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Internal PR Action Plan Effective Term Paper

… They need to work together to establish boundaries and clear communication.

Internal PR management involves analysis, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of the current state of the organization (Bruning & Ledingham, 2000). PR is in an essence the management of the relationships that exist within the organization and its key publics including internal publics. The role of PR reps within UA will be to facilitate positive communication between the organization and its publics, and in order to accomplish this it must build relationships (Bruning & Ledingham, 2000)> One way to do this is to become more people-oriented and focus on relational values including quality and service (Bruning & Ledingham, 2000).

The internal action plan must include surveying internal publics to determine the source of their…. [read more]

Principles and Practices Marketing Plan

… Communication Management Plan

Life Alive

Life Alive was founded by Heidi Feinstein, a natural health consultant with the aim of promoting the importance of organic produce, eating fresh, and whole grains. The goal of the manager for the cafe is expansion to meet its mission of feeding vitality to the world by serving food prepared and grown locally, served and stored with zero waste to energy. This is to achieve energy efficiency in an ecological manner for the local community. Life Alive is a cafe founded on the value of providing delicious means, simple and nutritious meals to nurture the soul and body, for the family and community. The cafe target market is the individual and family including the vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, macrobiotic, raw, and…. [read more]

Integrated Corporate Communication (ICC) Chapter

… Those ways could be (Gray and Balmer, 1998):

Cognitive: it means to request for more information than required.

Affective: it means to inspect the message with comprehension point-of-view.

Behavioural: it means to determine that how far the collected data is true or not with every subjective point-of-view (Gray and Balmer, 1998).

Outer, Inner along with Co-Maker stakeholders

Corporations are comprised of corporate communication. It is based upon diverse audiences. It is divided into three targets on the basis of priority of the recipients of this corporation's communication. They are (Brown and Dacin, 1997):

1. Inner stakeholders

2. Outer stakeholders

3. Co-makers

Corporate communication is based on numerous audiences; this aspect could be explained as follows: a company always targets a specific group of people on…. [read more]

Communication Plan in a Situation Term Paper

… To expedite the communication particularly within the widened organization and official communication and passing of official documents from one department to another or even regular communication between branches, there will be need to use emails to help cut down on the time of communication yet at the same time enhancing security and accountability. Sending of emails to the staff in the organization seems to be the quickest means of communication given that the message travels from one person to other staff members rather than it could have been sent to one person then get distributed to other members which could have taken a lot of time and the content might get distorted before reaching other members. It is therefore necessary for the organization to make…. [read more]

Leadership and Change Management Case Study

… They often fail through lack of senior management support and commitment, lack of vision and clear goals, poor training and inadequate rewards (Drew and Coulson-Thomas, p. 8).

A survey of 75 organizations in the UK ranging in size from 500 to 10,000 employees found that teams were most useful in "customer satisfaction, achieving total quality and overcoming departmental barriers," but less important in building relationships with customers or improving organizational learning (p. 9). Nor were they used during downsizing which si unpopular and usually carried out in secret by top management due to union opposition and bad publicity. Teams will generally not approve of downsizing that will result in job losses for colleagues, and in any case "many downsizings subsequently are regarded as failures" (Drew…. [read more]

Briefing for Emergency Management Essay

… Ing for Emergency Management

Emergency management is a relatively novel concept, with modern applications, theories, models and threats. The practices of emergency management have nevertheless existed since biblical times, and examples include the gathering of animals on Noah's Arc and the repopulation of the world in the aftermath of the great flooding, the means in which Moses handled the exodus and guided the Hebrews and so on. The Bible even encourages people to pay attention to dangers and address them. It says: "the prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." (Prov. 27:12, quoted by Andy Stanley, 2009).

