

1. Form partnerships with larger contractors

1. Form partnerships with suppliers

1. Use of newer technologies - such as the Internet

1. Attract new business

1. For example offer tips

1.…. [read more]

Home Depot Mission Statement Research Paper

… Human resources / employee benefits / career options

The Home Depot has always been searching for hard-working, dynamic individuals for jobs within the divisions of: retail (positioning customers first), logistics (concentrating on development), call center facilities (fulfilling consumer issues), merchandising (well-timed and efficient execution group) and corporate management (on the job work).

Diversity of organization

Home Depot carries a competitive edge over other companies within the marketplace by developing a facet of tightly held cost control as well as supplying premium worth to consumers via products collection and specialized services. Home Depot is presently working 1,778 shops within the U.S., Canada, along with Mexico. The Home Depot, Inc. is inside a hugely competitive marketplace which is based upon the elements of price, shop position, consumer…. [read more]

Home Depot Is the Giant Do-It-Yourself Term Paper

… Home Depot is the giant do-it-yourself home improvement chain selling a huge assortment of items. The customer driven company is known for its excellent customer service, helpful employees, professional clinics and in-store clinics building lasting relationships with customers by helping them to solve their problems. Today Home Depot is the largest in the U.S.A. with more than 355,000 employees and 2,114 stores.


Lowe Companies Inc. is the direct as well as major competitor of Home Depot. Lowe started as a regional hardware store and today has become number two home improvement chain. Lowe over the years has given stiff competition to Home Depot resulting in the resignation of its CEO Robert Nardelli this year due to stock's poor performance as compared to Lowe's. "Though…. [read more]

Home Depot and Management Tool Term Paper

… It gave the company an extra 15 hours per week which helped them schedule creation.

2. It improved the quality of schedules in the company in that store managers more effectively used the skills of their colleagues and employees across diverse departments

3. Employees could now see their jobs by logging into their system form home. This enabled them to do their work faster and better without wasting time. It, consequently, also saved the company money and gave customers less irritation.

Home Depot's new strategy proved successful economically too. At the end of 2011, Home Depot had earned $70.4 billion in revenue, up 3.5% from 2010. As of October 2012, a share of Home Depot costs more than $60, an increase of nearly 70% from…. [read more]

Lowe's Overall Assessment of the Health of the Franchise Research Paper

… Lowe's Companies is a major home improvement retailer. They offer repair, remodeling and maintenance products for both residential and commercial buildings. Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, the company employs 229,000 people ("Company overview," 2010). To further explore the current state of Lowe's this paper begins with a brief history of the company and the vision/strategy of the organization. This is followed by an exploration of the internal and external factors affecting the organization. The financial health of the company is presented, including profits and stock value. The more qualitative topic of the morale of company employees and the entrepreneurial spirit will also be discussed. Lastly, recommendations regarding how the CEO may improve his company will be overviewed.



Lowe's Companies is a major home…. [read more]

Lowe's Financial Strategy Essay

… 2% increase in the price of the stock over the past four years. This demonstrates that the strategy that Lowe's has employed has continued to generate interest, and investment, in the company.

The old strategy of holding a larger inventory of products seemed strong because it allowed customers to find products that they could not find elsewhere. The basic weakness is that this takes up too much shelf space in the store that could be given to better selling products and it reduces turnover time of the store's inventory. The opportunity was that it created more loyal customers supposedly, but the strategy also weakened the store because new customers were often unable to find the new products they wanted and went to competitors to find…. [read more]

Home Depot Long-Term Objectives Thesis

… Home Depot Long-Term Objectives

Home Depot Financials

In a December 2008 Fortune 300 report on 'Home Depot' it is stated that while " CEO Frank Blake took the helm early last year, but sales still slid nearly 7%. " (Fortune 500, Dec. 2008) the following lists the financials for Home Depot for 2007:

Home Depot Financials % change in U.S.$millions from 2006 to 2007 millions change from 2006




Stockholders' equity

Market value (3/28/2008)

Profits as % of Profits as % of Revenues


Stockholders' equity

Earnings per share (EPS)

Earnings per share

2007 $ change from 2006

1997-2007 annual growth rate %

Total Return to Investors

Total return to investors

1997-2007 annual rate

Source: Fortune 500 (2007)

Figure 5: Industry - Special…. [read more]

Home Depot's Blueprint for Culture Essay

… To ensure this was possible presidents and vice presidents of the regional division got together in order to agree on how centralized purchasing would occur. After this, they went a step further to create the necessary team and assign employees their new roles. This demonstrates the structure that the company needed to ensure that it achieved centralized purchasing.

