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Managers in the Foreseeable Future Research Paper

… Infrastructure Issues Facing Transportation & Logistics Managers in the Foreseeable Future

The public transport is anticipated to flourish because of the capability to include and integrate the users' needs for ease in expending the system. Some of the accrued qualities of a public transportation system consist of security, ease of driving and luxury, access in using the service, expediency in use and decreasing hassle to individual travelers and the road structures (Henke, 2007).

Supply Chain Management enables a structure to gain an understanding of its general business operation and bring into line these operations in a compacted system of practices that mark effectiveness. The necessity for companies to attain productivity in their practice is also brought about by the necessity to have a competitive edge…. [read more]

Corporate Ethics as One Analyst Notes Term Paper

… Corporate Ethics

As one analyst notes, the debacles of Enron, WorldCom, and Arthur Andersen have created significant challenges for management for the foreseeable future (Isaza, 2005). It is clear that business leaders need a stronger ethical orientation and must set the tone for subordinates and for the business world as a whole. One of the unfortunate aspects of the recent scandals, including Enron, Worldcom, and Adelphia, is that the ethical lapses occurred from the top, setting a tone that might cause others in the companies to act similarly and that also brings the business world into disrepute, contributing to a loss of public confidence and so having far-reaching ramifications. A more ethical orientation is good for business, for as a report from Australia notes, "Poor…. [read more]

Project Management, Sustainability and Whole Research Paper

… This level of clearly defined accountability is crucial to maintaining scope control throughout the duration of a project which may span multiple decades, because it allows stakeholders and participants to effectively measure progress across a wide range of project parameters.

Targeted Use of Project Metrics to Measure Success and/or Failure

One of the most reliable ways to ensure that the boundaries of project scope are adhered to is the development and implementation of precise project metrics through which relative success/failure ratios can be accurately assessed. Proper project management practices involve the establishment of a series of increasingly difficult goals to guide the project to its most efficient form of completion, and a number of distinct metrics are used to gauge the extent to which these…. [read more]

Budgetary Control Budgets Essay

… 1).

For so many organizations, the prospect of operating without a budget is as far from reality as anything could possibly be, and it is because of this fact that nearly every company or organization in existence operates under some sort of budget and control method. However, despite the wide use of budgets within organizational set-up and day-to-day procedures, a budget holds the capacity to be disadvantageous if handled incorrectly in certain cases. For example, a budget promotes manager's gamesmanship, a budget may reward managers who set modest goals and penalize those who set ambitious goals that are missed (Accounting Financial, 2012, pp.1). Further, with poor management, there is a possibility that the budgeting process may be filled with judgment and subjectivity, as budgets to…. [read more]

Conceptual Framework for Leadership Competencies That Are Required for Future Term Paper

… ¶ … Leadership competencies

The accelerating pace of change in globalization, communications, disruptive technologies, capital flows and alliances have created fundamental shifts in business operations and in leading a group (Hughes, 2004).

Where many popular leadership models may provide formulae to help solve some business problems, these are insufficient to deal with the pace and polyvalent character of constant, rapid change. Managing change -- its impact on organizational structure, group culture, and personal management styles -- is one of the most fundamental and enduring aspects of leadership (Buhler, 2000).

Ironically while the relative value of the once-celebrated individual leader as superman or woman is being questioned, great leadership has never been more urgent or more difficult.

Since the late 1980s there has been a steady…. [read more]

Value of Money Essay

… This can help a financial manager explain why some so-called discretionary funds should be redirected from present-day expenses to savings. This is an important lesson, because many people assume that they can begin their retirement savings when they make more money, without considering that inflation costs and other cost-of-living adjustments (growing children, college accounts, increased health expenditures) may already require devotion of those extra resources, and that the later they wait to do their saving, the greater the amount of present-day dollars that they will have to save in order to have the same amount of money at a projected target date. A financial manager must be able to explain this concept to people, and to get them to buy into this concept without feeling…. [read more]

Competitiveness of Sustenance Lithographic Printing Case Study

… Both were right. The reasons are not far to seek. The swing of the pendulum for one, lithographs had been almost too popular.

