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Symbols in the Man Research Paper

… He is unable to really embody the sense of responsibility and masculinity he sees the gun as representing (Spack 104). How he handles himself with the gun is a clear indication that he still does not embody the masculinity he so wishes for. So thus, for the audience, the gun becomes a symbol of Dave's immaturity and inability to understand his own faults in order to rectify them in a more realistic attempt to reach an independent adult state. His continuing lies about the location of the gun solidifies that he will be unable to develop as a character, and is thus stuck in his adolescent state, therefore being the man, who was almost a man.

Overall, it is clear that Wright is using symbolism…. [read more]

Man Term Paper

… He said Dad can I get a gun rack for my gun. Hank says Bobby do you know how long I have waited for you to ask me the. Your truck is not complete until it has those lights on top and the gun rack with a few guns in it, and Louisiana has a gun law that you can carry your gun around with you. He goes to the store and what does he borrow? A catalog and what does mama say about this? Good for the outhouse. Generations of Americans went to the toilet with the catalog and not to just read it either, you had to use that paper, waste not want not. The catalog sure does beat those leaves. He doesn't…. [read more]

Man's Ability to Treat Humans Term Paper

… Apart from central theme of keeping hope, the implied storyline of "The Rose that Grew from Concrete" is about how Tupac rose from his hazardous surroundings by following his ambitions and became successful in the rap industry. This involves simple analogy, where the word "rose" in the title represents Tupac as a person and the word "concrete" signifies the unforgiving streets of Marin City. Tupac has presented the experience of his own life and depicted the ways by which he surmounted his dangerous environment and kept on following his dreams consistently, which ultimately bestowed him with fame and success (McQuillar & Johnson 75). This is analogous to how a flower grew out of the cold and non-nurturing concrete by breathing air, and eventually blooms and…. [read more]

Richard Wright's a Man Term Paper

… Epiphany: The Man Who Was Almost a Man

In Richard Wright's "The Man who was almost a man," Dave does not experience what James Joyce called 'epiphany'. According to MSN Encarta, "A Joycean epiphany is a small descriptive moment, action, or phrase that holds much larger meaning-for example, a single word or gesture that explains a person's entire personality." In simpler terms, epiphany is a moment of enlightenment when the truth of something suddenly comes forth or when a person has an intuitive understanding about something important. Unfortunately for Dave that moment never really comes and till the very end, he remains immature and childish in his idea of what a man was and how to become one.

Dave is a young boy who doesn't…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Othello Essay

… The story of Othello may have happened as history, i.e. As direct retelling of tale and event. Dramatized, however, in a visual way where we see the events unfolding, the story -- as Aristotle pointed out -- has a greater impact on us, since it moves us, makes us relive the tale, and the fear and pity that we feel for the man evokes in us a catharsis of escaped emotion.

Sometimes, explains Aristotle, the hero is unaware for the calamity until the very end. This is what happened to Oedipus, and this is what occurs in Othello too. Only with Emilia's revelation of the handkerchief is Othello aware of his grotesque error and then he injures his enemy and kills himself. The tragedy is…. [read more]

Magic as a Central Theme Term Paper

… Moses went from the burning bush back to Egypt almost forty years after he had left it. He confronted Pharaoh for his evil treatment of the Hebrews and demanded that Pharaoh let them go. Famously, Pharaoh did not acquiesce until Moses had orchestrated the pass over night when all of the first born of Egypt were killed except for those who followed the instructions Moses gave them from God to paint the lintels of their doors with blood. Because of that action, the angel of death knew to pass over those houses. This is again, Hurston relates through her characters, magic. Moses has the power that God enhanced to call the angel down on the Egyptians. The Israelites leave with all of Egypt's gold, but…. [read more]

Are Men Stuck in a Perpetual State of Adolescence a Cross-Cultural Comparison? Term Paper

… Men and Adolescence

Anthropological inquiry into male-female relations has somewhat evolved around debates concerning sexual inequality. Gender roles are complex and clearly vary by culture and time-period, and are often misunderstood based on individual societal bias. Modern contemporary research shows that there were so many contradictions and odd conflicts within the data that the idea of gender role responsibility has been confusing even for scholars. (Stasburger, 2008). Since culture is so abstract, and based on so many individual and fleeting factors, many scholars now believe the relationship of the sexes to each other is best discussed in terms of the conflicts, tensions, and paradoxes that are at the heart of daily life in many societies (Sanday,, 1990).

