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Creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority Research Paper

… ¶ … Tva

Tapping Water Power

The Creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority

The Origins of the Tennessee Valley Authority

In 1916, the federal government acquired the Tennessee Valley area to construct a dam, which would generate electricity to produce explosives for World War I

This did not materialize. In the following years, there were efforts to sell it to the private sector and opposition to keep it in public ownership and to develop it. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected in 1933, he signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act within his first 100 days in office. The Act was committed not only to improve navigability on the Tennessee River. It was also mandated to provide flood control, reforest and improve farmland, contribute to industrial…. [read more]

Women and Gender Bias Thesis

… Women and Gender Bias

The purpose of the present paper is to discuss the implications of gender bias and the consequences of Affirmative Action. To be more specific, we will describe the effects which Affirmative action has on women and the principles for moving towards the equality of men.

Right from the beginning we could ask ourselves, taking into consideration the implications of Affirmative Action, the main principle under analysis, whether there is a clear understanding of it, as far as the roles and goals of women are concerned. Trying to answer this question will represent an important part of the paper.

Next, the Affirmative Action programs will be taken into consideration- with both their strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. The third part of…. [read more]

Bigger Then Enron Research Proposal

… ¶ … Enron was a Texas-Based Energy Company; Arthur Andersen one of America's preeminent Accounting Firms. Enron was a very successful corporation: employing over 20,000 people, claming 2000 revenues of slightly over $100, and named "America's Most Innovative Company" by Forbes magazine for over 5 years running. However, because of an internal whistle-blower and subsequent investigation, the United States government found that the reported fiscal conditions of Enron (and validated by Andersen) was sustained by creative and planned accounting fraud. Both Enron and Andersen knew their numbers were reported incorrectly, showing profit where none existed, returns on investments that had never been made, improper tax burden reporting, and willful fraud when reporting financials to Wall Street and investors. By 2001, both companies filed for bankruptcy…. [read more]

Feasibility Study for Establishing a Child Care Facility Term Paper

… ¶ … Establishing a Child Care Facility

MSA 685 Project Report

Types of Business Acquisitions

Different Legal Structures of Businesses

Contents of a Business Plan


Description of Business

Marketing Strategy and Analysis

Financial Plan and Analysis











Organized Crime in the Millennium Counterfeiting Term Paper

… Organized Crime in the Millennium

Counterfeiting is stated in one work to involve: "...extensive logistics and a complex, structured, flexible and reactive organization from the manufacturing phase to sales..." In a method that misuses "...the advances, methods and channels of lawful economy..." (Union des Fabricants, 2004) This research study is one that conducts a qualitative review of peer-reviewed literature relating the subject of organized crime. The nature of organized crime is one that is logistically complex and structured in a flexible yet highly complex hierarchical system that takes every opportunity to take advantage of the legal economy. This research study will illustrate the global problem of organized crime and the implementations for detection and prosecution of the organized crime groups throughout the world.

ORGANIZED CRIME…. [read more]

E-Learning on the 21st Century Term Paper

… 5% market impact. Its findings said that these HR groups used new technology in improving accuracy, service an cost-effectiveness and realized 6.5% higher shareholder value (Henson).

Web-based collaboration eases communication by linking separate systems and integrating with back-office applications and content suppliers (Henson 2001). Improved decision-making and effective workflow, in turn, result from this integration of knowledge-base access, information, analysis and team inputs. One very good example of collaboration is the recruiting process, starting from the posting of a regulation to transmitting t and offering it to a candidate. Online collaborative processes turn into documented evidence of the occurrences or steps taken and become helpful in recalling these details and in evaluating work accomplishments (Henson). Workforce analytics also help measure employee effectiveness, support processes in…. [read more]

Continental Airlines Term Paper

… Continental Airline has evolved as all other major players in the aviation industry have, through the challenges and changes of a global economy. The factors that have caused change in the industry are largely outside the control of the airline itself, yet the response to such change is determined within the company, with marked success or failure. Continental has demonstrated marked success. The company has demonstrated the application of societal marketing concepts to better inform and serve the public it caters to. Responding to the idea that pure marketing may not meet the needs of the customer or society in the long run societal marketing has been employed to demonstrate the social and economic impact the company can have as a provider of services in…. [read more]

Positive Outcome in the Educational Term Paper

… Third, there is a growing awareness that rapid technological change and our nation's economic competativeness will compel workers to adapt existing skills and learn new ones to optimize performance.

