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Welfare History Chapter 7 List Thesis

… An accidental president, who came to power under what were widely regarded as suspicious circumstances after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Johnson nevertheless laid out an ambitious program of domestic reform which he was able to implement in 1964-65. Perhaps the most important legacy of the Great Society in social welfare was the creation of Medicare and Medicaid in 1964-65. FDR had been unwilling to make national health insurance part of the Social Security Act, while Harry Truman had been stymied in his attempt to pass it in 1946-48, while LBJ's programs came up short of the goal of universal coverage. Medicare was a purely federal program available to all those over age 65, while Medicaid was means-tested and jointly administered and funded by…. [read more]

Affirmative Action the End of Legally Sanctioned Term Paper

… Affirmative Action

The end of legally sanctioned racial segregation in the 1950s and 1960s was a major step in the direction of racial equality. However, as had been the case with the end of slavery, the removal of formal oppression did not eliminate customary and private discrimination. As a result, the federal government had to take certain steps to ensure that African-Americans were no longer being discriminated against. Moreover, because some effects of past discrimination, such as inferior early education, made African-Americans less desirable candidates according to some objective criteria, the government instituted a system of preferences. At the time, there was simply no other way to end the vestiges of injustice. However, many people argue that the time for affirmative action has past, and…. [read more]

2004 Presidential Term Paper

… ¶ … Democrats

Some contend that the Democratic Party lost voters and their ability to win an election by straying from their historic ideals and attempting to woo undecided voters and capture the swing states in the 2004 Presidential election. Such statements ignore the realities of the 2004 election. While the Democrats may have been too moderate for some of their voters, post-election analysis demonstrates that the 2004 election hinged, not on traditional issues, but the amorphous issue of moral values. While George Bush constantly reminded voters of his personal religious beliefs and moral convictions, John Kerry was considered out of the cultural mainstream, making it more difficult for the average voter to relate to him. At first blush, it appeared that Kerry was too…. [read more]

War Term Paper

… The fear of the Founding Fathers over demagoguery was becoming true in Clinton's thrust on public approval and his oft-repeated calls for public opinion.

Most Federalists considered the concepts of popular leader and demagogue almost synonymously and an excess of passionate appeals constituting the key characteristic of demagoguery. The separation of powers in the American political system may be destroyed if these appeals resulted in the president encroaching the responsibilities of the other branches of the government. By making the presidency a factor in a balanced system of sharing of powers, the Founders wanted to avoid demagoguery. 8. Demagoguery was a threat to the ability of the executive in resisting bad policies and executing the good ones, they felt. There are some experts who are…. [read more]

Motivated Audience Has Positive Attitudes Term Paper

… Pulitzer in Royal, 51)

The same conditions apply to the speaker. He has as difficult a challenge, in a different way, to the writer. He too must motivate his audience; move them in a certain direction. The best writer is someone who speaks in a natural tone. Writing and speaking are similar. And both are directed to moving the audience.

President Lyndon Johnson seemed to have understood this. People like to feel good about themselves. There are certain psychologies too that simulate people in different ways. Speakers tend to frequently incorporate logical fallacies in their speech (such as appeal to conformism (the 'bandwagon') or to ad hominem abusam, but this is because these elements psychology hook people. Johnson's speech (1965) was an appeal for equal…. [read more]

Affirmative Action Essay

… Thus, compliance with affirmative action requirements does not mean attempting to maintain some imaginary golden ratio of diversity, but rather ensuring that policies are in place to preclude unintentional or systemic discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, and national origin. For example, "such antidiscrimination measures as grievance procedures, formal hiring and promotion systems, and systemic recruitment schemes" are all methods of ensuring compliance with affirmative action, because they eliminate much of ambiguity and human preference that may lead to discrimination in the first place (Kelly & Dobbin, p. 88). The point of affirmative action is not to pretend that someone is deserving of employment regardless of qualification due to his or her existence as part of a historically maligned group, but rather to ensure…. [read more]

Public Policy What Current Event Essay

… Public Policy

What current event that has to do with public policy is of special interest to you at this time? Describe it in detail and present your opinions about it in a cogent essay.

The public policy issue of healthcare is of greatest and most pressing importance to me and countless of other Americans. With the current economic crisis, the ranks of the uninsured and under-insured are growing. One of the reasons for the failure of the American automotive companies General Motors and Chrysler was the need for these companies to offer health benefits to current and past employees. Foreign companies do not shoulder a similar burden.

