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Maintenance Behavior Essay

… Maintenance Behavior

This report is based on the movie 'Furry Vengeance'. The movie concerns the building of a new habitat for human beings which is the task undertaken by a young real estate developer by the name Dan Sanders, who had convinced his wife and family to relocate to the project site. Dan's family was not happy about the move since it meant leaving their lives behind to come to live to this new remote place. The construction meant destroying the forests and the ecosystem. The angry animals in the forest ganged up to stop this destruction from happening. The animals are led by a clever raccoon to teach the developer a lesson about the consequences of man's encroachment and destruction to nature. In the…. [read more]

Behavior Modify Development Essay

… According to this theory, expectations, self-ef-cacy, and intentions are also important determinants of behavior development. The social and environmental factor involved in my case was the constant observation of individuals who smoke. Expecting a sense of belonging and feeling older were perhaps the personal factors that led me to smoking for the first time. Fulfillment of these expectations led to the maintenance of such a habit. (Dunmount, 2010)

First, I would only smoke socially with my group of friends. Eventually I became tolerant to the effects of nicotine, thus requiring an increased dose to produce the same effects. The number of cigarettes I smoked increased gradually, from one a day, to a few packs a day. This behavior pattern eventually became so strong that I…. [read more]

Self-Concept Maintenance: Analysis of Self-Regulation, Social Comparison Research Paper

… ¶ … Self-Concept Maintenance: Analysis of Self-Regulation, Social Comparison, and Social Identity Theories

Humans as social animals assume different social roles and present various self-images that represent one facet of their personalities appropriate or necessary to the social situation. One's perception of the 'self' is fluid and could be different when one is alone by himself/herself, as compared to when one is in a group or public place. The private and public selves of the individual are ways in which one's self-concept is developed. In the study of human behavior, self-concept maintenance is necessary to "survive" socially: the kind of self-concept developed by the individual would depend on his/her socio-historical background, which include self-concept responses to specific social situations that have been proven favorable or…. [read more]

Self-Concept Maintenance the Level Research Paper

… 391).


This theory proposes that "we use our self-awareness to assess whether or not we are meeting our goals and, if not, make efforts to improve the self in line with these goals" (Crisp & Turner, 2010, p. 382).

Unlike the other theories, this approach focuses on the awareness of discrepancies between actual and ideal identity as well as people's emotional response to such discrepancies" (cited in Crisp & Turner, 2010, p. 13).

This theory posits that when people seek to improve themselves, they will likely emulate those who demonstrate the desired characteristics through upward comparisons (Fiske, 2010).


The Control Theory of Self-Regulation helps to explain Kathy's reactions to praise…. [read more]

Maintenance of Relationships Term Paper

… RELATIONSHIP MAINTENANCE THEORIES have been many and they have made significant contribution to the field. In this paper, we shall focus on some relational maintenance theories that focus on such things as attractiveness, communication, friends and social networks etc.

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. It is felt that as long as two people are communicating, relationship exists. Breakdown of communication can negative affect a relationship. Sigman (1991) says that relationships are continuous even if there are discontinuous period of interaction. This is to say that relationships would exist even with on and off communication pattern but it is when communication breaks down completely that relationships cease to function. Communication and the quality of it can determine the quality of a relationship and…. [read more]

U.S. Statistics Indicate That 80 Capstone Project

… The key thrust for performance excellence is to establish a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that builds upon a strong foundation of quality, professionalism and team excellence always.

