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Agency's Public Personnel Administration Organizational Essay

… S. department of justice. The Federal Law requires employees at the Office of DoD IG to have clearance; this ensures that they are not guilty members or criminals in the U.S.

The members should have a general academic background. The academic background sought should be palatable and ready to give the department a free and fair approach of ideas and technicalities found during service delivery. Stable health is another component that makes part of the requirements from the department. The personnel subjected to the recruitment and training activities should have a stable health record that includes quality of the physical strength, mental stability, and social/emotional stability. Such characteristics are necessary to be ascertained in an individual in order to ensure that they are available and…. [read more]

Information Systems Have Changed Essay

… Bureaucratic theory of Max Weber

Some salient characteristics of the bureaucratic theory of Max Weber are presented below. Each feature is explained in context to outdated as well as modern features of managerial systems they were intended to do well.

Fixed division of labor

The jurisdictional areas with particular obligations and rights are stated and cannot be changed at the urge of any leader. As far as division of labor and its duties are concerned, they can be changed anytime by the leaders will ( Warick, et al., 1975). This change by the leader cannot be challenged by anyone. It basically suppresses the concept of labor unions.

Hierarchy of offices

According to this rule, each post was controlled and monitored by a high rank official…. [read more]

Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL Framework and ISO Iec 27002 Term Paper

… Computer Science

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and ISO/IEC 27002

ITIL is the most extensively accepted approach to it service management in the world. Providing a unified set of best practice guidance drawn from the public and private sectors around the world, it has of late undergone a major and important refresh project. It Service Management (ITSM) derives huge benefits from a best practice approach. Since ITSM is driven both by technology and the enormous range of organizational environments in which it functions, it is in a state of regular evolution. Best practice, based on expert advice and contribution from ITIL users is both present and practical, combining the latest thinking with sound, common sense leadership. ITIL provides a methodical and professional advance to…. [read more]

IT Firm and the Performance Appraisal System Case Study

… IT Firm and Performance Evaluation

The lack of congruity between the strategic plans and direction of the IT services firm on the one hand and the structure of its Management by Objectives (MBO) program on the other is causing a major disconnect in overall company performance. The high scores for Division X are completely unwarranted and are a result of poor training, inaccurate ratings and a series of biases in the managers providing the reviews. The intent of this analysis is to use concepts and frameworks to evaluate and define the current situation and also provide guidance as to how best the IT services firm can overcome this very difficult situation they are in today. This firm must hold into their top performers while enabling…. [read more]

Public Administration Mind Map PA Research Paper

… Wilson requires administrative leadership to separate from politics (Trottier, Van Mart & Wang, 2008). To this theory, an effective administrative leader creates politically neutral and technically competent administrative systems that create democracy in an organization (Van Mart, 2003). Though the theory's dichotomy is no longer in use, it has a vital influence on Frank Goodnow's scientific theory and the classical approach of Fayol Henry, Urwick and Gulick.

However, Wilson's theory has considerable implications on modern administration. This is because it requires administrators to have clear characteristics and objectives for the systematic execution of the law. For Wilson, the administrative leader maximizes on effectiveness, economy, and efficiency in public business. Moreover, Wilson contributes to the comparative approach of public administration. In this approach, the leader takes…. [read more]

Human Resources Management: Health Services Essay

… " (BTEC Higher National -- H2, nd, p.2) The third stated strategy for quality achievement is that of establish quality systems including "ISO 9000 series, Investors in People, charter Mark, Business Excellence Model, European Quality Mark and other specialist standards." (BTEC Higher National -- H2, nd, p.2)The work of Kabene, et al. (2006) examines the health care system from a global perspective and the importance of human resources management (HRM) in the initiative to improve patient health care outcomes and delivery of health care services. Kabene et al. states that there is an increased level of attention focused on human resources management and that specifically "human resources are one of three principle health system inputs, with the other two major inputs being physical capital and…. [read more]

