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Canadian Military and Leadership Essay

… RMA has been driven by the application of new technologies and this in turn is changing the nature of warfare and how battles will be fought in the future. All branches of the CF have been radically changing their military doctrine and their military operations in order to keep pace with the rapid changes in war fighting operations (Department of National Defense / Director General Strategic Planning, 1999, p.7). According to Wenek (2002), key issues that affect the development of CF leadership doctrine include the following; the rapidly increasing numbers and types of operational since the end of the Cold War, CF branch efforts to rejuvenate professionalism at all levels, the relationships between increased military presences and Non-Governmental Agencies in the same geographic location, the…. [read more]

Cyprus Problem Ancient History Establishment Dissertation

… This agreement forestalled actual admission as a British possession for a time; Cyprus remained under Turkish control while the British occupied the island for military purposes. The British performed the duty of protectorate nation until 1914 when, at the advent of the First World War, the island was "formally annexed" (U.S. State Department, 2011) by the United Kingdom. The island officially became a crown colony in 1925. During this time period many ethnic Turkish inhabitants left Cyprus for Turkey.

After the Second World War, there was great turmoil regarding who was to gain possession of the island. There remained a large number of Greek Cypriots who were the earliest inhabitants of the island, a smaller number of Turkish Cypriots who had remained during English occupation,…. [read more]

Cultural and Construction History of the Gothic Period Essay

… Gothic Period

Cultural and Construction History of the Gothic Period (13th to 15th Century)

Cultural Environment

Historians generally define the periodization of the history of Western Europe during the Middle Ages into three eras: the Early Middle Ages (5th-11th Centuries AD); the High Middle Ages (1000-1300 AD); and the Late Middle Ages (1300-1500). Construction of the great Gothic cathedrals began during the High Middle Ages, which was an era that experienced a "dramatic re-emergence of urban life and an increasing sophistication in secular culture" (Singman xi). Major events in the High Middle Ages include the conquest of England by the Normans in 1066, the conflict between the popes and emperors for political control of Europe, and the Crusades. Indeed, the very idea of Europe during…. [read more]

Cultural and Construction History of the Byzantine Empire Essay

… Byzantine Empire: Cultural and Construction History

Cultural Environment

The Byzantine Empire denotes the east of the Roman Empire after a political, cultural, and religious schism in the fourth century AD. Byzantium itself, located in a strategic area between the Adriatic and Black seas, was a major trading port founded by Greek traders. It was the strategic location of the city that allowed trade, commerce, and ultimately political hegemony to transfer power from West to East when it became apparent that Rome could no longer manage its political domain appropriately (Harris).

Scholars of the period often point to the advancement of the Eastern Roman Empire whilst the west subsequently was defeated by invaders as a question of how the east did prevail whilst the west succumbed.…. [read more]

Business Development in Serbia Country Research Paper

… Pensions

With the adaptation of Euro that is by joining the European zone Serbia gained an advantage for the old age citizens as well. It was initially considered that the lower rate of the interest will impact the pensioners. Irrespective of the low interest rate the pensioners will be benefited in the following by initially the value of the pension funds of the primary and secondary shareholders will increase with a fall in the interest rate ratio. And secondly the pension fund once a part of the European zone will have a broader range of existence, in a way that the risk associated with these funds will be broadened across the euro zone and this will ultimately result in the creation of a larger than…. [read more]

Cyber Feminism, Gender and Technology Research Paper

… From their perspective, technology such as the internet can be used as a medium to promote feminist philosophy and principles in order to liberate women from subjugation they experience at the hands of males. Sadie Plant wrote Zeroes+Ones in the year 1997 and asserted that cyberfeminism is a philosophy used to describe the seditious bond between females and technology[footnoteRef:18]. Furthermore she asserts that women have always been kept in shadows in the male dominated culture and society and "have been the ones who did the groundbreaking work: from the very first computer program to the latest incarnation of virtual reality"[footnoteRef:19]. Furthermore, Plant concentrates on translating computer codes and asserts that one represents male dominance and authority and zero represents the subjugation of females. Furthermore, she…. [read more]

Campus Gelato Pushcart Feasibility Analysis Research Paper

… S. based survey consumed gelato, while 89% reported eating ice cream.[footnoteRef:6] Assuming the figures for Australian consumers are similar, there is a distinct marketing niche with a promising trend toward increased interest and consumption of artisanal gelato. [6: Senior research analyst David Morris at Mintel in Chicago said that "There's definitely momentum [for gelato] there." In Rifkin, G. (2008, September 4). Move aside, frozen custard, and make room for gelato, The New York Times. Retrieved]


1. There are definitive advantages to partnering with the university's restaurant in order to get the Bond U. Gelato business operational. This is particularly true in light of the fact that the pushcart operation may be seasonal (this will be determined by further in-situ testing) and because the…. [read more]

Politics and Ecological Sustainability Article

… Politics & Ecological Sustainability

The relationship between politics and ecological sustainability has involved an inverse power struggle between political leaders whom seek to enable corporate success and the ecologists whom fear the poisoning of the earth and other forms of ecological damage. Ostensibly, this relationship is facilitated and watched within the auspices of Greening Environmental Policy, (Litfin, 1996). According to Litfin (1996), "Greening Environmental Policy grapples with sustainability beyond narrow economist and technical parameters to which it is often confined, thus the term greening, which entails participatory politics as much as ecological sustainability." (Litfin, 1996)

Greening Environmental Policy describes the link between participatory political debates to that of ecological sustainability. Certainly, however, such policy is destined to be a misleading representation of the true effect…. [read more]

Why School Boards Will Be Obsolete in 2025 Essay

… ¶ … School Boards will be Obsolete by 2025

Global Trends

As early as 1948, the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared that, "Everyone has a right to education."

Universal basic education by definition must provide minimum education.

All citizens should have easy access to universal basic education and it should be free.

In the twenty-first century, nations will become both more competitive and yet more interdependent, and their future ever more dependent on the knowledge, skills and resourcefulness of its people, creating new opportunities and difficulties for education.

Globalisation brings with it a mix of opportunities and threats for every nation, culture and educational system.

The removal of barriers and new technologies will create new possibilities for intercultural exchange and dialogue.

There…. [read more]

Great Ziggurat, Tower of Babylon, and Ancient Buildings Literature Review

… Construction

Great Ziggurat

The Great Ziggurat was first constructed in 2100 B.C. By King Ur-Nammu who named it 'Etemennigur' that translates into the house that causes fear. The name was appropriate at the time as the King had built it to pay homage to the god of Sin. The Ziggurat was first excavated by John G. Taylor during the 1850s and eventually led to the find of the city of Ur (Sollberger, 1972). The earlier excavations after the First World War were conducted by Henry Hall and Reginald Campbell Thomson, even though it had been previously excavated as well in the 1920s and 1930s. The ziggurats of Ur are perhaps best conserved as one of the constructions at the Neo-Sumerian city of Ur. Besides this,…. [read more]

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