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Make-Or-Buy Decision at Baxter Manufacturing Company Case Study

… ¶ … Make-Or-Buy Decision at Baxter Manufacturing Company

For the manager at the Baxter Manufacturing Company, the decision of buying vs. internally making the software application is not an easy one. There are several arguments defending each possibility. In favor of buying for instance, the following are notable arguments:

- Purchasing a software application is less complex than making it; the company would just give the money to the software vendor and have the system installed in no time, whereas in the case of internal development, they would spend more money and the duration until completion would be significantly increased

- The Baxter Manufacturing Company would not be making the purchase from a random buyer. But from a long-term partner -- the Effective Management Systems…. [read more]

Corporate Compliance Plan: Riordan Manufacturing Essay

… These codes, and other examples of corporate self-governance such as internal corporate investigations, are becoming a regular staple among the conditions on which favorable settlements can be based in negotiations with government agencies. Corporate codes of conduct are a product of the pressures created by the current regulatory environment.

The current state of the law deprives society of the benefits that would accrue from widespread state-of-the-art compliance programs. Despite cynicism that is sometimes well grounded, corporate self-regulation provides a valuable check against antisocial behavior. The corporation is in the best position to predict sources of potential misconduct and to develop the most appropriate controls. The controls that the corporation develops are likely to be more efficient than a system imposed by the government. While no…. [read more]

- Structure, Governance, and Regulations Term Paper

… The following terms are often heard in the banking world:

Merge-to unite: to lose identity by being absorbed or combined;

Merger: combining two or more companies into one;

Bank Merger: consolidations of two or more banks' charters (there are two types of mergers).

Bank-Bank Mergers: the mergers are between existing banks (interbank mergers).

Acquisition: Gaining, or acquiring by one's own efforts. In banking terms: acquisitions are a transaction in which the banks retain their separate charters.

One example of the Bank-to-Bank merger would be the Nations Bank and Bank of America merger, in which the two separate companies merged to form one. The other, more common type of merger, which is known as the Bank-Nonbank Merger, involves the merger of a commercial bank and securities…. [read more]

Destination Country: Costa Rica Essay

… The cost-to-benefit analysis indicate that exporting the screening cups to Costa Rica is more preferable as operational cost will only include maintaining a lean staff at Heredia office of Pharma Plus and investing in marketing activities.

VIII- Competitors in Costa Rica

Major competitors already operational in the Costa Rican medical equipment market are Baxter, Abbot Vascular, and St. Jude Medical. These three companies are directly operating in the country and maintain elaborate offices and sales force. There is a high susceptibility that competitors might imitate the design of our drug screening cups and the prospects of safeguarding intellectual property rights are also lower as compared to the domestic U.S. market.

Brand name for our company has been chosen as 'Pharma Plus'. The name of our…. [read more]

Organic Food Motivation Research Research Paper

… Respondents bought a variety of organic food, with the majority of respondents indicating they purchased predominantly vegetables, and a majority of respondents indicating that they purchased organic meat, poultry, or seafood. Approximately half of the respondents reported buying organic diary, while one person reported buying organic processed foods, such as cereal, and one person indicated buying organic herbs, spices, or oils. Slightly less than half of the survey respondents indicated that when given the choice between organic and non-organic food brands, they would always select organic foods, while the other half of the respondents indicated that they would frequently choose organic foods if given the choice. Since no respondents selected "sometimes," "never," and "no opinion" regarding the choice to buy organic or non-organic food, the…. [read more]

International Strategic Management Project Assessment

… International Strategic Management Project

Overview of Samsung Electronics

Samsung initially started as a trade corporation whose core business was imports and later exports back in the mid-70's. Samsung started trading in electronics through mass production emphasis; follow the leader strategy; support from government and reliance on foreign technology Kugot and Zander U (1993)

At the onset, Samsung Electronics used a strategy of imitating its competitor's with an aim to become an integrated vertically as an electronic firm. Samsung electronics displays a firm's ability to dynamically interact with production networks internationally. This was necessitated for technology and marketing needs serving as a bench mark for the corporation's growth Barney J.B. And Hesely W.S (2008)

. To further be able to meet it desire for international operations,…. [read more]

Religious Freedom in the Workplace How Far Term Paper

… Religious Freedom in the Workplace

How far is too far?

America is a place that brags of freedom from prejudice due to ethnicity, gender or religion. It is a melting pot of various races and religions, where none must suffer persecution or fear due to their who they are. Separation o church and state is the key principle that preserves the rights of individuals to make their own choices regarding spirituality and morality issues. The difficulty develops when the right to practice a particular religion extends into the work place. In recent years, workplaces have become battlegrounds for this delicate issue. This research will explore the issues involved with religious freedom in the workplace. It will support the thesis that religious freedom is detrimental to…. [read more]

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