The change at Home depot was all about cultural changes in the way business was conducted. The change was considered successful because of the way it was implemented. The team identified the people affected by the changes and helped them in defining the problem and the design of the solution. The team also used concrete data which everyone could access. Change is a step process, and the…. [read more]

Income Statments Home Depot Essay

… As with Home Depot, Lowe's saw its net income at its highest in FY2008, with $2.809 billion, and it has remained significantly below that level since then. The company earned more revenue in FY2012 but had a lower level of net income, which indicates that it has faced more internal struggles than its rival even as it has handled the challenges in the external environment better.

Wolseley earned $60 billion last year, down 78.% from the $281.6 billion it earned the year before. This company has had the biggest struggles with the economy. By 2008, Wolseley was already struggling and earned just $242 million from continuing operations. The next two years saw Wolseley lose over $1 billion combined. It has not earned back those losses…. [read more]

HD Low Home Depot Essay

… The company has resumed share buybacks but as with Home Depot it now would benefit from resuming its expansion and putting more money into capital expenditures. This effort would result in higher revenue growth and may also support profit growth as well. Capital expenditures to improve efficiency could allow Lowe's to restore its margins. The company has done well through the recession, but must again change its cash flow patterns in order to build for the future years upcoming.

Wolseley is in a slightly different position, because the company has faced a double dip recession in its main market of the U.K. Wolseley should not, under these economic circumstances, restore its capital expenditures just yet. If anything the company should continue exiting some countries where…. [read more]

Strategy Management Current Situation Home Case Study

… There are a number of options on the table for renewed growth. The first is to continue with the strategies already in place. This option is reasonable, given the demographic situation. The U.S. is facing an aging population, and if Home Depot is well-positioned to meet the needs of older customers, it will find that this market is growing over time. This alone will provide Home Depot with growth opportunities.

The second alternative is to take a defensive strategy. New housing starts have been falling for 18 months at this point. While the economy is not in recession yet, the sluggish housing market would seem to indicate that Home Depot can expect a slowdown in its business. While the company might want to grow, should…. [read more]

Case for Analysis a Centralized Structure Transforms Home Depot Case Study

… ¶ … Centralized Structure Transforms Home Depot

The centralization of the most critical shared support functions of Home Depot including customer service, information systems, supply chain management, pricing and administration led to the company attaining higher levels of collaboration and cost savings compared to competitors (Pearce II, Doh, 2005). Home Depot relies on a centralized structure for managing tis most intensively shared resources. As competitors including Lowe's and comparable mass merchandiser Walmart have discovered, the ability to centralize pricing and product merchandising management, analyze the results of strategies daily, and react quickly to the market have significant competitive advantages. This is one of the primary factors in Walmart's success for example. Home Depot also centralizes these functions for economies of scale and to achieve the…. [read more]

Nardelli's Sweeping Initiatives, Culture Change at Home Term Paper

… ¶ … Nardelli's sweeping initiatives, culture change at Home Depot was inevitable. However, Nardelli underestimated the value that culture had, and its contribution to the bottom line. Nardelli felt that he could make all of his changes without dramatically altering the corporate culture, yet some of those changes such as HDTV had a strong cultural component to them. The road forward for Home Depot should focus on retaining or restoring the company's core cultural elements while simultaneously retaining many of Nardelli's business initiatives. The culture at Home Depot resulted in strong customer service that attracted customers. It was a differentiating factor for the company. With Wal-Mart already taking up some of the low end of this market, HD needs to retain strong differentiation in order…. [read more]