Researcher's Work Setting and Role

The researcher has been an officer of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)

for 10 years. The researcher has held the equivalent rank of Major since 2001. The

researcher has held positions as a deputy Officer Commanding Quality Assurance and a Flight Commander at an F-16 Air Force Base in Singapore. Currently the researcher is the Senior National Representative of the Republic of Singapore Air Force at the Ogden

Air Logistics Centre (OO-ALC), Hill AFB, Utah. The researcher received his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Advanced…. [read more]

Group Addiction TX Theory Selection Term Paper

… For strict behaviorists addiction or compulsion are simply a terms for an operantly conditioned behavior. Other compulsive behaviors follow the same line of reasoning. The inability to refrain from using a drug or engaging in a compulsion merely indicates that a sufficient history of reinforcement has been acquired to drive a high rate of the behavior. Therefore, physical dependence, as in the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria, is neither sufficient nor necessary to result in a diagnosis of an addiction (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000). Physical dependence is just a result of the overuse of certain drugs according to this view (McAuliffe & Gordon, 1980).

Behaviorists offer many different techniques that can applied to group counseling. Typically contingency management (CM) techniques are applicable behavioral for group counseling…. [read more]

Health Behavior the "Theories Term Paper

… The detailed study of the problem and related factors in the light of particular settings help the experts to design interventions accordingly. The intervention is in the form of policy, strategy and program that can have an impact over physical activity. The development of the intervention, its implementation and finally the evaluation depend largely upon the used model or framework (NCI, 2011).

Not all individuals take part in physical activities. There are many policies, social and physical environmental variables which determine an individual's habit of participating in physical activity. The change in habit is possible through change in these environmental factors. If environment does not support change, habits will remain the same. In order to increase physical activity, the need is to work upon individual's…. [read more]

Overeating Poor Eating Behavior Research Paper

… Overeating / Poor Eating Behavior

Your definition of health

Health refers to the level of metabolic and functional efficiency of living things. In human beings, health means the general condition of the mind of a person. This normally refers to being free from injury, pain, or illness. According to the World Health Organization, health is the state of complete mental, social, and physical well-being of a person and not the mere lack of infirmity or disease. However, this definition of health has drawn controversies. Critics argue that this definition of health lacks operational value and because it has used the term "complete" it remains to be a system of classification mostly used in measuring and defining health components (Carlat, 832).

How the consumer health behavior…. [read more]

Depression and Addictive Behavior Thesis

… Depression and Addictive Behavior

Double Cruel Hand

Comobid Conditions

Contemporary, Challenging Concerns Worldwide

Derangement of the Volition 7 Contemporary Addictions



Role of Cocaine Use in Depression

Clinical Techniques of Helping



Tried and True" Techniques


Points for Treatment Consideration

Clients' Reported Med Use When Admitted to Substance Abuse Clinics

Personal Growth and Maintenance (adapted from Daley, 2007)

"To Do" Recommendations

Physical and Lifestyle Areas Meriting Focus in Recovery

Emotional Areas Meriting Focus in Recovery from Addiction and Depression



Addiction and depression are common comorbid conditions." (Daley, 2007)

Double Cruel Hand

Comorbid," the term Daley (2007) purports in this study's introductory quote, denotes addiction and depression. According to Webster's New Millennium ™ Dictionary of English, comorbid, an…. [read more]

Buyer Behavior and Communication Strategies Essay

… The sales made exceeded those Americans manufactured.


Toyota determines its prices according to positioning, such that segments that require highly valued cars that are of the executive class will pay more to those acquiring cars that are still quality, but are less stylish and have smaller capacity. That explains the difference in price between the Lexus model of Toyota and other Toyota brands. The organization, however, is focusing on the executive class segment, to realize its profitability goals.


People are important in determining the market situation, and this explains why most organizations need to understand the consumer's behavior before acting on any segmentation process. Toyota has build rapport with their clients, who treasure the cars because of their quality.


Process includes the…. [read more]

Effects of Technology on Disruptive Behavior From a Teacher's Perspective Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Technology on Disruptive Behavior

What is the effect of teachers' attitude toward the implementation of a computer-based program on disruptive behavior?

