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Criminal Justice Leadership Strategies Essay

… In short, it is observed that that the role of maintaining strong community relations in criminal justice is lead through leadership and training of subordinates to provide effective service. Any single point of contact between community including traffic, rescue services, and community policing provides an opportunity for improvement in the system (Hess et al., 2014).


The role of criminal justice organizations in relation to leadership, strategy, and formulation of the normal practices adopted during functioning is elaborated in the sections above. The specific examples for organizational behavior, behavioral theories, planning, and community relations is also discussed in the above sections. It is observed that the leadership of criminal justice organizations also requires formulation of a strategy for achievement of their objectives. The working can…. [read more]

Managing Criminal Justice Organizations Position Essay

… Charismatic leaders send "all the right signals" and are "enthusiastic and passionate" and they have a knack of making others feel good in their presence (Varghese).

If I were the head of a criminal justice group, would I encourage close personal relationships or try to prevent supervisors from close friendships with subordinates?

In law enforcement work, there is often an extraordinary amount of pressure placed on police officers on the street or in squad cars, on detectives, on commanders and on others in the department. The danger that a police officer faces every day are enormous, and hence good communication between officers (including their supervisors) is important in order to be able to talk about the horrific scene that happened hours ago.

Getting one's feelings…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System Normally Essay

… The neighborhood police departments are through far from common law enforcement agencies. The underlying state sheriff's departments are normally specialized police department.

Police system within the criminal justice system is normally charged with maintenance of order accompanied by the preventive approach that pertains to policing (Cole & Smith, 2009). They also ensure enforcement of the prevailing departmental vice laws accompanied by the emphasizing on the rest of the offenders. They also ensure society policing that stresses addressing communal problems accompanied by the existing vicinity concerns. Conversely, court is mainly charged with the prosecution and defending of the prevailing populace interest (David, 2008). Moreover, it also acts as custodians of the existing constitution and ought to be mindful of the right of the prevailing accused beneath…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Trends Essay

… It is also because of the technological advancement in the last decade that public is increasingly getting awareness about the important societal issues. The easy access to Internet has made it really easy for the citizens to be informed regarding the different kinds of criminal justice services provided to them. The facts and figures related to crime and arrest on the national and communal level has made it an easy thing for the people to get information regarding court trials, illegitimate offenders and governmental efforts for the safety of public. However, it is essential to mention here that without the participation of citizens, governmental efforts for public safety cannot be successful. For instance, law enforcement agencies cannot prevent crime if people do not help in…. [read more]

Changes Within Criminal Justice Organization Essay

… Changes Within Criminal Justice Organization

Changes within a criminal justice organization:

Increased police profiling of Arab-Americans after September 11, 2001

Changes within a criminal justice organization:

Increased police profiling of Arab-Americans after September 11, 2001

Accusations of racial profiling have dogged law enforcement in America since the birth of the nation. However, after the attacks upon the World Trade Center of September 11, 2001, profiling Arab-Americans by local law enforcement has become of increased concern, according to a Vera Institute of Justice study. The study "explored the changed relationship between Arab-Americans and law enforcement in the years since the 2001 terrorist attacks" (Elliott 2006, p.1). Since the attacks, Arab-Americans have viewed the police in a more adversarial fashion and are more inclined to see the…. [read more]

Criminal Justice: Challenges and Developments Term Paper

… Furthermore family and friends not connected professionally with the department should also be enlisted in monitoring police officers for any signs of excessive stress or possible substance abuse.

Whether the problem belongs to criminals or officers of the law, it is important for the criminal justice system to employ policies of zero tolerance with alcohol and drug abuse problems. As seen above, studies have shown that tax dollars are saved when rehabilitative programs are implemented and used sufficiently. When the cyclic pattern of substance abuse is therefore halted or at least reduced, the final effect is that the crime rate is reduced.

The Role of Information Technology

Information technology has affected nearly all areas of life, and all professions. Using this technology can significantly reduce…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration Mainly Focuses Essay

… Despite the existence of these assorted challenges, most judicial institutions have managed to forge cordial relations and cooperation towards realization of justice to all criminals in a state or country (Gaines & Miller 2013).

