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Parenting Education for Teen Mothers Capstone Project

… Multi-purpose programs

Most of the parenting education intervention programs are aimed at developing parent-infant interaction, multi-purpose services such as stress management, parenting skills development, and supportive child care. Most of the studies being reviewed by the researchers were observed to have smaller sample size with lack of suitable or appropriate comparison group mothers, and inconsistent measurements. The studies have indicated that six months program with weekly sessions and group as well as one-on-one sessions is most advantageous for teen mothers in developing parenting skills in them. Mollborn (2007) investigated the influence of teenage parenthood on the material outcomes of parents, specifically the teen mothers. The most important and negative outcome of teenage parenthood on both mothers and fathers was observed to be lack of education…. [read more]

Women's Health Maternal Child Issues Essay

… Nursing

In an attempt to lower infant mortality rates and increase prenatal care, you decide to build your own clinic. What services will you provide for the rural women? Keep in mind their time restraints, many kids at home, commute, etc.

A successful clinic serving the needs of rural women must first work on building trust within the community. Trust is first built by developing programs and services that address the specific needs of women in the community. The first step is analyzing the demographic to determine which services are necessary. Age, ethnicity, and income level may all impact the type and range of services a rural health care clinic would provide. Community surveys and focus groups might also help with the development of clinic…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

Role Relevance and Future Potential Essay

… role, relevance and future potential of a Comprehensive

Basically, a comprehensive healthcare or comprehensive health care is a healthcare which caters for all of a patient's needs at all stages of life. Whether a patient requires a regular physical for college games, or an intricate emergency surgery, it is catered for by the comprehensive healthcare. The objective of this kind of healthcare is typically to maintain patients in shape and healthy, and to persuade populace to tackle medical requirements as quickly as they emerge, instead of waiting for them to turn out to be grave. Several countries with universal healthcare in which every citizen is given healthcare have comprehensive healthcare systems. This kind of healthcare is at times known as cradle to deadly healthcare. This…. [read more]

Mothers and Childbirth The Importance of Continual Support for Improved Outcomes Capstone Project

… This includes better and spontaneous vaginal birth, shorter labor periods, being less likely to have caesarean birth, instrumental vaginal birth, lower incidences of needing to use analgesia and use of regional analgesia, and fewer incidences of negative feelings about childbirth (Bohren et al., 2017). The evidence found literally nothing negative about having consistent support in place for women. In this case, the evidence based interventions that will be used will revolve around implementing a source of consistent support for the mothers—be this support in the form of a friend, relative, or members of the clinical team.

Develop Recommendations for Change Based on Evidence

Based on the rigorous research that was conducted by Bohren and colleagues, the answer is clear: making a…. [read more]

Develop a Birthing Room at a Hospital Term Paper

… ¶ … Birthing Room at a Hospital

Today, obstetrics is a marketable product, and this means that there are more awareness of obstetrics, and also a need for better services in the hospitals, where a woman could give birth in comfort. This means that the concept of a 'birthing room' has caught on, and more and more families are showing their preference for a well equipped and a state of the art birthing room. New birthing concepts have been created, and most hospitals use these as the base for their marketing strategies or their hospital. However, it must be remembered that certain recommendations must be followed strictly when developing a birthing room, for example, the state of Michigan had set up a few regulations for…. [read more]

Pregnancy Outcome and the Time Peer Reviewed Journal

… (2008), article rather than the Jain article. It is then safe to say that this sort of identification of pregnancy intervals is an accepted method of data collection, not followed in the Jain article.


Arafa, M.A., Alkhouly, A., & Youssef, M.E. (2004). Influence of inter-pregnancy interval on preterm delivery. Paediatric & Perinatal Epidemiology, 18(4), 248-252. doi:10.1111/j.1365-3016.2004.00564.x

Cecatti, J.G., Correa-Silva, E.B., Milanez, H., Morais, S.S., & Souza, J.P. (2008). The Associations between Inter-Pregnancy Interval and Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Brazil. Maternal & Child Health Journal, 12(2), 275-281. doi:10.1007/s10995-007-0219-y

Gold, R., Connell, F.A., Heagerty, P., Cummings, P., Bezruchka, S., Davis, R., & Cawthon, M. (2005). Predicting Time to Subsequent Pregnancy. Maternal & Child Health Journal, 9(3), 219-228. doi:10.1007/s10995-005-0005-7

In this issue. (2004). Paediatric & Perinatal…. [read more]

Making Sure Mother and Baby Are Safe and Health at Delivery Time Research Paper

… What are the clinical implications of this research? Weisman notes that since rates of Cesarean Delivery are on the rise in the West (U.S., UK, Canada, and Mexico) and in Europe and parts of Asia, based on the survey referenced above, there are greater risks in Cesarean deliveries. Why? Because without strong mother-child bonding children can suffer later in life.