As noted, interest in thinking and problem solving has been renewed, but traditional approaches to teaching these skills have met with very mixed results (Nickerson, Perkins, & Smith, 1986). It now appears that the efficacy of these efforts was determined by at least three interrelated factors: First, instructional designers often failed to appreciate the importance of domain-specific knowledge in effective thinking and problem solving (Chi, Glaser, & Farr, 1988). Programs that emphasize the use of generic reasoning and problem-solving heuristics may be theoretically general across situations, but they usually lack power in any specific situation (Anderson,…. [read more]

AIDS on South African Development Research Paper

… Mobility per se can encourage or make people vulnerable to high-risk sexual behaviour;

2. Mobility makes people more difficult to reach, whether for prevention education, condom provision, HIV testing, or post-infection treatment and care;

3. Migrants' multi-local social networks create opportunities for sexual networking; and,

4. There is a higher rate of HIV infection in "communities of the mobile," which often include socially, economically and politically marginalized people (Boe and Crush 22).

Taken together, it is clear that the high degree of mobility of South African mining workers combined with a modern transportation infrastructure combine to create a number of obstacles to combating the spread of this disease. Indeed, Boe and Crush emphasize that, "The current geography of the HIV epidemic is also the clue…. [read more]

Consumer Subjective Personal Introspection Essay

… However, I am also very aware of the fact that image can be false and deceptive.

In the final analysis, what this introspective paper has taught me is that very often we are unaware of the way that advertising and branding influences our buying behaviour. More importantly, I have also become more aware of the connection between my personal values and desires and my buying behaviour.


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Copely, P 2004. Marketing communications management: concepts & theories, cases & practices,…. [read more]

Labor the Department Essay

… Global Workforce

Furthermore, employers are now focusing more on outsourcing and creating a rather global workforce. This is a growing problem because not only is it reducing jobs in America, it is promoting unfair labor practices all around the world. With outsourcing, employers can completely work without the fear of labor laws and workplace regulations. It has been seen that about 1.2 billion workers have been added to the global labor force (AFL-CIO, 2005) This sudden increased in labor coincides with the enhanced technological, transports and communication services. Goods and services can be moved across the world faster with decreased transaction costs.

The results are that workers are forced into a race to the bottom. Developing countries are burdened by debt and are required to…. [read more]

Marketing in a Less Developed Research Paper

… Not only did this calamity provide a market for maize only, but it also opened transport business and services to serve the drought stricken (Food and Agricultural organization, 2011).

Communication and transportation has narrowed the global market place making it easier for both large and small firms to actively participate in international marketing. Another important factors that act as an encouragement to suppliers of goods and services, is the formation of economic blocs which make it easier for firms to access large market segment through reduction of tariffs and non-tariff barriers of goods and services.


C. Samuel Craig and Susan P. Douglas, (1999).Conducting international Marketing Research in the 21st century. Retrieved on Nov 23, 2011 from

Food and Agricultural Organization, (2011).Global agricultural marketing…. [read more]

Marketing Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Term Paper

… This has easily been achieved though multi-dimensional scaling which involves the institution identifying how its products are perceived by customers on more than one dimension and this will enable it to plot brands against one another.

Evaluation and Assessment of the Institution's Market Position

Customer Value Proposition

Through its creative business development model, Acadia University helped students who are its customers acquire loans to facilitate tuition which they can repay after completion of their degree programs. Another value addition for Acadia University customers is the diversification of financial services offered to them.

Sustainable competitive advantage

By expanding and diversifying its products into the premium market through launching several market oriented degree programs and distance learning, the institution can gain a commanding competitive edge over other…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity and Nursing Considerations Research Paper

… Childhood Obesity and Nursing Considerations

Childhood obesity is quickly manifesting itself into one of the predominant health concerns of the decade. If childhood obesity remains on the exponential increasing trajectory that it currently holds then it will almost inevitably become an epidemic within the United States. The issue of childhood obesity has received such attention that First Lady Michelle Obama has embarked upon a national campaign to increase the healthy choices kids can select from at the lunch counter and has implored children to engage in increased levels of exercise.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a child is considered obese if they are above the 95th percentile of the Body Mass Index (Berkowitz, 2009). Children are at risk of becoming overweight, according to…. [read more]

Ethical Values and Issues in Organ Transplantation Essay

… Ethical Values and Issues in Organ Transplantation

Organ transplantation was one of the most important goals of physicians around the turn of the 20th century, especially after the first successful transplant of a cornea in 1905. However, it would take until the middle of the century before surgeons understood the principles of blood typing and transplant organ rejection well enough to perform successful organ transplants. Today, organ transplantation is performed thousands of time every year in the United States with high rates of success. Those procedures enable patients who would otherwise die live years or even decades longer than they could have otherwise.