Since the biblical times, the practices of emergency management have evolved significantly, as have the threats and the causes of…. [read more]

Pala Din Inc. Project Management Case Study

… Recommendations

After evaluating these risks, few back up strategies have been devised accordingly. First and foremost, as a primary foundation of project management, planning and budgeting need to be performed in the preliminary phase. Also, the inherent risks to the current situation should be analyzed and are addressed as per last planner model. A new method, often called Last Planner, to cope with the situation met in construction production control, has been developed by Ballard (2000) since 1992. The method has emerged in an inductive manner from a series of industrial experiments (Ballard and Howell, 1998). Considering this theory, following remedial actions are suggested considering that the risks have materialized.

a) In case where outdoor shoots are not permitted by the city government which will…. [read more]

Hospital Crisis Management Planning Essay

… The following examples demonstrate some of the specifics of what my hospital plan and communication strategies would include:

PHARMACEUTICAL & MEDICAL DEVICES: In a recent posting by Hanvik (2011), he offers an Introduction to Digital Governance. The key components of his approach start with having hospitals and other medical services learn to foster a true understanding of digital activities and what they offer the hospital at all levels. This must include educating employees about how they work and their capabilities, linking their relevance to health care and community services, aligning digital connectivity to the full business and service expectations of the hospital, and generally ensuring that digital governance and communication is a healthcare way of life.

NATIONAL H1NI PANDEMIC: The 2009 global flu crisis gave…. [read more]

Workplace Diversity: Managing Research Proposal

… Workplace Diversity: Managing Diversity

Diversity is a seminal aspect of most modern organizations. As the world is diverse, organizations can benefit from internal diversity. When pitching a new campaign to Japan, for example, an advertising firm can benefit from the expertise of a Japanese-American employee's cultural insights, gained from growing up with first-generation immigrant parents. Women may have different and valuable approaches to leadership than their male counterparts, and the pluralistic insights gained from people who have lived in different regions of the United States and around the world can enable an organization to pool resources and skills that make an organization stronger and work against a homogenized ethic of groupthink. "Managing diversity well provides a distinct advantage in an era when flexibility and creativity…. [read more]

Management of Change Campaign Internal Communications Essay

… Management of Change Campaign: Internal Communications

Company overview

Tesco is a British-based multinational grocery retail chain founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. Currently the company is the largest of the kind in Britain with group worldwide revenues exceeding £50 bn, running operations in 13 countries and employing more than 440,000 people (Tesco Annual Report, 2008).

Up until the 1990s, the retailer grew organically and by acquiring existing grocery stores, the expansion being limited to the grocery sector. In 1997, Tesco made its first step outside this sector by forging a business alliance with Esso referring to the leasing of several petrol filling stations where the former would operate small supermarkets under the Express format and in return the later would sell their fuel via Tesco…. [read more]

Security Management the Role Essay

… Obviously, this kind of organizational loss affects corporations most directly, but even governmental and non-governmental organizations ultimately feel the effects of this kind of loss, whether though reduced tax revenues or increased purchasing and supply costs. In addition, while these kinds of losses are more frequently viewed as the purview of regular management, rather than the security manager, the fact remains that the security manager is in fact responsible for certain elements of organizational security and risk management related to this kind of financial or market loss.

Having outlined the various kinds of organizational loss that might fall under the purview of a security manager, it will now be possible to discuss best practices and responses for dealing with organizational loss, with the further goal…. [read more]

Disaster Situation Effective Media Relations Essay

… (Sources: Spink, 2009; Boyes, 2010).

Part 2 -- Communication Channels -- During a crisis situation, communications is one of the key issues that can make the situation more successful. One of the negatives about the Katina situation, in fact, was the inability of the agencies in charge to effectively communicate with one another and between agencies. This resulted in duplicate efforts, lack of efforts, lack of appropriate supply chain management, and no real plan that allowed for step-by-step communications internally and externally (Fink, 2002).