Disruptive behavior from students is one of the nightmares that the teachers have to go through when they are teaching in class. The students with this problem keep on intervening appropriately in class while others are trying to read. The computer-based program will have different effects on disruptive behavior for the students. For some instances, it is possible that the effect will be positive leading to students having better attentiveness in class. However, there are cases when the computer-based programs will lead to even more disruptive behavior for the students. Thus, the effectiveness of these programs is all-dependent on the attitudes of…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior the Relevance Essay

… 2.5 Groupthink

This is yet another important factor to consider because of the impact it could have on group decision making. Groupthink is defined by Martin (2005, p.267) as the "tendency of a strongly cohesive group to emphasize unity at the expense of critical evaluation of problems and options." Groupthink could have a number of negative effects including but not limited to poor quality of decisions, loss of individuality and independence, and confusion.

3. Factors that may Promote or Inhibit the Development of Effective Teamwork in Organizations

The development of effective teamwork can be promoted or inhibited by a number of factors. These factors include:

3.1 Trust

According to Hellriegel and Slocum (2007), the effectiveness of a team can be hampered by the lack of…. [read more]

Health Affected Behaviors, Economics Essay

… The last stage is the diffusion of the product, adoption and utilization. This involves the marketing of the product to the target market as well as other promotional activities that create awareness of the product in order to increase its acceptability and usage.

Major trends in population demographics over the past 80 years

Over the past century, the population of people in the U.S. has more than tripled from about 76 million people in the U.S. To about 290 million people as of the year 2000. The growth in the population for the 1990s was the largest in the history of the U.S. At 32.7 million people. The population of the U.S. grew increasingly each decade by about 28% with suburbs rather than cities accounting…. [read more]

Behavior Exhibited by Mangers Research Proposal

… ¶ … Management behavior

The management

Re: Managerial behavior

A manager's behavior can affect the productivity of his or her workers.

A manager needs to have a positive attitude about the duties of the company, even during difficult times such as the ones we currently face at InterClean. If the manager has a dismissive or cynical attitude about the organization's mission and goals, employees will be less productive and enthusiastic. If the manager does not seem to care and is lax in his or her duties, then employees will feel silly if they act as if they believe in the company and will be more likely use the company and their position merely to further their own ends. Managers must put the company first and…. [read more]

Aviation Maintenance Management Theory Term Paper

… Irrespective of the fact that the maintenance schedule is normally approved by the Transport Canada independently, it still constitutes a part of the larger maintenance strategy and is to be detected as such in the Maintenance Control Manual of the air operator. (Maintenance Schedules - A Key to Success)

Irrespective of the fact the maintenance schedules may be based on the program of another operator when submitted to Transport Canada for approval, however once approved these maintenance schedules are not transferable. Even though there are some similarities, the variations in operational experience, maintenance management systems, reliability programs and other necessary supportive process distinguish the two approvals. Many benefits have been visualized in designing a program to cater to the individual operational requirements, in addition to…. [read more]

Improper Aircraft Maintenance Practices Term Paper

… ¶ … improper aircraft maintenance procedures and practices in the aviation industry. The paper discusses different aircraft incidents resulting from these improper maintenance practices as well as those in which human factors were the causes. In each of these causes of aircraft incidents, detailed descriptions have been given with the major cause of the incidents clearly explained. Furthermore, system safety management has also been examined with explanations on how to make the maintenance systems effective, efficient, better and safer. Among several airlines within the global aviation industry, the paper shows some of the world's safest airlines with a list of some of the safety measures taken by one of the airlines. While it's recognized that these airlines have had several accidents, the reason why they…. [read more]

Attribution Theory Human Behavior Research Paper

… For example, at work place, it is helpful to decide about the holidays based on the Christmas vacation. One might decide to take his annual leave just before the Christmas holidays so that he can enjoy a long time off work and spend it in another state where there was pleasant weather last year. However, this does not means that a person can always get continuous long vacations because the work environment changes and the new management may not allow a person to take off from work for more than two weeks. In the family setting, people often decide that if a child is having problem in studies, he might be having a bad company because the neighbor's child does not study because of the…. [read more]

Group Behavior Term Paper

… Group Behavior

The group in question is a company that my cousin works for. This company is a small advertising firm where the different employees each work closely together on projects. Each member of the team has set responsibilities and must work both independently and in concert with one another to ensure that the project is completed to the customer's satisfaction.