This overreliance on lithography to the exclusion of other alternative printing methods such as the introduction of photography almost spelled the end of lithography in Europe. For example, according to Beaujon (1936, p. 60), "French lithographers, warned to be serious like the Germans, began to copy pictures which they did, though with distinction, at the sacrifice of original design."

There was also a sacrifice of quality involved when these early photographic processes were used instead of lithography but the preference for the new technology was clear. As Beaujon (1936, p. 60) points out, "Photography became a serious rival in all countries, bringing…. [read more]

Cyber Security Most Important Cyber Security Vulnerability Research Paper

… Cyber Security

Most Important Cyber Security Vulnerability

One of the most important and common cyber security vulnerability is the maintenance of hardware as well as software. Weak maintenance, which is not up-to-date, can allow a number of problems in terms of security as the servers are exposed to major cyber security threats such as SQL injection, cross site request forgery, cross site scripting and remote file include among others. Developing and maintaining a server with weak update schedules can allow even the novice hackers the opportunity to obtain the confidential information of the users or developers. But if the same vulnerability is exploited by an expert hacker, it can lead to severe problems even for the top businesses worldwide. In essence, weak coding would enable…. [read more]

Canadian Sandwich Generation Research Paper

… Army

It has been stated that more than 2 million Canadians are "sandwiched" between caring for their children and their parents at the same time (Bouw, 2013) This role is not only physically tiring but it goes on to tire the person for the family and the economy. According to statistics, 28% of the 8.1 million caregivers in Canada are known as the sandwich generation. Most of the people in the sandwich generation are women between ages 35 and 44.

A social problem is a problem that relates to society's perception of people's personal lives. A social problem exists when there is a condition prevalent in the society that is causing problem for the masses. Low income and poverty is making a significant impact on…. [read more]

Strategic Positioning Essay

… DD has options before it. First, it should privatize, second it should remain purely public service broadcaster and third, a middle path. The challenge seems to be achievable as DD's immense potential and emerge as a key player in the mass media.

i. What is the best option, in your view, for DD?

ii. Analyze the SWOT factors the DD has.

iii. Why do you think that the proposed alternative is the best?


(i) For several years Doordarshan was the sole broadcaster of television programmes in India. After the opening of the sector to the private entrepreneur (cable and satellite channels), the market has seen major changes. The number of channels has come into the market and the quality of programmes has improved, backed…. [read more]

Inventory Management a in an Importer Industry Case Study

… Inventory Management

The raw materials, goods in process, and finished products represent different forms of inventory. Every stage of production of commodity represents money tied up until the inventory finds its way out of the premises as purchased product. The merchant stock, for instance, contribute to profits only when by selling them money goes into the cash register. Inventory management is instrumental in the determination of what are on hand, where it is used and how much finished products results. An efficient inventory management involves watching over constant flow of units in and out of already existing inventory. The business entity will control the transfer of units, which in the end makes the inventory remain at manageable levels.

Saxena (2009) attests to the significance of…. [read more]

Christian Biotechnology: Not a Contradiction Term Paper

… So in this area, it is relatively simple to analyze the use and importance of this field of research. Transgenic crops have proven to be vital food source for both economic and humanitarian purposes, while transgenic animals are quickly proving to be just what the meat, milk, and egg industry need to increase profits and production. Christians everywhere should be in support of biotechnology and genetic modification in food production, as this has the potential to erase world hunger and improve corporate profits all at once.