America spends more on healthcare than the other major industrial powers, yet insures fewer people. Other major…. [read more]

How Television Depicted the Vietnam War Term Paper

… A number of events would transpire in the months and years to come, but the Tet Offensive representing the beginning of the end of the hawkish majority in the United States. In fact, even mainstream Americans who did not fully understand what had happened during the Tet Offensive quickly came to realize that U.S. forces in Vietnam were not winning the war so much as they were sitting ducks for an enemy with seemingly inexhaustible reserves. In this regard, Hunt (2010) emphasizes that during the Tet Offense, 'NLF forces attacked cities all over South, including Saigon, but are beaten back with heavy losses. American media and public opinion register shock' (p. 7).
In response to the Tet Offensive and the other high-profile problems that were…. [read more]

U.S. History 1877-Present America Essay

… And finally the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in 2000 on Bush v. Gore was a disaster in any number of ways, but chiefly for the unresolved constitutional crisis that it represented.

The problem with the Spanish-American War is that it did not plausibly involve any realistic U.S. interests, and there was no reason to enter it. The reality is that the rest of Europe was engaged in a scramble for colonial territories, and while Spain still had a number of them (including Cuba and the Philippines) the Spanish country as a whole was weak and crumbling. Yet there was no immediate cause for war: the pretense that the battleship Maine was sunk by the Spanish has long since been debunked, and indeed serves the same…. [read more]

Protest and Fences Racism Essay

… This knowledge rather than providing a sense of comfort to Troy instead seems to increase his anger. Troy's friend Bono says, "Times have changed, Troy. You just come along too early" (Wilson 14). In both these scenarios it is apparent that the psychology of the masses of the United States at the time valued African-Americans less than they did white people. It was assumed that white men could operate garbage trucks and black men could not, just as it was assumed that African-Americans playing baseball was not as entertaining as white men playing the game and thus those employed as players did not deserve the same salary.

Passivity and lack of aggression did not help Troy in his cause. Only through acts of anger and…. [read more]

Sister's Dilemma Regarding Affirmative Action Case Study

… Immediately, there becomes a fear that, when my sister accepts this position she is clearly qualified for, her accomplishments and her authority will be compromised because of the poor way the company has gone about the hiring procedure.

Worse yet, to circumvent her authority still further, the woman whom was her lone competitor chooses to bow out of the running for personal reasons. Of course, my sister has every right to accept the position, based upon her personal credentials. The concern is that her authority may be challenged, through no fault of her own. One response to this allegation is that, like discrimination itself, this is another professional and personal challenge my sister must meet head on. But it raises the concern whether affirmative action…. [read more]

Cold War, the President Term Paper

… He remains remembered for this and for instituting the Hawley-Smoot tariff, which severely restricted imports and exports. By pursuing a protectionist tariff, he is thought to have exacerbated the effects of the Great Depression, which hit its lowest point at the conclusion of his presidency in 1932.

Despite his popularity among a group of voters known as the 'Roosevelt Coalition' of Democrats, labor, and urban areas, Franklin Delano Roosevelt remains one of the most controversial Presidents of the 20th century. Among his first actions as President were to declare a bank holiday and to lift liquor restrictions. Although the latter was seen as almost an inevitability, the former required powers that were not formerly vested in the executive by the Constitution and required an act…. [read more]

Vietnamization of the Vietnam War Term Paper

… Both sides, however, often demanded conditions to which the other side was unwilling to agree. The Americans, for example, called for the preservation of a non-Communist South Vietnamese state. The Viet Cong, on the other hand, demanded the immediate withdrawal of American troops in Southeast Asia (Dudley 96).

Despite the sharp increase in the number of troops sent to Vietnam, many of Johnson's policies were also aimed at minimizing the impact of the war on the United States. For example, though he asked for authorization to use armed forces, Johnson never asked Congress for a declaration of war nor did he call reserves back into active duty.

Furthermore, Johnson ignored recommendations to invade North Vietnam. He also did not authorize invasions of Cambodia or Laos,…. [read more]

Space History and the Reason to Maintain a Space Program Research Paper

… ¶ … Maintain a Space Program

History of the Space Program

It all started in the early 60s when a former Massachusetts senator John F Kennedy ran for presidency flanked by Lyndon B. Johnson as a running mate. Kennedy's campaign strategy was hinged on his vicious attacks on the sitting president for failing Americans by sitting and watching as the country slid into socio economic abyss, locally and internationally. In particular, Fredrick Kennedy accused Eisenhower of staying lukewarm on the missile gap problem; a perceived lag by the U.S. to keep at par with their Russian counterparts in developing long-range missiles with robust destructive capacities. The latter accusation was later found to be false. He was vehemently opposed to the earlier ambitions by the communists…. [read more]

NCLB and Maryland Schools Essay

… The job description of specialists can differ from one district to another and from one school to another. The districts as well as schools need to employ funds from their resources (taken from grants) in order to support the turnaround specialists (Sheldon, 2006).