Gender roles are the way that male…. [read more]

Man's View of a Wife Essay

… Today there are cultures that are holding to the belief of woman's role is in the house.

All this suffering of the house wife did not go well and feminists had to come up. They defended the women's rights. By the twentieth century, feminists came up demanding the change in oppressed women. They felt that women needed education. They also needed career to help in family financial issues. The feminists felt that the woman had the right to chose on family planning and not just giving birth. These women Liberation movements were successful especially in America where the first liberalization took place. Equal rights amendments came up and gave the woman a voice. She was not only allowed to vote, but she was also recognized…. [read more]

Men's Sportswear in the 1950S Term Paper

… In Keller 2000).

Jack Herschlag, executive director of the National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers, argues: "There's no question suit sales have gone down, but there's a basic attachment to the suit. The concept is a century and a half old, and it's held up well" (qtd. In Gottschalk 2003).

It's hard to believe now, but in the 1950s anyone who didn't have a laborer's job wore a suit. Our culture has changed, society has changed and the rules have certainly changed, but there are strongholds in the business world, people who travel internationally, in banking, in high executive jobs and in entertainment where suits still exist. Then there are the dressy guys who like fashion, and there's a lot of fashion in men's suits…. [read more]

Men Are More Likely Than Women to Desire a Long-Term Relationship Thesis

… Revelations from "Men Seeking Women" Personal Ads

Men and women are different.

Not better or worse just different...'

Allan and Barbara Pease

Pears, 2003, para. 2)

Letter of Intent

Desire for a Long-Term Relationship

Do more men prefer no-strings attached (NSA) relationships or long-term relationships (LTR) more?

Contrary to the contemporary image of single bachelor, content to live alone, Alice Wyllie (2007), staff writer for the Scotsman, purports: "it seems men would rather be in a secure relationship than playing the field." (para. 5) the title Wyllie (2007) utilized for her article: "Men can't live without love" reflects the contention of Penny Conway, a spokesperson for that men prefer to be in a LTR more than women. Conway argues that even though women do…. [read more]

Isolation Has Been a Frequent Research Paper

… Isolation has been a frequent topic of literature and fiction, but it developed into a distinct and crucial theme over the latter half of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries, as political and technological developments rapidly diminished the status and influence of the individual in the face of overwhelming economic, political, and social forces. Of course, by definition writing is something of a solitary experience, but the dramatic changes which occurred over this period, especially in areas like Eastern Europe and Russia, which did not exhibit the opulent wealth of the West, seemed to precipitate a special consideration of isolation that acknowledged its peculiar connection to boredom, shame, and active oppression. By considering how Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground, Anton Chekhov's "The Man…. [read more]

Crime Scene Investigation Essay

… In those cases involving close shots, wadding may be found in either the victim's bodv or in his clothing" ( Furthermore, while we're unable to determine the distance between the muzzle of the gun and the victim, as such a determined distance would be useful in assessing whether or not the crime was a suicide with more certainty or if there was a struggle for the gun, in this case, the placement of the weapon is extremely revelatory. The weapon was found on the floor by the man's bed, underneath a pillow. Given the position that the man landed in (facedown, with one arm under his chest and another arm making an L-shape) points strongly to the fact that the man was likely murdered. In…. [read more]

Dark Knight Returns Essay

… Where the Joker revels in this reality, Batman must constantly work to sublimate it, because he can never admit to himself that what he is doing is just as subversive, counter-cultural, and potentially destructive as the Joker, even if he fights on the side of justice. Thus, every time Batman brutally defeats an enemy, he is attempting to beat his homosexual desire into submission.

