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Specific Cyber Crime Case Study

… ¶ … Comcast Hackers

The internet has made access to information remarkably easier for billions of people. Unfortunately, with this ease of access also comes a greater likelihood of cyber crime. One incident of cyber crime that recently made headlines was the so-called "Comcast Hacker Case." In this incident, two young men named Christopher Allen Lewis (age 20) and Michael Paul Nebel (age 28) along with co-defendant James Robert Black, Jr., hacked into the website of Comcast at and redirected traffic to their own website. The incident took place in May of 2008, but the sentencing just occurred in September, 2010 ("Comcast Hackers," 2010).

The defendants went by cyber nicknames, which is a common occurrence in hacker situations. Christopher Allen Lewis of Newark, Delaware…. [read more]

Movie Editing Term Paper

… Editing Analysis of Selected Movies

For modern motion picture audiences, the art of film editing has risen to the level of quality that it is unnoticed -- if it is done expertly. In its most fundamental, editing is a process that assembles raw film shots into a coherent whole through the creative use of layering images, story, dialogue, pacing, and even the actor's performances to craft a more cohesive whole. In many ways, the film editor is the final director and can turn a film into a piece of cinemagraphic art or, conversely, great actors into a tedious "B" movie offering.

Film editing is one of the processes in the industry that has benefited from technological advances. With the advent of digital editing, film editors…. [read more]

Baseball in 1860-1900 a Reflection of North American History Essay

… History Of Baseball in America

Baseball has a very long and deep-rooted connection to North America. The history goes back to the 18th century when the game in its modern form was first introduced to this part of the world. It is not known exactly when baseball in its primitive shape was first played in the U.S. And Canada, but it is understood that modern baseball evolved from similar ball and bat games like cricket.

The first reference of baseball ever found in American literature was in 1791 when a Massachusetts law forbade people from playing close to Pittsfield's meeting house. But it was much later in 1838 that any literature on rules of the game was published or at least the only record we…. [read more]

Arthur Miller's Play, Death of a Salesman Essay

… Arthur Miller's play, Death of a Salesman, explores the theme of the American Dream not because of how it can be achieved but how it can fail. Willy Loman suffers from an idealistic view of the world in relation to his dream. He is deluded by thinking if he wants something, he will get it. He fails to see the difference between his dream and his talents, he is blind to specific facts, and he passes this characteristic to his son. Willy is an interesting character study because we can learn from his mistakes, not his example. Willy squanders his life and his dream.

Willy cannot be faulted for not having a dream but he can be held responsible for what he does to accomplish…. [read more]

Beowulf: Portrait of a Society the Story Essay

… Beowulf: Portrait of a Society

The story of Beowulf is one that reveals many things about an ancient culture that is surprisingly much like our own. When we think of ancient cultures, we often conjure up crude images of people and practices that could benefit from improvement. However, the "Beowulf" poet is concerned with representing a society that is dedicated, loyal, faithful, brave, and strong. Beowulf is a man that demonstrates what it means to be loyal; he is a warrior completely devoted to his code of honor. The world is filled with danger, best expressed through the presence of dragons. As with any other danger, this is faced and fought without hesitation and with very little fear. While the world is filled with many…. [read more]

American Indian Music Being Influenced by the European Model Has Sadly Lost Its Originality Term Paper

… Native Music

Native American music made in European forms is missing many of the elements that made it unique. The vocalizations and instrument sounds represented the world around them. Complex rhythmic structures spoke to the rhythms of life. Costume and dance were vital part of musical performance. These aspects are missing from today's native American music. Further, the pan-tribalism found in much of today's native American music marks a sharp contrast to musical forms that were once unique to each individual tribe. Without these key elements, native American music made today in European forms has lost much of its uniqueness.

Before the arrival of Europeans to North America, the native population had developed many complex musical styles. Without written language, music became one of the…. [read more]

Scott Fitzgerald's Novels Depict Women Term Paper

… Women enjoy the sexual power that they have over men and amplify it by utilizing money in childish manners. This is reflected in the way that Baby Warren approaches Dick; she is not interested in him sexually, but she merely sees him as a play thing that can be manipulated because of his sex and lack of power. Certainly, she is not attracted to Dick, "But Baby Warren wanted to talk to Dick, wanted to talk to him with the impetus that sent her out vagrantly toward all new men, as though she were on an inelastic tether and considered that she might as well get to the end of it as soon as possible." (Fitzgerald II, 167). This typifies the amoral and superficial way…. [read more]

Mothers of Invention: Women Term Paper

… Raised as ladies, they were suddenly forced to do menial work, and for some of them, it was almost too much for them to bear. They found managing their slaves was difficult, but living without them was just as difficult.

One aspect of southern women that might not be recognized at first is how their clothing altered during the Civil War. Author Faust states, "Clothing became fraught with meaning for Confederate women" (Faust 220). As the war continued, cloth shortages were normal, and women had to rethink the way they dressed. Southern women had always relished their beautiful clothing - it represented part of their lifestyle and identity. The author continues, "Dress became a language southerners used to explore and to communicate their relationship to…. [read more]

Male Domination of Hospitality Industry Term Paper

… The gender inequality is partially due to the lack of concern of the Canadian government, which fails to implement policies that successfully narrow this gap and insure that impediments, which interfere with the ability of women to earn incomes and secure managerial positions at a level equal to men, are removed.

Women are also prevented from achieving equal status in the hospitality industry because Canadian society continues to pigeonhole them into certain jobs, which have been historically characterized as "women's work." More than 70% of women workers in the hospitality industry are never promoted to managerial positions because it is a common conception that managerial work is a "man's job."

In addition, since males dominate the managerial positions and often lack gender sensitization, women are…. [read more]

Christology: Identity of Jesus as Both God and Man Essay

… "The human life and teachings of the historical Jesus have to be given full place in his saving work as essential and not incidental or merely incidental in his atoning reconciliation."[footnoteRef:4] The dangers of overemphasizing either one of the other component of Christ's sacrifice -- his status of God and Man -- is that to overemphasize the spiritual aspect, one loses the significance of God coming to earth to sacrifice His only begotten son and the need for Jesus to suffer on the cross for the sins of humanity. Also, one loses the significance of the teachings of Jesus, which are a profound and important component of His ministry (Jesus left his words as instructive advice, not merely the actions of his person). Yet by…. [read more]

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