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Lucifer Effect Essay

… Lucifer Effect

Most people who watch the news at night sit in awe of the cruelty of others. "How could he kill his boss?" "Why would a mother harm her children?" What is clear is that there is bad in the world -- and, of course, there is good as well -- but who are these bad people and were they ever good? Philip Zimbardo's work, the Lucifer Effect (2007), delves into precisely this topic. He notes that, "Lucifer, the 'light bearer,' was God's favorite angel until he challenged God's authority and was cast into Hell along with his band of fallen angels" (3). Thus we are led to consider the idea that the greatest evils are not executed by fanatics or what we would…. [read more]

Lucifer Effect: Philip G. Zimbardo the Review Book Review

… ¶ … Lucifer Effect: Philip G. Zimbardo

The review of Philip Zimbardo's the Lucifer Effect starts by briefly describing the psychological experiment that sparked Zimbardo's initial nterest in the underpinnings of evil. The Stanford Prison Experiment consisted of 24 students, half acting out the role of prison guard and the other half as prisoners. The experiment's incredulous outcome was devastating. Five 'prisoners' were discharged early on account of "extreme depression, disorganized thinking, uncontrollable crying and fits of rage." One even developed a psychosomatic rash after being rejected from his mock parole hearing. This experiment shockingly demonstrated the power of situations and how xtreme situations can overpower personality traits, values, rationale, and common sense.

years after Zimbardo conducted this experiment, he published a book that attempts…. [read more]

Faustus and Everyman an Analysis of Resemblance Term Paper

… Faustus and Everyman

An Analysis of Resemblance: Faustus and Everyman

Marlow's Doctor Faustus can be viewed on various levels, four of which are worth mentioning: First, Doctor Faustus can be considered as "Homiletic tragedy" in which the protagonist incarnates intellectual pride, compared with both Icarus and Lucifer -- existing simply to be punished. Second, it can be interpreted as a new kind of psychological play for the conflict lies entirely within the hero himself (Faustus) who is actually torn between conflicting worldly desires, religious commitments and ethical requirement. Third, it may well be seen as "blasphemous" or a heroic anti-morality play because, according to the humanist view, Faustus rebels against the limitation of medieval knowledge and does not accept the restriction put upon mankind decreeing…. [read more]

Tyger by William Blake Term Paper

… ¶ … Tyger

Poem of Pulsating Questioning -- theological troubles in the structure of William Blake's "The Tyger"

How can the world be good, if there is evil in the world? How can the creator of the world, God, be good, if evil beings and evil actions exist in the world? The existence of evil animals, in William Blake's "The Tyger" motivates the poet to ask potentially sacrilegious questions about the natural goodness of the earth's creation, and, by extension, the goodness of the world's creator. The poet Blake structures his poem upon a series of question that similarly compel the reader to ask penetrating theological questions, and to enter a state of uncertainty about the goodness of the world that is never resolved.

Blake…. [read more]

Inferno, Canto 12 by Alighieri Term Paper

… Just as Theseus managed to outwit the beast with a clue to the labyrinth, Dante outwits the beast with his own wits, and learns that violence is not always solved by more violence. This knowledge will also guide him along the rest of his journey. Just as Lucifer represents the ultimate evil in the story, and Beatrice represents the ultimate good, there are many other references to good and evil throughout, and the Minotaur is another of these references. Dante learns violence and anger are also evil, and do not serve us in our lives. God does not employ them, and so we should not either. Violence just causes more violence in the end, and the Minotaur is the proof of this, as he angrily…. [read more]

Old Testament by Elemer L Book Review

… However, attempting to portray people in the Old Testament as ordinary people and actually accomplishing this feat are two different things, and the degree of efficacy that Towns' produces in his undertaking is somewhat questionable. The very nature of the Old Testament and the people depicted in it is considerably at variance with most people of the present time. One only needs to look at the lifespan of many Old Testament people, who routinely lived hundreds of years or at least past the age of 100, to note some very key distinctions between such subjects and the regular people who populate the earth today. Moreover, some of the feats accomplished by the Old Testament personages are almost ineffable and beyond the comprehension of many of…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Career Essay

… How does this contribute to building theory?