Communication in the group takes two forms -- verbal and non-verbal. The verbal component includes both written communication and spoken. The written communication is typically computer-mediated, especially when members of the team work remotely, which is frequent in this group. It has been shown that computer-mediated communication can decrease communication effectiveness, increase the time required to meet tasks and results in decreased team member…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior the Basic Objective Research Paper

… Organizational Behavior

The basic objective of this project is to describe and analyze the organizational structure of Foresight Technologies Co -- a fictional company, as well as to investigate whether this organizational structure is directed towards achievement of the organizational goals. In addition, this project also aims to suggest appropriate recommendations to the organizational structure which would further facilitate the realization of the organizational goals and lead to increased control, efficiency and calculability. The write-up begins with an overview of the organization, i.e. its inception, location, size, etc. followed by the organizational structure, an overview of departments, its work functions, communication, organizational mission, goals, objectives, etc. And the organizational culture in the company. This is followed by identification of the organizational contingencies and its "fit"…. [read more]

Gender Behavior Term Paper

… Gender Behavior

The fabric of the human condition is the determination of sexual reproduction. For this reason and many others sex and gender, independently and together make up a huge body of human interest and an equal if not greater amount of confusion and controversy. The first thing question asked when we are born is: "is it a boy? Or is it a girl?" There are many expectations to gender behavior according to people's norms. How do we act? How do we dress? How do we behave? All of those questions define our gender. Some researchers even argue that gender role assignment begins even before the traditional question asked in the delivery room.

Gender-role expectations and assignments are set forth at birth, sometimes even prenatally,…. [read more]

Addiction TX Detoxification Is Often the Shortest Essay

… Addiction TX

Detoxification is often the shortest component in the treatment of addiction (McNeece & DiNitto, 2008). Detoxification consists of the physiological cleansing or removal of toxic substances from a person who is addicted by means of abstinence or with the assistance of medications. This typically involves the physical and psychological withdrawal from the substance that involves a return to homeostasis after becoming physically dependent on the substance. Detoxification is only a step in the process and is not curative. The recidivism rate of those individuals addicted to some type of substance only attending detoxification programs with no follow-up is nearly 100% (McNeece & DiNitto, 2008). However, detoxification is often a necessary first step for those individuals with serious physical addictions.

Intensive treatment for an…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior at O'Connell Consolidated High School Term Paper

… Organizational Behavior at O'Connell Consolidated High School

My position as the Director of Development at a private Catholic high school in Galveston, Texas exposed me to the nature and dynamics of the educational institution I am part of. The thrust of my organization, O'Connell Consolidated High School, is best expressed through its Mission Statement:

The mission of O'Connell High School is to provide secondary students of the Galveston Island/Mainland area a strong college preparatory education based on the values and principles of the Catholic faith. The school strives to form community and to develop the intellectual, spiritual, physical and social dimensions of the students in order to prepare them for responsible and Productive Christian living and leadership in today's society.

The school's mission is best…. [read more]

Activities to Reduce Inappropriate Behaviors Term Paper

… However, to date there is limited documented research supporting such a statement. In 2000, Holm and his colleagues conducted a seminal study that used everyday activities- (or occupation-) based interventions with two dually diagnosed students who attended school and lived in a CLA. The everyday activities-based intervention focused on enabling the students' participation in everyday AM and PM activities such as bed making, selecting clothes for school, helping prepare the food for dinner, setting the table, and selecting the games and crafts for after-dinner activities. Overall, the disruptive and challenging behaviors of the two students were significantly reduced when they participated in the everyday activities-based tasks, even though the focus of the intervention was NOT on their behavior as in the school environment, but rather…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior: Self-Image Congruence Affects Essay