Generally, modern organ transplantation is permitted throughout the world although several major ethical concerns exist. Those issues relate to the manner in…. [read more]

Understanding Homeland Security Essay

… Understanding the Core Challenges to American Homeland Security
Since the attacks on September 11th, which felled the World Trade
Towers and left a gaping hole in the edifice of the Pentagon, it has become
almost clich? to observe that this assault effectively altered American
life forever. Whether this is an accurate sentiment or merely a self-
fulfilling prophecy, it is evident that this allegedly profound re-
calibration of our lives is a product of the dichotomy created by the newly
emergent threat to national security and the set of legislative responses
thereto. With regard to this latter category though, there remains still a
great deal of debate as to whether the former category is being truly
addressed or whether these new laws are in fact…. [read more]

Devised it Has to Be Distilled" Raymond Thesis

… ¶ … Devised;

it has to be distilled"

Raymond Chandler (1888 -- 1959)

(Columbia World, 1996).

Methodology's Primary Purpose

The research methodology constitutes a paradigm or theory that relates how the researcher approaches his/her study, as well as how he/she undertakes the research effort. In the study, "Using the 'power of the data' within indigenous research practice," Maggie Walter (2005), a lecturer in sociology at the University of Tasmania, explains that methodology, albeit, differs from method. Method compliments the methodology as it consists of the techniques; the means and procedures the researcher utilizes. As methodology traditionally recounts the specific course of action the researcher utilizes to complete the research project, its primary purpose purports to denote how the research materialized, as well as what the…. [read more]

Putting Tourism Marketing to Good Use in Nigeria Term Paper

… Putting Tourism Markerting to Good Use in Nigeria

Tourism Marketing in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most visited African destinations. Among the features that attract the visitors are the magnificent landscapes, the preserved beauties of wild nature, the rich culture and local customs, the wide variety of handicrafts and the pleasant character of the locals. If until recently foreigners were reticent to traveling to Nigeria, the situation is now beginning to change as the democratic government encourages tourism on a large scale.

However the country has significant resources and major potential, the number of visitors is still reduced. This is generally the consequence of the poverty in some Nigerian areas and also of the inadequate touristy services. Since tourism is an area that should…. [read more]

Marketing Boston Beer Term Paper

… Marketing

Boston Beer is one of the most important beer companies in the United States of America. Its products are sold under three brand names: Samuel Adams, Twisted Tea and HardCore Cider. It is worth mentioning that the company is the largest specialty brewer in the country and has an important market quota.

The business goal of the company is to become the leader in the Better Beer category through the creation of high quality full-flavored beers. The decision is supported on the one hand by the organization of the sales techniques and, on the other hand, by advertising, point of sale and promotional programs meant to increase the brand awareness amongst customers.

The beer industry is characterized by intense competition. This aspect reflects upon…. [read more]

Sonic PDA Project Term Paper

… PDAs function as mobile personal computers for most users; therefore the key feature that users demand is an adaptable and consistently updated operating system. Support services for operating platforms is provided by key competitors such as Microsoft provide custom operating system designs for specific PDA needs as well as updates and patches released on a monthly basis. Buyers want support services to provide them with installation and upgrading help as they evolve their PDA needs. The Microsoft Treo for instance has support services specifically for explaining how to add additional memory, change operating systems, and how to download specific software. Such hotlines are essential for customers to update the usability of their PDAs over a long period. Furthermore, buyers want protective warranty programs especially for…. [read more]

French Rigidity Essay

… French Rigidity

The term 'French rigidity' could be a misnomer. Being aware of a problem and taking steps that could be viewed as harsh is not 'rigidity'. However while the rest of Europe has resigned itself to the problem of the influx of aliens and the associated problems, and are reeling under the additional economic pressure, France seems to be at an unenviable place. The question then is where the flow of economic, social and the cultural flow of France lie in future? But the problem is not of France alone.

All European states that had colonies have had to accommodate large number of immigrants, and have had to continue doing that for the colonies. (Jere-Malanda, 2004) This problem is faced by Britain, Germany and…. [read more]

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