Figure 2: Maryland State School Improvement Grant Budget Application, Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenditures

(Sheldon, 2006).

The opponents have criticized NCLB on grounds that it has compelled the educators to draw away from soft subjects such as social studies, arts and music to hardened subjects such as math and reading. These two topics comprise most of the MSA tests, hence the focus on them remain steadfast. In extreme cases, some critics went as far as to say that school staff deliberately doctors their…. [read more]

Israeli Palestinian Conflict and the Middle East Term Paper

… International Politics

The Threat of Terrorism the Context of International Relations between the U.S. And the Middle East

The threat of terrorism in the U.S. is inextricably linked to the events in the Middle East and the perceived role of the U.S. many of those events; especially in the Israeli/Palestinian disputes. The U.S. is a major power and the country has not been afraid to use that power in international relations. It is the way that the power has been used, often for the support of Israel, to the detriment of Arabic nations.

To appreciate this one can look at the way in which the U.S. has supported Israel, this was seen with the 'friendship' formed between Kennedy and David Ben-Gurion (Bass 2). Building ion…. [read more]

Senator Rodney Ellis Texas State Essay

… 1). TAPPS is linked to 220 secular and parochial high schools in Texas, so this organization has influence and Ellis knows that pressure brought from a Texas State Senator might prove to be helpful if TAPPS continues to show signs that it is not flexible or just in its policies.

For example, Ellis wrote the following to TAPPS: "For the second time in a week, the views and rules of your organization have clashed with the reality of a changing Texas and have put your organization center stage in the discussion of religious freedom and the best interest of our children" (Mulvaney, p. 2).

Recently Senator Ellis wrote legislation to ban smoking in public places, but it did not pass. Even though the public (though…. [read more]

Sun Tzu and Military Classics Essay

… " Giap's forces forgot another Sun Tzu principle, however, that of moral influence, when they massacred 5,000 people at Hue and turned the civil population against them. Once the locations of the small and isolated VC units were revealed, the U.S. military was able to destroy them quickly with its superior firepower, especially when the anticipated popular uprising in the cities never occurred. At the same time, though, Giap won a moral victory with public opinion in the U.S., which turned against the war and Lyndon Johnson politically, so in that respect his offensive was a major victory even though it had also been "a military disaster for North Vietnam."

If the Americans were outclassed in generalship during the Vietnam War, they did much better…. [read more]

American Dreams by H.W. Brands Essay

… The economic decline of the 1970s, with its high unemployment and high inflation, further contributed to a collective sense of national malaise (famously epitomized in a speech made by Jimmy Carter to the nation). Ronald Reagan briefly restored trust in the image of the presidency, after decades of wariness in the wake of Nixon's resignation after Watergate, but he did so with a relatively simplistic, anti-government message that was anathema to the liberalism of the postwar era. Historian Brands presents Reagan as an appealing figure for an American public because Reagan offered simple answers to complex problems, although Reagan was often frighteningly naive about the technical aspects of political policy.

The third section, Silicon Schemes and Global Connections (1987 -- 2010) is a history of…. [read more]

Vietnam Term Paper

… When he worked behind the lines, one of his duties was as officer in change of reporting casualties, which were not nearly as high as they became in 1967 and 1968 when the war reached maximum escalation. When he returned to his old unit once after a leave, they were cold as distant with him, and he wondered whether this was because he had been transferred to the rear echelon. Then he learned that a friend of his named Sullivan had been killed by a sniper when out filling the canteens by a river, and that the sniper was a very good shot and had "plowed one helluva hole right through him" (Caputo 158). Another man had been shot through the spine and probably would…. [read more]

Servant Leadership Research Proposal

… Servant Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf

Servant Leadership: A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power & Greatness. Robert K.

Greenleaf. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2002. 370.

As a senior in college, Greenleaf had a sociology professor who challenged him to think about changing the structure of leadership within companies and the other large organizations that dominate American life. Greenleaf made the decision to work for at&T because it was the world's largest employer at that time, during the 1920s. He moved quickly into training and eventually into upper management. After retiring from at&T, Greenleaf became a consultant. He was consulting at the time that the concept of servant leadership came into the national consciousness, and he was introduced to it in the context of…. [read more]

Richard Neustadt Essay

… Neustadt's Statement On Presidential Continuity

The American presidency is a theoretically debatable job. The vast responsibility and the onus of accountability which both fall upon the president denote that the position is extremely complicated. There is a historical disagreement over whether the president is to be seen as a unique conduit for a value system and ideology endorsed by the American public or whether the president is to be seen as a custodian of the office whose responsibility is to execute the perceived will of the public. Richard Neustadt's important text, Presidential Power and the Modern President, provides us with a great deal of insight on this subject, describing the presidency as a position which is reflexive to its moment in history. This is the…. [read more]

John F. Kennedy and Nikita Term Paper

… Kennedy," 2005).