Building of theory cannot be in a vacuum. It is from existing set of beliefs or views that an individual comes in to formulate a theory that either concurs with or seeks to challenge the paradigm and perpetuate a varying paradigm shift.

What is a variable?

A variable in research is an entity that can be altered like the values or the characteristics of the entity. They are used to find out if the change of the variable would necessarily mean the alteration in the results of an item.

Explain the difference between an independent variable and a dependent variable. Provide an example of each.

The independent variable is the value that is being manipulated and changed in…. [read more]

Filmmaking Has Experienced a Series of Advancements Research Proposal

… Filmmaking has experienced a series of advancements with time and to this day countless movies have been made on nearly every possible theme that one can think of. One of the most controversial topics involved in filmmaking is queer cinema, with its rebellious methods of condemning the heterosexual film business and the heterosexual society. Despite the fact that queer cinema has recently turned into a commercial product, filmmakers such as Gregg Araki have proved that its true concept has not been affected among its true followers.

During the early ages of film, directors and producers had only based their movies of conventional stories that did not involve any eccentric acts. As the film business evolved, though, filmmakers started be more confident in their powers and…. [read more]

Belief Systems of Christians Term Paper

… It is interesting to note that many of the angels have similar names in both of the religions, even though the Arabic names appear different. In both religions, there are angels with the names of Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael, and they are mentioned in the English translation of the Qur'an. It says, "Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel - for he brings down the (revelation) to your heart by God's will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings to those who believe - Whoever is an enemy to God, and His angels and prophets, to Gabriel and Michael - Lo! God is an enemy to those who reject Faith" (2:97-98, Ali, 2000, p. 21). The Bible mentions many of the same…. [read more]

Song -- Go and Catch Essay

… " (Lines 1-5). Only in line 6 does he indicate that it is his besotted envy that is driving him to write this poem and that, most likely, this envy comes through disappointed love (line 13). The conclusion of the first stanza turns from the metaphysically absurd to reality, the element of envy.

The second stanza sharpens the suspense. This is typical of Dunne's poetry. Injected with humor, and occasionally cynicism, Donne compels the reader's curiosity until the end where, in the final stanza, Donne compares the impossibility of accomplishing or seeing these phenomena to the rarity of a faithful woman and then, assuming an opponent's point-of-view, he asserts that even were such a woman to exist, she would be faithless by the time he…. [read more]

Magic in "The Castle Term Paper

… Ambrosio, tempted by Matilda's sexuality, began to give in to his sexual desires, and later, into his evil needs, which is illustrated in his killing of Elvira in Part 3, Chapter 2 of the novel. When the people learned of Ambrosio's descent to the world of evil, he and Matilda was prosecuted and subjected under savage torture in order to illicit from them confessions about their offenses against the society and against their religion ("The Abbot was not merely accused of rape and murder: The crime of Sorcery was laid to his charge, as well as to Matilda's. She had been seized as an Accomplice in Antonia's assassination."). Matilda, who cannot bear any longer the torture and condemnation of the people, subsisted to the help…. [read more]

Dr. Faustus, and Streetcar Named Desire (Drama Thesis

… Dr. Faustus, and Streetcar Named Desire (Drama Analysis Research)

Considering the lives of Blanche and of Faustus, one can unsurprisingly assume that the plays A Streetcar Named Desire and Doctor Faustus are tragedies. The behavior displayed by both main characters eventually leads to their distress. In spite of the fact that the protagonists of the two plays would want things to return to normal, they are aware that there is nothing that they can do to better things. It is not only their past actions that have led to Blanche and Faustus being unable to regain their former glory, but it had also been their flawed character. The problem in Blanche's nature is that she constantly drives people away by lying and by being arrogant.…. [read more]

Jackson Pollock the World Term Paper

… Jackson Pollock



According to Anthony White, the abstract paintings of the American artist Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) "are among the highest achievements of 20th-century art," and during "an unparalleled period of creativity from the late 1940s to the early 1950s, Pollock abandoned the conventional tools and methods of the painter, putting aside brushes, artist's paint and traditional composition, and poured and flung house paint directly onto large canvases placed on the floor." This unique and startling artistic style "had an enormous impact on contemporary art" which can still be sensed even today ("Jackson Pollock: Before Blue Poles," Internet).