My decision to choose the manager for the interview came about owing to his vast knowledge in matters of enforcement of criminal justice. Administration of justice to criminals must follow due process of the law (Neubauer 2011). Hence, the manager notwithstanding his experience and expertise in this unit is more candid to provide information without apprehension. Under the administration of criminal justice, only personnel with vast knowledge and experience in matters of law and criminal justice have direct consent or permission to comment and even proceed to give sensitive information (Neubauer…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration: Corrections Officers Job Satisfactions Thesis

… Criminal Justice Administration: Corrections Officers

Job satisfactions of corrections officers

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the primary duty of corrections officers is to perform the often-stressful work of overseeing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been convicted of a crime and are sentenced to serve time in a jail, reformatory, or penitentiary. Corrections officers are in charge of monitoring prisoner behavior, ensuring that prisoners do not engage in physical or verbal intimidation in their interactions with one another, or continue their criminal activities behind bars. Officers may also supervise inmates' visits with friends or family members. The satisfactions derived from the occupation, in addition to upholding the law and protecting the safety of the public (as is…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Management Reading Articles the Boys Essay

… CRIMINAL JUSTICE Management Reading articles

The Boys in Blue

After reading Erica Goode's article in the New York Times, "Police Chiefs Focus on Disparities in Gun Violence, With an Eye Towards Solutions," there appears to be a couple of different ways in which police management can successfully influence changes in gun laws that are necessary to reduce crime that is committed through the usage of fire arms. One of the most effective ways would be to exert as much pressure as possible on the politicians, and their supporting lobbyists, that are widely responsible for the passing of legislature that could assist to change current laws. Although police are municipal, state and federally funded, these fraternal organizations have lobbyists as well that could do a better…. [read more]

Criminal Justice - Risk Management Thesis

… Criminal Justice - Risk Management


The Importance of Risk Management Planning:

One of the casualties of September 11, 2001 was Rick Rescorla, Security Chief at the investment firm Morgan Stanley, headquartered at the World Trade Center. Shortly after his initial hiring, Rescorla suggested that all 2,700 Morgan Stanley employees working between floors 44 and 74 of the South Tower be reassigned and the firm relocated to Jersey City, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River. According to Rescorla, the WTC was too vulnerable to a crude terrorist attack such as a bomb detonated from within a vehicle in the basement garage. Morgan Stanley management was appreciative of the advice, but responded that the prestige and profile of the WTC…. [read more]

Managing Criminal Justice Organization Term Paper

… Managing a Criminal Justice Organization

Managing Criminal Justice Organization

Organizational change, particularly due to economic factors, is a difficult time for leaders and their staff. While change is difficult for many people, maintaining staff morale in the face of cuts can be a particularly challenging task. As a manager of a police department where significant cuts are necessary in order to achieve economic sustainability, it is necessary to find ways to keep staff motivated both intrinsically and extrinsically. A work environment that is built upon intrinsic and extrinsic rewards has been found to lead to an increased level of total job satisfaction and as a result job performance (Gagne & Deci, 2005). Intrinsic motivation is defined as the engagement in an activity because of the…. [read more]

Supervision in the Criminal Justice Research Paper

… The other challenge involves offender punishment.The issue of what form of punishment be given to criminal offenders is paramount. Different groups of people and especially the human rights activists differ with the kind of punishment given saying that some are inhumane. Another main challenge faced by the criminal justice organizations is the provision of services to demeanor offenders. There has been raising concern on how the criminal justice combats crime. For instance, it is always said that the police take a lot of time to respond when alerted in times of crime. This is mainly fueled by deficiency of tools and machinery that facilitate war against crime, for example, inadequate police vehicles and lack of good communication systems in the force (Raine, 1993)

The other…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Essay

… The court system, defenders, prosecutors and correctional units also make valuable use of information technology. The introduction of digital technology, for example, provides evidence presentation systems that include laptop computers, DVD players, VCRs, printers and cameras for instant exhibit displays. While answering questions on specific topics, an expert can use visual technology to provide more information and a better understanding. Another area of interest for the correctional institutions is called technocorrections, which includes electronic tracking, pharmaceutical care and genetic and neurobiological risk analyses. In addition, electronic monitoring is used for locating people on probation and parole, as well for the application of wrist bracelets that keep track of an offender's location. However, according to Pattavina (2005), above all these technological advances "Arguably the most valuable…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice Term Paper

… For example, they receive little remuneration that does not gather for their daily needs alongside he poor working conditions. This affects their job morale and their psychological well-being. Therefore, William should consider providing his team members with better working environment alongside motivating agents such as remuneration to ensure their mental well-being (Hudson, 2003).

The present status of the correctional facility is undesirable as it is characterized with overpopulation, scarcity of the basic resources, and demotivated staff. As such, William, should focus on lobbying for strategies that aim at preventing further increase in the number of inmates. Such strategies include presenting the actual statistics to the involved stakeholders to ensure the reduction of the number of the inmates sent to a correctional facility. Alternatively, William should…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Essay

… Most communities have a skewed view of the law enforcement professionals, which makes it difficult for professionals to operate (Barker, 2011). Secondly, the professionals face a challenge with attending to the vast population with their limited numbers. This slows the efficiency of crime prevention through patrols and other means. Additionally, there is the challenge of the societal creations that bring about the criminal acts. Reaching the agents of the crime manufacturing in the society is difficult; thus, the professional finds it hard to attend to matters concerning the crime prevention process.