… Products and brands that the consumers consider to hold any symbolic images that are similar or complement their self-image are purchased by them to attain image congruence. The concept self-image congruence mainly refers to the psychical match amongst the consumer's self-concept (e.g. actual, social and ideal self) and a product, brand image, store image, destination image or user image of product, brand or service in consideration (Sirgy & Su, 2000). This idea plays a huge hand in the decision to purchase luxury items for ones' self. Individuals tend to go for products or brands that they consider will match their image they have built for them in the society. A CEO of a multinational enterprise will opt to purchase a Rolls Royce, a luxurious and…. [read more]

Humans Behavior: Discriminative Control Article Review

… (Shannon, 1961) Thus experiences especially the sensory and perceptual experiences are dependant on the stimulus and the activation of the sensory receptors. While the learned reactions as with Pavalov's dogs are explainable as stimulus, the reactions of human subjects is not dependent on mere stimulus but on complicated variables like predisposition, attitudes, associative cognizance and personality. It also depends on individual motivation and the truth is that as of now psychologists are still debating the issue of the nature of perception. (Brown, 1961)

One aspect of this system is contingency management where the therapist uses models to control behaviors, or create new ones by altering existing stimuli and reinforcing the sanctions or rewards. It is assumed that all persons have the desired behaviors existing in…. [read more]

Abnormal Behavior Essay

… Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Psychological Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by recurrent obsessions and/or compulsions. Obsessions may manifest as recurrent thoughts, ideas, images, impulses, fears, or doubts. Compulsions also manifest in a variety of ways. Patients may feel compelled to touch, to count, to check, to have everything symmetrically arranged, or to repeatedly wash their hands. Attempts to resist the compulsion are met with increasing anxiety, which is relieved as soon as the patient gives in to the compulsion.

According to Steven Taylor, et. al. (2010) research indicates that three types of dysfunctional beliefs contribute to the development and maintenance of obsessive-compulsive symptoms. These beliefs are described as inflated personal responsibility and the overestimation of threat, perfectionism and the intolerance of uncertainty, and over importance of…. [read more]

Successful and Unsuccessful Application of Organizational Behavior Concepts for Disney Term Paper

… Successful Application of Organizational Behavior Concepts for Disney

The Disney company begins the creation of an organizational culture that is desirable and successful prior to even the first interview with each prospective employee by ensuring that all employees are uniquely 'fit' to the organizational culture of the Disney company and in order that each employee shares in the Disney 'magic'.

The Disney Corporation has gone through many phases in the life of the business. Disney can claim overwhelming success and as well must necessarily acknowledge times of failure. This work intends to show that the Disney Company has realized great success through implementation of customer-responsive organizational behavior and that this success can be attributed to effective practices within the structure, culture and human resource practices…. [read more]

Ways to Improve Ethical Behavior of Those in a Public Office or Organization Term Paper

… ¶ … Improve Ethical Behavior of Those in a Public Office or Organization

Ethical Behavior

Improving organizational ethical behavior:

Over the years, organizational ethics has come to be acknowledged as a key ingredient for which companies are given better market valuation and respect. However, until recently, only a handful of companies regarded ethics to be valid theme for enterprise planning and strategic thinking. The apex management of majority of enterprises devoted bulk of their time developing their organizational and functional strategic plans, their growth strategies, as also their brand strategies. In this quest for profits and enhancing market share, ethics and regulatory compliance took a backseat which was the lookout of the legal department. This has changed, and organizations are painfully cautious that in the…. [read more]

Practice Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Essay

… Then action, where one aquires new behavior, then maintenance, where one sustains the behavior and finally termination, where one cannot be tempted or a no return stage.

HIV / AIDS among African-American women.

According to a survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC 2007), of all the races in the United States of America, African-Americans have the highest number of HIV and Aids related infections. The African-Americans account for almost 50% of the newly detected cases in the country. The African-American women are the most vulnerable as their infection rate is 19 times that of their counterparts from other races.

HIV transmission and infection rate among African-American women is rising steadily. According to Samuel (2009) failure to use protection during sexual intercourse…. [read more]

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