In order to understand and appreciate the world of Jackson Pollock and his amazing art, we must first explore the…. [read more]

Tolkien's Legendarium: Role of Tragedy Term Paper

… In the tale of Turin, the moral appears to be that man is not in this world alone but rather that there is an evil force that hates him and wants to destroy him and man must take stock of it.

Prometheus Bound

In this tale by Aeschylus, Prometheus is chained to a mountain for disobeying Zeus and giving the gift of fire and the arts to mankind. Prometheus rejects Zeus’s antipathy towards man and refuses to tell Zeus what the leader of the gods wants to know regarding a possible insurrection against his power. Zeus strikes Prometheus with a thunderbolt, sending him into an abyss of darkness.

The tale reflects the stubbornness of Prometheus, who refuses to budge to the will…. [read more]

Betrayal in Fiction and Drama Thesis

… The consequences of betrayal are portrayed clearly within the confines of the play.

Conclusion: Betrayal as an Active Participant

Dumas and Shakespeare are only two examples of authors and playwrights who mold betrayal into their forms of literature. Many other writers -- contemporary or ancient -- play upon this thematic form in order to display the wide range of emotions resulting in such betrayals. Does the person react angrily, violently, sadly, or does the person react calmly, indifferently, happily? It is a question many writers think about, and their answers are produced within their works, within their characters' subsequent acts.

It goes to show that the act of betrayal can be cause by great motivators. One only needs to gain the trust of a friend…. [read more]

Impact of Social Pressure on Individual Conformity Research Proposal

… ¶ … Social Pressure on Social Conformity

Even before the conclusion of the Nuremberg Trials a decade and a half after the end of World War II, psychologists began studying the concept of moral responsibility in relation to obedience to help shed understanding into the Nazi atrocities committed during the war years. What had seemed so incomprehensible about the network of more than one thousand concentration camps in which approximately 10 million civilians (more than half of them European Jews from Germany and Nazi-occupied territories) perished was the apparent contradiction between the characteristics thought necessary for cold blooded killers and the sheer ordinariness of the German people (Baron & Byrne, 1993; Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2008; Myers & Spencer, 2004). It was shocking even beyond the…. [read more]

Fear and Psychology Reaction Paper

… This is the reasoning behind democracy instead of dictatorship, for example. When people are given free rein to use power over other people, many if not most will eventually abuse that power. It may not be so much deliberate as it is just something they realize they can get away with doing. In other words, they do not set out to be deliberately cruel, but there is something fascinating about having that type of control over another human being. Knowing that one is in power, and that others must do what they are told or face the consequences, can be a life-changing experience. Others who get involved in this type of situation see the people over whom they have the power as being less valuable,…. [read more]

Zimbardo Research Proposal

… Zimbardo

What is the extent to which one human can knowingly harm another? This is a question that psychologists continue to study, considering the horrors of such events as Nazi Germany. In the 1960s, Stanley Milgram's experiment told volunteers they were participating in a study about learning. Each individual was a "teacher" who was to administer electric shocks to a person in another room who failed to answer a question. Even when a person being shocked mentioned having a heart condition, the volunteer teachers kept on raising the shock levels (Ricker, 2002). A decade later, in the Stanford Prison Experiment, Philip Zimbardo divided college students up into guards and prisoners to role play what occurs in a prison. The "guards" took their responsibilities to the…. [read more]

1001 Nights the Arabian Term Paper

… 1001 Nights

The Arabian Nights and the Divine Comedy

The greatest works of literature of all times are loaded with profound ethical and religious meanings. This is the case with the Arabian Nights, one of the greatest and most spectacular folkloric works of all times as well as with Dante's Divine Comedy. Although the two works pertain to very different cultures and are nurtured by different religious beliefs, the essence of the moral lesson they teach is similar. Interestingly, both of these majestic and extremely ambitious works of art end with a similar conclusion: the supremacy of love as the main virtue which can unite man with God.