Lowe s and Home Depot Research Paper

… When it comes to the financials, in 2015, Home Depot notices an increase in their second quarter sales of 4.2% (Market Watch, 2016). The same good news came for Lowe's which saw an increase in sales of 4.3%. In the second quarter of 2015, Home Depot had a net sales of $24,829 and cost of sales of $16,464 leading to a gross profit of $8,365. Lowe's had a lower net sales of $17, 348 and cost of sales of $11,367 with a gross profit of $5,981. The GAAP EPS for Home Depot was $1.73. The GAAP EPS of Lowe's was $1.20. While Lowe's expects no change in 2016 in terms of shares (it rose to 2% at one point in 2015), Home Depot increased its…. [read more]

Logistics @ Lowe Case Study

… Lowe's is not in a position of overt weakness right now but the whole "evolve or die" credo that cost Blockbuster its prior existence is going to start picking off retailers other than Sears/K-Mart and JC Penney. Yum Foods (Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/KFC) and McDonald's are in the same boat within the restaurant sector as upstarts like Chipotle, Five Guys, Panera and others are eating away at potential market share. The big-box store is never going to go away but revenue streams from the brick and mortar stores are going to start falling if they have not already.

From a logistical standpoint, this means that Lowe's will need to take a dual pronged approach. The logistics of an online portal are obviously going to be different…. [read more]

Stock Analysis the Home Depot Was Founded Term Paper

… Stock Analysis

The Home Depot was founded, according to the company website, in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently operating more than 1,900 stores such as The Home Depot, EXPO Design Center, The Home Depot Supply and other subsidiary companies across North America. The company boasts being the world's largest home improvement retailer and defines its business as addressed to "do-it-yourself, do-it-for me and professional customers who serve the home improvement construction and building maintenance market segments." The company feels it has "revolutionized the home improvement industry by offering an unparalleled selection of products and services under one roof." The statement is not far from the truth, since 40,000 different kinds of building materials and lawn and garden products are sold in HD stores…. [read more]

Non-Price Competition Between Home Depot Term Paper

… Lowe's has restructured its product positioning throughout the store. Traditionally women have been scared off from all of the most basic home improvement products outside of lawn and garden. To successfully reach this gender group Lowe's have designed stores that are lighted and featured wider uncluttered aisles. Their main goal is to make women feel comfortable when shopping without jeopardizing the male class (Fredrick, 60).

Recently Home Depot has been focusing its advertising and marketing campaign on Hispanic marketing. Home Depot's new objectives have also been providing numerous creative approaches and campaigns that are strategically aligned with the general-market work.

The Home Depot Inc. is keeping steady pace to maintain its stature as the No. 1 U.S. home improvement retailer. Recognizing Lowe's competitive efforts, Home…. [read more]

Internal and External Audit of Home Depot Thesis

… Home Depot is relatively strong financially. They have decent liquidity ratios with a current ratio of 1.21 and a quick ratio of 0.29. The quick ratio would be considered low except that HD has a strong interest coverage ratio of 13.47, meaning that it takes less than a month to cover the interest expense of the entire year. The firm has a debt-to-equity ratio of 61.8%, which is in the ideal capital structure range for a relatively stable (beta = 0.65), relatively mature (revenue growth of less over the last two years) company. Revenues are stabilizing even as the company continues to expand, indicating a decline in same store sales, a key measure of success in the retail world.

Home Depot's margins are strong. They…. [read more]

Financial Review of Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse Term Paper

… Financial Review Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse

Lowe's History and Overview

The home improvement industry is one of the few industries that have grown in the past five years. The industry growth can be seen as a reflection of the increased homeownership rates and capital availability from mortgage refinances that have been made possible by the lowered interests rates in this challenged economy. Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse

Lowe's Companies, Inc. is a home improvement retailer, with a specific emphasis on retail do-it-yourself (DIY) and commercial business customers. Lowe's specializes in offering products and services for home improvement, home decor, home maintenance, home repair and remodeling and maintenance of commercial buildings.