Within Response Team -- This may include more than one spokesperson, but absolutely must be presented in a way that every member of the crisis team has regular updates about information, changes in situation, analysis, etc. This can be accomplished using…. [read more]

Total Quality Management (TQM) Term Paper

… When the role of Inspector had been created, there arose several different problems, including technical ones, wherein another specialist had to be appointed who would check on this aspect of the product. Though the title of the post was that of 'technical inspector', the particular individual lacked training and experience, and would often bypass a problem just because he was not aware that it was in fact a real problem. Moreover, the inspector was bribed or forced to pass a particular product, and this resulted in the 'Okaying' of a defective product, so that output could be increased. (Evolution of Quality)

In addition, the skilled workers whose job it was to manufacture good quality products were shifted on to accepting other jobs within the organization,…. [read more]

Project Management Case Study

… Project Management

The work of a project manager is essentially technical, especially with regard to deciding how particular tasks will be handled. Such planning began with large projects such as the Space Program in NASA and now extends to entertainment as well ("Project management," ). Therefore, the Rock 'n ' Reggae Outdoor Summer Music Festival project should be tailored according to a clear vision and understanding with regard to what the project management is setting out to achieve. What complicates this in this particular situation is that the elements enjoy a high level of autonomy. A lot is dependent upon the capacity of internal organization and the vision and leadership qualities of the project management team.

With regard to this, the project management team is…. [read more]

Stress Management an Organization Starts Its Operation Term Paper

… Stress Management

An organization starts its operation with certain objectives in mind. The management of the organization adopts certain strategies and initiatives that contribute toward attainment of the objectives. The objectives shape the external policies of the company, external policy includes interaction and dealing with public, suppliers, governments, competitors, and taxation departments. The core of the external policy is the achievement of certain criteria within expected time period. The policy emphasizes more on production, minimum utility, maximum revenue collection and maximum profitability. These standards vary according to the nature and type of the organization, in case of service industry maximum production is replaced by 'maximum service offerings and maximum number of clients' (Evolution toward Fit).

On the sidelines of external policy, the organization implements internal…. [read more]

Managing Homeland Security Essay

… Criminal Justice - Homeland Security


Explain the four phases of emergency planning (i.e. mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery) in detail. Practically speaking, which phases do you think most emergency managers spend time thinking about? Which phases should they spend the most time thinking about? How, if at all, has 9-11 changed where the emphases should lie?

Mitigation is the process of devising appropriate strategies and procedures to reduce the foreseeable impact of emergency situations and to limit their consequences as much as possible. Preparedness relates to establishing the capabilities of emergency managers to respond as efficiently and effectively as possible to emergency situations.

Response refers to the operational implementation of the processes and strategies comprised by the mitigation and preparedness stages, and recovery…. [read more]

Internal and External Business Environment Research Paper

… They demand high prices for their supreme quality raw material. The top market leaders like McDonald's and KFC have built strong relationships with some large scale suppliers in order to ensure continuous supply of raw materials at discounted prices (Kotler, 2010).

e. The Bargaining Power of Customers:

The consumers in the fast food industry also have a strong bargaining power as compared to the manufacturers. McDonald's and KFC have been the top industry rivals of all the time. They try to snatch each other's customers through their high quality products and different promotional offers (About McDonald's, 2011). However, the consumers choose only those brands which meet or exceed their expectations. There are various brands in the market which offer similar products at very competitive prices.…. [read more]

Change Management -- a Case Term Paper

… For instance, lack of a communication between each person in the customer relationship chain can cause a system to paint an incomplete picture of the customer.

Poor communication can result in technology being implemented without proper support or buy-in from users (Deck, 2001). For example, if a sales team does not believe in the system's benefits, they may fail to input the type of demographic data that necessary for the program's success.

One Fortune 500 company failed to successfully implement a CRM system because its sale force resisted its efforts to share customer data.