The Arabian Nights are one of the most significant and majestic works of the Islamic culture. Its…. [read more]

Marlowe's Faustus an Examination Term Paper

… iii.71). Mephistophilis even urges Faustus to forget his "frivolous demands" (I.iii.84) the "strike terror" (I.iii.85) on his soul. Faustus is too concerned with his own selfish gain to understand the hidden meaning in Mephistophilis' words.

As a result, power and corruption are eternally linked in Marlowe's play. Faustus' desires are consuming and they blind him to the reality of his circumstance. He mistakenly believes that the angels are under his control and that he has selected the most powerful of deities in Mephistophilis. Interestingly, Mephistophilis does not need to deceive Faustus because Faustus deceives himself quiet well. Faustus is responsible for his own corruption because of his desire for power. His desire leads him to one of the worst types of suffering because his grandiose…. [read more]

Etiology of Campus Binge Drinking Research Paper

… Tolerance, which is defined as requiring more alcohol to obtain the same effect, was lower on the severity scale together with drinking more and longer. The factors best able to discriminate alcohol-use disorder propensity were the amount of time spent drinking and social/legal difficulties. In contrast, BD was not very useful in predicting this disorder. These results suggest BD behavior is not tightly associated with alcoholism when compared to other criteria and would therefore not be expected to be associated with a genetic predisposition for alcoholism or an alcoholic personality (Thio, 2010, pp. 319-320). This finding provides further support for social factors determining BD prevalence on college campuses, rather than individual factors.


The analysis presented here suggests raising the MLDA to 21 had no…. [read more]

Typology in Christianity Term Paper

… It is also clear that many peoples' motives are less than genuine and proper with some fixating on just making money while others are simply trying to disparage people from Christianity and/or from certain sects of Christianity. However, this not a huge change from the lay of the landscape from 300 AD to 1500 AD. The only things that have changed are the means to convey the message and, to a lesser extent, the overall reasons why the message was disseminated.

Indeed, now that the entire world has been colonized and developed, for all intents and purposes, the role of conquering and re-writing history books is largely over because the widespread availability of information tends to thwart people that engage in revisionist history. Only in…. [read more]

Prison Experiment There Are Many Ethical Issues Term Paper

… Prison Experiment

There are many ethical issues surrounding the Stanford Prison Experiment. Participants- both the guards and especially the prisoners - were put under a great deal of stress. Participants were psychologically and physically harmed. Participants were deceived; an example would be that their consent forms were not complete and did not properly address all that would take place . There was a huge invasion of privacy, not to mention the surprise arrests. Zimbardo had written that coordinators had considered alternative methodologies to use to carry out this study, and since they were studying the general psychology of imprisonment, they could find no alternative. This was supposed to be a "safe environment" to study imprisonment, but Zimbardo did not take into consideration that peer pressure…. [read more]

Alternate Corrections Proposal Alternative Punishment Term Paper

… It's noteworthy though, that having a job after release decreased the likelihood of reoffending by 41% (ibid., p. 383). Reducing inmate recidivism rates may therefore depend not only on passing a GED exam, but taking college level classes that increase the chances of landing a job.

Of the nearly 7.2 million Americans under some form of correctional control at the end of 2009, an estimated 5.3 million were ineligible to vote due to their felony conviction (National Conference of State Legislatures, 2011). Given the racial disparities evident in prison populations, this translates into approximately 13% of the African-American male population being unable to vote, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Rather than excluding felons from society, rehabilitation should promote inclusion and thus support the…. [read more]