Genetically modified (GM) crops are safe and proven in the field. Scientists are not just tinkering with DNA for fun -- GM crops are being created that are far superior to traditional hybrid strains in hardiness and resistance to…. [read more]

Risk That Apple Inc Term Paper

… Sales have surged, growing by 87% in FY2011 and 71% in FY2012. The iPad grew 311% in FY2011 and 59% in FY2012 (2012 Annual Report). The growth in these products, however, relates specifically to the growth of these industries as a whole. Despite the incredible growth figures of the Apple products, Apple has actually been losing market share in these mobile consumer products over the past couple of years. Apple had first mover advantage in tablets and the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry giving it de facto first mover advantage there. However, Apple's global market share in smartphones is now down to 14.9% compared with Android's 75% share (Perez, 2012) and in the U.S. Apple's share is 48.1%, with the company only regaining the lead…. [read more]

Strategic Management Action: Strategic Position Case Study

… (, nd)

The SPACE Matrix is a matching tool in stage 2 and is inclusive of a four-quadrant network indicating if aggressive, conservative, defensive of competitive strategies are the appropriate choice for the specific organization. Numerous variables may comprise each of the four dimensions depending on organization type.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix provides a graphic representation in the differences among the organizational divisions relative to the market share position and growth rate of the industry. The Matrix four quadrants are represented as follows:

(1) Question marks: Explained is that the divisions in this quadrant have a relatively low market share position and compete in a high-growth industry. Cash needs are high and cash generation low.

(2) Stars; This quadrant represents the best long-run…. [read more]

E-Banking Its History and Current Customer Behavior Research Proposal

… ¶ … E-Banking its History and Current Customer Behavior

This work demonstrates the growth trend of ebanking first by developing a brief history of the trend and then by focusing on the development of customer use and adoption of the various forms of ebanking. The work will then focus on a case study methodology that will enlighten the reader as to the needs of customer care and usage patterns and provide some recommendations to banks about growing market share, gaining new customers, retaining customers and innovating for the future of ebanking.

E-banking in general is a trend that has grown and evolved consistently over the last 30 years. E-banking can be defined as any banking transaction that takes place via electronic means, including automated teller…. [read more]

Asia Pacific Business China Term Paper

… Furthermore the organizations in Australia are of diverse opinions as compared to the Chinese and the organizations in Australia hold to the belief of harmony on ethnic issues and are more integrated into the thought-process in diversity.

There exist the factors of motivation by autonomy and uncertainty in employment for the Australian manager than for the Chinese. Australians are also more achievement motivated. In comparison to the Chinese independence and control are much less factors of motivations for the Australians as well as being less motivated by security on the economic level. Finally Australians are less motivated by ambition.

"Compared to their Chinese, Indian and South African counterparts, Australian managers indicate a significantly higher commitment to ethical principles with lower commitment to business objectives regardless…. [read more]

Trade Show Industry Dissertation

… ¶ … Trade Show Industry in Germany and South Korea

Trade as Marketing and Communication

Area of Study

Study Components

The History of Trade

History of Trade Shows

Patterns of Trade Shows

Marketing Theories

Trade Shows and Market Entry

Development of the Trade Show Industry

Contributions of the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Processes in the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Planning and Tactical Considerations in the Trade Show Industry

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

Data Analysis Plan


The Global Trade Show Market

Components of German Trade Shows

German Government Policy Regarding Trade

Specialty for German Trade Shows

Trade Show Industry in Germany

The Contemporary German Trade Show

Germany's Trade Show Success

Leading Trade Shows in…. [read more]

Management History- Case Management Society of America Annotated Bibliography

… ¶ … Management History- Case Management Society of America, (2010). "Definitions of and History of Case Management in Health Care Settings." Cited in:

Medical case management is part of the managed care technique within the American health care system. It is collaborative, and included planning, advocacy, and facilitation for particular clients through the case manager's network of resources. At its best it is multidisciplinary and cross functional, able to monitor and offer appropriate services and care to clients who are in need. At worst, it can be a difficult set of bureaucratic hurdles in which often the "squeaky" wheel is top of mind for care. The key for case management, however, is collaborative. In the United States, a CCM (Certified Case Manager) credential is…. [read more]