This is not to suggest that Miller's representation of Batman is in itself homophobic, but rather to note that this characterization includes homophobia within it as a constituent element. Just as the Batman comics of the 1980s sought to distance themselves from the camp of the 1960s, so too does Miller's Batman struggle to force himself to conform to a heterosexual…. [read more]

What Does it Mean to Be a Man Through the Ages? Essay

… ¶ … Real Men Explored through Literature

Manhood means different things to different people. Throughout life, maturity often changes our ideas of what it means to be a man. Circumstance, too, becomes an important factor in manhood as boys will be influenced by their fathers one way or another. Some fathers affect their sons with a positive influence while others do not. Manhood, like personhood, also changes with those with whom we choose to surround ourselves. From fathers to wives, manhood becomes complicated because everyone sees it differently. Authors explore this notion, looking behind the causes and consequences associated with being a man. Richard Wright, James Joyce, John Updike, William Faulkner, Bel Kaufman and James Thurber present us with characters having different notions of manhood,…. [read more]

Man Who Almost Term Paper

… This time he accomplishes his goal -- with the gun stiff and hard in his fingers, he shoots the last four bullets until it is empty, and is finally proud of something that he has done. At this moment, all of Dave's mistakes, childish behaviors, and embarrassments seem to fade away. He is proud, hopeful, and above all, he is mature. Dave stands "straight and proud in the moonlight, looking at Jim Hawkins' big white house," thinking, "Lawd, ef Ah had just one mo bullet Ah'd taka shot at that house" [Wright 2003]. The "big white house" signifies the power and status of white people in Dave's society, and by Dave shooting at the house, he is expressing his need to escape this world where…. [read more]

Narrative Criticism to Kill a Mockingbird Movie Transcript Essay

… ¶ … Kill a Mockingbird

The 1962 film to Kill a Mockingbird offers an ideal artifact for narrative and rhetorical criticism, because so much of the film's meaning is found in the dialogue and narration. Adapted from Harper Lee's 1960 novel of the same name, to Kill a Mockingbird follows the story of Jean Louise "Scout" Finch (Mary Badham), her brother Jem (Phillip Alford), and their father Atticus (Gregory Peck), as they confront the racism and bigotry that comes to light during the trial of a black man accused of raping a white teenage girl in the 1930s. The film contains a number of interesting speeches that, when analyzed in the context of rhetorical criticism, can shed light on the unique role of rhetoric in…. [read more]

Recalling a Time When Managers Term Paper

… My true nature is one of high acumen, and a business mind that is very entrepreneurial in substance.

3. If I was interested in changing someone's behavior, and I was in a position of authority and had responsibility for that person, so much so, that the person would actually listen and be influenced by my actions, I believe that I could reinforce their behavior by using positive not negative actions. I would ensure that the behavior was learned by providing different incentives for each step along the route. Each time the person would take the next step in learning the desired behavior, they would be rewarded accordingly. If, by chance there were any backsliding taking place, then the rewards would be taken away, or a…. [read more]

Man the Design and Epistles Essay

… We are told:

Self-love, still stronger, as its object's nigh;

Reason's at distance, and in prospect lie:

That sees immediate good by present sense;

Reason, the future and the consequence.