Applied Management and Decision Sciences Thesis

… ¶ … management and decision sciences from various theorists; and, analyzes the evolution of managerial decision making from scientific management to the complicated forecasting models used today. The objectives of the Breadth component were four-fold: (a) to examine the theories of applied management and decision sciences as interpreted by the research of Ducker (1974), Harrison (1975), and others as listed in the reference section; (b) to analyze the historic evolution of decision making from scientific management to modern applications of operations research; (c) to examine the decision making process, with a particular emphasis on the importance of values and management judgment; and (d) to describe, assess, and evaluate various decision evaluation tools including matrix analysis, influence diagrams, payoff matrices, sensitivity analysis, decision tree, probabilistic forecasting,…. [read more]

Public Services Management According to Hood ) Term Paper

… Public Services Management According to Hood (1991)

According to Hood (1991) the New Public Management (NPM) has come to represent a global phenomenon. This work will answer what the main trends in the worldwide movement have been since 1991 and in which countries the NPM has proven to be the most successful. Bissessar (nd) n the work entitled: "The Introduction of New Public Management in Small States" writes that in the 1980s "many countries worldwide attempted to reform their public bureaucracies by replacing the traditional system of Public Administration with what Hood (1991) commonly referred to as New Public Management (NPM). It was obvious that the ideological justification for introducing NPM was based on the doctrines of the 'new right' which placed increasingly reliance on…. [read more]

Public Policy Processes and Analytical Approaches Critical Book Report

… Public Policy Processes and Analytical Approaches

Critical Book Review- David E. Lewis, the Politics of Presidential Appointments:

Lewis, David. 2008. The Politics of Presidential Appointments: Political Control Public Policy Processes and Analytical Approaches

Critical Book Review:

The Politics of Presidential Appointments: Political Control and Bureaucratic Performance (2008)

PAPA 6214 Public Policy Processes and Analytical Approaches - Professor Patrick Roberts

Stacey Shindelar

David E. Lewis' book on political appointment in the United States has been considered to be one of the most important writings in the field of public policies of the last years. This is largely due to the fact that the book in itself represents a comprehensive view and analysis on the way in which appointments are achieved at the high level of local…. [read more]

Management Principles Management Leadership Model Term Paper

… There is a pre-assumption that the leader's traits existed before leadership and most of them failed to approach the study of personality. Several studies aiming at identifying some of the leadership traits reveal that most of the traits were unimportant compared to other traits (Dereli, 2007). In this context, some scholars have argued that the failure to outline leadership traits should account to the lack of measurement and comparison of data from the many studies conducted. Some of the recent studies utilized measurement procedures focusing on managers and leaders.

Behavioral Theories of Leadership

The lack of tracing important leadership traits urged scholars to explore the behaviors exhibited by specific leaders. Behavioral studies of leadership primarily aim at identifying behaviors that distinguish leaders from non-leaders. These…. [read more]

Management Theories and Philosophies Term Paper

… Management Theories and Philosophies

Royalco Resources Limited (Royalco) has been engaged in the management of the resources based on the royalties and the exploration of mineral tenements that are located in the UK. The business established in the year 1929 to manufactured the mining appliances for diverse mines around the United Kingdom. Royalco Resources Limited survived the world war through numerous recessions (Boyett & Boyett, 1998-page 34). The organizations adopted the hybrid of the classically and scientifically managed the theory for a couple of years, this has been proved to be successful with the popular processes that have not yielded the growth of reputation through the surrounding areas. The financial rewards are perfect as the workers provide the efforts through the achievements of the endeavors.…. [read more]

Total Quality Management or TQM Essay

… , 1995). Nonetheless, research in semiconductor industry circumstance needs to be carried forward more thoroughly complemented. The end result from the study reaffirmed that quality management practices don't have any significant correlation with rework rate.