CAPM There Are Several Different Essay

… Thus, the beta is replaced by one or more other variables, often key macroeconomic indicators. This makes APT more precise, and allows the user to tailor it to specific conditions relating to the company -- linking bank stock prices to interest rates for example -- but comes with its flaws. For one, APT is much tougher to calculate because unlike the beta, its correlations are not publicly-available and therefore must be calculated. Further, the financial manager must determine what variables, and in what weights, are to be used in the APT formula. This customization and arbitrariness makes arbitrage pricing theory a powerful tool, but it also makes it much tougher to use. The underlying assumptions of arbitrage pricing theory are strong, in that there is…. [read more]

Silver Spring Police Department Senior City Capstone Project

… Silver Spring Police Department





Total Department Personnel 275


Officer to Citizen Ratio

Base Population 1.86 per 1001

Total with Influx Population 1.85 per 1002

Officers per Square Land Mile

Senior City Police was chartered and its operation put under a form of government i.e. Council-Manager

The appointment of the police chief is done by and reports to the Senior City's mayor

The office of Montgomery County Sherriff is donating the building to be used by the police of the Senior City

Fully- equipped building has been given together with functioning centre of communication, and portable radios for the officers working for us.

The office of the Montgomery County…. [read more]

Organizational Communication Process: Smack Talk Research Paper

… Organizational Communication Process: Smack Talk in the Sub-Shop

There is a tremendous amount of research on organizational communications, but surprisingly little focus on family-owned businesses. While big business in America may be characterized by an impersonal, corporate environment, small businesses remain a significant power in American economics. Moreover, small businesses are likely to be mom and pop establishments, run by family members. In these environments, one would naturally expect communications to be somewhat different than in businesses where the employees are not related to one another or to the people in management. In fact, one would expect to find a degree of informality in these settings. Many people associate informal settings with better communication; however that assumption is not necessarily accurate in a workplace. A…. [read more]

Cloud Computing and Data Security Term Paper

… Cloud Computing and Data Security

Cloud computing service providers have made their systems so inexpensive to use and easy to access, that there is little reason that companies should not be exploring this option for providing data and services. -- Roger Smith, 2009a

Businesses utilize Information Technology (IT) such as computer hardware and software to run their operations. Even small companies such as a local gift shop have at least one computer that runs accounting or point of service applications. In today's economy, it is not uncommon to find businesses in virtually every industry utilizing complex IT hardware and software. There are many examples of IT business applications and hardware. Salesmen use customer relationship management systems to manage interactions with their customers. They may also…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Careers Thesis

… Human Resource Management

Careers in Human Resource Management

Upon graduation I hope to enter the field of human resource management. According to John Bratton and Jeffery Gold (1999) human resource management is defined by a body of knowledge and a set of practices that establish the nature of the work and regulate the employment relationship. This occupation encompasses the administration of five basic functions. Staffing entails obtaining people with appropriate skills to fill jobs in the organization. This involves planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection. Another function of the job is the design and administration of a rewards system. This includes job evaluation, performance appraisal, and the establishment and distribution of benefits. Employee development is the examination of training requirements so that employees have the…. [read more]

Organizational Technology Plan for Dell Term Paper

… Organizational Technology Plan for Dell, Inc.

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, identifying and seizing opportunities to capture additional market share becomes vital to a company's success. One company that has managed to accomplish this and more is Dell, Inc., one of the leading personal computer vendors in the world today. This paper describes the organizational technology plan for Dell, Inc. And the company's organizational technology plan. The study explores and defines the company's plans for the organization (including managers and individuals), and its intentions concerning how best to apply this new and emerging technology. A summary of the research and salient findings are provided in the conclusion.


Today, Dell, Inc. And its subsidiaries (hereinafter "Dell" or "the company") competes in the international marketplace for…. [read more]

What Is Wrong With Gas Prices Today? Term Paper

… ¶ … Drp)

What is wrong with Gas Prices?