Thicker than arguments, temptations throng,

At best more watchful this, but that more strong. (II.70-5)

In other words, reason helps man make correct decisions but it is not always easy to reach that decision. Additionally, we are told, Attention habit and experience gains;/Each strengthens reason, and self-love restrains" (II.78-9). In short, man is effected by our emotions. He puts it very succinctly when he says, "Pleasure, or wrong rightly understood,/Our greatest evil, or our greatest good" (II.90-1). Again, we are faced with the complexity if human nature. And again, we are reminded that it is…. [read more]

Aggression From a Heritability Perspective Term Paper

… "We must distinguish between two facets of emotion, the functional and the experiential" (Kosslyn & Koening, 1992). While it is well understood that there may be genes that make it more likely to people to act on aggressive feelings, it is far less certain whether there are genes that make people more likely to feel those aggressive feelings. Instead, much of the focus has been on impulse control, and the general trend suggests that those who have difficulties controlling their aggressive impulses are also impulsive in other areas of their lives.

The one real exception to this is in the area of gender. Studies suggest that men, generally, feel more aggressive than women and gender-based traits may be a product of genetics, though they can…. [read more]

Ice Man Confession Capstone Project

… ¶ … Iceman Confessions: A Social History Profile of Richard Kuklinski


Reason for Referral:

Richard Kuklinski was referred because of his involvement in multiple murders. A member of Newark's DeCavalcante crime family and New York City's Five Families whose job was that of a hitman, Kuklinski is believed to have murdered upwards of 100 people. According to his self-reports, Kuklinski began murdering people at the age of 13. Kuklinski was convicted of five murders in 1988, which resulted in consecutive life sentences. In 2003, he pleaded guilty to an additional murder.

family History

Richard Kuklinski was born April 11, 1935 in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was born to Stanley Kuklinski and Anna McNally Kuklinksi. Stanley Kuklinski, an abusive alcoholic who worked as…. [read more]

Christianity: The Origin, Purpose Research Paper

… ..and after he brought them out, he said, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" They said, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household."

In other words, the primary distinction between Christians and Jews is a belief in Jesus Christ. More specifically, the fact that he died and rose from the dead. All that someone must do to be "saved" into the Christian faith is believe.

Once belief is accomplished, the results and changes in people's lives, according to Acts are substantial. An excellent example of this is the conversion of Peter from prepentacostal Peter to post-penticostal Peter:

But he denied it, saying, "Woman, I do not know Him." A little later, another saw him and said,…. [read more]

Marry a Mexican, Highlighting Underlining Essay

… "I'll never marry…Mexican men, forget it…For a long time the men clearing off the tables or chopping meat behind the butcher counter or driving the bus I road to school today, those weren't men. Not men I considered potential lovers. ..I never saw them…my mother did this to me" (Cisneros 69). The narrator longs for a different life than her mother.

The reason for her mother's unhappiness lay in the class differences between herself and her husband. This is starkly apparent when the narrator compares her father and mother: "a Mexican girl who didn't know enough to set a place for each course at dinner, nor how to fold cloth napkins… [at my mother's house] all the dishes cracked and chipped, nothing matched… [my father]…. [read more]

Gender Influences on Women and or Men's Lives Essay

… Gender

African-American men understand the issue of white privilege, which frequently goes unnoticed by those who possess that privilege. In fact, it is almost part of the definition of white privilege that whites remain unaware of the social status, consideration, and opportunity automatically proffered. Being able to switch back and forth between white and black identities is not possible, and African-American men remain cognizant of the fact that the formation of a strong African-American community creates distinct and legitimate alternatives to the dominant culture. Applying the logic of white privilege to patriarchy, it may seem as if an African-American man could be more sensitive to the oppressive force of male hegemony due to the experience of oppression and discrimination. Unfortunately, this is not usually the…. [read more]

Faulkner's Story Essay

… To her, wearing her preferred dress and hat with a pair of gloves is the most important virtue. O'Connor makes the grandmother the central character as a representative of traditional attitude of her generation that is responsible for the issues ailing the state. She uses her influence to instill derogatory traditional ideas on her children as well as her grandchildren. She fails to perform a self-judgment, turning a critical eye on herself to inspect her own hypocrisy, dishonesty, and selfishness. The author further reveals the manifestation of classism and racism by introducing the Tower, a symbol of authority representing southern segregation. The owner of the Tower, Red Sammy whose name is most likely drawn from "Redneck" a term referring to the uneducated white male from…. [read more]