Theoretical Perspectives, Concepts and Practices Involved in Implementing a CRM

In today's global economy, it has become increasingly difficult to manage customer relationships in any type of business. For telecommunications companies,…. [read more]

Diagnostic Analysis Organizational Research Proposal

… Diagnostic Analysis

Organizational analysis is the process of evaluating the development, personnel, operations, and work environment of an organization (Perow, 2005). Carrying out a consistent and detailed analysis of an organization is useful in identifying the problems and inefficiencies within an organization. It identifies the unknown challenges, as well as strategies for dealing with them. Any organization is a social entity comprising three dimensions namely Corporate image, Purpose, and Future. The corporate notion identifies that the organization comprises of groups of individuals with a common goal. The Purpose of the organization steers it toward attaining a particular goal. The purpose of majority of organization stretches from making profits to offering medical cover. The future paradigm defines the intention of the owners beyond the achievement of…. [read more]

Effective Leadership and Management in Nonprofit Organizations Thesis

… Nonprofit

Effective Leadership and Management in Nonprofit Organizations

The management of any type of organization is inherently accompanied by a long list of responsibilities, without which the functionality of said organization would be severely compromised. Among these demands are the maintenance of a qualified and dedicated staff, a clarity of mission, a comprehensible and dynamic hierarchical structure and a flexible plan for the achievement of short- and long-range goals. Such characteristics describe the basic ingredients to a viable company, in terms generic enough to apply to nearly any sector. However, such demands take on a higher degree of importance in smaller or less financially secured organizations whose capacity to sustain dramatic errors with resiliency is considerably lesser than its mega-corp. counterparts. Thus, these are qualities…. [read more]

Corporate Communication Term Paper

… Corporate Communication

It has been said that the product of the 21st century will be knowledge. With so much information being disseminated each day through print and electronic vehicles, it is very difficult to keep abreast of what is new and the most effective way to disseminate and take advantage of the knowledge gained. Organizations, in order to remain successful in this competitive global world, must ensure that the necessary people get the information both internally and externally. The person within larger companies who handles this role is sometimes called a corporate (or business) communication specialist. This is a broad term that encompasses a number of different communication roles, depending on the organization, such as internal communication, public relations, media relations, audiovisual specialist, and intra/Internet.…. [read more]

Code of Ethics Essay

… A complain box must be in place where employees can drop in their complains with confidentiality. This drop box must only be accessible by the top management.

Review and Improvements

Goodwill Management Consulation Inc. understands the fact that the organization's do not exist in a constant environment and that external environment is constantly evolving thus forcing an organizations internal dynamics to change (Marsh, 2003). This, topped with more sophisticated technology coming in, requires that the ethical standards and the code of ethics are constantly reviewed and upgraded at regular intervals. It is important that the organization ensures that it is updated with all the ordinances passed and all the recent amendments made in all relevant laws including company law, consumer protection laws, labor laws, International…. [read more]

Final Organizational Communication Analysis Term Paper

… ¶ … Organizational Communication Analysis

The Kelsey Unified School District has undergone a tremendous public relations (PR) / public affairs (PA) nightmare. As the district lost its accreditation and then had the public spectacle of: the removing the Superintendant (who was in charge during the time). Where, he would challenge his termination and would drag the school district through long med-arb process, resulting in him resigning with a $70,000.00 severance package. The effect of these situations have damaged the reputation of the school district and the board, as no one was prepared for the media fire storm or public outcry that would follow. To help repair this image, the board has undergone a process of retraining the staff, to know how to most effectively respond…. [read more]

Epistemology and Meta-Theory of Sound Marketing Essay

… EPISTEMOLOGY AND META-THEORY of sound marketing theory

All organizations seek to provide their internal and external customers with the best possible mix of quality and service, but many fall short of these goals. While the emergence of e-commerce and its impact of the marketing function have been profound in recent years, many of the fundamental purposes and underlying tenets of marketing remain unchanged. In order to better understand the forces that tend to affect all organizations, though, managers must recognize what issues are important and which are irrelevant or less important to achieving an organization's goals; furthermore, managers must also be able to formulate timely and effective methods of promoting their product or service in an increasingly globalized and competitive marketplace. To this end, this…. [read more]

Internal Environment Assessement Jackson Memorial SWOT

… 47-48).