In combating these challenges, the professionals can take various models of operation. These strategies to curb the issues challenging the professionals include, empowering the community, which simplifies the relation between the professional and society.…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Field Research Paper

… Criminal Justice Field

Define what an experiment is and how it is useful in the field of criminal justice research.

Since the beginning of the discipline, quantitative methods have supplied the primary research methods for studying the division and causes of crime. Quantitative methods provide many ways to attain data that is useful to many facets of society. The use of quantitative methods such as survey research, field research, and evaluation research can help criminologists to assemble dependable and valid data. The data can be used by criminologists and other social scientists in order to make causal statements about variables that are being researched (Weisburd, 2000).

Some scholars think that experimental research is the best kind of research to use to evaluate cause and effect.…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Is the Coordination of Putting Term Paper

… Criminal Justice is the coordination of putting into practice and associations exercised by state and local governments which are aimed at sustaining social power, dissuade, controlling misdemeanor and permitting those who disobey laws with illegal punishments. The most important organizations alleged with these tasks are law enforcement, magistrates, defense attorneys and local penitentiaries and jails which govern the process for arrest, charging, arbitration and penalty of those who are found responsible. When giving out blame through the criminal justice method, government must keep inside the outline of laws that defend individual privileges. The chase of criminal justice is like all types of righteousness, justice or progression, basically the chase of an idyllic. All through the history, criminal justice has taken on a lot of unusual…. [read more]

Justice, Crime and Ethics Prepping Research Paper

… Many prisons in the United States have adopted this Panopticon model and have begun functioning under the fact that all humans, even prisoners, have the right to be treated with human dignity. Using the model set forth by Bentham, criminal justice and psychological experts have seen that the condition of a prison certainly adds to a prisoner's pain and suffering during confinement. Bentham suggested that even those who had been undoubtedly scarred by a criminal and injured in any capacity would have suffering that -- no matter how great -- would never measure the pain and suffering of a prisoner who would spend the rest of his life or an extended time in the confines of a cell. Bentham's views and visions of utilitarianism in…. [read more]

Criminal Justice - Evaluations Evaluation Methods Thesis

… Criminal Justice - Evaluations

EVALUATION METHODS in CRIMINAL JUSTICE Introduction: As in the case of any other professional industry, policing and other criminal justice administration functions must maintain a system of agency evaluation to assess the effectiveness of its programs. Evaluations encompass effectiveness with respect to achieving specific strategic objectives, supervisory controls, program design, methodology, and fiscal efficiency.

In professional business administration, the criteria for evaluations generally relates primarily to profit margins and secondarily to most other elements of the venture.

Within government administration, there is no profit margin per se, although fiscal responsibility, resourcefulness, and optimization remain important concerns. However, because the measure of fiscal efficiency in government is operating within available budgets, performance is the primary measure of success and the criteria used…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Explain Community Corrections Term Paper

… Criminal Justice

Explain community corrections and what purpose it fulfills in the overall field of criminal justice. Identify and describe programs and services that are usually found in community corrections. Discuss what you feel are strengths and weaknesses of community corrections programs.

Community corrections programs are rehabilitative programs that attempt to slowly reintegrate offenders designated for release into the community, though a series of graduated steps, such as halfway houses or allowing inmates to find employment within the community. The Federal Bureau of Prisons makes community corrections an integral component of the Bureau's correctional programs and often acts as a liaison for state and local groups with similar programs. "The Bureau contracts with residential re-entry centers (RRCs), also known as halfway houses, to provide assistance…. [read more]

Organizational Structure the Debate Discussion Chapter

… These signs indicate potential for advancement. For example, "Correctional Officers GS-8 work with a great deal of independence in performing very difficult assignments. They utilize superior skill and insight in observing and interpreting inmate activities, making sound decisions rapidly, and resolving difficult correctional problems" (

WEB FIELD TRIP is a website devoted to keeping the corrections officer well-informed about relevant news and developments in the corrections field. Ideally, the website has a goal of keeping the corrections officer more able to foster a safe and well-run environment. The website also dedicates itself to providing a platform for those who work in the correctional field to discuss and debate controversial or pressing issues. For example, the website allows experts to sound off issues like…. [read more]

Incorporating Restorative and Community Justice Into American Sentencing and Corrections Article Critique

… Restorative Justice




In criminal justice, new interventions targeting crime control and reduction are constantly being developed and implemented. The recent intervention that is notable is Restorative Justice. This paper will thus critique this particular emerging intervention and focus on answering questions like: What is Restorative Justice? What is Community Justice? Should Restorative and Community Justice Be incorporated into the Criminal Justice System?