I am afraid, not many Americans will agree with my point-of-view, when I submit that what is wrong with gas prices is that we have become used to low gas prices. I believe that higher energy prices will benefit United States and our planet in many ways, and I for one would be willing to accept the sharp shock that high energy prices will deal to the gas guzzling ways we, the Americans have taken far granted. (Ferguson, 2006) in an article in the Telegraph joked that if gasoline reached $3 per gallon in United Kingdom, people would be queuing from Beaconsfield to Brighton to buy it. When the price of gasoline hit $3 per gallon…. [read more]

Philosophy of Human Resources Management Term Paper

… (Clinton, Williamson and Bethke) According to three of the leading minds on TQM and HRM Clinton, Williamson and Bethke "HRM should act as the pivotal change agent necessary for the successful implementation of TQM." In order to implement Total Quality Management our department will act as both a guide and an example of TQM policies and practices. Understanding what this means will begin with a more complete understanding of the TQM philosophy.

The TQM Philosophy:

Implementing a total quality management system has become the preferred approach for improving quality and productivity in organizations. TQM, which has been adopted by leading industrial companies, is a participative system empowering all employees to take responsibility for improving quality within the organization. Instead of using traditional bureaucratic rule enforcement,…. [read more]

Financial Analysis: Wal-Mart Research Paper

… Financial Analysis: Wal-Mart

In this analysis, I concern myself with Wal-Mart Stores -- an NYSE listed multinational corporation. Amongst other things, I will come up with a concise description of the company and its line of business. Further, in addition to evaluating the vulnerability of the retailer to current financial threats, I will also highlight the impact of the company's financial trends on its future financial performance.

Wal-Mart: Overview

Founded 51 years ago by Sam Walton, Wal-Mart's key purpose is helping "people around the world save money and live better -- anytime and anywhere -- in retail stores, online and through their mobile devices" (Wal-Mart, 2013). Currently, Wal-Mart's key competitors in the discount, variety stores industry include but they are not limited to Target Group…. [read more]

Mobile Telephony Cellular Service Essay

… 4 million.

Half of all phone connections in UK are now wireless.

75% of UK households have access to a wireless phone.

UKs send 154 million text messages per day.

Each year, UKs place more than 6 million calls to 9-1-1 or emergency numbers from their mobile phones.

Wireless revenues in UK totalled £16.9 billion in 2009.

Wireless market sector revenues are the largest component (41%) of total telecommunications revenues


The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is an economic model for valuing stocks, securities, derivatives and/or assets by relating risk and expected return. CAPM is based on the idea that investors demand additional expected return (called the risk premium) if they are asked to accept additional risk.

The CAPM model says…. [read more]

Internet Marketing in Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… Internet Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Today, Saudi Arabia is one of the most affluent nations on earth and enjoys a large percentage of the world's known petroleum reserves. In addition, the number of Internet users and providers continue to increase regularly. In this environment, Internet marketing appears to represent a potential marketplace for virtually any export-minded enterprise anywhere in the world, but there are a number of factors involved in Internet marketing in Saudi Arabia that must be taken into account. The objectives of the study were four-fold and sought to identify current trends and patterns in Internet usage by Saudi consumers; what gender factors must be taken into account by international Internet marketers seeking to establish an online presence in the Kingdom of Saudi…. [read more]

Marketing Retail Store Visit Term Paper

… Marketing Retail Store Visit


Evaluation Criteria

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world and includes several different retail formats: discount stores, supercenters, neighbourhood markets or Sam's Club. The visit was made at one of the numerous discount stores, operating on an average surface of 100,000 square feet, in the city's outskirts. The location was picked so as to benefit from a wider parking area and to increase the number of potential customers for the store. The Internet was not necessarily a key factor in promotion and sales strategies, but the shop did benefit from the general Wal-Mart approach to e-shopping, including online shopping at the capacity to track one's orders online. One of the main characteristic of any Wal-Mart store is the…. [read more]

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