Midwives Should be Trained to Work with Mentally Challenged Expectant Mothers

An article in the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing posits that very few midwives have received training or meaningful education regarding the mental health of the women they work with who are delivering babies. The authors surveyed midwives across 19 maternity sites in the state of Victoria, Australia and learned that most…. [read more]

Advanced Nursing Ethics and Values Term Paper

… ¶ … Nursing Ethics and Values

Advanced Nursing Ethics and Values

The application of the concept of care ethics presented to assist registered nurses identify if they are practicing its use efficiently. Following a fundamental meaning of caring, consisting of Watson's caring concept, the advancement of the concept of principles/ethics of care will be outlined in brief. A study will be utilized to provide the aspects of ethical concept, confidentiality and practical restrictions.

Importance of ethical theory -- Caring

Many registered nurses have actually been exposed to Watson's caring concept, however numerous are not familiar with the principles of care concept advancement that started in moral psychology along with Gilligan's work (1982). Nurture is important for human advancement, and is primary and most importantly intended…. [read more]

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Research Paper

… Eradicating this disease from the society can turn out to be a painstaking job for the government of America. It may require mass and robust campaigns to educate the society about this disease and to get a large amount of citizens vaccinated. In order to eliminate this disease from the country and to secure the lives of citizens different programs have been introduced by the federal government an example of such programs include National Vaccine Program (NVP). ("2010 national vaccine," 2010)

This program has a number of specific goals. The objectives of this program include; development of advanced and efficient vaccines, establishment better and secure vaccination program, educate people about vaccination programs so that they can make better decisions about whether to get vaccinated or…. [read more]

Genetic Disease Term Paper

… The physician must do all in their power to make sure he has the best interest for the baby and the mother. The doctor is put in the position where he has to weigh all of the benefits and risks and assistances. If morbidity and mortality to the baby or mother occurs then it is probably doubtful the doctor is indebted to endorse whatever procedures will be essential. The parents of the baby will have to be well knowledgeable. If the doctor has this belief that the parent's choice in not accepting treatment is in ineffective, they at that point then have the right to get some kind of legal action and then have the courts give some kind of order for the parents which…. [read more]

HIV and Pregnancy Term Paper

… ¶ … Women with HIV have Reproductive Rights?

Many studies attest to the fact that women and children have become the epicenter of the HIV / AIDS epidemic in the world. "A decade ago, women and children seemed to be on the periphery of the AIDS epidemic...Today... women and children are at the centre of our concern." ("Women and Children: Increasingly," 1994. p 56) Recent reports indicate that an increasing number of women are becoming HIV positive. Lisa Fitzpatrick of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that "Women account for about 25% of the roughly 1 million Americans believed to be living with the AIDS virus, HIV, a population that has remained relatively stable over the past few years." (Sternberg, S. 2005)

These…. [read more]

Nutrition and Pregnancy: Eating Right Term Paper

… Some of the guidelines consist of:

Start with a healthy diet

Add about 300 calories daily: To support the growing fetus, increase one usual servings of basic foods.

Fruits and vegetables: Four or more servings a day are recommended.

Breads, rice and pasta: Four or more daily servings are recommended, especially whole-grain or enriched breads and cereals.

Milk products: Four or more daily servings are recommended. Yogurt, cottage cheese, custard and cheese can substitute for milk.

Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and nuts: Three or more daily servings. One egg equals one serving.

Foods to avoid

Too much caffeine appears to significantly lower birth weight and contribute to anemia in mother and fetus.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can harm the fetus. Heavy drinkers (four drinks…. [read more]

School-Based Intervention Trials for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity Research Proposal

… School-Based Intervention Trials for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity

When it comes to the issue of childhood obesity, there are many factors that have to be considered. Proper parenting is important, the media is blamed for a lot of the obesity that is seen today, and, increasingly, the schools are also being blamed for not working hard enough at ensuring that the children in their care eat properly and get enough exercise. This study looks at interventions in schools as a way to curb the rising epidemic of childhood obesity.