Sylvia Plath's Lady Lazarus: The Carnival Barker Research Paper

… Sylvia Plath's "Lady Lazarus:" the carnival barker of personal tragedy

The 20th century feminist poet Sylvia Plath is almost as famous for her biography as she is for the greatness of her poetry, despite the fact that her confessional style has proven to be so influential upon subsequent generations of poets. Plath's suicide attempts while still an undergraduate at Smith College, coupled with her untimely demise as a young mother at her own hands has caused many critics to interpret her work solely through the lens of her personal life ("Sylvia Plath," The Academy of American Poets, 2011). Plath, however, in all of her poems often takes on different 'voices' or personas. Even her autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar was originally published under a pseudonym…. [read more]

Examine Failure of Enron Research Paper

… Organizational Behavior and the Enron Collapse

The first major corporate collapse resulting from organizational leadership and mismanagement throughout the company was the 2001 Enron implosion. In retrospect, the Enron case demonstrates the manner in which charismatic leadership style, dysfunctional organizational culture, totalitarian rule, and one-dimensional employee evaluations based on performance measures can destroy an organization from within. The study of Enron reveals shortcomings of exclusive reliance on certain styles of leadership and organizational management based on cult-like aspects of social psychology within the vocational realm.

Leadership Issues

Generally, neither the charismatic leadership style nor the transformational leadership style is considered particularly appropriate for financial services firms because, by nature, those types of organizations rely on highly skilled professionals and do not have high turnover (or…. [read more]

Perplexing Questions About Human Psychology Term Paper

… ¶ … perplexing questions about human psychology revolves around the role of deviance. We know from empirical observation that if rats are placed in too crowded conditions, aggressive behaviors peak. When we study history, we are often amazed at the dichotomy between a species that can create such phenomenal beauty -- Beethoven, the Sistine Chapel, acts of kindness and benevolence; and such utter ugliness -- the Holocaust, Idi Amin, and Jeffrey Dahlmer. We also know, from psychological experiments, that there is a dark side within most everyone's psyche -- one that expresses itself only at certain times.

In a seminal study from 1972, for instance, Professor Phillip Zimbardo published the Stanford Prison Study and follow-up work attempting to understand the pathology of torture in greater…. [read more]

Forces and Contagious Yawning Research Paper

… Observers were blind to the true nature of the experiment and were told that they were going to be interviewed following the session about the watcher's emotional state.


The mean number of observers who yawned were significantly different between the two groups (p = 0.016, one-tailed; see figure to the right). We found that 52% of empathic reaction observers yawned within 2 minutes after the watcher yawned, compared to 30% of angry reaction observers.


The findings presented here support the theory that situational forces can determine the prevalence of contagious yawning, and thereby provide additional support for its existence. A more profound implication based on these results is that situational forces can in some cases be dominant over instinctive behavioral reactions (Zimbardo; Chapter…. [read more]

Religious Culture in Korea Term Paper

… Religious Culture in Korea

The Cult of Tan'gun (Taejong-kyo): This faith is said to be the oldest religion in Korea, dating back as far as 4,000 years. It evolved from the legend of Tan'gun, a "god-man" who was believed to be the grandson of God and was supposedly born through the union of a female bear and the "son of the Creator," Donald N. Clark writes in his book Culture and Customs of Asia. The religion is based on myth, and in 1990 the North Koreans asserted that they had found "the tomb of Tan'gun" near the capital city of Pyongyang, Clark writes (p. 55). Allegedly the North Koreans also found the bones of the God-man and his wife, and they have assumed the right…. [read more]

Connecting Educational Philosophy and Praxis Successful Educators Essay

… Connecting Educational Philosophy and Praxis

Successful educators generally are those who best connect a sound teaching philosophy and philosophy of education and the practical delivery of educational material in a manner conducive to genuine student comprehension and retention (Freire, 1972). Unfortunately, it is possible to fulfill the teaching and educational philosophy requirement without a corresponding teaching practice; and naturally, without a sound fundamental teaching and educational philosophy, even highly effective teaching methods are likely to produce poor results (Freire, 1972; Small, 1978). In my personal educational experience, I have had the privilege of being taught by several teachers who connected a teaching philosophy with highly effective teaching methods. I have also studied the works of several educators who clearly have successfully integrated educational philosophy and…. [read more]

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