Leave Becoming a New Mother Essay

… Statistics

According to one study, more than 58% of working mothers in Japan desired balance between work and family, but only 12% felt they actually had a satisfactory balance. In a U.S. survey, 77% of Americans believe that businesses should be required to provide paid family and medical leave, and 68% believe that employers should provide more funding for childcare. There have been studies that have shown that workers who have been given more flexibility in the workplace prove to be better workers and more productive. Consequently, the evidence indicates that providing more flexibility in constructing employees' work schedules would actually boost employee morale and facilitate greater productivity, definitely a win-win situation. However, instituting paternal leave will counteract the discrimination women face over pregnancy and…. [read more]

Man as a Passive Agent Essay

… ¶ … Man as a Passive Agent in His Construction of Himself

In "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Nicholas Carr makes the argument that the internet has not only changed how people can access information, but also how people process that information that they do access. As his title suggests, he believes that the internet has contributed to a decline in man's reasoning ability, so that modern people are less able to engage in the critical thinking skills that have long been considered a hallmark of human thought. While, at first blush, Karen Armstrong's essay "Homo Religiosus," with its discussion of primitive religious practices may seem unrelated to Carr's discussion of how technology impacts thinking ability, she also discusses how an aspect of modern society,…. [read more]

Tom Shulich ("Coltishhum") a Comparative Chapter

… 40).

Thus, from the perspective of the bottom rung of Indian society, it is Lapierre's contention that the self/other dichotomy if not fully eradicated, at least becomes practically irrelevant. Lapierre's slum dwellers refuse to entertain invidious distinctions between self and other. The familiar as well as the stranger, the healthy and the diseased, the old and the young -- all are taken in and cared for in one big, harmonious community of the urban poor. In a society of unfortunates who all must struggle simply to survive against great odds, no one is rejected "marginal." The denizens of Calcutta's slums, Lapierre tells us, "had reconstructed the life of their villages in urban exile" (p. 41).

Stephan Kovalski, an expatriate Polish priest, is the main European…. [read more]

Man of the Crowd Term Paper

… As a social structure, London produced a large number of workers, especially clerical workers; clerks were an obvious occupation of the time, and the obvious aspect of the metropolitan economy. Although a large part of the population are working class, there are also nobles and rich merchant plying the social circles of upper social class London, but they are outnumbered by the poorest class in the city. In Psychology, Pseudoscience's of physiognomy and phrenology-which pertains to the ability to read the character of people in a crowd- influenced the author's perspectives in classifying people in the story. The popularity of written text appearing sporadically in the modern urban landscape of that time influenced the writer in the way he mused at things and developed his…. [read more]

Amish Are a Long-Standing Religious Research Paper

… Yoder. The state challenged Amish educational system, which terminates before age sixteen, the youngest age a person could opt out of the school system in Wisconsin (McConnell & Hunt 2006). However, the Court found that the interest of society to preserve freedom of religion was greater than the state's interest in ensuring that all children received an education to age sixteen.

One feature of Amish upbringing that surprises many outsiders is the 'rumspringa' or the period of time in which adolescent Amish are allowed to live free of church dictates, until they choose to return to the fold. This is meant to give them a chance to 'sow their wild oats' and understand what they are giving up when they decide to be baptized. The…. [read more]

Marquise of O "&#8230A Lady Essay

… Even without this knowledge, there is a suggestion of rape because she is said to have 'found' herself in a particular situation rather than have chosen to have sexual relations with her child's father. But if that is the case, then why is she seeking to marry him? And if it was a rape, how can she have no clue as to who it was, given the violent nature of the act?

The passivity of the feminine role in the story's society is suggested by her acquiescence to her family, who is the reason she says she is submitting the advertisement to the newspaper. She is not marrying because she wants to or feels a particular sense of affection for the unknown father, but is…. [read more]

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