In criminal justice, new interventions targeting crime control and reduction are constantly being developed and implemented. The recent intervention that is notable is Restorative Justice. Regardless of the enhanced attention provided recently to the concept of restorative justice, the principle still stays rather bothersome to specify as many feedbacks to criminal habits could fall under the supposed corrective umbrella. The…. [read more]

Criminal Justice and Criminology the Chicago Alternative Research Proposal

… ¶ … Criminal Justice and Criminology

The Chicago alternative policing strategy came into effect in the year 1993. The strategy initially took place in five police district then moved to include the entire city. The need of this strategy was to revise the way police departments conducted their operation in the entire city. It is a long-term strategy where now police officers do have long-term duties in each of the 279 police units. The entire police squads in the city have training on problem solving techniques based on the steps formulated by CAPS. There are steps that any police officer needs to adhere to based on the strategy the processes are focusing on the victims, focus on the location of crime, attention given on offenders…. [read more]

How Does the Australian Criminal Justice System Respond to White Collar and Corporate Crime? Essay

… ¶ … Australian Criminal Justice System respond to white collar and corporate crime?

Crimes are breach of the law. Criminal law as in the common law differentiates between crimes that mala per se' that is crimes that are repugnant to humankind for example, murder, robbery and so on which forms the basis of the penal code. There are crimes that are caused by activities that the state prohibits or by social customs called 'mala prohibitia'. While the activity may not be repugnant to human kind, it becomes a crime on account of statute. Some examples include the bar on persons below a stipulated age to drive motor vehicles. Although a teenager at the wheel of a car is dangerous, it is not a crime that…. [read more]

concise Analysis of Stress Conflicts and Unions in Criminal Justice Organizations Case Study

… As explained by Patterson (2009), law enforcement organizations generally place the burden of managing personal and organizational stress on individual officers. In essence, there is often little or no acknowledgement of the role of the organizational environment in reducing stress among law enforcement personnel. This largely explains why problems such as inadequate supervision, lack of organizational support, low pay, insufficient staffing, excessive workload, poor training, as well as lack of enough equipment continue to plague police organizations (Patterson, 2009). These problems are further compounded by lack of comprehensive stress management programs.

Alternative Solution

For the department to address the problem of stress amongst its officers more effectively, it is imperative to use an organization-wide approach as opposed to targeting individual police officers. Targeting the organizational…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Managers Essay

… At the same time, many of these guidelines were applied to American law enforcement based upon specific ideas which are relevant to the U.S. This means that the theories are combination of various practices learned from incidents that occurred nationally and techniques from different nations. (Vodde, 2009) (Seelke, 2009)

For example, Great Britain has influenced the kinds of practices that are utilized. This is taking place in the areas of: limited police / government, placing a higher value on protecting individual liberty, a tradition of local law enforcement and a decentralized system of enforcing the law on the regional level. These areas are important, as they are illustrating how other countries have impacted the basic structures and foundations which are utilized throughout the U.S. This…. [read more]

Organizational and Administrative Strategies Discussion Chapter

… Non-lethal weapons like clubs purpose entails maintain order and stop fights in the correctional centers. The less than lethal weapons incapacitate temporary, confuse or cause delay when a situation arises. Developments in the use of less than lethal weapons have been on the increase with many institutions using this form of weapons. The use has expanded to airplanes where the use of lethal force can affect innocent passengers. The area has also benefited from an increase in investment by the government to ensure criminals apprehension. The program has also benefited from additional research into safer non-lethal weapons. The side effects of the use of non-lethal weapons have been reduced though the use of research that has reduced lawsuits (Davies, Croall & Tyrer, 2005).

WEB FIELD…. [read more]

Justice Administration Police Courts and Corrections Management Discussion Chapter

… Justice Admin

CJ 255 Prompts

Consensus and Conflict

The consensus model of criminal justice asserts that the laws and mechanisms of the criminal justice system in a given society arise out of a consensus among the people of that society, and that the system functions as an integrated and consensual part of the entire social system (See, 2004). Conflict theories of criminal justice contrast sharply with this, suggesting that laws are created by a powerful segment of a society's population that is necessarily in conflict with other less powerful segments, and that these segments become criminalized through the perspectives and laws of the powerful group (See, 2004). This extends to the functioning of the system, which contains a series of adversaries in conflict (police v.…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Management Mapping Crime Article Review

… In other words, police culture and organizational inertia tend to resist changes to basic assumptions underlying policing strategies, while researchers feel that there should be no sacred cows.

Six Recommendations

Improved communications -- the police and researchers should be upfront about what they hope to gain from collaborative projects and the risks they foresee (Stephens, 2010, p. 151-152). These expectations should be updated by both sides as the collaboration matures, so that compromises can be agreed upon before problems fester.

Some of the friction between the police and researchers arise from differences between political and academic orientations, respectively. Critique is central to academic discourse, but in the political environment within which most police departments reside, critique tends to be perceived by the public as criticism…. [read more]

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