Overview of Nikita Khrushchev:

Nikita Khrushchev was born in the village of Kalinovja, in what is now known as Kursk Oblast of the Russian Federation. He was originally trained and worked as a pipe fitter for a variety of mines, but it was during World War I, that Khrushchev's leadership would begin to emerge, as he began to be involved in trade union activities, following the Bolshevik revolution, in 1917. A year later, Krushchev became a Party member and held various management and Party positions in both Donbass and Kiev. In 1931, he transferred to Moscow, and four years later, he became 1st Secretary of the Moscow City Committee. In 1938, he was given the position of 1st Secretary of the Central Committee…. [read more]

Rhetoric in Modern Day Proceedings Term Paper

… Such references are estimated to be more intensive to the extent of five times in the contemporary discourses ever since Woodrow Wilson in comparison to the speeches of aristocratic presidents. The presidential discourses gradually has become more and more interactive; it aims at establishment of more intimate relationship, calling for more confidence on the orator and becoming more and more subjective. However, at times of catastrophe it is suggested that the leaders in America should have been more and more open. (Lim, Five Trends in Presidential Rhetoric)

Emphasis has been made more profoundly in the past years on public participations and initiations. However, there is a general feeling that such speeches are only propagandas and creation of the group actually who do not acknowledge the…. [read more]

Sixties in America 60s Term Paper

… Studies by Bloom & Breines (2003, p.155) indicate that most movements in 1960s paid particular attention to specific issues affecting them such as black power and gay and lesbian struggles. With the beginning of the Vietnam War, various movements gain pace and broaden their scope. Student' movements spread knowledge in colleges and universities about the moral and political foundations of U.S. participation in the Vietnam War.

Civil and human rights movements were active proponents of peace and took a central role in mobilizing the society to oppose the Vietnam War. Individual and group activists mobilized the support from people through public speeches and personal voices. Bloom & Breines (2003, p. 160-166) show that the civil societies took a central role in mobilizing the people on…. [read more]

Dereliction of Duty by H.R Book Report

… Also, McMaster wants people to understand that the Vietnam War was lost even before it started, as all factors pointed toward the belief that it would be impossible for the U.S. To achieve success in fighting communism in Southeast Asia with the limited number of troops and with the thinking that they involved in the conflict.

McMaster's book practically demonstrates that the Vietnam War was pointless, as American leaders considered that they could exploit such a conflict with the purpose of promoting the general image of the U.S. during the Cold War and in order for the public to feel that American leadership is, in point of fact, capable to perform honorable acts. McMaster basically relates to how political leaders should have realized the fact…. [read more]

Politics on War Research Proposal

… Politics of War - Kennedy and Nixon Administrations

The Kennedy administration decided in 1961 not to assist the Laotian government through military intervention, though President Eisenhower had advised him that Laos, and not Vietnam, was the hotspot in Southeast Asia. Kennedy backed a diplomatic settlement that brought to power a neutral regime. For a candidate who had cast a hard line during the campaign against the communists, this seemed like a pretty soft touch.

Then, in April 1961, Kennedy approved and was humiliated by one of the most disastrous military defeats in American history -- the failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Several months after that, he was bullied by the Soviet premier, Nikita Khrushchev at their Vienna, Austria…. [read more]

Vietnam and 20th Century Essay

… There were several incidents involving North Vietnamese boats, and many believed that the U.S.S. Maddox attack was not the only one. Reports at the time suggested that two days after American battleships came under attack again. Now we know that those reports were not accurate but the first attack on USS Maddox was crucial. The confusion over the subsequent suspected attacks was the direct result of the U.S.S. Maddox incident. Soon after the President ordered retaliatory attacks codenamed PIERCE ARROW against North Vietnamese patrol bases. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution also passed through Congress, authorizing President Johnson to use full force in the war against Communism in Vietnam.

"The Gulf of Tonkin incidents amounted to relatively minor skirmishes with significant consequences," George Moss (2010) explains…. [read more]

Educational Law Term Paper

… Educational Law


Educational Law: Affirmative Action and Discrimination in Employment

Affirmative Action consists of positive steps to increase the representation of certain groups in employment, education or business where they have been historically excluded (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2005). These steps involve preferential selection according to race, gender or ethnicity.

According to a1999 poll, a majority of Americans believe affirmative action programs have improved the lives of Black Americans in recent years (Paul 2003). A 2001 Gallup survey revealed a majority of Americans think affirmative action has done good for the country. Fifty-six percent of the respondents said that such programs are needed to help affected groups or sectors deal with discrimination. More than half of all the surveyed believe that…. [read more]

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