JMH has experienced numerous problems as a result of serving such a large uninsured population. In addition to the expenses described previously, when the hospital serves as the major point of access for health care for the uninsured, it forces people to go to hospitals for care that may better be delivered in physicians' offices or other non-hospital locations-for example, by having strep throat infections treated in local hospital emergency rooms. Although providing an important safety net for the uninsured and underinsured, is not by itself adequate to meet the needs of these groups. The surtax was created as a mechanism for ensuring access to hospital care for those who cannot afford to pay and for spreading the burden of uncompensated care equitably. Uncompensated…. [read more]

Managers Earning Organisations 21st Century Essay

… While no manger can be fluent in every language and every culture, he or she must be aware of the potential benefits of diversity. "A diverse employee base can better understand and communicate with different types of customers and thus better serve their diverse needs; a team composed of diverse members has the advantage of more information, richer perspectives, and a greater number of approaches to solving problems than a team composed of the same type of people" (Knouse 2012). Diverse teams are able to pool their collective problem-solving resources and are thus more innovative in generating new ideas for 'best practices.'

Workers from diverse backgrounds can give firsthand knowledge of how to do business abroad and suit the needs of different populations. A Japanese-American…. [read more]

Public Sector Strategy and Leadership Essay

… Public Sector Strategy and Leadership

The contemporaneous society is more demanding than ever and competition amongst social individuals has dramatically increased throughout the past recent decades. This competition includes enlisting one's children in the best kindergartens and schools, getting the best job or buying the best house. Regardless of their personal goals, fact remains that the social individuals need guidance, assistance and protection of their rights. The Citizens' Advice Bureau is the provider of these services, meaning then that the role they play within the society is pivotal. For the institution to function at its maximum potential and retrieve the most successful outcomes, they must be internally strong and united. This leads to high performance and increased client satisfaction. Unfortunately, this is not the case…. [read more]

Pro Bono Resources Term Paper

… The board staff also provides support for the Friendship Public Charter School to offer the academic programs offered by the management companies (lowe et al., 2006).


The public charter schools also require marketing services and no organization no matter commercial or non-profit oriented can effectively operate in the current environment without having a clear marketing strategy. The nonprofit organizations also have to take advantage of the advertising and marketing services in order to effectively raise their donations. Similarly the charter schools also need to be communicative towards their mission, goals, aims, and objectives. The charter schools need to inform their target audience regarding their achievements, the developments in their ranking, number of seats availability, as well as their significant growths. Marketing is the primary…. [read more]

Workings of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments Term Paper

… Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Forest Fire Management Systems

New Technologies

Urban Fire Department

New Technologies

Descriptive Statistics

Suppression Costs for Federal Agencies. Source: National Interagency Fire

Appendix II Figure 2. The tactical priorities of structural firefighting operations

Appendix III Figure 3. Fire Fighter Average Salaries for 2002 (Full Time)

Discussion and Study of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Fire is a destructive force whether it takes place in a the forest or urban setting. A fire of any size causes costly damage to the environment, personal property and even human life. This paper acts as a discussion and study of fire management systems for both the forest and urban style of fire fighting. By studying fire management systems,…. [read more]

SCM for Digidream Essay

… (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 2011)

(8) Project management -- support long-term and job -- and project-related activities assist in budgeting projects costs and automating billings as well as enabling better resource management, tracking, costs and usage as well as capacity for planning and predicting availability. (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 2011)

Juttner states that the argument for the combination of "marketing and SCM strengths is compelling." (2004)

Successful innovation is reported as having "become a key driver for revenue growth, competitive margins and, in some cases even survival. The ability to bring this innovation to market quickly, efficiently and ahead of competition is becoming increasingly important." (IBM Institute for Business Values and Global Business Services, 2006) Required for a product launch that is efficient are factors including integration…. [read more]

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