TQM like a continuous improvement

Clinton (1994) made clear the TQM concepts produced by ancestors and forefathers in the quality movement, i.e. The likes of Deming, Juran, Crosby, and Feigenbaum, could be easily divided into 5 fundamental concepts namely: concentrate on customers' needs, concentrate on problem prevention, make continuous enhancements, train employees to enhance quality, and use the team method of problem fixing. Furthermore, Ibrahim et al., (2011) learned that most significant practices that have been implemented were problem fixing techniques, production planning and control, record sampling, quality awareness agendas…. [read more]

Project Management and the Federal Research Paper

… The argument presented in the UN report that sustainable growth can actually be implemented through cost-effective means is another indictment of the administration's project management aptitude. When the unfortunate course of America's newly launched sustainability project is analyzed from the perspective of project cost management, it becomes readily apparent that a significant portion of the government's project management team likely consisted of individuals with a background in information technology. It is widely known among the project management community that "many information technology professionals often react casually to cost overrun information (because) they know that many of the original cost estimates for information technology projects are low to begin with or based on very unclear project requirements" (Schwalbe, 2011). The fact that so many of the…. [read more]

Organizational Change in the Public Capstone Project

… These eight factors affect the outcome of results of change organizational levels during the change process.

This discussion also considers each factor as potentially leading to the successful implementation of change or improving implementation process. Conclusively, in spite of what some researchers might view as the coherent nature of these determinants and suggestions (Saarinen & Tinnila, 2002).

Factor 1: Need for change

It is the role of managerial leaders to authenticate and convincingly address the need for change. Research shows that the discharge of intended change usually requires that leaders confirm the need for change and plead with other members of the organization and significant external stakeholders that it is indispensable (Richards & Rodrigues, 1993; Middlemist & Hitt, 1988, Walters, 1990; Abramson & Paul, 2001).…. [read more]

Functions of Management Essay

… Functions of Management

The Four Functions of Management

The universally accepted functions of management -- whether it is a baseball organization, an opera company, a Fortune 500 corporation or an elementary school in Ireland -- include: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Professor Paul Allen of Middle Tennessee State University has written a book (Artist Management for the Music Business) in which he elaborates on the four functions of management vis-a-vis the music business, albeit his narrative can apply to many other fields and disciplines.

Planning -- Allen notes that the difference between failure and success can often be linked to the planning process that was involved in the project. "Luck by itself can sometimes deliver success" (Allen, 2011, p. 5), he explains, but when a…. [read more]

IT Plan Essay

… If this data is hacked, valuable and sensitive information about medical histories and finances can be readily accessible making the customer extremely exposed to wrong doings. A security breach of this type may cause the company to go under, as trust is the most important thing to consider when dealing with such personal and valuable information.

Understanding the importance of the sensitive information contained within the system leads me to the next priority; ensuring that the employees are practicing safe and effective information security steps. The most rigid security system is no good if the users keep passwords on notes attached to their computers. Good computer discipline remains extremely important in avoiding threats and must be kept in mind all the time.

Control Measures for…. [read more]

Management Information Systems as it Applies to Public Administration Article Review

… Management information System is described as an information system which ensures a consistent provision of reports that are used in managerial monitoring and control of resources, functions, or other responsibility regarding an organization. Information that are provided by management information system are used in managing a sector or firm effectively and efficient. Contrary to other information systems, management information systems analyze and facilitate strategic and operation activities.

Management Information Systems assist the personnel to effectively plan, design, manage, as well as use information systems resources in supporting information needs of an organization. However, professional and managers within every organization should be equipped with basic understanding concerning the roles and nature of information technologies that are essential to the running of the organization effectively. Moreover, they…. [read more]

Management Information Systems Security Plan Term Paper

… Management Information Systems -- Information Security

Information Security

A project plan is essentially a formal document that guides the execution and control of a project. It is meant to achieve the planning objectives and facilitate the planning decisions of the project. It also facilitates interaction and communication between the project stakeholders while detailing the costs, scope, and milestones of the project.