This is very important, because these overweight children turn into overweight adults, and as this takes place their risks for serious disease not only rise, but they start much earlier than they would have if…. [read more]

Elective Cesarean Research Paper

… By no means does this mean that C-Sections performed after the 40th week will have no risk of respiratory problems, but that the statistics prove this timeframe to be much safer than earlier on in the pregnancy.

Another major risk that concerns medical officials regarding elective C-Sections is the potential for children to develop severe allergies. In a study researching the correlation between elected Cesarean and children's allergies that was performed in 2008, five allergies were found to be caused or at least worsened by a nontraditional birthing method (Bager 2008). These included: food allergy/food atopy, inhalant atopy, eczema or atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, and asthma which could result in hospitalization. The researchers determined that, like the case of respiratory correlation, there was indeed an…. [read more]

HIV Prevention Term Paper

… HIV Prevention

It is a myth that only homosexual men and promiscuous women are susceptible to contracting HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This very serious disease does not discriminate. In fact, HIV can be contracted by anyone. Because it can happen to anyone, HIV should be understood by everyone. Everyone can do something to help stop the spread of HIV.

HIV is a wide-spread disease that continues to spread rapidly, with statistics in the millions. It has killed twenty-five million people from all over the world, and over forty million people currently have HIV or AIDS. In the past few years, millions of people have contracted the disease. Of the forty million that are infected, about seventy percent live in Sub-Saharan Africa. While the majority…. [read more]

Plays of British Dramatist, Pam Gems Dissertation

… Edith once engages two marines she meets in a pub in a menage a trois; it is possible, that the bartender formed the fourth of this group. There is no indication that Edith is particularly gifted in the art of making love. She just makes her self available as a willing sexual partner. Except with Marcel Cedran, the married boxer, Edith manages to dissociate physical pleasure from any emotional foundations. With Marcel, Edith is truly in love. But this union is not to be. Anecdotes abound, that Edith's jealous sister informs Marcel's wife of her husband's "philandering." Edith's sexual proclivities and escapades are not a manifestation of her femaleness. Her sexual nature transcends gender. It is a flaw in most superstars. In Edith's case, particularly,…. [read more]

Hospital Ethics Term Paper

… Hospital Ethics

TO DO or NOT to DO


Pro-life and pro-choice advocates clash over this issue, which centers on life or human life and what it really means (Oliver 2005). As Mother Theresa and Yasser Arafat said, personhood refers to "the nature of someone like us and entitled to the same protection of the law." The first issue focuses on whether the fetus is a person or has that personhood. The second issue determines the proper behavior when there is disagreement on the first issue. Among the questions to settle are when personhood begins, what life is and if life exists independently of mortal thoughts. Reason tells that it is not dependent on human determining. The human mind is imperfect and quite often incorrect.…. [read more]

African-American Women in New York Term Paper

… S. population but accounted for 39.7% of all cases (368,169 of 928,188) reported through 2003" (p. 1884).Through statistical research, Buchanan and Hatcher (2007) reported "during 2005, about1.1 million Americans were living with HIV; about half of the new HIV or AIDS diagnoses occurred among African-American individuals during 2004, whereas 18%occurred among Hispanic individuals and 30% among European-American individuals."(p. 2013)

Out of the women living in the United States, two out of three women living with HIV / AIDS during 2004 were African-American, with another 15% being Hispanic (Buchanan & Hatcher, 2007). "For African-American women, the result has been devastating, according to the founding president and CEO of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS" (Fears, 2005, p. A01). In 2003, the rate of new AIDS…. [read more]

HIV Testing/Screening Research Paper

… The Task Force also was for the idea of screening every pregnant woman, in spite of risk, but made no recommendation in support for or against routinely screening asymptomatic adults and adolescents with no particular risk factors for HIV. The Task Force accomplished by concluding that such screening would discover additional patients with HIV, though the general figure would be limited, and the possible significant did not clearly prevail over the burden on the potential harms of a general HIV screening program or primary care practices. In deciding on these recommendations, the Task Force taken into consideration on the number of patients which would require to be screened to prevent individual clinical progression or death through the 3-year period once screened. As per the evidence…. [read more]

Smoking Is a Factor Term Paper

… Teenagers who breathe tobacco smoke generated by family and friends are far more likely to take up smoking themselves. (SWAT, Pg 3)

Certainly there have been many studies linking disease and death to second hand smoke, but what about those who do not make the choice to smoke but are still breathing in nicotine and tobacco smoke. The use of cigarettes by pregnant women can have dire effects on their unborn children.