Though the DIY demographic is changing, detailed later, the home improvement industry shows no signs of…. [read more]

Culture Change and Leadership Home Essay

… To tackle the issue of poor inventory, weak cash flow and low margins, he initiated a centralized purchasing, an idea that would give the chain store a higher buying power leverage than its competitors like Lowe's, as well as curbing the differences that emerged in the stocks from one store to another and brewing a potential conflict. To aid this process, Robert ensured that the performance data was presented before the relevant parties and decisions as to what and where to purchase from was made in a collective manner.

There was need to re-evaluate the significance of the layout that was adopted over the years in the stores. With time, the haphazard layout and the lack of signage was no longer relevant particularly with clients…. [read more]

Advertising in America's Fastest Growing Sport of NASCAR Term Paper

… Advertising and NASCAR

NASCAR and Advertising

In the book NASCAR for Dummies, Martin and Ruschak admit "races are on TV, racetracks are in nearly every part of the country, and drivers have their pictures on cereal boxes and billboards." They also talk about the corporate involvement in the sport and why "NASCAR is one big, uninterrupted commercial for motor oil, beer, and laundry detergent" (Martin, p. 5). The sport has been criticized for becoming one huge promotion and no one knows what is being promoted more, the race or the sponsors of the race. The big networks also leverage the popularity of the sport and the audience it brings to sell their advertising during commercials that drown out racing team sponsors. Some say the viewing…. [read more]

Hal's Hardware Research Paper

… Hal's Hardware is a multi-state business that is expanding its reach via an upgraded website and online shopping experience. The company has a number of strengths including regional brand recognition, a good salesperson training program and a good presence in the community. Hal's has some weaknesses, however, including the company's lack of online marketing experience and the company's lack of a strong national brand. Hal's faces intense competition and also faces threats from the possibility that its suppliers will become competitors (forward integration) and from general economic factors as the hardware industry is heavily dependent on the overall health of the economy (Armour, 2009). There are opportunities, however, in that the company can expand geographically, can carve out a niche as a differentiated player in…. [read more]

Equity Analysis the Industry Term Paper

… Equity Analysis

The industry that I have chosen is the Home Improvement Store industry. The five largest companies in this space are Home Depot, Lowe's, Lumber Liquidators, Builders FirstSource and Orchard Supply Hardware. The largest two of these by market cap account for most of the industry's total market cap. Both Home Depot and Lowe's are mass market retailers with a cost leadership strategy and national scope.

Home Depot has a share price of $60.96. It has the broadest geographic scope because of a small number of international operations (Canada, Puerto Rico). Home Depot's revenue is increasing steadily, as is its net income. Those are encouraging signs, because investors need to see future growth potential. All firms in the industry have their growth potential tied…. [read more]

Solutions to Enhance the Value of Home Depot Term Paper

… Solutions to Enhance the Value of Home Depot

Presently, the Home Depot has over 1800 warehouse style home improvement stores spread over the United States, Canada and Mexico and is providing the decisive home improvement shopping experience. Such stores fulfill the requirements of all sorts of home improvement customers, from novice to specialists. (the Home Depot Inc.) the greatest challenge that the Home Depot is facing is maintaining the growth in the coming years. Let us analyze the strategies which can be adopted by the company in this venture.

Move into the Asian market - china centralization

The Home Deport is reaching the saturation levels of its stores in the U.S. necessitating the requirement of diversifying into the professional services and international arenas. (Home Depot…. [read more]

Investment Portfolio Essay

… Investment Portfolio

Home Depot (HD) has had sluggish stock performance in recent years. The company over the past three years has just barely outperformed the S&P Index, after lagging the index for the bulk of that time. The closest comparable is Lowe's, which has seen performance generally better than HD, but Home Depot has outperformed Lowe's in recent months. Another comparable is Wal-Mart, and that stock has outperformed Home Depot by a considerable margin over the past three years. Home Depot has a beta of 0.71, which indicates that performance should be less volatile than that of the general market. This has not been the case in recent years, as Home Depot has been more volatile. Part of the decline in stock performance is that…. [read more]

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