Before developing a project plan, it is important to have a statement of the project vision and objectives. The vision statement gives a clear picture of the direction that the project intends to take in order to be successful. Objectives, on the other hand, are the targets that the project will achieve to achieve the desired outcome. These two are necessary because they guide…. [read more]

Integrating Total Quality Environmental Management Term Paper

… Environmental management includes recycling and remanufacturing of parts and products (Anthony, 2002). Disassembly and recycling of reusable parts help the cause of environment protection, reduces the cost of usage of a fresh component, and avoids disposal costs. Material Resource Planning (MRP), an assembly-oriented scheduling system, does not support the process of disassembly. Uncertainty of quality, quantity and timing of recovery of reusable parts makes production planning difficult. To incorporate product recovery planning in MRP, use of reverse bill of material for every retrieved component or product is recommended. Concepts used in planning probabilistic demands for end items are used in structuring the bill of material.

Closed loop system is a widely used environment practice by many companies. This system requires new material only on non-receipt…. [read more]

How Do Different Management Styles Affect an Organizations Overall Performance? Thesis

… ¶ … management styles affect an organizations' overall performance?

Different Management Styles and How They Impact Organizational Performance - Literature Review

Today's managers strive to develop and implement the best strategic courses of action which foster economic growth. In their endeavors, being aware of it or not, managers make use of various managerial styles. While one style may have an impact upon operational efficiency, another style might foster a more pleasant working environment. The aim of this paper is to study the available literary works and identify how different management styles impact the organizations' overall performance levels.

Literary Review

The general literary consensus is that the managerial style of the leader impacts the performances of the organization run. Stephen Osborne (2002) is probably the one…. [read more]

Systems vs. Contingency Theory of Management Term Paper

… Systems vs. Contingency Theory of Management: An Analytic Approach

There are two types of dominant management theory relevant to the field of electronics that time has shown effective tools for managing both organizations and people. The first, contingency theory, suggests that managers have to take into account every aspect of a situation before acting upon it, and then act only on those aspects of a situation that are key to resolving the matter at hand (McNamara, 1999). Some have referred to contingency theory as an 'it depends' theory because it allow managers the flexibility of making a spontaneous decision when considering multiple aspects of a problem (McNamara, 1999).

Systems theory is the other and more predominant management theory adopted or currently in practice within the…. [read more]

Vendor Management IT Management Process Research Paper

… Vendor Management

IT management process under the Vendor management system is a recent trend used by various organizations. Many organizations are using this centralized program to control their staffing. According to research conducted on it services vendors, over 91% organizations are currently using the vendor management systems. This trend entails introducing it procurement process in organizations. However, the trend is facing numerous challenges because of the many resources required to adapt it. Evolution and introduction of VMS into corporations occurs because of the varying business environments experienced within the organizations. In recent decades when Vendor management programs took hold of vital business operations, the demand for it services increased. In this respect, VMS became a business approach that enhanced human resources by recruiting competent vendors…. [read more]

Aviation Management Theory Comparative Review Research Proposal

… Aviation Management Theory

Comparative Review:

One of the defining features of aviation management is the need to navigate both uncertainty and a wide range of uncontrollable variables. With weather, mechanical issues and flight delays all bearing a direct impact on decision-making and, simultaneously, wide variances in underlying cost, quality control demands and customer service matters impacting daily functionality, aviation management is a highly complex undertaking. It is for this reason that the management theories invoked for administration in this context should ideally encompass said uncertainty and variability. This underscores the assessment here of both the Contingency Theory and the Systems Theory of Management. Each of these carries a number of characteristics that are relevant to the endeavor of aviation management and are therefore likely to…. [read more]

Management Development Process Has Been Adopted Term Paper

… ¶ … management development process has been adopted in the public and private sectors for the enhancement and development of the new managers and professionals. The enhancement program was adopted and implemented in the Internal Revenue Service which is a public sector agency. The agency has implemented 'the principles of Total Quality Management', in this regard, 'the Richmond District enhanced the program that was conducted in other offices by using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Adjective Check List'. The process adopted by the Internal Revenue Service was fabricated to 'identify those interested in managerial positions', not every staff has the potential to be the manager, therefore the experience factor was given dilute consideration against the motivation and leadership qualities of the interested professionals'. The…. [read more]

Evaluating and Explaining Organizational Accountability in Emergency Management of Typhoon Morakot a Citizens Perspective Literature Review