Carbon monoxide - the same chemical which comes out of an automobile exhaust pipe - and extremely high doses of nicotine interfere with the oxygen supply of the fetus. Studies indicate that nicotine easily penetrates the placenta and becomes concentrated in the fetal blood, amniotic fluid and breast milk. These factors may contribute…. [read more]

Budget Practices That Are Destroying Term Paper

… ¶ … Budget Practices that are destroying America's defenses." The article appeared in the Forbes Magazine. The article identified four budgetary practices of the U.S. federal government that were creating severe issues in the defense management, specifically for the Pentagon. The author identified that sequestration provisions of the 2011 Budget Control Act are flawed in many ways. It is pertinent to mention that the sequestration provisions require the Pentagon to save $500 million over nine years.

The author identified two main issues in the budgetary process of the federal government. It is argued that the sequestration provisions should not be applied on the Pentagon. The provisions impose caps on allowable spending each year, and most of the cuts are made in training and technology investments.…. [read more]

Mathematics Z-Model Framework in Middle School Thesis

… This unique framework has 4 domains, and while this study investigates the Z-model's use in the mathematics curriculum, this framework is focused on improving and enhancing students' achievement in any course of study.

The four domains involved in the Z-model create a comprehensive educational understanding and framework for use in improving educational progress. They are:

  1. Brain development, and efforts in the classroom which can enhance/promote brain development.

  2. How project-based learning can be utilized in order to fully engage the student in the learning community.

  3. Data-Driven instruction (the second half of the breadth - vs. - depth debate). The students must be held accountable to learn a specific knowledge base of facts, figures, and formulae. Without objective measurement of the educational progress,…. [read more]

Social Justice Children Thesis

… Social Justice and Children

Social Justice

Social justice can be a difficult concept to explain becomes it encompasses such broad principles. "Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need." (National Association of Social Workers, 2008). Social justice encompasses every aspect of social life. That means that social justice pertains to goods including health, welfare, safety and education programs and the distribution of these goods to all members of society. Social justice goes beyond the distribution of material goods. It also includes societal beliefs and behavior regarding others in society (Longues & Scanlon, 2001). One of the most significant aspects…. [read more]

Dysfunctional Behavior That Strikes Term Paper

… She was earlier admitted to the College of Costa Mesa Hospital for stabilization of mental illness, medical management and relapse prevention, but she said that she was not coping and that she continued to be severely depressed and lack energy. So she was discharged from the Costa Mesa Hospital and, consequently, admitted to this College Hospital of Cerritos. The patient was anxious, mildly confused, disheveled and crying when her history was taken from her verbal and voluntary report and account.

B. Development History

The patient was the eldest child of a Japanese father and an American mother and the first to be subjected to distinct cultures in upbringing - Eastern and Western. Japanese culture, specifically, emphasizes efficiency and endurance in both sexes and an intolerance…. [read more]

Wives and Midwives: Childbirth Book Review

… In her discussion of why malnutrition should exist in a land of lush vegetation and "eternal summer," where "tropical fruits grow in profusion and every padi field abounds with fish" (21), the reader learns that the Merchang people live by certain "mistaken dietary conceptions." Those misconceptions are based on taboos, and of course, they are also based on ignorance of real human nutritional needs.

As for vegetables, "they are simply additives that improve the taste of rice," and fruits are (21) "just pleasant things to keep the mouth busy." And so, for the Merchang, rice and fish are the only worthy parts of the daily diet. Having pointed that point out, Laderman's initial dietary information becomes credible in terms of the relevance of her research…. [read more]

Wireless Broadband Technology Term Paper

… All the communication is done using a series of radio signals or radio specifications, the frequency of the signals being that of a low 2.4 GHz and the data speeds are up to a range of 721 Kbps. There is no one direction in which this technology can be used; it is omni directional. The distance that it can cover ranges from 10 cm to 100 m; the greater the transmitting power, the greater the distance covered. The output power can be less than 10 mill watts. Basically, the Bluetooth technology functions like this: it can be embedded in an electronic device or be used as an adaptor. (How Bluetooth Technology

Any electronic device that is popularly used today can make use of these…. [read more]

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