… ¶ … Organizational Accountability in Emergency Management of Typhoon Morakot: A Citizens' Perspective -- Literature Review Chapter

Typhoon Morakot

The contemporaneous society is unfortunate enough to be witnessing numerous natural calamities. The debate over the causes of these calamities is ongoing, with some arguing the very force of nature and its changing shapes, whilst others blaming the changes on the devastating actions of man, which pollute and change the natural environment. In other words, there is the belief according to which more natural calamities occur as a result of global warming. This view is shared by the environment specialists at the United Nations, who include the Morakot Typhoon on the list of the most significant climate anomalies from 2007 through 2009. They refer to the…. [read more]

Not-For-Profit Management Research Paper

… ¶ … Profit Management

This section will introduce the subject of grant research and its relevance for the Lubbock ISD. Where, there will be an emphasis on the various challenges and issues that are being faced. At the same time, there is an examination as to how various grants can help address these issues. Once this occurs, it will provide the greatest insights as to how these problems and various grants could have an effect upon the operations of this organization.

Once this has taken place, we will then focus on the different objectives of the research. This will involve identifying various aims / objectives and effectively analyzing the different pieces of information. To corroborate the various findings, we will concentrate on qualitative analysis. This…. [read more]

Public Policy Alternatives to Improve the Nation's Prison Overcrowding Dilemma Term Paper

… Public Policy Alternatives to Improve the Nation's Prison Overcrowding Dilemma

There are more individuals per capita incarcerated in the United States than in any comparative democracy that is an industrialized nation anywhere in the world. The sentences imposed on offenders in the U.S. are longer and the U.S. is one of the last nations on earth to practice capital punishment or what is commonly known as "the death penalty." Increasingly individuals are being locked up male and female and both adult and child. Collateral impacts from incarcerations of this enormity are costly to society both in monetary as well as in social terms. The findings of this study are simply that there exists alternative measures of punishment that are more cost efficient and more conducive…. [read more]

Applying Leadership Theory Literature Review

… He also questions the stated influence of leadership as depicted by many authors. He identifies marketing, strategic planning, product development and investment as other important variables contributing in determining the level of organizational performance. To support his argument, he further stated that by over estimating the influence of leadership upon organizational performance, the effect of personnel skills, hard work and motivational would be more under estimated. He highlighted this point as much considerable one as it has been ignored in the literature of leadership behavior. He suggested that relationship should properly be studied and measured with all related factors, which include both internal (leadership) and external market forces (ibid). Mott (1972) conducted empirical examination of various variables affecting organizational performance. He concluded that two most…. [read more]

Knowledge Management in the Automotive Industry Term Paper

… Knowledge Management in the Automotive Industry

The Current and Potential Use of Knowledge Management within the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry Analysis

Current Use of Knowledge Management in Automotive

Potential Future

The automotive industry's use of knowledge management is progressing from creating and sustaining knowledge systems designed to support the major phases of product development, supplier management, production and service to a more strategic approach of supporting interorganizational learning strategies and knowledge transfer. The resulting impact on it-based strategies is the development of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms that are specifically developed to enable greater interorganizational learning and foster the growth of learning ecosystems between auto manufacturers, their suppliers, customers, and services organizations. Global leaders in automotive manufacturing have progressed beyond the life cycle approach of…. [read more]

Human Resource Management -- Employee Essay

… It reflects a recognition that vocational achievement is mainly attributable to exploitation of strengths and that not all individuals are necessarily capable of developing the same skill sets and abilities. In that light, encouraging employees to work on their weaknesses only detracts from their ability to maximize their strengths, and often without any reasonable prospect of substantial improvement. The more effective performance appraisal approach is to cultivate natural abilities, and to allow employees input into appropriate ways of managing and working around their relative weaknesses (Jackson, 2007; Russell-Whalling, 2008; Warech & Tracey, 2004).

However, this is also where the limits of performance appraisals are unless they are fully and comprehensively integrated within the rest of HRM functions. On one hand, the modern approach to performance…. [read more]

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